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20 March, 2002

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Who's Going To Hell This Week

Helen A. Handbasket

Who's Going to Hell This Week?


Helen A. Handbasket

As ex-executive chief in charge of operations for the burning flames of hellfire, Helen's access to eternal contracts is legendary. She is the world's foremost double-agent war-correspondent from hell - to Hollywood - and back again. Her opinions do not necessarily reflect those of this or any other publication.


March 18, 2002

While the Senate is in its final debate on long-stalled on legislation concerning the size of the bribes they're allowed to take, Satan is having no such problems. Just like the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, all you have to do is sign over your soul for a free La-Z-Boy recliner.
- Helen -

10. A group of masochistic poodles has issued a "cease and desist" order against The Humane Society, momentarily halting their efforts to stop the cruel treatment of animals on television. "I hope they don't think they're speaking for all species when they oppose cruelty," said spokespoodle Muhammad Thunderpants. "Some of us actually like that sort of thing."
9. In keeping with the INS decision to issue visas last week to two of the terrorist hijackers who crashed planes into the World Trade Center, the Department of the Interior has finally given permission for the building of the Hoover Dam, the FCC has issued a broadcast license to Fox, the FDA has ordered Coca Cola to remove cocaine from their product, and the DMV has finally issued a driver's license to Princess Di.
8. "She should have eaten them," said Jeffery Dahmer about Andrea Yates from the forth level of hell. "Then she would have been found not guilty due to insanity," he continued. "And besides, children are particularly good with yams."
7.  Why are U.S. troops training in the Republic of Georgia when there is no serious or immediate terrorist threat emanating from the Pankisi Gorge? How else could Brenda Lee get inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame?
6.  Israeli troops pulled out of Bethlehem. Al Gore shaved his beard. Coincidence? I don't think so.
5. Satan wasn't invited to Liza Minelli's wedding which is why Burger King is now selling a veggie burger.
4. Chronic masturbators are up in arms concerning the FBI bust of an Internet child-pornography ring. "Now we have to make do with the real thing," said spokesjerk Oliver Clothesoff, "and you know how hard real children are to come by."
3. REM guitarist Peter Buck might have seemed like a real jerk when he ransacked an airplane cabin and scared the air stewardesses to death, but at least he stopped Tipper Gore from running for the Senate.
2. Joan Rivers thinks the U.S. should have sent anybody but US envoy Anthony Zinni to the mid-east. "Puh-leese, he's a fashion nightmare," she quipped before heading off to ruin the Oscars for everybody.
And the number one person going to hell this week?
1. Why hasn't the Pope responded to the recent sex-abuse scandals involving U.S. Catholic priests? He's waiting for "Resident Evil" to break $100 million.
Personal to Tom Ridge: Oooh, I feel so secure.
Personal to Gen Tommy Franks: Is that an anaconda in your pocket?


1,700 British troops deployed in Afghanistan plus everyone nominated for an Oscar divided by everyone who actually gets an Oscar times every wrinkle on Joan Rivers face equals everyone in Zimbabwe who actually voted for President Mugabe plus Dick Cheney in 12 countries divided by 10 days minus 3 life terms plus 90 additional years in prison facing John Walker Lindh.




"Another Palestinian blew himself next to a bus."
- Slate Magazine - Today's Papers 3/18 -


"MPs Reject Hunting Ban Fudge"
- Guardian headline -


When Ted Turner started CNN Student News, he promised it would be commercial free. Now, AOL Time Warner has decided to add commercial "sponsorships" to the program.  Commercials are expected to debut this month, according to company sources. At that time, schools and teachers that show CNN Student News will be forcing captive audiences of students to watch commercial advertising during class time. The program is shown during class time in about 18,000 schools.


"The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our Number one Priority and we will not rest until we find him!"
- George Bush on September 13, 2001 -
"I don't know where he is. I have no idea and I really don't care. It's not that important. It's not our priority."
"George Bush on March 13, 2002 (6 months and 600 Billion Dollars later) -
"Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job."
- Douglas Adams -
"If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time."
- Anonymous -


Saudi Arabia's religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress. One witness said he saw three policemen "beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the school because they were not wearing the abaya."




It's an Honor Just to be Nominated
I'm not upset. I'm not frustrated
It's an honor just to be nominated
Forget all the rivals I've dominated
It's an honor just to be nominated
Kissing my ass isn't overrated
It's an honor just to be nominated
If I lose I'll have to be strongly sedated
It's an honor just to be nominated


Unquestionably the best pictures of Uranus I've ever seen.
How do you get your book on the best seller lists? Just buy 16,000 copies of your own book online and then return them like this putz did.
Why the hell is Clinton praising Bush's performance?
It's official. Bin Laden Won the Afghan War.
Did you know that "Bill and Ted's Bogus Adventure" was originally called "Bill and Ted Go To Hell?" Find out more at this list of original working titles of films.
Find out about The Pioneers, the most successful contributors to Bush's campaign.
Let's say you make your living going through celebrity's garbage and a producer offers to make a film about you but doesn't. You would sue him, right? And you'd win.


Answer to last week's puzzle from hell:
"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Krishnamurti -
Don't starve to death while praying for a fish!
Come to my website

Many thanks to Michael Dare!


How About A Little Oscar Fever?

Free Chocolate!

You've seen BartCop plug his favorite chocolate....Ever wonder, but, well, you're too cheap (like me) or too busy or ?

Well, here's your big chance.

The Oscars are coming up on Sunday. Time to put your mouth where the chocolate is.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I'm going to ask who do you think will win the supporting actor and actress awards.

Friday, I'll ask who you think will win the best actor & actress categories.

Saturday, it'll be best director and best picture.

Sunday, Oscar night, the prize will go for the most embarrassing acceptance speech.

Voting for each day closes at 5pm (pst)....

Will have more specfics on tomorrow's (Thursday) page.

Will have a special e-mail address for this, too.

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Reader Comment

Re: Chicago

As a born and raised Chicagoan, I can only speculate at what old Rich Daley must be thinking when he looks down from that graft mill in the sky and sees Georgie marching in the St. Paddy's Day Parade AND at the invitation of his son!!

This, my friend, used to be sacred ground for the Democrats that day......Shame on you, little boy...You should change your last name

~~ Nancy

Thanks, Nancy.


Alex's Entertainment Report


Eminem Dating Former Spice Girl

Pop star Geri Hallwell and rapper Eminem are set to become the strangest couple in showbiz after going out on a string of secret dates. The bizarre union came about after the pair bumped into each other by the pool of the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Los Angeles when both stayed there recently. Before long they'd struck up a conversation and arranged to go to a local bowling alley. One date turned into another and the former Spice Girl is now a regular fixture in the outspoken rapper's social life. According to Britain's The Sun newspaper, a source says, "You wouldn't expect them to have much in common - certainly in terms of their lifestyles. But the relationship seems to work. "Geri is having a great time. She and Eminem have been out together a few times, bowling and for meals. Who knows whether it will lead to romance?" Geri has been single since splitting from coffee tycoon Bobby Hashemi last year while Eminem is now divorced from childhood sweetheart Kim Mathers, the mother of his five-year-old daughter Hailie. And the potential coupling may not be as unlikely as some might think - on his debut hit My Name Is, Eminem hinted that he liked one of the Spice Girls, when he rapped: "I can't figure out which Spice Girl I wanna impregnate."


Spike Lee Blasts Will Smith

Spike Lee has claimed that he was passed over to direct Ali because of objections by the film's star, Will Smith. Interviewed by Ed Gordon on BET Tonight, Lee said, "I wanted to do it. Will didn't want me to direct it." He recalled that during a face-to-face meeting, "the first thing Will said was, 'So Spike, how can you expand your vision?' When he asked that, I knew I was out." Michael Mann was eventually named director of the film -- and later was the focus of most critical complaints that it failed to provide adequate insight into the title figure. "Few white directors can get our stuff right," Lee told Gordon, referring to the Ali movie. "I'm tired of other people documenting our history."


Hundreds Of Celebs Turned Down For Oscar Tickets

Oscar's move this year from the 5,600-seat Shrine Auditorium to the new 3,100-seat Kodak Theater in Hollywood has left hundreds of members of the motion picture academy grumbling after their ticket requests were turned down, the New York Times reported today (Monday). Miramax spokeswoman Janet Hill told the newspaper, "It's been horrible, really horrible. ... I think I've talked to 40 academy members who put in for tickets, and only one or two got them. Some companies, I hear, have decided that spouses won't be invited this year." Otto Spoerri, the academy official who decides who will receive tickets, acknowledged that he has had to make a number of tough calls and expects to make more as nominees and presenters begin to make last-minute requests for tickets for friends and family.


Brady And Wayans Get The Axe

ABC has dropped My Wife and Kids, starring Damon Wayans, and the new Wayne Brady Show, from its Monday-night lineup. The two programs were among the few programs on the major networks to star African-American stars. The two show will be replaced by an hour-long All-Star Bloopers in the 8:00 p.m. period tonight and by a rerun of America's Home Videos next week, the network said.

Apparently ABC is trying really hard to win the "Stupid Network of the Year" Award. My Wife and Kids was one of the best new shows on television!


Review of "Panic Room", starring Jodie Foster

Review of ''The Panic Room''


~~ Alex

Alex's Site


Busy Man With A Vision

The Worried Shrimp

The The Worried Shrimp has another new one!

ruck fush


Weekly Review


19 March, 2002

Preparing for a potential strike against Iraq, the United States plucked Vice President Dick Cheney out of hiding and sent him touring Arabia to summon support from the region's leaders.

In the meantime, a special envoy was sent to Israel to make peace between Ariel Sharon and Yasir Arafat after a week of suicide bombings and other violence in which scores were killed, including a Palestinian woman and her four children when a bomb exploded near their donkey cart.

U.N. secretary general Kofi Annan called on Israel to end its "illegal occupation" of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and the Israeli army stopped a new practice of writing I.D. numbers on detainees' foreheads and forearms; critics had compared the policy to Nazi branding of concentration-camp inmates.

A report revealed that in the past several months, the United States secretly extradited dozens of terrorism suspects to other countries, such as Egypt and Jordan, where they can be subjected to torture, threats to their families, and other interrogation tactics that are illegal in the U.S.

The Pentagon revised the bounty for Osama bin Laden after determining that the average Afghan could not comprehend the magnitude of the previous reward, $25 million, rendering the incentive meaningless. The new prize is "anything the Americans think the Afghans would like to have," including cash, a flock of sheep, or help in drilling a well.

President Bush reflected, "[Bin Laden] is . . . you know, as I mention in my speeches, I do mention the fact that this is a fellow who's willing to commit youngsters to their death, and he himself tries to hide, if, in fact, he's hiding at all."

The Immigration and Naturalization Service issued student visas for Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi six months after they crashed planes into the World Trade Center; President Bush reported that the imbroglio left him feeling "plenty hot."

People were complaining about "The Fighting Whities," a basketball team at the University of Northern Colorado whose white jerseys sport an image of a white man in a suit above the slogan "Every thang's gonna be all white!"

Continued at

--Margaret Cordi

[Roger D. Hodge is on vacation.]


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In The Chaos Household

Last Night

Surfed between 'Watching Ellie' and 'Andy Richter Controls The Universe'. Ellie won.

Lex Luthor was on the KTLA morning 'news' today, so checked out some of 'Smallville'. Wasn't bad - will watch again next week.

Dave was still whipping the 'Eagles Soar' video clip! Go Dave!

Tonight, Wednesday, CBS is fresh with 'Survivor: Marquesas', 'The Amazing Race 2', and '60 Minutes II'.

NBC starts the night with 'Dateline', and then has reruns of 'The West Wing' and 'Law & Order'.

It's all fresh on ABC with 'My Wife & Kids', 'Jim', 'Drew Carey', 'The Job', and 'Downtown'.

The WB starts the night with a rerun 'Dawson's Creek', and follows with the season premiere (of the final season) of 'Felicity'.

Faux has reruns of 'That 80's Show', 'Grounded For Life' and 'Bernie Mac'. The evening is capped off with a fresh 'Titus'.

UPN has 2 episodes of 'Enterprise'. The first one is fresh, and the 2nd one is a rerun (Trip gets knocked up).

AMC has 'The Grapes Of Wrath'.

Anyone have any opinions?

Or reviews?

(See below for addresses)


Your Tax Dollar$ At Work

$hilling For 'E.T.'

The crew of the international space station joined Steven Spielberg and Universal Studios Florida on Tuesday in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the film "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial."

One of the 28 school children gathered at Universal Studios Florida's E.T. Adventure attraction in Orlando asked the astronauts how long it would take to get to E.T.'s home.

"As far as we understand it, the green planet is 3 million light years away," astronaut Daniel Bursch replied. "Using the engines, technology, that we have today, it will only take about 75 billion years to get there. But hopefully, we'll be going a little bit faster soon."

Spielberg, joining them in a phone call from Los Angeles, said there will never be a sequel to "E.T." But the director noted that allowing movie fans to ride the E.T. Adventure and to talk with orbiting astronauts "is absolutely an incredible sequel or follow-up to any film."

"E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" was released on June 11, 1982. It's being rereleased Friday with never-before-seen footage and computer enhancements.

Your Tax Dollar$ At Work


Received Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt & her new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, March 19, 2002. Photo by Rose Prouser

Grammy-winner Bonnie Raitt gave her fans something to talk about as she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday.

Raitt's father, veteran Broadway singer John Raitt, was on hand to perform "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" and ended the song with "Everything is Going Bonnie's Way."

"I can't believe that in my 50s, I'm standing here with my Walk of Fame star," said Raitt, whose star was unveiled in front of her record label, Capitol.

"If someone proposed this to me 20 years ago, I would have said, 'No way,'" she said.

Several hundred fans celebrated with the singer-guitarist, whose music runs the gamut of blues, country, pop, and rock. Raitt, 52, has won nine Grammys and recorded dozens of albums including "Give It Up," "Takin' My Time," and her 1989 breakout, "Nick of Time."

Bonnie Raitt


NFL Team For LA?

''The Los Angeles Democrats''?

The embarrassment of not having an NFL team in town may soon be ended for Los Angeles. I hear that 27-year-old Casey Wasserman, grandson of legendary movie tycoon Lew and son of Lynne Wasserman, is heading up a new group which is determined to own and operate an Angelino franchise. (The Rams long departed for St. Louis and the Raiders scuttled back to Oakland.) Casey already owns an arena football team, the L.A. Avengers, and is determined to make it into the big leagues. He has assembled a group of local power brokers including billionaires Ron Burkle and Phillip Anshultz. Don't know what they plan to call the new club - all the good names are taken - but the could possibly go for "The Los Angeles Democrats," given the party affiliation of most of the backers.

''The Los Angeles Democrats''?

Hot damn! Finally a team I can back.


Buh-Bye To 250 Animators

Walt Disney Co

Entertainment giant Walt Disney Co. told 250 employees at its animation unit on Monday that they were either being laid off or that their contracts would not be renewed over the next 12 months, the New York Times reported in its online edition on Tuesday, citing Disney executives.

The job cuts come on the heels of layoffs at another Disney unit, Miramax Films, which last week said it would cut 75 jobs, or about 15 percent of the studio's worldwide staff, the newspaper reported.

Walt Disney Animation had a peak of 2,200 employees in 1999, the newspaper reported, citing the unit's president, Thomas Schumacher. The division now has about 1,500 workers, the paper said.

Walt Disney Co


Appearing in ''Richard III''

Kenneth Branagh

Kenneth Branagh was preparing Tuesday to return to the stage for the first time in 10 years. Performances were sold out and the production extended four days.

The Belfast-born actor reappears on stage in the lead role William Shakespeare's "Richard III," which was to open Tuesday night at the Crucible Theater in the northern English city of Sheffield.

Branagh, 41, who last strode the stage as Hamlet in a 1992 Royal Shakespeare Company production, is being paid the same as all other cast members slightly above the $417 a week minimum demanded by the actors' union Equity, the spokesman said.

Branagh has now signed to play Professor Gilderoy Lockhart in the film adaptation of the second of J.K. Rowling's hit books, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."

Kenneth Branagh


Distinguished American Award

Harry Belafonte

Entertainer Harry Belafonte's lifelong work as an advocate for human rights and racial equality earned him a Distinguished American Award at the John F. Kennedy Library.

"One of the country's best-loved entertainers, Belfonte has also been at the forefront of our nation's struggle for civil rights and the international effort to promote human rights throughout the globe," the library said Friday.

In the 1950s, Belafonte starred in the film "Carmen Jones," and his album "Calypso" sold 1 million copies. Belafonte, now 75, refused to perform in the South from 1954 until 1961 because of racial segregation, according to the library.

Past award recipients include former President George Bush, civil rights activist James Farmer and journalist Helen Thomas.

Harry Belafonte


Airs Again This Thursday On Faux

Celebrity 'Boxing'

Once was just not enough and this time "Celebrity Boxing" is gunning for "Friends."

Fox will air an encore presentation of the campy boxing special, which pitted washed-up TV stars and tabloid trash against each other in the ring, this Thursday at 8 p.m.

The ultra-competitive time slot will pit the second-run boxing special up against a repeat of "Friends," the highest rated show on television.

The all-star slug-fest - which pitted ''Partridge Family" buffoon Danny Bonaduce against "Brady Bunch" dud Barry Williams, "Diff'rent Strokes" star Todd Bridges against Vanilla Ice and scandal-ridden skate-queen Tonya Harding against Clinton sexgate siren Paula Jones - was seen by about 15.5 million viewers last Wednesday.

Fox sources say plans are already underway for a new "Celebrity Boxing" special that could air as early as May. Grade Z-level media personalities like "Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire" bride Darva Conger and Long Island's own Joey Buttofuoco are already pushing to be part of the next edition.

Celebrity 'Boxing'


Returning To Jamestown, NY?

Lucille Ball

Legendary comedian and actress Lucille Ball's remains could be returned to her hometown.

The actress' cremated remains are with the remains of her mother at a cemetery in Los Angeles. But daughter Lucie Arnaz has said she would like to see the remains of both women moved to a cemetery here and interred with other family members.

Arnaz also has been visiting Jamestown, checking out locations to expand the current Luci-Desi Museum, also located here.

Recently, Arnaz said her family has bid on her mother's former home in the nearby Chautauqua County village of Celoron. It was Lucy's home from the time she was 8 years old until she was midway through high school. The two-story house, which has become a tourist stop, was being offered on eBay for $98,500.

Lucille Ball


Started The Honeymoon On 'Larry King'

More Minnelli - Gest

Liza Minnelli and David Gest apparently didn't get quite enough media coverage at their wedding on Saturday. They're starting their honeymoon by doing an interview tomorrow with Larry King. The CNN talkmeister will be chatting with the happy couple via satellite in London, where the two have gone to get ready for Liza's performances next month at Royal Albert Hall.

The couple's mouthpiece, Warren Cowan, didn't know whether Liza and David would take a few days in Thailand before the shows, as had been reported. But Cowan scoffed at talk that the newlyweds were planning to sell TV rights to their nuptials, the way they sold exclusive photos to Britain's OK! magazine.

Cowan said Minnelli did have their Marble Collegiate Church wedding videotaped "as a present to David." But he said there was no taping of the 42 artists who performed at their party afterward.

Started The Honeymoon On 'Larry King'


''Haunted Mansion''

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy, who has scored big with such family fare as "Shrek" and "Dr. Dolittle," is negotiating to star in Disney's "Haunted Mansion," a feature based on the popular Disneyland attraction.

In addition to Murphy, Disney has begun informal talks with Rob Minkoff ("The Lion King") to direct. Production is expected to start in November.

In "Haunted," a father (Murphy) who has previously neglected his family encounters a ghost when he and his family visit a haunted house. The vision spooks him into a profound awareness of the importance of family.

Eddie Murphy


Sitcom Pilot Scrapped

Norm Macdonald & Jon Lovitz

NBC scrapped a sitcom pilot starring Norm Macdonald and Jon Lovitz on Monday, following a dispute with its producers about potential syndication revenues.

"Leave Me Alone," which is being produced by Adam Sandler's film company, fell victim to controversial new wording in NBC pilot contracts designed to limit the network's liability in lawsuits claiming that it did not maximize the rerun windfall for profit participants such as producers and actors.

Many network shows are produced by their respective studio arms, inviting "self-dealing" lawsuits from the likes of "X-Files" star David Duchovny and "NYPD Blue" producer Steven Bochco alleging that the companies engineered lowball deals among themselves at renewal or syndication time.

NBC has thus removed language from its pilot contracts that requires its NBC Studios producing arm to seek "fair market value" and conduct "arm's length negotiations" when selling the rerun or re-purposing rights to its shows, or when negotiating new license fees.

Such language, however, has virtually guaranteed litigation from profit participants since it's hard to prove a negotiation between NBC and NBC Studios is actually arm's length.

In its place, NBC has inserted a new clause requiring the network to act "in good faith" -- language that still leaves room for lawsuits if, say, NBC were to sell rerun rights to an NBC Studios sitcom to NBC-owned stations at a ridiculously low price.

Sitcom Pilot Scrapped


To Unveil Statue In Minneapolis May 6

Mary Tyler Moore

Lady Liberty will forever welcome huddled masses to New York City. Abraham Lincoln will always keep a seat in Washington, D.C. And in seven weeks, Minneapolis will have its own permanent declaration of independence.

Mary Richards, a symbol of women's liberation and great television in the 1970s, will be immortalized May 8 at the corner of 7th St. and the Nicollet Mall, the spot where fans of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" still search for Mary's tossed-up tam.

"I can't believe it's going to be 8 feet tall," said Moore, who will be on hand to unveil the bronze statue capturing her character's most famous moment. "I just hope it's vertical and not horizontal."

That's why TV Land, the cable outlet dedicated to classic TV, chose to make Mary Richards the second member of its TV Land Landmarks project. A statue of Ralph Kramden, the bus driver created by Jackie Gleason in "The Honeymooners," was installed in front of New York City's Port Authority bus terminal in August 2000.

For the rest, Mary Tyler Moore

Way back in the days when 'quad' (2'' video tape) was the dominant format, and ''Mary Tyler Moore'' was still aired from a film chain, the quad tape machines needed 5 seconds to 'lock up' to stable audio & video. Mary's hat toss was the perfect 5 second visual cue.


2 More OBE's

Redgrave & Kingsley

Lynn Redgrave & Ben Kingsley at Buckingham Palace, London, Tuesday March 19, 2002. Photo by Michael Stephens

Ben Kingsley was knighted on Tuesday, an honor that he told Queen Elizabeth II was far greater than receiving an Academy Award.

"I told the queen that winning an Oscar pales into insignificance. This is insurmountable," Kingsley said after the ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

Lynn Redgrave, who first gained fame with the title role in "Georgy Girl" in 1966 and earned a 1998 Academy Award nomination for "Gods and Monsters," was invested Tuesday as an Officer of the Order of British Empire, or OBE.

"I've lived in LA for over 20 years but I still feel very British. I don't think you can ever take the Brit out of a Brit," the 59-year-old actress said.

"I like my Englishness and loose-leaf tea and tea pots."

Redgrave & Kingsley


His Judge Is Pleased

Robert Downey Jr

A judge told Robert Downey Jr. Tuesday he was pleased with the actor's progress in drug rehabilitation as Downey prepares to restart a film career derailed by his high-profile battle with addiction.

Downey, who has been arrested twice on drug charges since his release from prison in August 2000, appeared before Riverside County Superior Court Judge Randall White for a brief hearing to review a status report prepared by the actor's probation officers.

The judge expressed satisfaction with the report, which Downey's lawyers and prosecutors said showed the actor had remained drug-free and in compliance with the treatment program he entered last spring following his most recent arrest.

White ordered the actor to return to court for another review on July 19, at which time the judge may dismiss charges Downey pleaded no contest to last year and lift his probation.

Robert Downey Jr



Sean Roderick Stewart

The son of rocker Rod Stewart was arrested near the Viper Room nightclub for allegedly possessing controlled drugs.

Sean Roderick Stewart, 21, was booked Saturday for investigation of possessing a controlled substance, possessing a controlled medication without a prescription, disorderly conduct and public intoxication. He spent the night in jail and was freed on bail.

Stewart had a court hearing scheduled Tuesday for another confrontation in which he allegedly attacked someone at a Malibu restaurant in December.

Stewart was seen lying on the sidewalk near the Sunset Boulevard club shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday, according to a report from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Stewart "was stiff, shivering and incoherent. His eyes were droopy, his speech was slurred and mumbled," the report said. A bottle containing what appeared to be the painkiller Vicodin, the sedatives Valium and Klonopin and an unknown substance was seized, the report said.

Sean Roderick Stewart


Back In Court

Peter Buck

R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck overturned a breakfast trolley, mistook a stranger for his wife and scuffled with crew members after getting drunk aboard a trans-Atlantic flight, prosecutors said at his trial Monday.

Prosecution lawyer David Bate said Buck behaved like a "drunken lout" aboard the Seattle-to-London flight last April.

The 45-year-old guitarist denies charges of being drunk on an aircraft, committing assault and damaging British Airways crockery.

Bate said Buck, who was traveling to Britain to promote the Georgia band's album "Reveal," drank about 15 glasses of wine in the first three hours of the flight. He became increasingly unruly, staggering up the aisle of the Boeing 747 and at one point becoming lodged between two seats, the prosecutor charged.

After the crew refused to serve him more alcohol, Buck tried to take more bottles from the galley, Bate said.

He reportedly overturned a breakfast trolley sending crockery and food flying mistook a hostess trolley for a CD player, claimed a stranger sitting on the plane was his wife and tussled with crew members, covering them with yogurt. He also punched a wall of the plane "with considerable force" and tried to slip a knife up his sleeve, Bate said.

Peter Buck


In Memory

Rosetta LeNoire

Actress Rosetta LeNoire in Washington Wednesday, Sept. 29, 1999. Bill Clinton, the last elected president, presented her with National Medal of Arts. First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is at left. Photo by J.Scott Applewhite

Actress-producer Rosetta LeNoire, who was directed by Orson Welles in a landmark, all-black version of "Macbeth" in the 1930s and who received the National Medal of Arts in 1999, died Sunday in Teaneck, N.J., after a long illness. She was 90.

Known to TV audiences for her long-running role as Grandma Winslow on the television comedy "Family Matters," LeNoire founded the Amas Repertory Theatre in New York in 1968. The nonprofit organization, dedicated to developing musicals and new talent, produced such popular shows as "Bojangles" and Tony nominee "Bubbling Brown Sugar."

Born in New York City, LeNoire took music lessons from legendary jazzman Eubie Blake. By age 15, she was a chorus girl working with her godfather, dancing great Bill "Bojangles" Robinson.

She made her Broadway debut in "The Hot Mikado" in 1939, going on to appear in such shows as "A Streetcar Named Desire," "The Sunshine Boys" and "Lost In The Stars."

LeNoire also co-starred in the film version of "Anna Lucasta" with Sammy Davis Jr. and Eartha Kitt and appeared in such TV series as "Search for Tomorrow," "The Guiding Light" and "Gimme a Break."

She played Grandma Winslow on "Family Matters' from 1989 to 1997.

Rosetta LeNoire


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'' And we've got a job to do at home, as well. You know, I was campaigning in Chicago and somebody asked me, is there ever any time where the budget might have to go into deficit? I said only if we were at war or had a national emergency or were in recession. (Laughter.) Little did I realize we'd get the trifecta. (Laughter.) But we're fine. ''

Scroll down 31 paragraphs to read it for yourself.

Hear The 'Trifecta' Quote Here.

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The astrological focus this issue is the chart of Andrea Yates, the Houston, Texas mother convicted of murdering her 5 children by drowning them in the bathtub in the family home. The astrological aspects at work in her chart are absolutely fascinating.


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The Bush Rap (Sheet) - AKA The Scrodd Piece


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