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22 September, 2019

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from Bruce

Marc Dion: A Dear Little Lost Place (Creators Syndicate)
I live in Fall River, Massachusetts, a dear little lost place. It's dear if you're from here. It's lost to everyone else. And it's much more little than it was 100 years ago, when the great gray granite cotton mills were lit up for the third shift. During the mill years, 120,000 people lived in the city. Now, it's 86,000 and, if it weren't for immigrants, legal and illegal, maybe 30,000 people would live in this clot of crap-brown tenement houses next to the hammered steel sheet of a brackish New England river.

Ted Rall: Will Clinton Democrats Vote for a Progressive Against Trump? (Creators Syndicate)
History, they say, doesn't so much repeat. It rhymes. The campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination appears to be an exception. Once again, the contest appears to be coming down to a choice between a "centrist" establishmentarian corporatist with institutional backing (Joe Biden) and a left-leaning populist progressive (Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders) preferred by Democrats, of whom 3 out of 4 voters self-identify as progressives.

Mark Shields: He Walks Where He Chooses to Walk (Creators Syndicate)

Years ago, when the great American socialist Norman Thomas was speaking at the University of Virginia, he was cross-examined by a self-satisfied undergraduate who charged that Thomas' call for universal health insurance, federal civil rights laws and federal aid to education were all backed by the U.S. Communist Party. Thomas, a man of great dignity - and no communist - answered simply, "I walk where I choose to walk."

Lenore Skenazy: Nifty Products at a Price You Can Afford (Creators Syndicate, Satire)
With all the talk of a possible economic downturn, some companies are seeing a silver - even bitcoin - lining. Boldly, they are barreling ahead with a roster of recession-positive products including: … Dasani Bottled Water Bottle: Pour water into this conveniently empty bottle and it becomes bottled water. It can be filled from any standard tap or spring. And remember: If you're heading in to your shift at Arby's, the bottle also works with Absolut Hooch.

Susan Estrich: In a Flash (Creators Syndicate)
There you are. There I am. Complaining. Deadlines and obligations. Bills and budgets. The empty nest. My dogs, ages 12 and 14. And in a flash, none of it matters. Not one bit. In a flash, I am doing what I shouldn't do: Googling scary prognoses.

Froma Harrop: Cultural Appropriation Has Become a Tedious Subject (Creators Syndicate)
Cultural appropriation is not to be confused with copyright infringement. That's when someone illegally uses the work of a particular artist, musician or writer. No one is "stealing" from other traditions because no one owns them.

Froma Harrop: Something's Off About Elizabeth Warren (Creators Syndicate)
Ed Rendell recently whacked Elizabeth Warren when she bashed Joe Biden for taking rich donors' money. The former Pennsylvania governor wrote that he himself had run a "swanky" fundraiser for Warren's Senate race, for which she thanked him royally. Furthermore, she transferred $10.4 million of her big-money hauls into her presidential campaign while bragging that she was only accepting small donations.

Connie Schultz: Sean Spicer Is Still Defending the Indefensible (Creators Syndicate)
But hey, he's in ruffles now! Giving lots of paid speeches, and consulting, too. And in January, the Newport Daily News reported that Spicer had bought a summer home for nearly $800,000 in Rhode Island. Most notably, Spicer is saying not one negative word about the man he helped to become the most dangerous man ever to be president of the United States.

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Trivia Question from Yesterday

"The Anacreontic Song", also known as "To Anacreon in Heaven", was the official song of an 18th-century gentlemen's club of amateur musicians in London. Who famously borrowed this song's melody?

       Francis Scott Key                                                      Source

"The Anacreontic Song", also known by its incipit "To Anacreon in Heaven", was the official song of the Anacreontic Society, an 18th-century gentlemen's club of amateur musicians in London. Composed by John Stafford Smith, the tune was later used by several writers as a setting for their patriotic lyrics. These included two songs by Francis Scott Key, most famously his poem "Defence of Fort McHenry". The combination of Key's poem and Smith's composition became known as "The Star-Spangled Banner", which was adopted as the national anthem of the United States of America in 1931.        Source

Mark. was first, and correct, with:
   Francis Scott Key used the tune for "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Alan J answered:
   The Star Spangled Banner.

Randall wrote:
   Francis Scott Key

Kevin K. in Washington, DC, said:
   Frankie Scott Key

Cal in Vermont replied:
   John Stafford Smith provided the god-awful music and Francis Scott Key the lyrics.

Dave responded:
   Francis Scott Key. Music for "The Anacreontic Song" was composed by John Stafford Smith sometime between 1773 and 1776. In 1814, Key wrote a poem he called "The Defense of Fort McHenry" with that melody in mind. Eventually re-named as the "Star Spangled Banner," the song was long the unofficial anthem and was finally designated the official US national anthem in 1931. As far as the Anacreontic Society goes, it dissolved in 1792.

Jim from CA, retired to ID, said:
   The Star-Spangled Banner

zorch wrote:
   Francis Scott Key for the Star Spangled Banner. Yes, the national anthem is a filk song.

Adam answered:
   The Star-Spangled Banner

John I from Hawai`i says,
   "Francis Scott Key."

Michelle in AZ responded:
   'The Star-Spangled Banner"

Mac Mac replied:
   "The Anacreontic Song", also known by its incipit "To Anacreon in Heaven", was the official song of the Anacreontic Society, an 18th-century gentlemen's club of amateur musicians in London, England. Attributed to the composer John Stafford Smith, the tune was later used by several writers as a setting for their patriotic lyrics.

DJ Useo said:
   I'm anxious to find out about this subject. I'm unfamiliar with it.

mj wrote:
   The Melody
  Was purloined for the Star Spangled Banner. No wonder no one can hit the high notes. That requires being really drunk.

Joe S     answered:
   Francis Scott Key

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Reader Suggestion

Michelle in AZ

Trump to snub climate summit for religious freedom meeting at UN | US news | The Guardian

Always in Season: behind the painful film about lynching in America | Film | The Guardian

Carmakers nowhere to be seen as Trump begins dismantling mileage rules - SFGate

The Queen Mary saved hundreds of Jews from the Nazis, even as the St. Louis was turned away - SFGate

A Democratic president might try to ban fracking in 2021. Is Pa. ready for this? | Will Bunch

Tom Hanks and Katharine Hepburn appear in 'Letters From Hollywood' - Los Angeles Times

Barstool Sports and the persistence of traditional masculinity in sports culture

Rifle-Carrying Man Causes Panic In Missouri Walmart, Faces Terrorism Charge : NPR

Opinion | 'Urgent Concern' About the President - The New York Times

Who First Circled the Globe? Not Magellan, Spain Wants You to Know - The New York Times

Opinion | When Anti-Immigration Meant Keeping Out Black Pioneers - The New York Times

Running up the score in House races could deliver White House to Democrats - The Washington Post

Senator Dianne Feinstein laying the groundwork to sue DOJ for release of the whistleblower report

Climate strikes: hoax photo accusing Australian protesters of leaving rubbish behind goes viral | Environment | The Guardian

Opinion | Tucker Carlson 2024 - The New York Times

Trump's Ukraine call reveals a president convinced of his own invincibility - The Washington Post

The end of an American tradition: The Amtrak dining car - The Washington Post

Should U.S. troops put their lives on the line for Saudi Arabia? - The Washington Post

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from Bruce



• Henry Rollins, former lead singer of Black Flag, is a serious acquirer of and listener to new music. He says that wheneverhe visits Melbourne, Australia, he walks into Vicious Sloth Records, throws his wallet onto a counter, and yells, "There it is, you b*stards! Take it all!" According to Mr. Rollins, the owners smile and start figuring out what to name their new houseboat. (Mr. Rollins is a stand-up comedian, among many other things, so he may be exaggerating.) Mr. Rollins also spreads music around the world. He says, "In my journeys, I have left literally hundreds of gigabytes of music behind in young people's computers all over the world." He has left behind the music of the Ramones in Iran, the music of the Stooges in Sri Lanka, and the music of Fugazi in Bhutan. Mr. Rollins says, "When it comes to music, I am in constant acquisition mode. To me, getting the word out on new music is as equally important as acquiring it. In addition to utilizing my weekly radio show on KCRW, I mention bands in interviews and other ways as well. I have an agenda. I am on a mission."

• By 2010, Lady Gaga had made a lot of money. So what is the best thing that she spent money on? She says, "I bought my parents a car." The car was a black Rolls-Royce. Lady Gaga says, "My dad's very Italian, so I wanted to get him a real Godfathercar." She had the car delivered on her parents' wedding anniversary. When she told her father, "Go outside," at first he declined to do that. Why? Lady Gaga explains, "He thought I'd got him a dancing gorillagram." The car was decorated with a huge bow and this message: "A car to last like a love like yours." Her parents at first thought that the car had been rented for them to ride around in for a day, but she told them that the car belonged to them. Her father shouted, "You're crazy!" And he cried. By the way, Lady Gaga believes that it is possible to protect your privacy against the paparazzi - if you have and are willing to spend the money to do so. For example, after a concert in Berlin, some paparazzi in cars wanted to follow her, but they were unable to do so. She had hired two burly men to stand in front of their cars until she had vanished.

• Fanny Brice got into show business by accident. At age 13, she took her brother to an amateur show, but unfortunately, she had only two quarters and all the seats that cost a quarter had been taken. To get into the theater, she told the manager that she wanted to perform on stage - her plan was for her and her brother to watch part of the show, but to sneak out before her name was called for her to perform. However, her name was called earlier than she had expected, she was forced to go on stage, and she sang "When You Know You're Not Forgotten by the Girl You Can't Forget." Fanny was so good that she won the first-place prize of $5, and she decided to go into show business.

• Comedian Jack Benny loved music. Once he had the chance to get violinist Isaac Stern on the 3 February 1946 episode of his radio program. Mr. Benny's show allowed him to pay $10,000 per episode to the guest stars. He had already booked Ronald and Benita Colman for $6,000. Mr. Stern's fee was $5,000, but Mr. Benny gladly paid $1,000 out of his own pocket to book him. Mr. Benny, whose comic persona was that of a miser, said, "I got my money's worth. During rehearsals, I made him play about twenty solos for me, just for me, in my dressing room. I pretended I wanted to choose the best short number for him to play on the program. It was wonderful."

• Conductor Karl Böhm noticed that in the foyer of the National Theatre in Munich, Germany, the musicians used to spit whenever they passed the bust of former General Music Director Herman Zumpe. He asked why they did that, and a musician replied, "It's been passed on from generation to generation, this spitting." They explained that musicians who had previously served there had petitioned the King for a raise in salary; however, Zumpe had commented, "I am against the raise; it's better to hunt with hungry hounds!" Thereafter, musicians spat first in his presence and later in the presence of his bust.

• Opera singer Clara Doria had a servant named Natalizia who found an interesting way of making extra money: She sold locks of Ms. Doria's hair. She collected hair from Ms. Doria's combs and cut and trimmed the locks and tied them with a narrow ribbon. She then put each lock of hair in an envelope - also stolen from Ms. Doria - which she sold to youthful male fans of Ms. Doria. Natalizia had quite a business until some friends of Ms. Doria caught her selling these love-locks.

© Copyright Bruce D. Bruce; All Rights Reserved

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Bonus Links

Jeannie the Teed-Off Temp

Pelosi Not Budging on Impeachment and Her Colleagues Are Privately Screaming | Daily Beast

Someone Should Do Something | Slate

Trump ordered to appear for deposition in case involving his security guards | The Hill

Trump Said This Wall Can't Be Climbed. Professional Climbers Say He's Full of Sh*t | Daily Beast

Ben Carson defends transgender remarks, blames media 'mischaracterizations' | Politico

Trump will hold session on religious persecution instead of attending UN climate summit | CNN

Joe Kennedy is officially going after Ed Markey's Senate seat | Vox

The US Navy Has a Water Problem | Smirking Chimp

The Creative and Cruel Ways People Make Life Hell for the Homeless | Vice

War On The World | The Intercept

ICE to resume family detentions at Texas facility | The Hill



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 [12:45 AM]      The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)
 [3:00 AM]      Johnny Belinda (1948)
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Antenna TV - Johnny Carson (from 10/05/73) - Peter Falk, Victoria Principal, and Robert Klein.

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The Sideshow - by Avedon Carol


The Editor of Encyclopædia Britannica Once Wrote a Guidebook to Edinburg's Prostitutes


Long Beach's Main Library Renamed

Billie Jean King

Almost 100 years after the ratification of the 19th amendment, the Billie Jean King Main Library opened to the public on Saturday, Sept. 21, with tremendous fanfare - and no shortage of people to fill it.

The $48 million information center - a genuine 21st Century library, as King put it - is the flagship of the new Long Beach Civic Center redevelopment, and the culmination of a lifetime of courage and achievement from one of Long Beach's most admired residents.

"Today, I've come full circle in my return to Long Beach," said King. "Without the people of Long Beach, I never, ever would have had the opportunity to launch my tennis career, and travel the world, and have a platform to hopefully make a difference in the lives of others."

King grew up on 36th Street - long before going on to win 39 Grand Slam Titles and, of course, that legendary triumph over Bobby Riggs and male chauvinism in 1973.

The stunning library bearing her name is state-of-the-art, featuring some unique surprises hidden among its voluminous shelves.

Billie Jean King



Muse du Jour: David Bowie's Real 'Lady Grinning Soul' | Messy Nessy Chic


Sept. 21 In Los Angeles

'Earth, Wind & Fire Day'

The Los Angeles City Council is honoring hometown band Earth, Wind & Fire by dedicating a day to the group.

"They made Los Angeles their home, and so we decided in the city of L.A., Sept. 21 will be 'Earth, Wind & Fire Day,'" said Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson.

The band's most successful period started with the 1975 album "That's The Way of The World" and continued through the rest of the decade. Their hits included "September," "Shining Star," "Let's Groove," "Serpentine Fire," ''That's the Way of the World," and a cover of the Beatles' "Got to Get You Into My Life."

Of course, "September" is known for the lyric: "Do you remember the 21st night of September?"

Three members of the band took part in the ceremonies last week: Ralph Johnson, Philip Bailey and Verdine White. The council presented the three with certificates and staged a meet and greet with them for fans.

'Earth, Wind & Fire Day'


Newhead News


34th Year

Farm Aid

David Senter said he remembers when singer-songwriter Willie Nelson called him in 1985 and told him that the agricultural economy in the United States had left family farmers behind in one of the worst farm crises in American history.

The trouble was that it did no one any good that the two of them were the ones talking about it.

That was the conversation that inspired Farm Aid, an annual concert series and a farm advocacy organization, now in its 34th year and taking place Saturday at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin. That's where Senter, a former farmer turned advocate turned unofficial farm movement historian, was heading when he spoke to NBC News.

Led by Nelson, the festival began with the help of musicians such as Neil Young and John Mellencamp - both board members - as well as acts including B.B. King, Paul Simon, Elton John and others over the ensuing years.

More recently, well-known bands artists such as Imagine Dragons, Kacey Musgraves, Sturgill Simpson, the Avett Brothers and Sheryl Crow have joined Nelson and Young on stage. The stars of the show are not the musicians, however, but the advocates and the farmers who are given microphones to highlight issues they face.

Farm Aid



35 Beautiful Photos of Diana Rigg in the 1960s and '70s |


2020 AFI Life Achievement Award

Julie Andrews

The American Film Institute has announced that Julie Andrews will receive its annual AFI Life Achievement Award. The award will be presented to Andrews at a Gala Tribute on April 25, in Los Angeles, CA.

Last year's Life Achievement Award honoree was Denzel Washington. Recent recipients have included George Clooney, Diane Keaton, John Williams, Steve Martin, Jane Fonda, Mel Brooks, and Shirley MacLaine, who presented the award to Washington at last year's ceremony. The first-ever AFI Life Achievement Award went to John Ford in 1973.

The Institute has moved up the date of its annual tribute, which benefits the nonprofit's education and exhibition efforts, from June to April. This will give AFI some breathing room to accommodate its packed slate of programs, including AFI FEST happening in Los Angeles this November, and AFI DOCS happening in Washington, DC, in late June.

The event will later be broadcast on TNT, followed by an encore presentation on TCM later in the year.

Julie Andrews


Digby's Hullabaloo


First Motorcade

Mackinac Island

Cars have been banned on Mackinac Island for over a century. It's an old tradition that aims to preserve the quaint, historic nature of Mackinac.

But on Saturday, Vice President Mike Pence (R-Corrupt) broke that ban with an eight-car motorcade as he attended the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference.

Pence was a keynote speaker at the conference, which draws Michigan Republicans and GOP party leader to the historic Mackinac Island every other year. He is the first vice president to go to attend the event.

Mackinac Island only allows horse-drawn buggies, bikes and foot traffic. There are some emergency vehicles on the island as well.

The conference is held at the historic Grand Hotel and it runs through Sunday. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was also invited to speak at the event.

Mackinac Island



35 Times People Were Caught Sleeping In Unusual And Funny Ways | Bored Panda


From Rising Seas


Most refugees fleeing persecution, famine or civil strife dream of one thing: going home some day.

But when rising seas displace hundreds of millions of people -- a near certainty, scientists say -- it will be an exodus with no hope of return.

"With sea level rise, we are talking about migrations without the option for a round-trip," Francois Gemenne, an expert on the intersection between geopolitics and the environment, and director of the Hugo Observatory in Liege, Belgium, told AFP.

The global ocean waterline has crept up 15 to 20 centimetres since 1900, a direct effect of climate change. Until recently, that added volume was mostly due to water expanding as it warms.

The pace of sea level rise has also picked up, increasing nearly three-fold in the last decade compared to the previous century, a landmark UN assessment of oceans and Earth's frozen spaces to be unveiled next week will report.



Sequined and Baubled Masks by 'Damselfrau' Fascinate with Mysterious Beauty | Colossal



Bachelor Party Hangover

During the evening after his bachelor party, Cameron Fischer was so nauseous from a hangover that his fiancée Katlynn decided they should skip their own rehearsal dinner to go to the emergency room.

"He just couldn't hold anything down," Katlynn said. "I wanted to take him to the hospital just to make sure that he was okay and ready for our wedding."

At a freestanding ER in the Denver metro area, a blood test confirmed that Cameron was dehydrated.

"It was 2 liters of saline," Cameron said. "It took about 30 to 45 minutes to go through it all."

Cameron said that he felt great on his wedding day - but that his stomach was back in knots a few weeks later when the hospital bill arrived. The total was more than $12,000, including a $7,644 "facility fee," $700 for two bags of saline, and charges for tests he said he didn't even know were ordered.

Bachelor Party Hangover



These Artists Turn Their Cats' Shedded Fur Into Tiny Cat Hats | Twisted Sifter


Ships That Sank In 1878

Lake Michigan

A diver and maritime history buff has found two schooners that collided and sank into the cold depths of northern Lake Michigan more than 140 years ago.

Bernie Hellstrom, of Boyne City, Michigan, said he was looking for shipwrecks about 10 years ago when a depth sounder on his boat noted a large obstruction about 200 feet (60 meters) down on the lake bottom near Beaver Island.

"I've made hundreds of trips to Beaver Island and every trip I go out the sounder is on," he told The Associated Press on Friday. "But if you happen to see something that's not normal, you go back. A lot are nothing but fish schools. This was 400 feet of boat. There's nothing out there that big that's missing."

He returned to the area in June with a custom-made camera system and discovered the Peshtigo and St. Andrews about 10 feet (3 meters) apart with their masts atop one another. The hull of one of the ships has a huge gash.

It had been believed the ships sank in 1878 farther to the east in the Straits of Mackinac in Lake Huron. But only one ship could be found and that was thought to be the St. Andrews.

Lake Michigan


A California Type Foundry Is Keeping Vintage Printing Alive | Atlas Obscura


London's Riverbanks


Treading her way along the muddy banks of the River Thames, Lara Maiklem spots a 16th-century clothespin which she wipes and adds to a row of others puncturing her coat pocket.

She treasures these handcrafted metal pins and other discoveries along the shore for the insight they give into those who walked there before her.

"Mudlarks" have scoured the foreshores of London's rivers for centuries, searching out lost or discarded items to sell, and the tradition lives on today in a small band of devotees.

Over the past two decades, 48-year-old Maiklem has found pottery, a silver coin from the 1600s from the era of King Charles I, ivory combs and 18th-century clay pipes, some still bearing the makers' fingerprints.

"These little snapshots of everyday London life, that you find coming out of the mud, every tide -- it's like a giant history book," said Maiklem, who works in the publishing industry.

"People who have been forgotten by history, who didn't leave anything of themselves other than the things they lost along the way -- this is what they left behind of themselves," she said.



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