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M Is FOR MASHUP - February 6th, 2017

New DJ Useo Best of Volume 6

By DJ Useo

As is my wont, I assembled a new DJ Useo best of mashups album which is the 6th in the series ( ) . This collection brings together all the aspects I love about mixing them. The fun times making them, the sharing of them, & the responses I recall along the way. It's a treat to have those memories of what people were moved to comment, & the specific words they gifted back. For me, posting mashups is like fishing. It's a mighty fine time dropping your mashup bait. You might get tons of bites, or none, but it's the game that satisfies.

These Useo best of's are only the "normal" tracks I make, not the strange ones that weird people out. On these blends I strive to make them appealing to anyone, hopefully. It's clear only some listen because I made the mix. Most people look to see who your source material is. As the top 40 genre is so sufficiently covered by so many other bootleggers, I tend to explore the alternative charts for the most part. In many cases, the acapellas & such fall into my "lap" & are very recent releases.

Here's 5 examples of what you will hear on this collection. It contains lots of variety, as you'll see.

01 - "Woo Hahtobahn" ( Busta Rhymes vs Kraftwerk )
( )

02 - "What Is Devil Pray Soul" ( Madonna vs Stereo MCs )
( )

03 - "Schools Out East Of The Equator" ( Alice Cooper vs Teardrop Explodes vs Moody Blues )
( )

04 - Alex H vs DJ Useo -"Pretend We're Nirvana" ( L7 vs Queen vs Nirvana vs Bobby McFerrin + )
( )

05 - "Radio Tiger Shark" ( Pop Will Eat Itself vs Enya vs Insect Surfers )
( )

I hope you'll give this album a try. I think any of these preview tracks will have you downloading both mirrored files. Any sharing of the post link is encouraged by me. ( )

Meanwhile, the Mashup Forum I run with Chocomang has new mashups, & more all day now, every day ( ) . Feel free to drop by. Youse don't gotta log in to enjoy the tunes. I'm done, back to the fine poiti-toons, now.



Recommended Reading

from Bruce

Nell Ziehl: Coping with narcissistic personality disorder in the White House (Quartz)
1) It's not curable and it's barely treatable. He is who he is. There is no getting better, or learning, or adapting. He's not going to "rise to the occasion" for more than maybe a couple hours. So just put that out of your mind.

Matthew Yglesias: "The big lesson of Trump's first 2 weeks: resistance works" (Vox)
Protests, phone calls, and mobilization are making a difference.

Bill Bradley: Super Bowl LI Ads Trolled Donald Trump All Night (Huffington Post)
Trump was probably not a fan of this year's Super Bowl.

Josh Marshall: "On Trump, Keep it Simple (In 5 Points)" (TPM)
It's folly to imagine that Trump might pivot or grow up or simply be normal. It is no more likely that a chronically anxious adult would suddenly become serene or a charisma-less person would suddenly grow a charisma organ. This is Trump and he will never change.

Jonathan Jones: Did the Mona Lisa have syphilis? (The Guardian)
Lisa del Giocondo, the model for Leonardo's painting, was recorded buying snail water - then considered a cure for the STD. It could be the secret to a painting haunted by the spectre of death.

Hadley Freeman: Ryan Gosling in La La Land is every bad date you ever had (The Guardian)
Those guys who insist on ordering your cocktail? Who say you absolutely must swap your Starbucks for hand-ground fresh roasted beans? Jazz snobs, one and all.

Trump in Nevada: 'I Love the Poorly Educated' (YouTube)
Published on Feb 23, 2016. Donald Trump decisively won Nevada's Republican caucuses for his third straight victory Tuesday. Trump told supporters in Las Vegas that he got votes from well educated and poorly educated people, adding "I love the poorly educated."

Hannah Ellis-Petersen: How the art world airbrushed female artists from history (The Guardian)
Figures compiled by the Guardian paint a dismal portrait of women artists exhibiting in major galleries, in the UK and abroad. But are things changing?

Marina Hyde: "A plea to actors in awards season: dump the Trump protest" (The Guardian)
All those famous women who put on a hat and marched alongside civilians at the various women's marches? Yes please. But those tempted to be more than one face in a few hundred thousand, and to take the microphone and mention they had thought about blowing up the White House, as Madonna did … Well, it's a little harder to believe they are really helping.

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Trivia Question of the Day

Phobos and Deimos are the moons of what planet?


Send your answer to Marty

Trivia Question from Yesterday

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Heinz ranks first in ketchup in the US with a market share in excess of 50%. What was the first product Henry J. Heinz sold?

       Horseradish                                                      Source

The H. J. Heinz Company, or Heinz, is an American food processing company with world headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was founded by Henry John Heinz in 1869. The H. J. Heinz Company manufactures thousands of food products in plants on six continents, and markets these products in more than 200 countries and territories. The company claims to have 150 number-one or number-two brands worldwide. Heinz ranked first in ketchup in the US with a market share in excess of 50%; Ore-Ida label held 46% of the frozen potato sector in 2003.

Henry J. Heinz began packing foodstuffs on a small scale at Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, in 1869.[16] There he founded Heinz Noble & Company with a friend, L. Clarence Noble, and began marketing horseradish. The first product in Heinz and Noble's new Anchor Brand (a name selected for its biblical meaning of hope) was his mother Anna Heinz's recipe for horseradish. The young Heinz manufactured it in the basement of his father's former house        Source

Alan J was first and correct with:

Randall wrote:

mj said:
   I think it was
  Pickles. Door to door. Out of his mom's kitchen. I know he did that. I think it was the first thing he sold.

Jim from CA, retired to ID, responded:

Adam answered:
   Grated Horseradish

Deborah replied:
   So Henry J. Heinz is related to Donald J. Trump. Well, blow me down.
  The Interwebz tell me his first product was horseradish. Huh. Now I've been schooled twice with one question. WTG, Marty!
  Rain has pounded since just after midnight, and we lost power for a few hours as well. The last wicked-wet winter I remember was 1997. This season has just made that one look weak.
  Stay and warm and dry, people.

DJ Useo said:
   Merely surmising here, but it makes a lot of sense to me that the answer is pickles.
  I love pickles, especially whole ones. Amazingly, I've noticed that sliced pickles are currently cheaper than whole pickles. Wtf? Also, pickles now cost more than olives!
  Supermarket shenanigans, no doubt.

Joe S     wrote:
   The obvious answer would be tomato ketchup, but that would be wrong. The next thing to come to mind would be the world famous Heinz pickled peaches, but that too is wrong. The correct answer is horseradish, a condiment I am seldom without.

MAM     took the day off.

Marian took the day off.

Dale of Diamond Springs, Norcali took the day off.

BttbBob   has returned to semi-retired status.

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Middle Class Political Economist

Now a Blogger-Columnist at US News and World Reports "Economic Intelligence"



Reader Suggestion

Michelle in AZ

Alex Jones' InfoWars was the source of Trump's Alt Terrorist Attacks

Climate change deniers eager to sink their fangs into a new manufactured controversy

Rep. Steve King: If Putin was so bad, why hasn't he murdered Garry Kasparov?

Steve Bannon: Controls the President, Now Gunning For Pope Francis

DeVos now has free rein to kill public education

Sean Spicer has a problem: Melissa McCarthy -

Rosie O'Donnell says she's open to playing Steve Bannon on 'SNL' -

Friendships, romance, humanity: mind-reading tech will kill it all | Catherine Shoard | Opinion | The Guardian

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon have turned the White House against America | Bill McKibben | Opinion | The Guardian

Patagonia pulls out of Utah trade show in protest of state's public land grab | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

Betsy DeVos Wants to Use America's Schools to Build "God's Kingdom" | Mother Jones

Trump Gives Thumbs-Up To Cops Taking More Stuff Away From People | The Huffington Post

Thanks, Michelle!



Reader Comments/Suggestions

Current Events

Cynthia shared this opinion piece. It's a very good article. Among many good points he makes, I was particularly struck by: Uncomfortable news is false, reality is hidden, voting is rigged.

Eichenwald: Kellyanne Conway Throws Gutter Ball, Massacres Facts

I had heard that a woman doing a Spicer impersonation REALLY bothered Lumpy. (And Melissa was excellent in capturing Spicer's personality and lies!)

Cynthia found this link. Let's have ALL of them do these impersonations on one program and give Lumpy apoplexy! It's brilliant casting:

Why Stop At Rosie? 'SNL' Should Have Women Play Trump's Entire Administration | The Huffington Post

I subscribe to a word-a-day newsletter (which is a free subscription or you can choose to donate). The guy, Anu Garg, has been going after/mocking Trump with his choice of words since the election. Despite criticism from many and losing subscribers, he is unrelenting. And I admire him more and more.

He ends each day's newsletter with a Thought for Today. Today's thought:

The President is merely the most important among a large number of public servants. He should be supported or opposed exactly to the degree which is warranted by his good conduct or bad conduct, his efficiency or inefficiency in rendering loyal, able, and disinterested service to the Nation as a whole. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that there should be full liberty to tell the truth about his acts, and this means that it is exactly necessary to blame him when he does wrong as to praise him when he does right. Any other attitude in an American citizen is both base and servile. To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public. Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him or any one else. But it is even more important to tell the truth, pleasant or unpleasant, about him than about any one else. -Theodore Roosevelt, 26th US President (1858-1919)

Linda   >^..^<
     We are all only temporarily able bodied.

Thanks, Linda (& Cynthia)!



Bonus Links

Jeannie the Teed-Off Temp

Steve Bannon Builds a New Node of Power in the Trump White House - The Daily Beast

Gorsuch padded resume on involvement in Harvard legal assistance program -

When It's Too Late to Stop Fascism, According to Stefan Zweig - The New Yorker

Donald Trump's Dangerous End Game | New Republic

Book Steve Bannon is obsessed with The Fourth Turning - Business Insider

Trump's Baseless Claim That the Media Covers Up Terror Attacks - The Atlantic

Rosie O'Donnell: I'll play Bannon on 'SNL' if asked | TheHill

Reality finally sets in for the media: Trump's presidency will be a disaster for the climate -

George W. Bush's "torture lawyer" turns on Trump - but it may be too late -

Prosecute John Yoo, Says Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky | The Nation

Trump and Staff Rethink Tactics After Stumbles - The New York Times

Donald Trump's unnerving belief that the judiciary should stay out of his way.

GOP Congressman Insists White Terrorist Attacks Are Totally Different | The Huffington Post

What The Fuck Just Happened Today? - What The Fuck Just Happened Today?

Totally detached from reality, White House spokesman says protesters are 'paid professionals' -

CNN Considers Permanent Ban for Kellyanne Conway Over 'Serious Questions' About Credibility: Report | Alternet

Here's How Much Betsy DeVos And Her Family Paid To Back GOP Senators Who Will Support Her | The Huffington Post

Why Teaching Civics in America's Classrooms Must Be a Trump-Era Priority | Mother Jones

Another Trump Lie: 'I'm Smart' | Alternet

Welcome to hell on Earth in Australia

Senate GOP votes to silence Warren after speech against Sessions | TheHill



from Marc Perkel

Patriot Act

Patriot Act NSA Spying Unconstitutional Section 215 National Security Letters Must End

My name is Marc Perkel and I have decided to announce that I will not comply with the so called "Patriot Act" laws requiring me to disclose information about my customers. If I receive a national security letter I will immediately photograph it, post it online everywhere I can, and then make a video of me burning it. I will then await my arrest. If you want to put me in jail then come get me mother fucker.

Come Get Me Mother Fucker | Putting and end to NSA government Spying





Selected Readings

from that Mad Cat, JD







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 [3:00AM]    STAR TREK: VOYAGER - SEASON 2 - EPISODE 6-Twisted
 [4:00AM]    STAR TREK: VOYAGER - SEASON 2 - EPISODE 7-Parturition
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People sunbathe near the wall of St.Peter and Paul Fortress in St.Petersburg, Russia, Feb. 7, 2017. The temperature in St. Petersburg is minus 12 degrees Centigrade (10 degrees Fahrenheit).
Photo by Dmitri Lovetsky


The Sideshow - by Avedon Carol


Hiding in the Milky Way

Stray Black Holes

We find most black holes by noticing what surrounds them. If a black hole is near a star, the black hole become visible thanks to the super-hot ring of gas that surrounds it as it pulls matter from the star to oblivion. But if a black hole is floating by itself in space, it's nearly impossible to locate. That goes part of the way towards explaining why hypothetical models predict there are between 100 million and 1 billion black holes in the Milky Way galaxy, but researchers have only located about 60.

Now, researches may have stumbled on a new method of identifying these "quiet" black holes. Masaya Yamada, a graduate student at Keio University, Japan, and Tomoharu Oka, a professor at Keio University, led a research team who used the ASTE Telescope in Chile and the 45-m Radio Telescope at Nobeyama Radio Observatory to study molecular clouds around W44, a supernova remnant about 10,000 light-years from Earth. In the course of their study, the researchers began to find some strange indicators at the edge of W44.

A molecular cloud, dubbed "Bullet," was moving at an enormously fast speed towards what appeared to be nothing. The cloud, about two light-years wide, was moving against the current of the Milky Way galaxy, at a speed of 120 kilometers a second, twice the speed of sound. "Most of the Bullet has an expanding motion with a speed of 50 km/s, but the tip of the Bullet has a speed of 120 km/s," Yamada said in a statement. "Its kinetic energy is a few tens of times larger than that injected by the W44 supernova. It seems impossible to generate such an energetic cloud under ordinary environments."

Two hypotheses for the Bullet's formation require a black hole to be present. The only thing we don't know is what size of black hole. The first is the "explosion model," in which the researchers write, the "expanding gas shell of the supernova remnant passes by a static black hole" and "the black hole pulls the gas very close to it, giving rise to an explosion, which accelerates the gas toward us after the gas shell has passed the black hole." In that scenario, the black hole would weigh about 3.5 solar masses. In the "irruption model," a high speed black hole would blow through the supernova remnant, dragging a trail of gas behind it. In this case, the black hole would be much bigger, around 36 solar masses. Right now, it's impossible to tell which of these scenarios is accurate.

In either case, this study proves that there are more ways to identify black holes than previously thought. "We found a new way of discovering stray black holes," Oka said. Hopefully their method will allow other scientists to take a crack at the millions and millions of other black holes that are waiting to be discovered.

Stray Black Holes


A woman walks through ice-covered grass with a rainbow visible in the back, near the town of Rudensk, 31 miles southeast of Minsk, Belarus, Feb. 7, 2017.
Photo by Sergei Grits


Work Could Fetch $17.5M

Rene Magritte

Christie's auction house is offering one of the biggest works by surrealist painter Rene Magritte at an estimated price of 14 million pounds ($17.5 million) at the end of the month, possibly setting a record for the acclaimed artist.

"La Corde Sensible," or "Heartstrings," will be displayed by Christie's at its London showroom on Feb. 23, following which it will be offered on Feb. 28, the auction house told the Associated Press (AP) on Monday.

Magritte, who received recognition for his work later in his life, reportedly described his paintings by saying: "My painting is visible images which conceal nothing; they evoke mystery and, indeed, when one sees one of my pictures, one asks oneself this simple question, 'What does that mean?' It does not mean anything, because mystery means nothing, it is unknowable."

"La Corde Sensible" was painted by the artist in 1960 and gifted to his wife. It shows a crystal champagne glass in a lush river plain with mountains at a distance. A white frothy cloud appears to be settled on top of the glass. It was later sold by the couple and has been a part of a private collection in Belgium, his country of origin, since 1990, the AP reported.

Rene Magritte


Newhead News


Transformed By Ancient People

Amazon Forest

Long before European settlers arrived in the Americas in 1492, the Amazon rainforest was transformed for thousands of years by indigenous people who carved mysterious circles into the landscape, researchers said Monday.

While the purpose of these hundreds of ditched enclosures, or geoglyphs, remains unclear, scientists say they may have served as ritual gathering places.

Modern deforestation -- coupled with aerial photographs of the landscape -- helped reveal some 450 of these geoglyphs in Acre state in the western Brazilian Amazon.

"The fact that these sites lay hidden for centuries beneath mature rainforest really challenges the idea that Amazonian forests are 'pristine ecosystems,'" said lead author Jennifer Watling, a post-doctoral researcher at the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, University of Sao Paulo.

Archeologists have found very few artifacts from the areas, and scientists suspect the structures -- which span 5,000 square miles (13,000 square kilometers) were not built as villages or for defensive reasons.

Amazon Forest


A worker stacks bricks on his head at a brick factory in Lalitpur, Nepal on Feb. 7, 2017.
Photo by Navesh Chitrakar


Selling For $100,000

Harambe-Shaped Cheeto

A quick search on the internet with the words "What can you buy with $100k?" can yield a few interesting results. You could rent a private jet, hire the Roots to play at your private birthday or even buy Kobe Bryant's championship ring.

The information revealed by the Google search is important to know in order to have an adequate reaction to the news of a man who bid $99,999.00 on eBay for a Cheeto that bears resemblance to Harambe, the deceased gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo whose death inspired a million memes on the internet.

Harambe was shot dead when he grabbed and carried a 4-year-old boy who crawled through a barrier and fell inside the gorilla enclosure. His death invited public furor after #JusticeForHarambe began trending on Twitter and people began calling for the child's parents to be punished on the internet through online petitions and through public forums such as Since his death, Harambe has become an internet and pop culture icon and of course as people started taking notice, he also started being resurrected through merchandise.

In the event that there are no further bids and the current one is neither a hoax nor a prank, by the time auction ends Tuesday at 3:45 a.m. EST, an eBay user identified as valuestampsinc will earn at least $99,999 for the otherwise worthless item whose bid was started at $11.99.

Harambe-Shaped Cheeto


Digby's Hullabaloo


Rich-First Economic Policy


If Donald Trump (R-Grifter) had campaigned for president by promising to make bankers richer, boost real-estate speculation and put Goldman Sachs in charge of the economy, would he have won?

Maybe not, yet these types of moves are among Trump's first major actions as president. Trump, in fact, may be nation's first ironist-in-chief, given that he ran a populist campaign focused on helping the "forgotten men and women of America," but has greatly aided elites since winning last November. Eventually, Trump seems to think, the help will trickle down to the little guy.

But first, the ranks of the 1% are poised to reap a windfall. Trump just signed an executive order, for instance, that sets the stage for rolling back the 2010 Dodd-Frank banking rules passed in the wake the of the 2008 financial meltdown. There's no obvious connection between the Dodd-Frank restrictions on banks, and a struggling middle class that's hurting from lack of good-paying jobs. Banks freed from red tape won't create those jobs. They won't have new money to lend to other firms that will create those jobs. What they will have is bigger profits, which will flow largely to their shareholders.

On the day Trump signed that order, he said, "I have so many people, friends of mine, with nice businesses, they can't borrow money, because the banks just won't let them borrow because of the rules and regulations and Dodd-Frank." He seems to be saying that banks would otherwise be helping profitable businesses grow and hire more people, except federal rules won't let them.

But there's no evidence of a lending shortage, regardless of what Trump's friends think. Loans certainly were hard to get after the markets crashed in 2008, which was a normal pullback in risky activity by banks. But lending has bounced back strongly, as this chart on business lending shows:



People ride a bus at sunset in St. Petersburg, Russia, Feb. 7, 2017.
Photo by Dmitri Lovetsky


Uber Sues For Letting Drivers Unionize


Uber drivers have tried to use the courts to gain the right to unionize. Now the ridehailing company is flipping the script and suing the city of Seattle after it passed a law allowing gig economy drivers to form unions.

The suit calls into question a law passed unanimously by the Seattle city council. The rule gave drivers for Uber and Lyft and other ridesharing services the right to organize and collectively bargain for improvements to their working conditions, earnings and benefits.

The measure was brought forward by the App-Based Drivers Association, and was challenged initially by the United States Chamber of Commerce. That suit, backed but not brought directly by Uber, was tossed from court because the rules had yet to be implemented and the results of it weren't evident yet.

The rules finally went into place in December 2016, and Uber almost immediately took legal action in response. The ridehailing company claims Seattle "failed to provide comprehensive rules and disregarded the facts and circumstances of drivers and the industry" and asked for a suspension of the rules.

According to Uber, the lawmaking process was flawed and denied proper feedback from the public and Uber drivers in the city and believes the right to collectively bargain for better wages and benefits is inconsistent with the economics of the for-hire transportation industry.



Walk Cold Road To Canada

Asylum Seekers

Refugees in the United States fearing a worsening climate of xenophobia in the wake of a divisive U.S. presidential campaign are flocking to Canada in growing numbers.

Manitoba's Welcome Place refugee agency helped 91 claimants between Nov. 1 and Jan. 25 - more than the agency normally sees in a year. Most braved the freezing prairie winter to walk into Canada.

"We haven't had something before like this," said Maggie Yeboah, president of the Ghanaian Union of Manitoba, which has helped refugees get medical attention and housing. "We don't know what to do."

A temporary restraining order by a U.S. judge of President Donald Trump's executive order that blocked nationwide the implementation of key parts of the travel ban has provided a reprieve for refugees trying to come to the United States.

But Canadian advocacy organizations are bracing for a greater influx of asylum-seekers, driven in part by the contrast between the ruling Liberal government's acceptance of Syrian refugees in Canada with Trump's anti-foreigner rhetoric.

Asylum Seekers


Three yellow cabs are lined up on a rainy morning in the shadow of the landmark flat iron building on Fifth Avenue and E. 23rd St. on Feb. 7, 2017.
Photo courtesy of David Handschuh


Owns '' Domain


Press Secretary Sean Spicer is having a bad week on the internet.

First, the news hit about Spicer's public Venmo account, then Mashable reported that Spicer WHOIS page reveals a whole bunch of public data about him.

Using that data we discovered that Spicer registered the domain in February of 2015, using his personal Yahoo address.

At the time the site was registered, Spicer was the chief strategist and communications director for the Republican National Committee.

Although the site is empty, it sounds like a slew of other premiere ratings site out there on the net, like



Prime-Time Nielsens


Prime-time viewership numbers compiled by Nielsen for Jan. 30-Feb. 5. Listings include the week's ranking and viewership.

    1. Super Bowl: New England vs. Atlanta, Fox, 111.32 million viewers.
    2. "Super Bowl Post Game," Fox, 61.08 million.
    3. "The Big Bang Theory," CBS, 14.66 million.
    4. "Superior Donuts," CBS, 10.54 million.
    5. "Blue Bloods," CBS, 10.13 million.
    6. "Hawaii Five-O," CBS, 9.81 million.
    7. "Mom," CBS, 8.71 million.
    8. "Grey's Anatomy," ABC, 8.5 million.
    9. "The Big Bang Theory" (Monday, 8 p.m.), CBS, 8.44 million.
   10. "Criminal Minds," CBS, 7.46 million.
   11. "MacGyver," CBS, 7.43 million.
   12. "The Bachelor," ABC, 7.25 million.
   13. "Code Black," CBS, 6.8 million.
   14. "The O'Reilly Factor" (Tuesday), Fox News, 6.76 million.
   15. "Life in Pieces," CBS, 6.63 million.
   16. "Last Man Standing," ABC, 6.6 million.
   17. "Scandal," ABC, 6.55 million.
   18. "Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials," CBS, 6.47 million.
   19. "Kevin Can Wait," CBS, 6.39 million.
   20. "Chicago Med," NBC, 6.3 million.




In Memory

Irwin Corey

Comedian Irwin Corey, known for playing an absent-minded professor in an act that called him the "World's Foremost Authority," has died at age 102. He died "peacefully, at home" on Monday according to his son, Richard.

Known for his wordy mockery of intellectuals, messy hair, high tops, string necktie and unique opening line ("However…"), Corey had the praise of Damon Runyon and close friend Lenny Bruce. He spent his 80-year-long career visiting late night talk shows, playing "Oklahoma!" character Ali Hakim in a touring U.S.O. production, performing raucous stand up comedy and perfecting his character, the "professor."

Corey's jokes, filled with only the most complex words and high brow humor, mimicked pretentious academics and made jabs at politicians that leaned a little too far right for his comfort.

"When I tried to join the Communist Party, they called me an anarchist," he told the New York Times in a 2008 interview. His leftist views served his political humor well, but got him blacklisted in the 1950s.

Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. in July, 1914, the centenarian began life as one of six children born to his father and mother, a waiter and dressmaker respectively. Their poverty forced Corey's mother to put the children into the Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum. The Great Depression saw Corey take odd jobs like button maker, join the Civilian Conservation Corps and become a featherweight Golden Gloves boxing champion.

After debuting his comedy act at the Village Vanguard in 1942, Corey would go on to appear in "Flahooley" on Broadway and at various Playboy clubs. He also performed for Jackie Gleason and other late night hosts in addition to college comedy circuits.

Recently, a documentary titled "Irwin & Fran," was made about Corey and his wife, Frances Berman Corey, who died in 2011.

Corey is survived by a son, Richard, two grandsons and two great-grandchildren. His daughter, Margaret, died in 1997.

Irwin Corey


In Memory

Richard Hatch

Richard Hatch, star of the original "Battlestar Galactica" and the Syfy remake, died on Tuesday after a battle with pancreatic cancer, his manger confirmed to Variety. He was 71.

Hatch played Captain Apollo in the original series, which aired from 1978-79, a role that earned him a Golden Globe nomination for best actor in a television series - drama. He played a different character, Tom Zarek, in the 2003 reimagined series. According to a Facebook post for "Axanar," a "Star Trek" fan series that Hatch starred on, the actor was battling pancreatic cancer.

Hatch's acting career started on the soap opera "All My Children" in 1971. He appeared in numerous dramas throughout the years, including "Hawaii Five-O." He also wrote five "Battlestar" novels.

His additional credits include guest roles in a number of '70s and '80s favorites, including "CHiPs," "Fantasy Island," "Dynasty," "Murder She Wrote," "The Love Boat," "T.J. Hooker," "Baywatch," and "MacGyver."

Hatch is survived by his son Paul and brother John.

Richard Hatch



Sheep graze near Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim, near Jerusalem, Feb. 7, 2017.
Photo by Oded Balilty



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