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19 February, 2020

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M Is FOR MASHUP - February 19th, 2020

The Institute Of Bootleggers - A Wonderful Present

By DJ Useo

I listen to mashups because I love them, They come in so many styles that even if they use an artist I am not into, the pairing often elevates the track beyond the source material. The home producers on this new Institute Of Bootleggers collection all excel at turning out highest quality bootlegs at a regular clip. Following their releases is so gratifying that I personally devote about half my listening time to mashups, completely without regret.

This new volume has 16 mashups by 16 mashers, all of whom have gained a worldwide audience. Contained therein are tracks from DJ Schmolli, SKiBiLiBoP, Shahar Varshal, Les Mashups de Vianney, & 12 others. The tunes contain pairings with Michael Jackson vs Pink Floyd, Katy Perry vs Britney Spears vs The Pussycat Dolls, Coldplay vs Claude VonStroke vs New Life Generation vs Elton John vs Mariah Carey vs Hithouse, & 13 more.

DJ Surda's contribution ""D.A.N.C.E. Monkey (Radio Edit)" ( Tones and I vs Justice ) is available to preview as a video. It's a great example of what's found on this assortment. View it here ( )

Assembling these IOB comps is the pinnacle of satisfaction. Apparently the listeners find the same satisfaction. All the mashup comps I'm involved with seem to draw in high numbers audience-wise, but the IOB comps are just about the only ones where I get comments. If you use the net, I'm sure you've noticed most people type comments like their fingers are broken. Lol.

The Institute Of Bootleggers ( ) albums generally appear 4 times a year, although it would be easy to do them bi-weekly. Again, I offer highest praise to the contributors. You're all internationally-known geniuses who do what non-mixers are unable to discern. If you didn't get a track on this one, you'll probably be on the next one. We're planning a 2 disc affair that'll be distinctly memorable.

Mirror links for this gratis zip file are found here ( )

Past volumes are located here
( )

Thanks for listening, & please share the link if you liked it.

Catch you soon.

DJ Konrad Useo



Recommended Reading

from Bruce

Paul Krugman: Have Zombies Eaten Bloomberg's and Buttigieg's Brains? (NY Times Column)
Beware the Democrats of the living dead.

Andrew Tobias: Tom Likes Mike
… stop and frisk? Can we just always note that - though a mistake! - its goal was NOT to oppress or humiliate young black men, but, rather, to save their lives. … to me it seems relevant. Motivation matters.

Sarada Peri: Trump's Going to Cheat (The Atlantic)
How should Democrats fight against a president who has no moral or legal compass?

Alison Flood: True Grit author Charles Portis dies aged 86 (The Guardian)
Landmark western author's most famous novel gave John Wayne an Oscar-winning role, and inspired the Coen brothers.

Suzanne Moore: Meghan is banished - so Kate has to represent all modern womanhood (The Guardian) The Duchess of Cambridge has raised her voice in support of small children and early years development - what's not to love? Until the tabloids judge she's getting it wrong.

Stuart Heritage: "Trust your nose: what rich people can learn from Parasite" (The Guardian)
Bong Joon-ho's savage Oscar-winning satire offers plenty of helpful insights into how the wealthy can avoid being preyed on by the less fortunate.

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Michael Egan

Michael Egan


Trump Orders Movie Version of 'Unreadable' Constitution - Michael Egan, Humor Times

Editorial and Political Cartoons


Trivia Question of the Day

50 years ago this week, "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Who recorded this song?


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Trivia Question from Yesterday

What country leads the world in the production of peanuts?

       China                                                      Source

The peanut, also known as the groundnut, goober (US), or monkey nut (UK), and taxonomically classified as Arachis hypogaea, is a legume crop grown mainly for its edible seeds. It is widely grown in the tropics and subtropics, being important to both small and large commercial producers. It is classified as both a grain legume and, due to its high oil content, an oil crop. World annual production of shelled peanuts was 44 million tonnes in 2016, led by China with 38% of the world total. Atypically among legume crop plants, peanut pods develop underground (geocarpy) rather than above ground. With this characteristic in mind, the botanist Carl Linnaeus named the species hypogaea, which means "under the earth".

In 2017, world production of peanuts (reported as groundnuts in shells) was 47 million tonnes, led by China with 36% of the global total, followed by India (20%). Other significant producers were the United States, Nigeria, Myanmar, and Sudan. Major exporters in 2017 were India with 601,849 tonnes, which accounts for 32% of world total exports (1.9 million tonnes), and the United States with 16% of total exports.        Source

Mark. was first, and correct, with:

Randall wrote:

Mac Mac said:

Alan J answered:

Cal in Vermont replied:

Dave responded:

zorch said:
   China. I didn't know they had that many monkeys.

Jim from CA, retired to ID, wrote:
   China grows more peanuts than anywhere else in the world.

Adam answered:
   China- like everything else.

Billy in Cypress U$A replied:
   My guess is China, since they seem to lead the world in many food items and other mass market products.

John I from Hawai`i says,

Daniel in The City responded:

Deborah wrote:
   I feel like this is a repeat question, but I'm no authority - I can barely remember what I had for lunch last Tuesday.
  I'm guessing the answer is China, because so many answers are China.
  Windy, warm and dry. Looks like we'll have a dry February. Boo.

DJ Useo said:
   That would be "Qin", or "China", as we Wal-Mart shoppers call it now. I had peanut butter earlier today.
  Finished the jar off. Now, I have only cashew butter left. It's good, but not the same. It is made in the States, though.

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Song: "You Hit the Nail on the Head" from the album IT'S PRIVATE TONIGHT

Artist: Arthur Adams

Artist Location: Medon, Tennessee.

Info: "Arthur Adams recorded the first of his seven solo albums, It's Private Tonight, in 1972. A recording that combines the complex rhythms of jazz with blues leads reminiscent of his friend B. B. King, while showcasing his sweet and soulful tenor voice (comparable to Aaron Neville), with lyrics and melodies that are solidly blues."

Arthur Adams: guitar, vocals

Price: $1 (USD) for song; $9 (USD) for 10-track album.

Genre: Blues.


Arthur Adams on Bandcamp


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Reader Suggestion

Michelle in AZ

Ted Cruz criticizes vasectomy bill, exposing his hypocrisy on reproduction rights | US news | The Guardian

Antisocial: How Online Extremists Broke America by Andrew Marantz - review | Books | The Guardian

America's 'recycled' plastic waste is clogging landfills, survey finds | US news | The Guardian

Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy amid new sex-abuse lawsuits | US news | The Guardian

Are plastic containers safe for our food? Experts say it's hard to know | US news | The Guardian

Hive heists: why the next threat to bees is organized crime | Environment | The Guardian

World leaders urged to 'step back from precipice' of ecological ruin | Environment | The Guardian

Hundreds of thousands of mussels cooked to death on New Zealand beach in heatwave | World news | The Guardian

Some Texans blame California for homelessness in Austin - Los Angeles Times

Reagan's Daughter Tears Into Trump's 'Cruelty And Wanton Disregard' For Constitution | HuffPost

Christian Lawmakers Group Blames Satan After Twitter Poll Goes Badly Awry | HuffPost

Opinion | Why Do My Fellow Republicans Make Excuses for Trump's Deficits? - The New York Times

The Struggle to Mend America's Rural Roads - The New York Times

BBC - Travel - Japan's perfectly imperfect garden

Walmart employees say they're preparing for job cuts as retailer rolls out its 'Great Workplace' program - The Washington Post

What it really means when Trump, DeVos and their allies refer to public schools as 'government schools' - The Washington Post

Court blocks North Carolina GOP's voter ID law for intentionally discriminating against black voters

RightWing Having A Cow Over Jane Fonda, Yet Again!

Disbarring Barr Will Do MAJOR Damage to Trump

Mike Bloomberg dogged by more past controversial remarks | US news | The Guardian

Mass grave shows how Black Death devastated the countryside | Society | The Guardian

Oregon border petitioners try joining Idaho, leaving liberals

Trump Pardons Crooks to Feel Like a King

It's Suddenly Obvious: Amy Klobuchar Is the Democrats' Best Bet

Can Hasan Minhaj and Kenan Thompson Actually Save the White House Correspondents' Dinner?

If the Democrats nominate Mike Bloomberg, we're facing four more years of Trump |

NBC News/Wall Street Journal erase Elizabeth Warren in their new national poll

Congress Apologizes for Blowing Up 320 Mostly Black Americans Then Court Martialing the Survivors

'Where's Boris?' Brits ask, amid storm Denis floods - The Washington Post

Medicare payment change makes it harder for some patients to get home health care - The Washington Post

Virginia public school teachers poised to gain collective bargaining rights - The Washington Post

I Beg Your PARDON, But It's Time for a New Blog…Get It? GET IT?

Thanks, Michelle!



New Venture

Michael Egan

A Cartoon Page for Non-Cartoonists

Michael Egan

Editorial and Political Cartoons



Chris Suggests


Hi Marty,

I noticed that you have a broken link to a website called That site was first published way back in 2005 but unfortunately, it is no longer a working website.

We recently published an article that explains what happened to the site. I think it's an interesting story, and it could be useful to your readers.

What Happened to


Thanks, Chris!



Bonus Links

Jeannie the Teed-Off Temp

Bill Barr, finally under fire: Will Trump's henchman survive a DOJ insurrection? | Salon | Digby

'Our Institutions Are Sounding Alarms': Federal Judges Call Emergency Meeting Over Trump Interference With DOJ | Common Dreams

Why Trump Justice is an Oxymoron | Robert Reich

Fox News Keeps Rudy Giuliani On-Air Despite Internal 'Disinformation' Docs | Daily Beast

Fox News Internal Document Bashes Pro-Trump Fox Regulars for Spreading 'Disinformation' | Daily Beast

Why Trump Is Different than Reagan, Both Bushes, Dole, McCain, or Romney: He's Evil | Smirking Chimp

Fox News abruptly cuts off guest when she mentions Trump cheated on his wives | Front Page Live

Limbaugh: Trump Told Me to 'Never Apologize' for Homophobic Buttigieg Remarks | Daily Beast

Trump's expansive view of executive power gets a post-impeachment surge | Politico

Trump Grants Clemency to Another Round of Crooks He Saw on Fox News | Daily Beast

Trump announces a blitz of pardons and commutations | Politico

Stephen Miller's uncle says he donated to pro-refugee group as a wedding gift | The Hill

Right-Wing Activists Discussed Wiretapping Seth Rich's Family, Three People in the Room Say | Daily Beast

McConnell stands by Barr amid Stone sentencing fallout | Politico

How Democrats can negate the GOP's "asshole advantage," according to Dan Pfeiffer | Vox

Radio Free Europe returns to fight fake news |

Kenan Thompson Will Bring the 'Nerd Prom' White House Correspondents Dinner Back to Comedy | Daily Beast

Comedians Kenan Thompson, Hasan Minhaj to headline WHCD | Politico

Ex-President Jimmy Carter powered half his home town with solar energy-and 9 other awesome things he's done | Front Page Live

America's monopoly problem, explained by your internet bill | Vox

Medicare For All would save $450 billion annually while preventing 68,000 deaths, new study shows | Newsweek

Kellye Nakahara Wallett Dies: Played 'M*A*S*H' Nurse Lt. Yamato During Series' Entire Run

'Good Times' Star Ja'net DuBois Dies; Emmy Winning Actress Was 74

Zoe Caldwell Dies: Four-Time Tony Winner Who Played Maria Callas In 'Master Class' Was 86



from Bruce



• Walter Adler, his girlfriend (Maria Parsheva), and two friends were on a subway car when someone wished them "Merry Christmas." A Jew, he responded, "Happy Hanukkah." This was enough for some anti-Semites to start a fight. One rolled up his sleeve to show a tattoo of Christ. Mr. Adler says that the man said, "Happy Hanukkah, that's when the Jews killed Jesus." Ms. Parsheva said, "They just came at us so fast. The first thing that came into my mind was, 'Yeah, this is going to be violent.'" Approximately 14 people taunted the small group of four, calling them "dirty Jews" and "Jew b*tches." During the fight, Mr. Adler's nose was broken and his lip was busted. One person who came to his aid was a Muslim fromBangladeshnamed Hassan Askari. Mr. Adler said, "A random Muslim guy jumped in and helped a Jewish guy on Hanukkah - that's a miracle." Mr. Adler pulled the emergency cord, and police arrested 10 people. Mr. Askari, a modest hero who ended up with two black eyes, said, "I just did what I had to do. My parents raised me that way." Mr. Adler invited Mr. Askari to celebrate Hanukkah with him; Mr. Askari accepted the invitation. According to a post on the Web site The Muslim Workplace, "Please note that Hassan Askari is not the exception among Muslims worldwide. He is what all Muslims are expected to be, and he behaved in the manner that all Muslims are expected to behave when they see a fellow human being needing help." The following January both Mr. Adler and Ms. Parsheva attended an appreciation dinner given to honor Mr. Askari by the Islamic Circle of North America, which in a written statement said, "Mr. Askari embodies the principles of courage, strength and love for fellow Americans as taught by the Quran and Sunnah."


• In April 2010, 7th-graders Allyson Golden and Miriam Starobin laughed at something funny that their music teacher, Sanford Mauskopf, said at Long Beach (New York) Middle School. Allyson said, "I was chewing gum, which I shouldn't. I was laughing hysterically and suddenly I realized I'm not laughing any more. I can't breathe. Then Miriam goes, 'Ally, are you choking?' I can't speak. So my arms are around my neck. I'm turning purple, and my legs are flailing." Allyson was frightened when she was unable to breathe; she said that "it was the scariest moment of my life. I was thinking 'I'm going to die. What will my parents think?'" Fortunately Miriam knew exactly what to do - a result, she thinks, of remembering a SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon that she had seen on Nickelodeon. Miriam said, "It was like a flash right in my eyes. I saw in my head Squidward with his clarinet lodged in his throat and then SpongeBob does the Heimlich maneuver and the clarinet comes flying out of his mouth. I had no clue what I was doing until it was done." Miriam performed the Heimlich maneuver on Allyson, and the gum popped out of her mouth. Immediately afterward, Allyson gave Miriam "the biggest hug" and said to her, "Miriam, you just saved my life. I owe you big time." Miriam replied, "Oh, no, no, you don't. It's no big deal." Their music teacher, Mr. Mauskopf, did not see Allyson choking because his view was blocked, but he did see the gum flying through the air. He asked the girls, "What's going on?" After learning what Miriam had done, he said to her, "Do you realize what you've just done? You've saved Allyson's life. You're a hero." (By the way, a Nickelodeon spokeswoman later said that actually SpongeBob did not perform the Heimlich maneuver on Squidward; therefore, Miriam may be conflating the cartoon with a demonstration of the Heimlich maneuver that she saw elsewhere. Whatever. Miriam saved Allyson's life, and that is the important thing.)

© Copyright Bruce D. Bruce; All Rights Reserved

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The Sideshow - by Avedon Carol


Hosting 2020 White House Correspondents' Dinner

Kenan Thompson

The White House Correspondents' Dinner is pivoting back to laughs in 2020. A year after featuring Hamilton historian Ron Chernow as its keynote speaker, organizers of the annual event announced Tuesday that Saturday Night Live veteran Kenan Thompson will host this year's dinner, and he'll be getting an assist from previous host Hasan Minhaj.

"Kenan and Hasan are two of the most engaged and engaging entertainers in America. I'm thrilled they'll help us celebrate the role of a free press in our democracy," White House Correspondents' Association president Jonathan Karl said in a statement. "We're looking forward to a lively evening honoring the most important political journalism of the past year."

It's a busy time for Thompson. He recently landed his own NBC sitcom The Kenan Show while still staying on at SNL, where he's performed for 17 years. He will give the main comedic speech at this year's dinner, while Minhaj will also perform as a "featured entertainer."

Three new awards will be presented at the dinner: the Collier Prize for State Government Accountability, the Award for Excellence in Presidential News Coverage by Visual Journalists, and the Katharine Graham Award for Courage and Accountability, named for the legendary Washington Post publisher.

Kenan Thompson



'This Is Disastrous'

Vinyl Industry

The day that everyone in the vinyl-manufacturing world has been worried about for years finally arrived. Earlier this month, Apollo Masters Corp., one of the two places in the world that produce the lacquer discs needed to assemble master plates for pressing records, burned down. The blaze reportedly took 82 firefighters and three hours to extinguish. No one was harmed, but the fire obliterated the Banning, California, facility responsible for, by most estimates, 70 to 85 percent of the lacquer plates used in vinyl production. There is now just one such factory in the world capable of producing that crucial item, MDC in Japan, leaving the global supply of vinyl in peril.

"We've all been worried about this, we've had meetings about it within the industry," says Cash Carter, chief operating officer at Kindercore Vinyl Pressing in Athens, Georgia. "We've gotten together with all the other pressing plants, lacquer cutters, everybody, and been like, 'What happens if MDC or Apollo goes away? We're all fucked.' We were dreading that day, but not thinking it would actually happen - that before anything disastrous happened, someone would come in and fix what needed to be fixed.… Now, is the sky falling? No. But this is disastrous. I think there are going to be pressing plants that close because of this.… We've been saying we need to fix this for years. Now, we actually need to fix this."

The vinyl-manufacturing community is tightknit, and within hours of the Apollo fire, phones were ringing in pressing and lacquer-cutting plants around the country as people scrambled to reassure clients and reconsider their production schedules for the next few months. There's also been plenty of talk about what must happen next. No specific details have been announced yet, but there are plans in motion to fill the critical void Apollo has left, according to multiple people in the industry.

Vinyl Industry


Newhead News


Voted Unanimously

Utah Senate

The Utah state Senate voted unanimously on Tuesday effectively to decriminalize polygamy among consenting adults, reducing penalties for a practice with deep religious roots in the predominantly Mormon state.

The bill, which would treat the offense of plural marriage as a simple infraction on par with a parking ticket, now moves to the Utah House of Representatives, where it is likely to face greater resistance.

The bill swiftly cleared the Republican-controlled Senate on a vote of 29-0 with little discussion.

Under current law, polygamy - typically involving a man who cohabitates with and purports to marry more than one wife - is classified as a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison.

If the Senate bill becomes law, punishments for plural marriage would be limited to fines of up to $750 and community service.

Utah Senate





An Iowa man is accused of forcing a woman to watch the miniseries "Roots," purportedly to better understand her racism.

Robert Lee Noye, 52, faces charges of harassment and false imprisonment, according to Greg Buelow, public safety spokesman for Cedar Rapids.

On Monday, Cedar Rapids police were dispatched to an area in the city for an open-line 911 call "with lots of screaming," police said in a statement.

A 37-year-old woman and her 12-year-old daughter were found crying inside the house, police said.

The woman told police Noye was assaulting her all night and made her sit with him to watch the miniseries "Roots," based on Alex Haley's best-selling book "Roots: The Saga of an American Family," which drew attention to the brutality of slavery. The miniseries aired on ABC in 1977 and won a host of awards, including multiple Emmys and a Peabody Award.



Digby's Hullabaloo


East Africa


The worst locust outbreak that parts of East Africa have seen in 70 years has reached South Sudan, a country where roughly half the population already faces hunger after years of civil war, officials announced Tuesday.

Around 2,000 locusts were spotted inside the country, Agriculture Minister Onyoti Adigo told reporters. Authorities will try to control the outbreak, he added.

The locusts have been seen in Eastern Equatoria state near the borders with Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. All have been affected by the outbreak that has been influenced by the changing climate in the region.

The situation in those three countries "remains extremely alarming," the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said in its latest Locust Watch update Monday. Locusts also have reached Sudan, Eritrea, Tanzania and more recently Uganda.

South Sudan is even less prepared than other countries in the region for a locust outbreak, and its people are arguably more vulnerable. More than 5 million people are severely food insecure, the U.N. humanitarian office says in its latest assessment, and some 860,000 children are malnourished.




'Tiger Widows'


Abandoned by her sons, shunned by her neighbours and branded a witch.

Mosammat Rashida's crime? Her husband was killed by a Bengal tiger.

Women like her are ostracised in many rural villages in Bangladesh, where they are viewed as the cause of their partner's misfortune.

"My sons have told me that I am an unlucky witch," she told AFP in her flimsy plank home, in the honey-hunters' village of Gabura at the edge of the Sundarbans -- a 10,000-square-kilometre (3,860-square-mile) mangrove forest that straddles Bangladesh and India.

Her husband died while out collecting honey in the jungles there.




Shanidar Cave

Neanderthal Skeleton

One of the most important archaeological sites for our understanding of Neanderthals is still disgorging its secrets. A new skeleton has been found in Shanidar Cave in Iraqi Kurdistan, and it's helping reveal how the Neanderthals dealt with their dead.

Shanidar Cave is famous for what is known as the Flower Burial. Among 10 fragmentary Neanderthal skeletons unearthed there in the 1950s and 1960s, one was found with clumps of pollen mixed in with the surrounding dirt.

This was interpreted as evidence that the bones - belonging to a man aged between 30 and 45 years - had been buried with flowers; a funerary rite. It contradicted our previous understanding of Neanderthals as animalistic, uncultured and unsophisticated.

But this interpretation was a controversial one, and others put forward alternative explanations, such as the deposit of the pollen by an animal.

Now, archaeologists have found another partial skeleton in Shanidar Cave - not necessarily new remains, but possibly the rest of one of the initial 10, of which only small fragments were found originally.

Neanderthal Skeleton



'Surprise' Treasures


Vivid frescoes and never-before-seen inscriptions were among the treasures unearthed in a massive years-long restoration of the world-famous archeological site Pompeii that came to a close Tuesday.

The painstaking project saw an army of workers reinforce walls, repair collapsing structures and excavate untouched areas of the sprawling site, Italy's second most visited tourist destination after Rome's Colosseum.

New discoveries were made too, in areas of the ruins not yet explored by modern-day archaeologists at the site -- frequently pillaged for jewels and artefacts over the centuries.

Archeologists discovered in October a vivid fresco depicting an armour-clad gladiator standing victorious as his wounded opponent gushes blood, painted in a tavern believed to have housed the fighters as well as prostitutes.

And in 2018, an inscription was uncovered that proves the city near Naples was destroyed after October 17, 79 AD, and not on August 24 as previously believed.







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