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Recommended Reading

from Bruce

Paul Krugman: Twitter
"Hard to argue against an audit/recount if the president-elect asserts, without any evidence, that were millions of illegal votes" - Nate Cohn
"The Trump voting tweet may be more than an ego spasm. It may also be a warning that voting is about to be made more difficult for millions" - David Frum

Paul Krugman: Why Corruption Matters (NY Times)
It's not the money, it's the incentive.

Andrew Tobias: The Recount
So Hillary will have won the popular vote by more than 2 million ballots - please, Trumpies, stop talking about "the will of the people," let alone a "mandate"; if "the people have spoken," they have spoken for Hillary even though, under the agreed-upon rules, their voice will not be heard.

Tim Jonze: How can we spot fake news stories when the real ones beggar belief? (Guardian)
When one of the Dragons' Den dragons is seriously mulling whether he could be prime minister and no one bats an eyelid, we know we've crossed the rubicon.

Suzanne Moore: Watching Ed Balls on Strictly was the uncomplicated joy we all needed (The Guardian)
In a year in which dreadful men have risen to the top by taking themselves too seriously, Balls showed the power of letting it all go.

Kevin EG Perry: "Jim Jarmusch: 'I shy away from sex in my films. It makes me nervous'" (The Guardian)
After almost 40 years in cinema, the director remains the quintessential leftfield auteur. He discusses how his gentle new film Paterson offers a Zen alternative to blockbuster chaos.

Ed Balls & Katya Jones Salsa to 'Gangnam Style' by Psy (YouTube)
Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Week 8.

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Trivia Question of the Day

How many zeroes are there in a googol?


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Trivia Question from Yesterday

Who was the last reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Hawai'i?

       Queen Liliuokalani                                                      Source

Liliuokalani, born Lydia Lili'u Loloku Walania Wewehi Kamaka'eha (September 2, 1838 - November 11, 1917), was a composer of Hawaiian music, author and the last reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Hawaii. She reigned from January 29, 1891 until the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii on January 17, 1893.        Source

Alan J was first and correct with:

Randall wrote:

mj said:
   This one is too sad for snark
  Queen Lili'oukalana, who spent much of her adult life under house arrest.

Kevin K. in Washington, DC replied:
   That was Queen Liliuokalani.

Jim from CA, retired to ID, responded:

Adam answered:
   Queen Liliuokalani

Michelle wrote:
   Queen Liliuokalani

DJ Useo answered:
   King David Kalakaua was the last Monarch of Hawaii'i. Some other country forced him out of office, & took over.
  At least they didn't spray him with ice water cannons. Grr.

Deborah replied:
   Late with my WAG: King Kamehameha. Actually, I don't know, so if I'm right I'm buying a lottery ticket.

MAM     took the day off.

Marian took the day off.

Joe S     took the day off.

Dale of Diamond Springs, Norcali took the day off.

BttbBob   has returned to semi-retired status.

  November 29 Birthdays - Celebrities Born November 29 | Famous Birthdays

Sally has retired.




Middle Class Political Economist

Now a Blogger-Columnist at US News and World Reports "Economic Intelligence"



Reader Suggestion

Michelle in AZ

'Our moment to go on offense': NRA makes big plans for Trump presidency | US news | The Guardian

Index on Censorship: journalists now under 'unprecedented' attack | Media | The Guardian

Shrinking glaciers cause state-of-emergency drought in Bolivia | Environment | The Guardian

Emily Blunt's character written out of Sicario 2 | Film | The Guardian

Trump's lies have a purpose. They are an assault on democracy.

Roberts: Will Ducey rescue Mark and 35,000 other Arizonans?
     Link to second article inside.

Cheers and Jeers: Monday

WATCH: Pastor Speaks In Tongues To Celebrate Defeat Of 'Jezebel' Hillary Clinton | The Huffington Post

People Are Imagining The White House Exit Pranks Obama Could Play | The Huffington Post

UPDATE x2: WI denies hand recount; MI undervotes unusually high (w/caveat); Stein files in PA.

Trump's NYT transcript: Read it, and weep for our country

Public Library Reports Hate Crimes Against Muslims In Graffitied Books | The Huffington Post

A fleet of electric buses is coming to Chicago, and it's great news for clean tech.

When tomatoes first came from this side of the Atlantic to Europe, Europeans were a whole continent of tomato skeptics

Texas elector to resign instead of voting for Donald Trump - AOL News

Open thread for night owls: Trumpian attack on regs a ramped-up rightist assault on democracy itself

Thanks, Michelle!



David E Suggests

Home Cleaning Hacks

Home Cleaning Hacks (Infographic)


Thanks, Dave!



Bonus Links

Jeannie the Teed-Off Temp

Donald Trump's swimming in the swamp: Don't expect Republicans to investigate his conflicts of interest -

15+ Cartoonists Around The World Illustrate How They Feel About Trump Becoming President | Bored Panda

Open Letter: Senate Press Gallery Should Reject Breitbart's Application For Permanent Credentials

Draft Washington Post Column Claimed Trump Said He Was "Sexually Attracted" To His Teenage Daughter - BuzzFeed News

Donald Trump is now questioning the legitimacy of the election he won - Vox

Recounts Rarely Reverse Election Results | FiveThirtyEight

Police Attacked Standing Rock Activists For Hours. Why Are They Calling It A Riot? | The Nation

Donald Trump Just Told One Of His Most Brazen Lies Yet | The Huffington Post

It turns out we should have taken Trump literally as well as seriously - Vox

Husband Of Trump's Education Secretary Once Promoted Intelligent Design In Schools | The Huffington Post

Jared Kushner's Role in Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign - What Will Jared Kushner's White House Role Be?

Fake news, real sleaze: Donald Trump isn't president yet, but his dirty tricks outdo Nixon's -

Autocratic for the people: As Donald Trump's populist wave recedes, an authoritarian regime in the making is revealed -

Potential Trump Pick for Homeland Security Wants to Send up to 1 Million People to Gitmo | Mother Jones

Stop Perpetuating The Myth Of Vote Fraud To Distract From The Reality Of Massive Voter Suppression | The Huffington Post

Neil Young Begs Obama To Step In And End The Violence At Standing Rock | The Huffington Post

Is Donald Trump Turning the U.S. into a Banana Republic? | Vanity Fair

Normalizing Trump: Why The Washington Media Must Break The Fluff Cycle

Donald Trump asked Fabio and everyone else at his Thanksgiving party who should be secretary of state: report

Trump's Seven Techniques to Control the Media | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

A Minority President: Why the Polls Failed, And What the Majority Can Do « George Lakoff



from Marc Perkel

Patriot Act

Patriot Act NSA Spying Unconstitutional Section 215 National Security Letters Must End

My name is Marc Perkel and I have decided to announce that I will not comply with the so called "Patriot Act" laws requiring me to disclose information about my customers. If I receive a national security letter I will immediately photograph it, post it online everywhere I can, and then make a video of me burning it. I will then await my arrest. If you want to put me in jail then come get me mother fucker.

Come Get Me Mother Fucker | Putting and end to NSA government Spying





Selected Readings

from that Mad Cat, JD






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In The Chaos Household

Last Night

Seems I'm allergic to something around here. Don't know what - yet - but it's quite unpleasant.

Tonight, Tuesday:

CBS begins the night with the chestnut 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer', followed by a RERUN 'NCIS', then a RERUN 'Bull'.
On a RERUN Stephen Colbert (from 11/10/16) are Sting and Thandie Newton.
On a RERUN James Corden, OBE, (from 10/19/16) are Tom Cruise, Anna Faris, and Weezer.

NBC starts the night with a FRESH 'The Voice', followed by a FRESH 'This Is Us', then a FRESH 'Chicago Fire'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Jimmy Fallon are Natalie Portman, J.J. Abrams, and Neil Diamond.
On a RERUN Seth Meyers it's TBA.
On a RERUN Carson 'The Scab' Daly (from 10/6/16) are Russell Peters, Summer Moon, and Yvonne Orji.

ABC opens the night with a FRESH 'The Middle', followed by a FRESH 'American Housewife', then a FRESH 'Fresh Off The Boat', followed by a FRESH 'The Real O'Neals', then a FRESH 'Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD'.
On a RERUN Jimmy Kimmel (from 10/20/16) are Benedict Cumberbatch, Isla Fisher, and Flatbush Zombies.

The CW offers a FRESH 'The Flash', followed by a FRESH 'No Tomorrow'.

Faux has a FRESH 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', followed by a FRESH 'New Girl', then a FRESH 'Scream Queens'.

MY has 'TMZ (Not So) Live', followed by a FRESH 'Harry'.

A&E has 'Intervention', followed by a FRESH 'Intervention', then another FRESH 'Intervention', then the FRESH 'Leah Rimini: Scientology & The Aftermath'.

AMC offers the movie 'Home Alone 2: Lost In New York', followed by the movie 'Enchanted'.

BBC  -   
 [7:00AM]    STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - SEASON 1 - EPISODE 6-Where No One Has Gone Before
 [9:00AM]    DOCTOR WHO - SEASON 3 - EPISODE 4-Daleks In Manhattan-Part 1.
 [10:00AM]    DOCTOR WHO - SEASON 3 - EPISODE 6-The Lazarus Experiment
 [11:00AM]    DOCTOR WHO - SEASON 3 - EPISODE 7-42
 [6:00PM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 9 - EPISODE 8-On The Hook
 [7:00PM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 9 - EPISODE 9-Happy Birthday
 [8:00PM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 9 - EPISODE 10-Match Made in Hell
 [9:00PM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 9 - EPISODE 11-F-T-F
 [10:00PM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 9 - EPISODE 12-Wheels Up
 [11:00PM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 9 - EPISODE 13-Last Stand
 [12:00AM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 9 - EPISODE 8-On The Hook
 [1:00AM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 9 - EPISODE 9-Happy Birthday
 [2:00AM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 9 - EPISODE 10-Match Made in Hell
 [3:00AM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 9 - EPISODE 11-F-T-F
 [4:00AM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 9 - EPISODE 12-Wheels Up
 [5:00AM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 9 - EPISODE 13-Last Stand    (ALL TIMES EST)

Bravo has 'Below Deck', another 'Below Deck', followed by a FRESH 'Below Deck', then a FRESH 'Ladies Of London', followed by a FRESH 'Watch What Happens Live'.

Comedy Central has 'Futurama', another 'Futurama', 2 hours of old 'Tosh.0', followed by a FRESH 'Tosh.0', then a FRESH 'Drunk History'.
Scheduled on a FRESH The Daily Show is Mahershala Ali.
Scheduled on a FRESH @Midnight are Scott Aukerman, Chelsey Crisp, and Dana Carvey.

FX has the movie 'Jack Reacher', followed by the movie 'World War Z', then the movie 'World War Z', again.

History has 'The Curse Of Oak Island', followed by a FRESH 'The Curse Of Oak Island: Digging Deeper', then a FRESH 'The Curse Of Oak Island', followed by a FRESH 'Hunting Hitler'.

IFC  -   
 [7:00AM]    COMMANDO
 [11:30AM]    FIRST BLOOD
 [1:30PM]    COMMANDO
 [6:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Love, Wisconsin Style
 [6:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Going to California
 [7:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-I Can't Quit You Baby
 [7:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-What Is and What Never Should Be
 [8:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Heartbreaker
 [8:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Ramble On
 [9:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Over the Hills and Far Away
 [9:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Hot Dog
 [10:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Thank You
 [10:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Black Dog
 [11:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Love, Wisconsin Style
 [11:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Going to California
 [12:00AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-I Can't Quit You Baby
 [12:30AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-What Is and What Never Should Be
 [1:00AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Heartbreaker
 [1:30AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Ramble On
 [2:00AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Over the Hills and Far Away
 [2:30AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Hot Dog
 [3:00AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Thank You
 [3:30AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Black Dog
 [4:00AM]    DOCUMENTARY NOW!-Mr. Runner Up: My Life as an Oscar Bridesmaid Part 2

Sundance  -   
 [6:11AM]    All in the Family-Lionel Steps Out
 [6:46AM]    All in the Family-The Bunkers and the Swingers
 [7:21AM]    All in the Family-Mike's Appendix
 [7:56AM]    All in the Family-Edith Flips Her Wig
 [8:31AM]    All in the Family-The Locket
 [9:06AM]    All in the Family-Mike Comes Into Money
 [9:41AM]    All in the Family-Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding
 [10:16AM]    All in the Family-Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding
 [10:51AM]    All in the Family-Edith's Winning Ticket
 [11:26AM]    All in the Family-Archie Is Branded
 [12:01PM]    All in the Family-Archie and the Bowling Team
 [12:36PM]    All in the Family-Archie Goes to the Hospital
 [1:11PM]    Rectify-Go Ask Roger
 [2:13PM]    The Breakfast Club
 [4:28PM]    The Lost Boys
 [6:30PM]    Real Genius
 [9:00PM]    A Few Good Men
 [11:15PM]    Apollo 13
 [2:15AM]    Breaking and Entering
 [4:55AM]    The Bob Newhart Show-My Wife Belongs to Daddy
 [5:30AM]    The Bob Newhart Show-T.S. Elliot    (ALL TIMES EST)

SyFy has the movie 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark', followed by the movie 'GI Joe: Retaliation', then a FRESH 'Aftermath'.

Scheduled on a FRESH Conan are Sen. Bernie Sanders, Pete Holmes, and Shovels & Rope.

TCM spends the daylight hours with films directed by Alfred Hitchcock
 [6:00 AM]      Young and Innocent (1937)    [AKA: 'The Girl Was Young']
 [7:15 AM]      The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)
 [8:45 AM]      Suspicion (1941)
 [10:30 AM]      Stage Fright (1950)
 [12:30 PM]      I Confess (1953)
 [2:15 PM]      The Wrong Man (1956)
 [4:15 PM]      Strangers on a Train (1951)
 [6:00 PM]      Dial M for Murder (1954)

 [8:00 PM]      Primrose Path (1940)
 [9:45 PM]      The Major and the Minor (1942)
 [11:30 PM]      The Big Clock (1948)
 [1:15 AM]      Too Young to Kiss (1951)
 [3:00 AM]      The Bride Goes Wild (1948)
 [4:45 AM]      Confidentially Connie (1953)     (ALL TIMES EST)

Wednesday   -  11/30/16

 [6:00 AM]      Holiday Affair (1949)
 [7:30 AM]      It Happened on 5th Avenue (1947)
 [9:30 AM]      O. Henry's Full House (1952)
 [11:30 AM]      Meet John Doe (1941)
 [1:45 PM]      A Christmas Carol (1938)
 [3:00 PM]      Christmas in Connecticut (1945)
 [4:45 PM]      Snowed Under (1936)
 [6:00 PM]      The Shop Around the Corner (1940)
 [8:00 PM]      Best Boy (1979)
 [10:00 PM]      Sherman's March (1986)
 [12:45 AM]      Koyaanisqatsi (1982)
 [2:30 AM]      Sans Soleil (1982)
 [4:30 AM]      Antonio Gaudi (1984)     (ALL TIMES EST)

TNT has a FRESH 'Good Behavior'.

USA has a FRESH 'Shooter'.

Antenna TV - Johnny Carson (from Nov. 29, 1984) - George Carlin and Keshia Knight Pulliam.

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Women hold a demonstration on Backwater Bridge during a protest against plans to pass the Dakota Access pipeline near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, U.S. November 27, 2016.
Photo by Stephanie Keit


The Sideshow - by Avedon Carol


No Plans To Forcibly Remove Protesters?

North Dakota

U.S. authorities said on Sunday they had no plans to forcibly remove activists protesting plans to run an oil pipeline beneath a lake near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota, despite telling them to leave by early December.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which manages the federal land where the main camp protesting the Dakota Access pipeline is located, said last week it would close public access to the area north of the Cannonball River on Dec. 5

On Sunday, the agency said in a statement that it had "no plans for forcible removal" of protesters. The statement said anyone who remained would be considered unauthorized and could be subject to various citations. It also said emergency services might not be adequately provided to the area.

There are smaller camps on land not subject to the planned restrictions, including an area south of the Cannonball River where the Corps said it was establishing a free-speech zone.

Last weekend, police used water hoses in subfreezing weather in an attempt to disperse about 400 activists near the proposed tunnel excavation site.

North Dakota


Aboriginal traditional dancers carrying clap sticks and spears and with faces painted white with clay perform in front of Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, Monday, Nov. 28, 2016, to draw attention to rampant domestic violence in Outback indigenous communities. Scores of Rirratjingu people flew 2,900 kilometers (1,800 miles) from Yirrkala in the Northern Territory to dance a ceremony at the front door Parliament and to urge national action against family violence in communities such as theirs.
Photo by Rod McGuirk


Signs Deal With ABC Studios

Larry Wilmore

Three months after Comedy Central axed "The Nightly Show," its host, Larry Wilmore, has signed a multi-year deal with ABC Studios, the company said Monday.

Under the deal, Wilmore will develop his own projects as well as supervise others while helping target talent for the studio.

Besides hosting "The Nightly Show" for 17 months, Wilmore co-created HBO's new hit comedy, "Insecure," as well as the Peabody Award-winning "Bernie Mac Show" and "The PJs," an animated series he co-produced with Eddie Murphy.

Earlier writing and producing credits include "In Living Color," ''The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," ''The Jamie Foxx Show" and "The Office."

Before launching "The Nightly Show," Wilmore appeared on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," where he was billed as the Senior Black Correspondent.

Larry Wilmore


Newhead News


New Clues In Mystery Of Lost Ships

Terror and Erebus

Almost two centuries ago, 134 men set sail on two British naval ships to discover the fabled Northwest Passage, a trade route through the Arctic linking Europe to the riches of the East. They never returned. The Inuit, native residents of the North, tell tales of the three-masted ships caught in ice and of men afflicted by scurvy and going hungry, until finally they broke the biggest taboo of humankind: cannibalism.

Despite search efforts, neither ship was found. It was not until 2014 that the first traces of the expedition emerged, when divers located a shipwreck that they identified as HMS Erebus, named after the spiritual limbo between Earth and hell. Last month, the second big piece of the mystery fell into place when an Inuit ranger and a team of explorers announced that they had located HMS Terror - in near-pristine condition, not far from the Erebus - at the bottom of the Northwest Passage.

The story of the ships' loss and eventual finding reveals how much the Arctic, and our relationship with this frontier, has changed in just a few decades. The ice is no longer what it once was; scientists think that the Arctic will be reliably ice-free and navigable in the summer by the middle of the century, if not earlier. A cruise ship carrying more than 1,000 tourists traversed the northern ocean of North America for the first time this year.

The conditions today are balmy in comparison to what the expeditioners faced in the middle of the 19th century, at the height of the British Empire. The admiralty asked John Franklin, a 59-year-old polar explorer, to find a northern sea path linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

On May 19, 1845, Erebus and Terror, both painted a menacing black with a yellow stripe, set off down the River Thames and into the Atlantic Ocean. Londoners thronged the banks and cheered the might of their empire. Success seemed assured.

Terror and Erebus


Indian gay rights activists and their supporters dance during New Delhi's gay pride parade in New Delhi, India, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016. Hundreds of gay rights activists marched in the parade, highlighting the continuing discrimination they face and demanding the repeal of an Indian law criminalizing homosexual acts.
Photo by Tsering Topgyal


Reclaiming Branded Bodies


After escaping years of sexual slavery, Jennifer Kempton could not look in the mirror without being taken back to her dark, traumatic past.

On her neck was tattooed the name of one of her traffickers along with his gang's crown insignia. Above her groin were the words "Property of Salem" - the name of the former boyfriend who forced her into prostitution nine years ago.

"Slaves have been branded for centuries and it's just evolved into being tattooed. It's happening all over the world," said Kempton who suffered horrific brutality during six years working on the streets of Columbus, Ohio.

Today the tattoo on her neck has been transformed into a large flower "blooming out of the darkness". Three other brandings have been masked with decorative, symbolic motifs.

Two years ago Kempton, now 34, set up a charity called Survivor's Ink to help others who have escaped enslavement get their brandings covered up or removed.



Digby's Hullabaloo


Pedophile Fights For Tax-Covered Pension


Dennis Hastert (R-Sweaty Wrestler™ is serving a 15-month prison term in a hush-money case that stemmed from his sexual abuse of students when he taught at an Illinois public school over 35 years ago. The ex-U.S. House speaker is now pointing to a technicality to argue that a state body should restore his $17,000-a-year teacher's pension that it yanked after his April 27 sentencing.

A recent letter from Hastert's lawyer to the agency overseeing the pensions notes his conviction was not for sexual abuse when he was at Yorkville High School from 1965 to 1981: It was for one count of violating banking law as Hastert withdrew cash from 2010 to 2014 as he sought to pay one victim $3.5 million to ensure his silence. On those grounds, the letter argues, his teacher's pension can't be revoked.

In the lead-up to sentencing, prosecutors disclosed in court filings that Hastert abused at least four teenage boys, including in a school locker room. At sentencing, U.S. District Judge Thomas M. Durkin dubbed Hastert "a serial child molester."

Had Hastert been convicted of abusing those students, there would be no question that withdrawing his pension was legal. Prosecutors made clear that, if they could have charged Hastert with sexual abuse, they would have. But the statute of limitations expired decades ago, so the only option for offering those abused some semblance of justice, prosecutors said, was to charge him with comparatively mundane banking violations.

That Hastert chose to fight for his relatively meagre pension may suggest financial difficulties. But Hastert was already considered wealthy around the time he left Congress, so he may be more than capable of absorbing the costs. Disclosure forms from 2006 show Hastert listed from $1.1 million to $5.3 million in bank and stock holdings, and an additional $3 million to $12 million in property.



A member of Sakura circus team colours his face for the second day of a one week show in Padukka near Colombo, Sri Lanka November 28, 2016.
Photo by Dinuka Liyanawatte


CEO Calls For 'Civility On Our Planes'

Delta Airlines

The CEO of Delta Airlines called on employees to ensure "civility" on the company's aircraft after a video surfaced of a passenger heckling the people around him and shouting his support for President-elect Donald Trump (R-Grifter).

"The heightened tension in our society means that now more than ever we must require civility on our planes and in our facilities," CEO Ed Bastian wrote Monday in a public memo to the company's workers.

Bastian said Delta made a mistake last week allowing a disruptive passenger to remain on a flight from Atlanta to Allentown, Pa. In a Facebook video that went viral, the man was heard berating other passengers.

"Donald Trump, baby. That's right!" he yelled. "We got some Hillary bitches on here? Come on, baby. Trump!" he continued.

The unidentified man "will never again be allowed on a Delta plane," Bastian said.

Delta Airlines


Could Collapse 'In Our Lifetimes'

West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Scientists say they discovered the "troubling" reason why a massive iceberg splintered off one of West Antarctica's largest glaciers last year, and why this may not bode well for the future of the world's coastal megacities.

Warm ocean waters appear to have melted Pine Island Glacier from underneath, causing a deep subsurface crack that split the ice from the inside out, Ohio State University researchers found.

The 20-mile-long rift eventually broke through the surface and cleaved off a 225-square-mile iceberg in July 2015, according to their study, published Monday in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Their finding offers further evidence that large parts of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet could collapse in coming decades as human-caused climate change and other forces weaken glaciers. Such an event would trigger catastrophic sea level rise and coastal flooding around the world.

"It's generally accepted that it's no longer a question of whether the West Antarctic Ice Sheet will melt, it's a question of when," Ian Howat, the study's lead author and an associate professor of Earth sciences at Ohio State, said in a news release .

West Antarctic Ice Sheet


A Kashmiri woman rows a boat carrying lotus leaves for feeding it to cattle in the backwaters of Dal Lake in Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian Kashmir on November 28, 2016. Kashmir continues to be in a grip of cold wave with the upper reaches receiving snowfall and the plains witnessing dry weather.
Photo by Farooq Khan


Skating Rink Slammed


A Japanese skating rink that froze 5,000 dead fish into the ice as an attraction for visitors has been forced to close after receiving a barrage of criticism.

Amusement park Space World is now melting the rink -- which could take about a week -- and will hold a memorial service for the fish, the company said.

The rink in southwestern Japan opened on November 12, after 5,000 fish were frozen under the surface of the ice as a decorative effect while customers skated above.

But the concept was slammed as unethical and the rink in the city of Kitakyushu was forced to close on Sunday, Space World spokesman Koji Shibata said.

Shibata said the fish were all already dead at the time of purchase and were considered unfit to be sold in markets.



More Than 80 Anglo-Saxon Coffins Uncovered


An ancient Anglo-Saxon cemetery with more than 80 rare wooden coffins containing skeletons has been unearthed in England.

Earlier this year, archaeologists were investigating the ground around a river in the village of Great Ryburgh in eastern England, ahead of the construction of a lake and flood defense system. During an excavation, they started finding graves arranged in rows.

"We had no idea it [the cemetery] was going to be there," James Fairclough, an archaeologist with the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA), told Live Science.

Based on broken pieces of pottery found in the dirt used to fill the graves, Fairclough and his colleagues determined that the cemetery dates back to the early Anglo-Saxon period, from about the seventh to ninth centuries A.D.

Wood is biodegradable, so it often disappears in the archaeological record. Evidence for wooden coffins usually appears as a stain in the ground. But at this cemetery in Norfolk, thanks to some special environmental conditions, many of the wooden coffins remained intact.




In Memory

Fritz Weaver

Fritz Weaver, the courtly veteran of Broadway and the big screen who won a Tony Award and stood out in such films as Fail-Safe and The Day of the Dolphin, has died. He was 90.

Weaver received his Tony in 1970 for his performance as strict Catholic boarding school teacher Jerome Malley in Robert Marasco's long-running thriller Child's Play.

The 6-foot-3 Pittsburgh native made his Broadway debut in 1955's The Chalk Garden, for which he landed his first Tony nom. He also played Sherlock Holmes in the 1965 musical Baker Street and appeared in such productions as the 1962 musical All-American, Alan Ayckbourn's 1974 comedy Absurd Person Singular and Lanford Wilson's Angels Fall in 1982.

Weaver was inducted into the Theatre Hall of Fame in 2010.

In his movie debut, Weaver portrayed a rattled Air Force colonel facing a nuclear crisis in Sidney Lumet's classic Fail-Safe (1964), and he was an evil mastermind bent on using trained dolphins to attack the president in Mike Nichols' The Day of the Dolphin (1973).

His film résumé also included The Maltese Bippy (1969), Marathon Man (1976), Demon Seed (1977), Black Sunday (1977), The Big Fix (1978), a segment of Creepshow (1982), Lumet's Power (1986) and the 1999 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair.

More recently, Weaver appeared in the 2013 HBO telefilm Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight and in the features The Cobbler (2015) and The Congressman (2016).

Weaver worked often in television, earning an Emmy nomination in 1978 for portraying a Jewish doctor sent to Auschwitz in the NBC miniseries Holocaust.

He starred in two episodes of the original The Twilight Zone, including 1960's "Third From the Sun," in which he played a scientist who tries to hijack a rocket to get him and his family off Earth as nuclear war beckons.

Weaver also appeared on the small screen on Playhouse 90, The Defenders, Gunsmoke, Dan August, Hunter, Mannix, Falcon Crest, Law & Order and dozens of other shows. Recently, he narrated specials for the History channel.

Fritz Weaver



A swan flaps wings as sun sets in the backdrop of Dal Lake in Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian Kashmir on November 28, 2016. Kashmir continues to be in a grip of cold wave with the upper reaches receiving snowfall and the plains witnessing dry weather.
Photo by Farooq Khan



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