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The (Occasional) Veterans Report

Veterans Report - VA Awards Grant to Olympics

The Department of Veterans Affairs awarded $7.5 million to the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) to provide recreation and sport activities for disabled veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces. Under terms of the agreement, VA funds are provided to the USOC's member organizations, Paralympic Sports Clubs and veteran and military organizations to start community-based, physical activity programs...

B&Bs for Vets Veterans Report - B&Bs for Vets

Innkeepers want to say thank you to those who have served their country by inviting veterans to wake up on Veterans' Day (November 11, 2011) in a Bed and Breakfast (B&B). Inns and B&Bs throughout the U.S. and Canada will honor active military and veterans by offering complimentary stays on November 10, 2011, in observance of Veteran's Day. To date nearly 500 inns and B&Bs have signed up to participate in the B&Bs for Vets program in the U.S...

Veterans Report - How Do I Get My DD214?

Do you need a copy of your DD214 or a family member's DD214? Visit the National Archives website . Click on 'Launch the eVetRecs System to start your online request'. Follow the instructions in the pop-up window. The DD214 will be mailed to you after completing the form. You can also download a form to mail or fax your request for your DD214 by clicking on the 'Download form SF-180 to Mail or Fax your request' and following instructions

(Note: You need your DD-214 to apply for VA benefits including health care)

Veterans Report - College Credit for Military Experience

Pursuing your college degree can be the best career move you can make, but it can also be very expensive and time consuming. That's why claiming credit for your military experience is vital. Applying your military experience credits could save you as much as $600 and 5 months on a typical 3-credit college course. Best of all, using these college credits costs you nothing; you've already earned them...

Veterans Report - Hotels Offer Vet Day Discounts

Red Roof(R) Inn is saluting our nation's servicemembers and veterans with a special 15 percent discount for the entire month of November, as well as an additional 11 percent off when you stay on Veterans Day, November 11. Veterans and active or retired military can take advantage of these deals. This offer is only available at select properties...

Veterans Report - State Veteran's Benefits Directory

Each state manages its own benefit programs. The following is a list of links to the web sites for each of the individual states that offer veterans benefits. Be sure to take advantage of the benefits you have earned by clicking on the link to your State Department of Veterans Affairs...

Life Member - DAV

Thanks, B2tbBob!


Recommended Reading

from Bruce

Phillipp Klinger: Photographer
Paris photography.

Gaius: A Voice From the 1% (Daily Kos)
The one group rarely heard from in this rancorous debate is the 1%, whose incomes and taxes are its focus. I am one of them, and here is my perspective, which may surprise you.

Paul Krugman's Column: Bombs, Bridges and Jobs (New York Times)
A few years back Representative Barney Frank coined an apt phrase for many of his colleagues: weaponized Keynesians, defined as those who believe "that the government does not create jobs when it funds the building of bridges or important research or retrains workers, but when it builds airplanes that are never going to be used in combat, that is of course economic salvation."

Michael Moore: Life Among the 1%
Twenty-two years ago […] Tuesday, I stood with a group of factory workers, students and the unemployed in the middle of the downtown of my birthplace, Flint, Michigan, to announce that the Hollywood studio, Warner Bros., had purchased the world rights to distribute my first movie, 'Roger & Me.' A reporter asked me, "How much did you sell it for?"

Scott Burns: We Aren't As Rich As Our Government Spends (Assetbuilder)
The bottom line: Our country isn't nearly as rich as the commitments it has made.

David Weigel: Apocalypse Never (Slate)
Wasn't the S&P downgrade supposed to bring down America? What happened?

Terry Savage: Recent Grads Must Face up to Student Loan Debt (Creators Syndicate)
If you default on - stop paying - your federal student loans, they won't go away. Instead, they will haunt you until you start collecting Social Security - at which point the government promises to take a bite out of your monthly check to repay your loans!

Bill Gibron: "Whores Dig Super Crack!: 'Frankenhooker'" (PopMatters)
While many may prefer the more mean-spirited debut or its Freaks inspired sequels, Frankenhooker deserves its place in (Frank Henenlotter's) pantheon as well.

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Trivia Question of the Day

Who was born Leonard Hacker?


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Trivia Question from Yesterday

The Granny Smith apple originated on what continent?

   Australia                                                      Source

The Granny Ramsey Smith green apple is a tip-bearing apple cultivar, which originated in Australia in 1868.        Source

Alan J was first, and correct, with:

BttbB said:
   The 'Land Down Under'... It made it's appearance in the US in 1972...
  (Once again, 'Sonya-approved', but I need little flogging to eat them. I like them very much and are my first choice out of the bazillion types that are currently available in Michigan this time of year. Going to orchards that have cider mills and fresh plain doughnuts is a cultural phenomenon here in the Fall.) BttbB

Charlie wrote:

Jim from CA, retired to ID, responded:
   The Granny Ramsey Smith green apple is a tip-bearing apple cultivar, which originated in Australia in 1868. It is named after Maria Ann Smith, who propagated the cultivar from a chance seedling.

Marian replied:

Adam answered:

Dale of Diamond Springs responded:
   Remember the annual “ClusterFuck” this time of the year at “Apple Hill” in Camino!
  Further insight into the origins of Granny Smith from Steve Goard of Sydney, Australia
  Granny Smith is my great,great,great,great,grandmother, and her name was not Mary! Her name was Maria Ann Smith, nee Sherwood, (pronounced the same way as diva Mariah Carey), 1800-1870, married to Thomas Smith, 1797-1876. The orchard was located in Eastwood, now in the City of Ryde, Sydney. It is most probable that 'French Crab' apples were from wooden crates purchased at the Sydney Markets, after selling her produce, to facilitate transporting the next crop of fruit from her orchard (and I would say it was more likely the 'compost' heap rather than 'rubbish tip'!). Technically it is called a 'sport' which means a reproducing hybrid; the original term dates back to the time of Jane Austen. And 'YES' they are my favorite apples!!!
  Oakland was really cool on Saturday. Another “Movement” is happening!!!!

Sally, till without electricity and the internets, is contemplating a visit to the Bronx.

MAM   took the day off.

And, Joe S     wrote:
   Granny Smith the Australian apple.

  Another Australian Apple

Hope Sally is doing alright.



Middle Class Political Economist

Tax Havens Cost the Middle Class Untold Billions


Reader Suggestions

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Dunes growing, moving on Navajo Reservation

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The Cruelest Show on Earth | Mother Jones

The Season of Spielberg -

Stephen Tulloch 'Tebowing' After Sacking Tim Tebow In Lions-Broncos Game (VIDEO)

Robert Rosenthal: 'Weed' and 21 Other Definitions That Don't Translate From My Dad to My Daughter

New Political Exhibition Examines Desires To Create And Destroy (PHOTOS)

Thanks, Michelle!


Sick Days


From The Creator of 'Avery Ant'

"The Problem With Young People Today"

(Crabby Old Fart)


Reader Request

Occupy Wall Street

please post this about OWS-from the Times Union (Albany, NY) Thanks, Sara.

What do they want? It's simple.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters seek to end the deep gap between the rich and the poor

By Joseph Giannetto

The main criticism of the Occupy Wall Street movement is its lack of goals. The movement's reluctance to propose a manifesto citing demands has prompted this accusation. Yet, any logical American knows what the protesters want.

The movement is just what it began as -- a repudiation of America's economic inequality. Its goal is to abolish that inequality.

It's not difficult to decipher which policies Occupy Wall Street would support. Its sympathizers would support raising taxes on America's wealthiest citizens, as President Barack Obama has proposed, not a further extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich. OWS would support restrictions on America's financial institutions, not further deregulation. OWS would support an attempt to cap ever-increasing college tuition costs, not further government indifference to a system that prevents many Americans from gaining a college education.

As any logical American knows, OWS would support any policy that seeks to close the gap between rich and poor. That same logical American cannot deny the existence of economic inequality.

It is ingrained in the American psyche that the middle class is the backbone of the country. And yet, that same middle class has had its standard of living eroded, while the wealthiest Americans grow richer.

A 9.1 percent unemployment rate refuses to submit after years of Republican tax cuts, and then a Democratic stimulus. The health care system accounts for 60 percent of America's bankruptcies. Tuition costs place an intolerable burden of debt on the young, even though they are the ones least likely to gain employment. And government is paralyzed, unable to fix any of it. Meanwhile, the wealthiest among us thrive, even in the throes of an anemic economy.

The Social Security Administration released data showing the earnings of 99 percent of Americans fell last year, while the collective earnings by the top 1 percent rose $120 billion. Those earning more than $1 million saw their income rise 22 percent from 2009. It seems that Americans read daily about record corporate profits and individual wealth reminiscent of the Gilded Age.

Even in the face of overwhelming statistics, opponents of OWS say these wealthy Americans create jobs and already pay their fair share. The conservative media machine criticizes OWS as inciting class warfare. Herman Cain tells us to work harder, ignoring that there is neither work, nor another industrialized country that works more. The right's message is a losing one.

Occupy Wall Street is succeeding because Americans relate to the movement's biggest goal: change.

The Sarah Palins of the world would have us fear that word. Americans voted for change in 2008, and OWS sprang from frustration with the lack of it.

Douglas Schoen, a Democratic Party pollster, sent a researcher from his firm to interview 200 protesters in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan. When asked, "What would you like the Occupy Wall Street movement to achieve," 35 percent responded "influence the Democratic Party the way the tea party has influenced the GOP." Another 18 percent answered similarly, stating they wanted to "energize progressives," or "promote a national conversation."

These figures admonish the depiction of OWS as a fragmented group of radicals who want to dismantle America's capitalist system. In fact, only 4 percent of the protesters supported such a stance, which tied for dead last among the answers given.

When Martin Luther King Jr. saw a people oppressed, did he join a political party? Was there some political platform that was voiced at every sit-in or freedom ride?

No, and the reason is because the movement would have lost its power.

Great movements don't need a list of specific demands; the idea of changing a system is too big to enumerate in a list. One policy is not going to quell these protests. Americans are disgusted with the nation's political gridlock; the two-party system has failed us.

Here is a political movement that seeks to spark reform outside the Washington beltway. OWS is what Americans have been waiting for. We know what their goals are. You are free to embrace the ones you believe in. If not us, who?

Joseph Giannetto teaches U.S. history in the Saratoga Springs City School District.



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Actress America Ferrera poses for photographs in London, Monday, Oct. 31, 2011. The actress will star with British actor Darius Campbell in the stage musical Chicago at the Garrick Theatre.
Photo by Kirsty Wigglesworth


Vidiot Speak


Cutting More On-Air Talent

Clear Channel

Terrestrial radio is often taken for granted as a free thing that is always around and always will be, and even though most of it is invariably not very good, it's a comforting curiosity to see how it varies from city to city any time you find yourself driving late at night in a rental car far from home.

There are always left-of-the-dial curiosities to be found and strange, static-filled discoveries to be made, even amidst the standardized pop, hip-hop, and classic-rock playlists. And for artists, there was the ever-present chance that a DJ could fall in love with a song and help it break out on a national level.

Though those playlists are carefully controlled and closely adhered to, there was typically enough room for variation to allow for some surprises in between spins of the latest Rihanna single or the umpteenth play of "Moves Like Jagger."

Those days may be gone for good, though, with the recent moves made by Clear Channel, the country's largest radio company and controller of roughly 850 radio stations. The company laid off hundreds of local DJs late last week, further cutting into one of the few things their 600-ish small market stations had going for them: Their inherent connection to the cities and towns they spring from.

ClearChannel's plan is to eventually move away from local programming altogether and consolidate stations with the aid of syndicated national shows that will operate off a centrally-devised playlist that is market-tested to death (and, let's face it, far more susceptible to payola or other shady radio dealings that still go on even though nobody ever talks about them), free of much (if any) deviation and completely devoid of local flavor.



Brands iTunes A 'Digital Vampire'

Pete Townshend

The Who's Pete Townshend says Apple Inc.'s iTunes is a "digital vampire" that profits from music without supporting the artists who create it.

Townshend says that faced with the Internet's demolition of copyright protection, iTunes should help artists by giving space to allow them to stream their music, and pay smaller artists directly rather than through a third party aggregator

The guitarist on Monday delivered the first John Peel Lecture, named in honor of the influential British radio broadcaster who died in 2004.

Townshend asked if there was any reason iTunes "can't provide some aspect of these services to the artists whose work it bleeds like a digital vampire" to make money.

Pete Townshend


U.S. actor Viggo Mortensen speaks during a press conference to present the play 'Purgatorio', in the Matadero arts centre, an old converted slaughterhouse in Madrid Monday Oct. 31, 2011. The play will open Nov. 4.
Photo by Paul White


NYC Veterans Day Parade

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Organizers say actor Cuba Gooding Jr. will participate in New York City's Veterans Day Parade.

The United War Veterans Council announced Monday the "Jerry Maguire" actor will ride on a float with members of the Tuskegee Airmen.

Gooding stars in an upcoming movie called "Red Tails," about the legendary airmen, America's first black fighter pilot group in World War II.

It was previously announced five Congressional Medal of Honor recipients will march in the Nov. 11 parade up Manhattan's Fifth Avenue.

Cuba Gooding Jr.


Launches Documentary Sponsorship Program

Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock is still selling out, only now he wants to help other documentary filmmakers find ad dollars, too.

The director on Monday announced the creation of Launch PAD, an initiative to help filmmakers find sponsorship and product placement deals with advertisers. The program is being launched by the DOC NYC festival and advertising company Grey New York.

Though documentarians typically avoid alliances with corporate sponsors, Spurlock made product placement the subject of his 2011 film "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold."

Launch PAD has five films for which it will seek financial assistance, and it plans to select five more films in the coming months.

Morgan Spurlock


Wake-up Call


Gets Season 2 Order

'American Horror Story'

FX announced Monday that it has ordered 13 season-two episodes of the Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk series "American Horror Story."

Last week's fourth episode of FX's spooky drama hit a new series high, beating out its premiere in several demos, including the all-powerful adults 18-49 demographic.

In that demo, last night grew 12 percent over last week, with 2.2 million viewers, and 8 percent over the series premiere. The series also showed a strong gain among women 18-49, which grew 16 percent over last week.

'American Horror Story'


Director Win Wenders and his wife Donata arrive during a red carpet of his movie "Pina" at the Rome Film Festival October 31, 2011.
Photo by Alessandro Bianchi


Nine-Episode Order

'Bob's Burgers'

Fox has ordered nine more episodes of its animated series "Bob's Burgers," the network announced Monday.

The series premiered in January. In announcing the additional episodes, Fox Broadcasting's president of entertainment Kevin Reilly said that "Bob's Burgers" -- which was created by Loren Bouchard ("The Ricky Gervais Show"; "Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist") -- "infused our Sunday lineup with a fresh new voice that was fully embraced by our Animation Domination fans."

Upcoming episodes of the series, which chronicles the exploits of burger-slinging restaurateur Bob and his family, will involve the brood testing the waters of synchronized swimming, delving into the food-truck industry and searching for abandoned treasure in an abandoned taffy factory.

'Bob's Burgers'


Bun In The Oven

Jessica Simpson

Singer, actress and fashion mogul Jessica Simpson has finally put baby rumors to rest by confirming Monday that she is pregnant with her first child, in a statement posted on her official website.

"It's True! I am going to be a mummy!" the singer wrote, alongside a photo of her dressed in a mummy costume for Halloween.

Simpson, 31, is currently engaged to former professional football player Eric Johnson, 32, whom she has been dating since May 2010. This will be the first child for the couple.

Simpson first rose to fame at age 19 with her debut album "Sweet Kisses" in 1999. She married singer Nick Lachey, of boy band 98 Degrees, in 2002 and the couple were the stars of MTV reality series, "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica." Simpson and Lachey divorced in 2006.

Jessica Simpson


The Sideshow - by Avedon Carol


Casino Makes Move

U.S. Online Poker

Casino operators MGM Resorts International and Boyd Gaming on Monday unveiled a plan to partner with online poker company Digital Entertainment, subject to the legalization of Internet gambling in the United States.

Gibraltar-based, the world's largest publicly traded online gaming company, was formed earlier this year through the merger of Austria's Bwin and PartyGaming. would own 65 percent of a start-up company that would offer online poker to U.S.-based players, while MGM would own 25 percent and Boyd would have a 10 percent stake.

U.S. prosecutors earlier this year accused the owners of three of the largest Internet poker companies of tricking regulators and banks into processing billions of dollars in illegal gambling proceeds.

That crackdown scuttled a similar deal between online gambling operator PokerStars and Las Vegas-based Wynn Resorts Ltd.

U.S. Online Poker


Actor Mickey Rourke shows off his hands after leaving his handprints in cement during a hand and footprint ceremony at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California October 31, 2011.
Photo by Mario Anzuoni


lTto Plead Guilty

Vince Neil

Motley Crue singer Vince Neil will plead guilty to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge, pay a $1,000 fine and avoid trial on allegations that he poked his ex-girlfriend in a confrontation last March at a Las Vegas resort lounge, his lawyer said Monday.

A more serious misdemeanor charge of battery constituting domestic violence will be dropped against Neil when the 50-year-old rocker enters his plea next Monday in Las Vegas Justice Court, defense attorney David Chesnoff. He said the allegation of physical contact would be dismissed.

"Mr. Neil is sorry he raised his voice," Chesnoff said.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal first reported Monday that Clark County District Attorney David Roger also confirmed the agreement.

Neil, who lives in Las Vegas, could have faced up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted on each charge.

Vince Nei


Causes Confusion For California Town

Fake Onion Story

Here we go again. A fake story published by The Onion is causing some real confusion for a California town and the institute that had published a study that the humor paper satirized.

The Onion published a brief, one paragraph story on October 26 with the headline, "Study Finds Every Style of Parenting Produces Disturbed, Miserable Adults ":

     SANTA ROSA, CA-A study released by the California Parenting Institute Tuesday shows that every style of parenting inevitably causes children to grow into profoundly unhappy adults. "Our research suggests that while overprotective parenting ultimately produces adults unprepared to contend with life's difficulties, highly permissive parenting leads to feelings of bitterness and isolation throughout adulthood," lead researcher Daniel Porter said. "And, interestingly, we found that anything between those two extremes is equally damaging, always resulting in an adult who suffers from some debilitating combination of unpreparedness and isolation. Despite great variance in parenting styles across populations, the end product is always the same: a profoundly flawed and joyless human being." The study did find, however, that adults often achieve temporary happiness when they have children of their own to perpetuate the cycle of human misery.

The real institute's executives thought The Onion story was funny--at first. But they were soon deluged with emails and phone calls from concerned residents.

"I'm totally aware that it's satire," Robin Bowen, CPI's executive director,told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat . "But it's spreading through the Internet and people's blogs and where it's coming from is getting left off and it's looking like a news story."

Fake Onion Story


Firefighters are seen on the roof of the Magic Castle after an attic fire broke out in Hollywood, California October 31, 2011. The Magic Castle is the private clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts Inc., according to the organization's website.
Photo by Mario Anzuoni


Defends Filming

Relativity Media

A Hollywood studio on Monday defended its decision to film part of a buddy comedy in a Chinese city where a blind activist is being held under house arrest, saying it advocates human rights and that engaging China in business could bring positive results.

Relativity Media is shooting part of the comedy, "21 and Over," in Linyi, a city in Shandong province where the activist Chen Guangcheng's village is located. Authorities have turned Chen's village of Dongshigu into a no-go zone, where activists, foreign diplomats and reporters have been turned back and threatened.

Rights activists have criticized Relativity's choice of Linyi as a location and the way it touted its close government connections in a press release last week.

The incident points to the potential risks of engaging with the Chinese government to improve one's chances of tapping into one of the movie industry's most coveted yet most inaccessible markets.

Relativity Media


NTSB Report


A federal agency says a monorail crash that killed a Walt Disney World worker in 2009 was caused by a failure to properly position a track switch.

The report released Monday by the National Transportation Safety Board also faulted a monorail manager for failing to verify the position of the switch.

The report says that at the time of the crash the manager was at a restaurant, remotely filling in for a monorail coordinator who had gone home sick.

Disney worker Austin Wuennenberg was killed. His mother has a filed a lawsuit against Disney.

The crash caused $24 million in damages.



Protestors dressed as zombies are seen outside St Paul's Cathedral in London, Monday, Oct. 31, 2011. The Dean of the cathedral, The Very Reverend Graeme Knowles resigned Monday amid criticism of the handling of the Occupy London protests.
Photo by Kirsty Wigglesworth


Judge Rejects Both Bankruptcy Plans

Tribune Co

U.S. bankruptcy judge Kevin J. Carey has rejected Tribune Co.'s plan for reorganizing the company so that it can emerge from bankruptcy. A rival proposal from Tribune creditors did not pass muster either.

Carey, a judge in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware, on Monday issued an order directing Tribune and its creditors to come up with another plan quickly. The next hearing is set for November 22.

Tribune, a media empire that includes newspapers like the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, as well as more than 20 broadcasting properties, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December of 2008. That came a year after real-estate tycoon Sam Zell took the company private.

Carey began his 126-page opinion with a story, "The Scorpion and the Fox." He said there is no moral to it, but that it reveals an "inescapable facet of human character: the willingness to visit harm upon others, even at one's own peril."

Tribune Co


Continues Airing Fox


DirecTV Group, the largest U.S. satellite TV provider, said on Monday it will continue carrying all shows by Fox Networks, a week after a dispute broke out between the two over carriage fees.

Fox, which is owned by News Corp, had asked DirecTV's customers to pay 40 percent more for the same channels they already received, DirecTV said on October 21, and this could have led to DirecTV discontinuing all Fox channels from November 1.

"We both know the past ten days have been challenging, but we're pleased that both sides could eventually come together to ensure our viewers continue to enjoy Fox programing," the companies said in a statement.



Keith Ratliff keeps a vigil in front of a platform of carved pumpkins, some spelling out "Occupy," at the Occupy Seattle site Monday, Oct. 31, 2011, in downtown Seattle. Protesters moved their encampment over the weekend to the campus of Seattle Central Community College, but some continue to demonstrate at the downtown location during the day.
Photo by Elaine Thompson


Buys Out Religious Publisher


A week after taking over a longtime publisher of Hollywood scripts, HarperCollins Publishers has announced plans to acquire a top producer of Christian works.

HarperCollins announced Monday that it had "entered into a definitive agreement" with Thomas Nelson Inc., a 200-year-old publisher currently based in Nashville. Thomas Nelson has released numerous editions of the Bible and published the current top seller "Heaven is for Real," by Todd Burpo.

Harper, part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., already runs another leading religious publisher, Zondervan.

Last week, Harper announced it had purchased much of the catalog of Newmarket Press, which has released the scripts of "The King's Speech," ''Juno" and many other films in book form.



Belgian Court's Adviser Says Book Not Racist


A Belgian judicial adviser has recommended the country's courts reject a legal bid to have a book featuring fictional boy hero Tintin banned for racism, court documents showed.

Valery de Theux de Meylandt, a clueless Belgian Procureur du Roi whose opinion is requested and typically followed by the court, advised judges in a written statement to rule against campaigner Bienvenu Mbutu Mondondo's application to have "Tintin in the Congo" banned for racism.

De Theux de Meylandt said in the document dated Friday and seen by Reuters that Tintin author Georges Remi (better known as Herge) did not intend to incite racial hatred when he depicted his cartoon hero on an adventure in the former Belgian colony in a 1931 work that was updated in 1946.

"The representations (of African people) by Herge are a reflection of his time," de Theux de Meylandt wrote.




In Memory

Tom Keith

Tom Keith, a longtime sound effects man who was the source of creaking doors, clucking chickens and more on "A Prairie Home Companion," has died. He was 64.

Keith's death was announced Monday by Jon McTaggart, chief executive of Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media, which distributes "A Prairie Home Companion." He died suddenly after collapsing at his home Sunday, and the cause wasn't immediately known.

Keith had performed with "Prairie Home" host Garrison Keillor since 1976, when Keillor hosted an early version of MPR's "The Morning Show." Keith worked as a board operator but began appearing more and more in skits Keillor produced.

When Keillor moved to "A Prairie Home Companion" full time, Keith co-hosted "The Morning Show," appearing in his alter ego of Jim Ed Poole.

He retired from that program in 2008 but continued to appear on Keillor's show. Along with other regular cast members, he appeared as himself in the 2006 Robert Altman movie "A Prairie Home Companion."

Tom Keith



The ink on paper original drawing by Belgian cartoonist Peyo for the cover of the 1960 album, "Johan and Peweet The Smurfs and the Magic Flute", is displayed at the Artcurial auction house in Paris, October 26, 2011.
Phoro vy Charles Platiau


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