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• Paul Cézanne was an Impressionist perfectionist. He made Ambroise Vollard sit 115 times while creating his portrait. When the portrait was finished, Mr. Cézanne declared that its only satisfactory part was the front of Mr. Vollard’s shirt.

• Romaine Brooks painted many celebrities. She found it difficult to get Jean Couteau to sit so she could paint him until she discovered his weakness — she bribed him with pieces of chocolate cake.

• Actress Sarah Siddons’ nose was somewhat longer than usual. When Thomas Gainsborough attempted her portrait, he exclaimed, “D*mn it, madam, there is no end to your nose!”

Practical Jokes

• Mike Balukas was an artist at the Walt Disney studios in the early days. He was deaf, so he was unable to hear people shouting “Earthquake!” in times when people had an urgent need to shout “Earthquake!” in order to get other people out of buildings that might quickly collapse. Therefore, Mr. Balukas used to place a number of short pencil stubs on top of his desk. When an earthquake occurred, the pencil stubs fell onto his drawing board, and he knew to get out of the building — quickly. Recognizing an opportunity when they saw it, other Disney employees would sometimes sneak into a room that shared a wall with Mr. Balukas’ room, and they would bang on the wall until the pencil stubs fell onto Mr. Balukas’ drawing board, sending him running for safety.

• Old money doesn’t like new money. That is what Alva Smith discovered when she married William K. Vanderbilt in the 1870s. Although Mr. Vanderbilt had approximately $100 million, they were 100 million new dollars, and so old money did not especially care for the Vanderbilts. However, Mrs. Vanderbilt wanted to climb the social strata, and so she hired an architect to design a $3 million mansion for her and her husband. Unfortunately, the architect she hired was Richard M. Hunt, whose idea of a private joke was to build her a replica of the mansion of Jacques Coeur, a famous 15th-century social climber.

• Children’s book illustrator Victoria Chess owns two cats, Zazou and Pearl, which like to play practical jokes on her pet dog. Working together, Zazou and Pearl capture a chipmunk and carry it into the house, where they release it near the dog. They then sit back and watch the dog explode into a furniture-upheaving frenzy.

• Practical joker Hugh Troy once painted a mural for the Bowery Savings Bank in New York City. The mural depicted the New York port in the heyday of the clipper ships. In the foreground was a clipper ship with its mast filled with signal flags. Deciphered, the signal flags read, “Keep your money in your mattress.”


• American artist Romare Bearden was light-skinned and could have passed for white if he had wished. In fact, when he was a young man, he was a good baseball player and could have passed for white in the white-only major leagues if he had wished; however, he had absolutely no wish to pass for white. One day, when he was three years old, his parents took him shopping in the white section of Charlotte, North Carolina. His mother went into a store, and his father left young Romare in their horse-drawn carriage for a moment to look in a store window. When his father came back to fair-skinned Romare in the carriage, white people were shocked and thought that he was a kidnapper. Soon afterward, his family moved to New York City, where they hoped to find a less racist area of America.

© Copyright Bruce D. Bruce; All Rights Reserved

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Michael Egan

Michael Egan


Mike Pence Plans Gigantic National Exorcism to Combat Coronavirus - Michael Egan, Humor Times

Editorial and Political Cartoons


Throwback Thursday Trivia Question of the Day

First released in 1997, this freeware program holds the Guinness world record for the most downloaded cyberpet. What is the name of this cyber-critter?


Send your answer to Marty

Trivia Question from Yesterday

Winning an Academy Award for Best Original Song as well as Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Song of the Year, it was written for Audrey Hepburn, but became Andy Williams' theme song. What is the title of this Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer classic?

       "Moon River"                                                      Source

"Moon River" is a song composed by Henry Mancini with lyrics by Johnny Mercer. It was originally performed by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, winning an Academy Award for Best Original Song. The song also won the 1962 Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

The song has been covered by many other artists. It became the theme song for Andy Williams, who first recorded it in 1962 (and performed it at the Academy Awards ceremony that year). He sang the first eight bars of the song at the beginning of each episode of his eponymous television show and named his production company and venue in Branson, Missouri, after it; his autobiography is called "Moon River" and Me. Williams' version was never released as a single, but it charted as an LP track that he recorded for Columbia on a hit album of 1962, Moon River and Other Great Movie Themes.

Mercer and Mancini wrote the song for Audrey Hepburn to sing in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. The lyrics, written by Mercer, are reminiscent of his childhood in Savannah, Georgia, including its waterways. As a child, he had picked huckleberries in summer, and connected them with a carefree childhood and Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn. Although an instrumental version is played over the film's opening titles, the lyrics are first heard in a scene where Paul "Fred" Varjak (George Peppard) discovers Holly Golightly (Hepburn) singing the song, and accompanying herself on the guitar, while sitting on the fire escape outside their apartments.

There was an eruption of behind-the-scenes consternation when a Paramount Pictures executive, Martin Rackin, suggested removing the song from the film after a tepid Los Angeles preview. Hepburn's reaction was described by Mancini and others in degrees varying from her saying, "Over my dead body!" to her using more colorful language to make the same point.        Source

Audrey Hepburn - Moon River (Best Version ) - YouTube

Andy Williams - Moon River (Year 1961)

Mark. was first, and correct, with:
   Moon River.

Alan J answered:
   Moon River.

Randall wrote:
   Moon River

Doug in Albuquerque, New Mexico, said:
   Moon River from the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys.

Billy in Cypress U.$.A. replied:
   "Moon River," the theme song for the film Breakfast at Tiffany's,

Micki responded:
   Moon River from the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Mac Mac said:
   Moon River

mj wrote:
   With lyrics said to be inspired
  By the view from the porch of Mercer's childhood home, Moon River.

Adam answered:
   Moon River

zorch wrote:
   Moon River.

Stephen F responded:
   Moon River

Cal in Vermont replied:
   Moon River.

Dave wrote:
   Moon River. Hepburn sang (or lip synced) the song in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), based on a Truman Capote short story when he was still considered a genius. The movie glossed over the fact that Hepburn’s character was a prostitute (escort) and today is dated, especially the racially offensive bit about Andy Rooney playing an obnoxious Japanese neighbor. Even 15 years after WWII, it was still pretty common to hold Japanese in contempt and it wasn’t unusual for them to be referred to as Japs or Nips.
  The film was a big hit and made a big star out of George Peppard (sitting with Hepburn) | Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi

Jacqueline said:
   Moon River

Harry M. answered:
   Moon River

David of Moon Valley replied:
  i’m going with Moon River as i don’t know any other Andy Williams song titles right now….

John I from Hawai`i says,
   Moon River

Jim from CA, retired to ID, responded:
   Moon River

Deborah, the Master Gardener wrote:
   I’m going with “Moon River.” I always liked Andy Williams; my mother and I watched his tv show.
  Warming up daily — triple digits, ahoy!

Michelle in AZ said:
   Moon River

Dave in Tucson answered:
   Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Daniel in The City replied:
   Moon River

DJ Useo responded:
   Moon River. I'm crossing you in style some day.

Joe ( -- Vote Blue, No Matter Who -- ) wrote:
   Ah youth. I remember this song well. It's "Moon River." We had a lot of Teen dances on the weekend in my youth and I would always make it one night with my lady-love, at least one night on a weekend. When Moon river was played I would grab my girl and head to the dance floor and sing Moon River in her ear as we danced cheek-to-cheek as I loved that song. One night my girl pulled away, looked at me and plainly said, "Joe, don't sing." Ah, youth.

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Music: "Fog is a Funny Thing" from the album UNTENABLE

Artist: Bad Moves

Artist Location: Washington, D.C.

Info :

     Emma Cleveland
     David Combs
     Katie Park
     Daoud Tyler-Ameen

DfectiveDtective , a fan, wrote, “Bad Moves’ brand of adolescent angst-fueled power-punk has gone to college, emerging older, wearier, and wiser, while retaining all of its rebellious energy. Aside from some inaudible vocals on the first few tracks, UNTENABLE is a thoughtful, dystopian delight; though that’s no surprise from a band that writes and plays each song like it’s their last. Favorite track: ‘Fog is a Funny Thing.’

Price: $1 (USD) for track; $7.99 (USD) for 12-track album

Genre: Pop Punk. Power Pop.


Bad Moves on Bandcamp


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Reader Suggestion

Michelle in AZ

Maya Rudolph: the unambiguous winner of the Kamala Harris VP pick | Television & radio | The Guardian

What to make of the Kamala Harris VP pick? Our panel's verdict | Opinion | The Guardian

Trini Lopez, US singer and star of The Dirty Dozen, dies aged 83 from Covid-19 | Music | The Guardian

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Buzzkill: Mississippi rejects state flag featuring giant mosquito | US news | The Guardian

trump goes tilting at windmills. Again.

QAnon's crazy-quilt conspiracy universe has grown to immense size during the pandemic

Trump's response to Harris pick shows his campaign is stupid and incompetent

Marjorie Greene's primary victory underlines that GOP leaders have lost control of their own party


Donnymandias: the downfall of an egomaniacal, raging lunatic?

Judge Reverses Trump Administration's Removal Of Migratory Bird Protections | HuffPost

Fashion And Beauty Industries Have A Huge, Invisible Environmental Cost | HuffPost

Tanker That Caused Mauritius Oil Spill Splits In Two, Sending More Fuel Into Indian Ocean | HuffPost

Opinion | Why Kamala Harris has conservatives so angry - The Washington Post

Opinion | Phony? Radical? Republicans have no idea how they want to attack Kamala Harris. - The Washington Post

Kamala Harris isn’t the first Black woman VP candidate. Charlotta Bass ran in 1952. - The Washington Post

Republicans’ mixed messaging on Kamala Harris - The Washington Post

Iowa derecho corn damage is massive, at 43 percent of state’s crop - The Washington Post

Kamala Harris Crystallizes Trump’s View of Women - The New York Times

QAnon Followers Are Hijacking the #SaveTheChildren Movement - The New York Times

A new earthquake warning system comes to California, powered by Google

Amid a racial reckoning, teachers are reconsidering how history is taught

How police brutality helped white people segregate L.A. - Los Angeles Times

Trump administration backs off plans to open land near Utah national parks to drilling - Los Angeles Times

Donald Trump impersonator Sarah Cooper is coming to Netflix - Los Angeles Times

Kamala Harris Built a ‘Digital Army’—Now She Gets to Use It

College towns fear super-spreader semester as students descend - POLITICO

Kanye flops among Black voters - POLITICO

How San Francisco’s Wealthiest Families Launched Kamala Harris - POLITICO Magazine

Mail sorting equipment being “removed” from post offices, leaving mail to “pile up”: union leader |

Mark Meadows is Donald Trump's worst chief of staff — which is really saying something |

‘We won't be ignored any more’: the untapped power of poor US voters in 2020 | Society | The Guardian

US proposes change to shower rules after Trump's hair-washing moan | US news | The Guardian

'Archbishop' of Florida church selling bleach 'miracle cure' arrested with son | US news | The Guardian

The head of the FDA is forbidden from speaking to press without a Trump 'minder'

Trump thought Biden would pick Karen Bass because she wouldn't 'outshine' him

The Thing About Kamala

Kamala Harris as VP completely blows up the Trump campaign's strategy, if it ever had one

Pence welcomes Harris to the ticket, gets one thing right

How Trump could actually steal the 2020 election with help from Republican governors

The Ambition of Kamala Harris Will Serve America Well

Thanks, Michelle!



New Venture

Michael Egan

A Cartoon Page for Non-Cartoonists

Michael Egan

Editorial and Political Cartoons



Bonus Links

Jeannie the Teed-Off Temp

Mark Meadows is Donald Trump's worst chief of staff — which is really saying something | Salon | Digby


Chris Wallace: Kamala Harris 'not far to the left despite what Republicans are gonna try to say' | The Hill

Trump projected his flaws on Hillary Clinton, and it worked — but 2020 is different | Salon

Betsy DeVos’ Deadly Plan to Reopen Schools | Robert Reich

Kanye West Had Private Meeting with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump | Law & Crime

Team Trump Isn’t Even Hiding Its Support for QAnon Kooks Anymore | Daily Beast

Trump campaign spox rips GOP congressman over rejection of QAnon conspiracy | The Hill

Will Enough Americans Show up to Stop Trump from Using the Dictator's Playbook? | Smirking Chimp | Thom Hartmann

State Department did not consider civilian casualties when sending arms to the Middle East, report finds | Politico

State Department watchdog finds Trump’s U.K. ambassador ‘made inappropriate or insensitive comments’ | Politico

Interior memo scaling back bird protections is 'contrary to law,' court rules | The Hill

Trump's acting solicitor general tells court Barr had secret reasons for dropping Michael Flynn case | Salon

As many as 1 in 3 coronavirus patients could experience neurological or psychological after-effects | The Week via Yahoo

Victoria’s Secret Mogul May Finally Have to Explain His Epstein Ties | Daily Beast

Mail sorting equipment being “removed” from post offices, leaving mail to “pile up”: union leader | Salon

Dueling October surprises: Two legal bombshells on the eve of the U.S. election? | Salon


Florida Sheriff Prohibits Mask-Wearing for Employees and Office Visitors | Law & Crime

LAPD Officer Accused of Sexually Abusing a Corpse | Daily Beast

Amber Ruffin Shares What Trump Has Done for Black America

Sumner Redstone Dies: Giant Of The Media World Was 97



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The Sideshow - by Avedon Carol


Lands Netflix Comedy Special

Sarah Cooper

The author and comedian, who has broken out during the pandemic on TikTok for her Trump impersonations, including her viral "How to Medical" video, has landed a variety special at Netflix.

Titled Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine, the special will feature vignettes focusing on issues related to politics, race, gender, class and other topics. An array of short interviews and sketches featuring special guests will also be part of the special. The one-off will premiere at a date to be determined in the fall.

Natasha Lyonne (Netflix's Russian Doll, Orange Is the New Black) will direct the Cooper special and exec produce alongside Maya Rudolph and Danielle Renfrew Behrens via their Animal Pictures banner. Paula Pell, AGI Entertainment's Chris Burns (Cooper's manager) and Dan Powell of Irony Point will also be credited as EPs.

Cooper's first video, How to Medical, posted April 23, has already received more than 21 million views across TikTok, Twitter and YouTube. The 50-second video features Cooper speaking over audio of Trump's proposed COVID-19 cures of UV light and disinfectant.

Before How to Medical, Cooper was a writer and correspondent on the Stephen Colbert-produced CBS All Access pilot Old News. She wrote the best-selling book 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings and How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men's Feelings. She next will write a modern, comedic take on a Dale Carnegie book for Audible Originals.

Sarah Cooper



Begs Fans to Wear Masks

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks is voicing her concerns over the surge in coronavirus cases in the United States, encouraging fans to practice precautionary measures amid the pandemic as Americans "are dying because people aren’t wearing their masks."

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman, 72, shared what the novel virus can do to the human body, writing, "Are you aware, everyone, that if you survive this virus~ you will be fighting the after-effects for the rest of your life. Micro-blood clots~ in all your organs; in your brain~ neurological problems; a cough that rips your throat apart and keeps coming back."

"This virus can kill you. It can kill me. Kill my chances of pulling on those boots and hitting the road~ Kill the chances that any of us in the music community will ever get back to the stage, because we would never put you in danger," Nicks said, before urging followers to "never take you and your life for granted."

"The masks and the distancing have now become a political statement. It is not political. It is a silent killer hiding in the shadows. It is stalking you. It doesn’t care who you are…It’s just looking for a victim," she wrote. "And you don’t have much time…"

Stevie Nicks


Newhead News



Little Tucker

Just minutes after Kamala Harris was announced as Joe Biden’s running mate, President Donald Trump (R-Failure) took a few shots at her during a press conference, calling her “disrespectful…horrible…extraordinarily nasty.”

A few hours later, Fox News host Little Tucker Carlson (R-Fop) was himself accused of being disrespectful when speaking about Harris, repeatedly mispronouncing her first name on his top-rated show.

Carlson said “Ka-MAL-a,” stressing the second syllable. The California Senator’s name is actually pronounced “KAM-a-la,” with the stress on the first syllable.

Carlson’s guest, Democratic political consultant Richard Goodstein, sought to help the Fox News host. When Goodstein related the proper pronunciation, Carlson responded,”OK. So what?”

Carlson laughed saying, “So I’m disrespecting her by mispronouncing her intentionally? So it begins. You’re not allowed to criticize Ka-MAL-a Harris, or KAM-a-la.

Little Tucker



Error-Correcting Cat

Quantum Researchers

Yale physicists have developed an error-correcting cat—a new device that combines the Schrödinger's cat concept of superposition (a physical system existing in two states at once) with the ability to fix some of the trickiest errors in a quantum computation.

It is Yale's latest breakthrough in the effort to master and manipulate the physics necessary for a useful quantum computer: Correcting the stream of errors that crop up among fragile bits of quantum information, called qubits, while performing a task.

In a traditional computer, information is encoded as either 0 or 1. The only errors that crop up during calculations are "bit-flips," when a bit of information accidentally flips from 0 to 1 or vice versa. The way to correct it is by building in redundancy: using three "physical" bits of information to ensure one "effective"—or accurate—bit.

In contrast, quantum information bits—qubits—are subject to both bit-flips and "phase-flips," in which a qubit randomly flips between quantum superpositions (when two opposite states exist simultaneously).

Quantum Researchers


Digby's Hullabaloo


Federal Judge Refuses To Block

New Rules

A federal judge on Wednesday allowed the Education Department to move forward with new rules governing how schools and universities respond to complaints of sexual assault.

The rules, which take effect Friday, expand the rights of the accused, narrow the definition of sexual harassment and reduce the scope of cases that schools are required to investigate, among other changes.

In a suit challenging the rules, attorneys general from 17 states and the District of Columbia argued that the policy would block schools from investigating certain sexual abuse complaints and would discourage students from reporting assaults.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said the ruling is “yet another victory for students and reaffirms that students’ rights under Title IX go hand in hand with basic American principles of fairness and due process.”

Under her overhaul, the definition of sexual harassment is narrowed to "unwelcome conduct determined by a reasonable person to be so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive” that it denies a person access to a school’s education programs or activity.

New Rules



Toll Is Rising

Healthcare Workers

More than 900 frontline healthcare workers have died of Covid-19, according to an interactive database unveiled today by the Guardian and KHN. Lost on the Frontline is a partnership between the two newsrooms that aims to count, verify and memorialize every US healthcare worker who dies during the pandemic.

It is the most comprehensive accounting of US healthcare workers’ deaths in the country.

As coronavirus cases surge – and dire shortages of lifesaving protective gear such as N-95 masks, gowns and gloves persist – the nation’s healthcare workers are again facing life-threatening conditions in southern and western states.

Through crowdsourcing and reports from colleagues, social media, online obituaries, workers’ unions and local media, Lost on the Frontline reporters have identified 922 healthcare workers who reportedly died of Covid-19.

Healthcare Workers



SETI Observatory Wrecked


The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico is currently out of commission after a thick support cable fell onto the dish, creating a large gash. It’s yet another setback for the beloved science facility, which hasn’t fully recovered from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

At around 2:45 a.m. local time on Monday August 10, a three-inch thick auxiliary cable fell onto the observatory’s main reflector dish, creating a 100-foot-long scar, reports UCF Today. The cable is used to support a metal platform above the observatory. All scientific work done at the Arecibo facility is on pause, pending repairs. The cause of the cable failure is not yet known, nor is cost or time required for the fixes.

Around a half-dozen panels on the Gregorian Dome were also damaged when the cable fell, as was a platform used to access the dome. The Gregorian Dome, which rests some 500 feet (152 meters) above the surface of the dish, houses a multi-beam receiver capable of scanning multiple points in the sky simultaneously.

Constructed in 1963, the Arecibo Observatory, with its 1,000-foot-wide disk (305-meter), is one of the most powerful radio telescopes on Earth, second only to China’s Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope, or FAST. At Arecibo, scientists conduct all sorts of work, from atmospheric and planetary science through to radio and radar astronomy and even searches for extraterrestrial intelligence, also known as SETI. On Tuesday, the official Twitter account for the SETI Institute tweeted out a picture of the damage simply captioned: “We have no words.”




Driver’s License with Photo of Empty Chair


Driver’s license photos aren’t always the best, but when a Tennessee woman received her new ID the picture was perfect — for a furniture store.

Jade Dodd renewed her license online and received it, but to her surprise, the photo wasn’t a picture of her. It only showed an empty chair.

“The lady at the DMV did not really believe me when I was like ‘hey, I need my license fixed,’” Dodd said. “Then, she looked it up in the system and goes, ‘oh, I need my manager for this.’”

The chair ended up being the focal point of the license because it was the last photo taken and saved to Dodd’s file, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security told WKRN-TV. The photo was taken accidentally, the department said.

Dodd said she wasn’t upset by the mistake. Instead, she said it lightened the mood amidst the coronavirus pandemic and provided her and her coworkers with a few laughs.







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