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Recommended Reading

from Bruce

Paul Krugman: They Don't Need No Information (NY Times Blog)
I'm as riveted by Trump/Russia as everyone else. But meanwhile Trumpcare - which really has very little to do with Trump, except that he'll sign it - appears to be marching on despite the terrible CBO score on the House version and the near-certainty that if the Senate passes anything it will be barely if at all better.

Hugh Muir: So Trump's too scared to come to the UK. Who says protest doesn't work? (The Guardian)
If he can't bomb it or tweet against it, the US president's cupboard of responses seems bare. We may be denied a spectacle, then, but saved a distraction.

Accidentally Excellent (Neatorama)
Are you accident-prone? Don't worry, it could end up making the world a better place.

Rollin' France - what if animals were round? (YouTube)
"Swiss-German filmmakers Kyra Buschor and Constantin Päplow tickled our funny bones with a quirky series of 'toons about bouncy critters they did for the 2013 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film. They continued making them about various round animals of the world under the name Rollin' Wild . In their latest video, we see how the animals of France deal with the physics of roundness." - Neatorama

Pamela Stephenson Connolly: Should I shave my pubic hair? (The Guardian)
Should I shave my pubic hair if I don't want to? You see people talking on the internet about why it is bad but, let's be honest, women as well as men still feel the pressure. So what do most men really think and what should women do if they don't want to shave but feel they have to?

Romesh Ranganathan: Would being high achievers make my kids happier? Or should I let them chill out? (The Guardian)
Successful six-year-olds don't necessarily become happy adults, so if they want to study hard, great - but there's nothing wrong with a happy slacker.

Luisa Dillner: Do friends make you happier than family? (The Guardian)
Friendships are less judgmental and more likely to be positive. Having good friends can even make you healthier.

Jessica Valenti: Did you weep watching Wonder Woman? You weren't alone (The Guardian)
When so many of us feel powerless, seeing the extraordinary power of one woman feels like a cathartic release.

The Reach Sisters
Contemporary Ballet Dance Company.

David Bruce: William Shakespeare's 11 Tragedies: Retellings in Prose (Amazon Kindle)
Temporarily on sale for 99 cents.

David Bruce's Amazon Author Page

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David Bruce has over 80 Kindle books on



Trivia Question of the Day

On the TV series Frasier, Frasier Crane's father, Martin, has a dog. What is the dog's name?


Send your answer to Marty

Trivia Question from Yesterday

Born Winona Laura Horowitz, this American actress was one of the most profitable and iconic actresses of the 1990s. By what name is she better known?

       Winona Ryder                                                      Source

Winona Ryder (born Winona Laura Horowitz; October 29, 1971) is an American actress. One of the most profitable and iconic actresses of the 1990s, she made her film debut in the 1986 film Lucas. As Lydia Deetz, a goth teenager in Tim Burton's Beetlejuice (1988), she won critical acclaim and widespread recognition. After appearances in film and on television, Ryder continued her acting career with the cult film Heathers (1988), a controversial satire of teenage suicide and high school life that has since become a landmark teen film. She later appeared in the coming of age drama Mermaids (1990), earning a Golden Globe nomination, and in the same year appeared alongside Johnny Depp in Burton's dark fairy-tale Edward Scissorhands (1990), and shortly thereafter with Keanu Reeves in Francis Ford Coppola's gothic romance Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992).        Source

Mark. was first and correct with:
   Winona? As in Winona Ryder?

Randall wrote:
   Winona Ryder

Alan J said:
   Winona Ryder.

mj replied:
   Assuming she kept her first name
  So she would recognize it when someone yelled at her, I'm going with Winona Ryder.

David of Moon Valley responded:
   why that'd be the one and only Winona Ryder...named after where she was born, Winona, Minnesota...

Adam answered:
   Winona Ryder

Gene wrote:
   Winona Ryder.

zorch said:
   Winona Ryder

Deborah responded:
   Would that be Winona Rider? Just a WAG.
  We had a headwind-full bike ride yesterday morning; no matter which way we turned, there were headwinds. We helped the less-experienced riders in the group so they could finish the ride (about 45 miles). Then we cleaned up and ran errands and grocery-shopped, under increasingly darkening skies. The lightning & thunder were amazing! It poured rain, hailed, and stalled right overhead. It continued for quite a while, and gradually moved southeast. The temperature dropped nearly 20 degrees from what it was when we were riding, and it smelled so fresh outside. This part of NorCal averages fewer than 10 thunderstorms a year, so I reveled in the novelty. By Friday it'll be 100 degrees.

Kevin K. in Washington, DC replied:
   That would be Winona Rider.
  One of the great "what ifs" of Hollywood history is whether Godfather III (1990) could have been a decent movie if Winona had not dropped out from exhaustion - working nonstop since "Heathers" (1988) including "Mermaids" (1990) and "Edwards Scissorhands" (1990) had taken its toll. Whatever her virtues as a director now, young Sofia Coppola, who replaced Winona, couldn't act, and wrecked the movie for me. (Losing Robert Duvall didn't help. When Duvall declined, Francis Coppola wrote the character of Tom Hagen out and wrote in a character for the new "Crispy" Col. Sanders, George Hamilton. No need to comment on that series of events.) I'm glad to see Winona back on top with "Stranger Things" - she's great in it.

Jim from CA, retired to ID, answered:
   Winona Ryder

John I from Hawai`i says,
   "Winona Ryder.

Daniel in The City wrote:
   Winona Ryder

Dale of Diamond Springs, Norcali replied:
   Winona Ryder

Billy in Cypress responded:
   Winona Ryder

DJ Useo answered:
   That would seem to be Winona Ryder. A welcome cast member in any movie.
  I still savor the movie Beetlejuice, & many more.

Joe S     wrote:
   Trying to think of a piece of music I can associate with Winona Ryder, or something witty, or something stranger. Nope, I got nothin'.

Dave in Tucson took the day off.

Stephen F took the day off.

Sally has retired.

BttbBob   has returned to semi-retired status.

  June 13 Birthdays - Celebrities Born June 13 | Famous Birthdays

MAM     In memory.




Middle Class Political Economist

Now a Blogger-Columnist at US News and World Reports "Economic Intelligence"



Reader Suggestion

Michelle in AZ

Delta Pulls Out Of Trump-Inspired 'Julius Caesar' Show With Assassination Scene | HuffPost

Asian Elephants Killed For Their Skin In Emerging Poaching Crisis | HuffPost

Trump Says Qatar Funds Terror. Here's His Record Of Trying To Get It To Fund Him. | HuffPost

9 of the most staggeringly awful statements Republicans have made about health care just this year -

What if several of the world's biggest food crops failed at the same time? -

New threats to public lands endanger America's unique wildlife corridors | Environment | The Guardian

Megyn Kelly to Host Alex Jones 6/18

Megyn Kelly, NBC Under Fire Over 'Sickening' Alex Jones Interview | HuffPost

Donald Trump turns a cabinet meeting into a butt-kissing ritual

Trump's power broker resigns and sells stock one day after exposé reveals he's a massive slumlord

Megyn Kelly Does More Harm Than Good By Helping Legitimize Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

50 Years After 'Loving,' Hollywood Still Struggles With Interracial Romance : Code Switch : NPR

Interracial Marriages Face Pushback 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia : NPR

Trump urged to cut Bears Ears monument to 'smallest area' possible | Environment | The Guardian

Trump is scared Brits will be mean to him? Classic strongman fragility | Moustafa Bayoumi | Opinion | The Guardian

LOL. The Coward In Chief Now Says He Won't Testify Under Oath To Congress

NBC's promotion of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is a new low for a lost and rudderless network

Thanks, Michelle!



David E Suggests

LEGO® Digital Marketing

The Ultimate LEGO® Digital Marketing Agency [INFOGRAPHIC] - The Website Group


Thanks, Dave!



Bonus Links

Jeannie the Teed-Off Temp

We Are Not Broke: Trashing the Austerity Lies

Rachel Maddow Is Now The Most Powerful Person In Cable News -

Trump's claims that Comey lied under oath put him in a pickle. -

Forget Comey. The Real Story Is Russia's War on America - POLITICO Magazine

Ivanka Trump surprised by 'level of viciousness' | TheHill

Televangelist Jan Crouch has been found liable for covering up her granddaughter's alleged rape -

COVFEFE Act would make social media a presidential record | TheHill

You Will Never Get Your Country Back | HuffPost

Republican lawmakers refuse to back Trump's attacks on Comey - POLITICO

Interior secretary: Trump should reduce size of Utah national monument | TheHill

Trump Assigned Himself an Awful Lot of Homework That Isn't Getting Done - the

Extraordinary - Talking Points Memo

Biographer who caught Trump lying 30 times: He tried to 'intimidate' me by lying about taping conversations -

Trump Doesn't Understand the Bible: Why Do Evangelicals Love Him? - Rolling Stone

John Kelly the "grownup"? Forget it - Homeland Security chief turns out to be another Trump zealot -

Priebus thanks Trump for 'opportunity and the blessing' to serve his agenda | TheHill

Trump Leads Televised Praise Session For Himself - Mother Jones

White House: When Trump Said He'd Testify, He Didn't Mean to Congress - The Daily Beast



Reader Comment

Current Events

In the comments section of Slate's story about Jefferson Beauregard (AKA Weasel Boy) testifying Tuesday, if he doesn't cancel before then:

Republicans are just filthy shameless.

This is so disgusting (yet funny). I advise a dose of Pepto Bismol before watching this suck-up-fest Predator calls a cabinet meeting. 11 minute video, and don't miss the 25 second Chuck Schumer parody at the end.

President Trump held a Cabinet meeting, and it was weird - Vox

Linda   >^..^<
     We are all only temporarily able bodied.

Thanks, Linda!



from Marc Perkel

Patriot Act

Patriot Act NSA Spying Unconstitutional Section 215 National Security Letters Must End

My name is Marc Perkel and I have decided to announce that I will not comply with the so called "Patriot Act" laws requiring me to disclose information about my customers. If I receive a national security letter I will immediately photograph it, post it online everywhere I can, and then make a video of me burning it. I will then await my arrest. If you want to put me in jail then come get me mother fucker.

Come Get Me Mother Fucker | Putting and end to NSA government Spying





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from that Mad Cat, JD






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 [11:00PM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 7 - EPISODE 21-Chip/Tuck
 [12:00AM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 7 - EPISODE 22-Dead on Arrival
 [1:00AM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 7 - EPISODE 23-Collateral Damage
 [2:00AM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 7 - EPISODE 24-Dissolved
 [3:00AM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 7 - EPISODE 25-Seeing Red
 [4:00AM]    CSI: MIAMI - SEASON 8 - EPISODE 1-Out of Time
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Wednesday   -  06/14/17

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 [5:00 PM]      I Walked With A Zombie (1943)
 [6:15 PM]      Having A Wild Weekend (1965)
 [8:00 PM]      A Matter of Life and Death (1947)    [AKA: 'Stairway to Heaven']
 [10:00 PM]      Black Narcissus (1947)
 [12:00 AM]      Hour of Glory (1949)
 [2:00 AM]      I Know Where I'm Going (1945)
 [3:45 AM]      A Canterbury Tale (1944)

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A protester (R) is offered a flower by a guest visiting the memorial outside the Pulse Nightclub on the one-year anniversary of the shooting in Orlando, Florida, June 12, 2017.
Photo by Scott Audette


The Sideshow - by Avedon Carol


Dissects Comey Hearing

John Oliver

Former FBI director James Comey's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee last Thursday set out to determine whether U.S. President Donald Trump hastened Comey to drop an investigation into his ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn. The White House scandal is reminiscent of Watergate-or, as John Oliver has dubbed the whole disastrous episode, "Stupid Watergate."

"Something with all the potential national shame of Watergate, brought to you by people too stupid to grasp the concept of shame," Oliver said on Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight on HBO, as a graphic of Trump, Flynn, attorney general Jeff Sessions and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner appeared onscreen.

Oliver reacted to Comey saying Trump told "lies, plain and simple" when he said that the FBI under Comey's rule was in "disarray" and "the workforce had lost confidence in its leader." The comedian joked, "Trump's lies are never plain and simple. Each one is like an everlasting gobstopper. You'll never make it through every layer because it was produced by an insane person who should never be in charge of anything."

The HBO star also likened Comey's reasoning for keeping notes on his meetings with Trump to the actions "of a person who thought he was about to be murdered." Comey testified he kept detailed memos of his interactions fearing Trump might lie about them. Oliver quipped that Comey's behavior was like texting "my location to a friend and [trying] to get some of his DNA under my fingernails."

John Oliver


Mary Beth Nickerson signs the wall outside of Pulse Nightclub while visiting the memorial on the one year anniversary of the shooting in Orlando, Florida June 12, 2017.
Photo by Scott Audette


Sandy Hook Families Denounce

Megyn Kelly

NBC is planning to air Megyn Kelly's ($-Hand Puppet) interview with conspiracy theorist and talk show host Alex Jones on Sunday night. And the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre - which Jones has repeatedly suggested was staged - are outraged.

Kelly confronted Jones about his Sandy Hook claims during the interview, but the victims' families argued that NBC should not be giving the provocateur a platform.

Cristina Hassinger - whose mother, Sandy Hook Elementary Principal Dawn Hochsprung - was one of six adults killed in the massacre, deplored the decision to give Jones network airtime.

The family of Victoria Leigh Soto, a teacher who was killed at Sandy Hook, posted an open letter to Kelly and NBC on Facebook.

"Alex and his followers have done nothing but make our lives a living hell for the last 4 1/2 years," the family wrote. "You should be ashamed of yourselves."

Megyn Kelly


Newhead News


Highest-Paid Celebrity

Sean Combs

Sean "Diddy" Combs has topped Forbes' annual list of the highest-paid celebrities.

With $130 million in earnings over the past 12 months, Combs edged out Beyoncé for the No. 1 spot. Forbes reports that there are three reasons behind the rapper and mogul's climb. He sold one-third of his Sean John clothing line for an estimated $70 million, he has his lucrative Diageo Ciroc vodka partnership, and he put on his Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour.

Beyoncé made a huge jump from No. 34 last year to this year's No. 2 ranking with $105 million earned. Forbes attributes her meteoric rise to her Formation World Tour and the release of her visual album, "Lemonade."

"Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling, Drake, and Spanish soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo round out the top five.

Sean Combs


The Pulse Angels march to the memorial outside the Pulse Nightclub on the one-year anniversary of the shooting in Orlando, Florida, June 12, 2017.
Photo by Scott Audette


Letters Go Up For Auction

Albert Einstein

A collection of letters written by Albert Einstein is set to go to auction next week, offering a new glimpse at the Nobel-winning physicist's views on God, McCarthyism and what was then the newly established state of Israel.

The five original letters, dated 1951 to 1954 and signed by Einstein, reveal a witty and sensitive side of the esteemed scientist. They were sent to quantum physicist David Bohm, a colleague who fled the United States for Brazil in 1951 after refusing to testify about his links to the Communist Party to the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Bohm's widow's estate put the documents on the block after she passed away last year. One of the yellowing pages, bearing Einstein's signature and embossed seal, and a handwritten general relativity equation, opens at $8,000 and is expected to sell for at least twice that. In all, the collection is expected to fetch over $20,000.

Einstein and Bohm became friends when they both worked at Princeton University. Their letters touch on quantum physics, the nature of the divine and Bohm's miserable time in Brazil.

In another letter from February 1953, Einstein compares "the present state of mind" of America gripped by McCarthyist anti-Communism to the paranoia in Germany in the early 20th century under Kaiser Wilhelm II. Republican Sen. Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s led a hunt for alleged communist traitors he believed worked in the government and the army.

Albert Einstein


Digby's Hullabaloo


Deterring Democratic Cnadidates

Political Violence

It looks like it's going to be a long, hot summer in divided Trumpland.

America's cold civil war is heating up, with countrywide reports of incidents of political violence. In addition to a congressman-elect "body-slamming" a reporter in Montana and regular clashes between protesters in the streets, two announced Democratic political candidates have now withdrawn their challenges to Republican incumbents, citing death threats.

Michael Treiman, a manager at a solar company, announced in April that he was running against Binghamton, New York, Mayor Richard David, a Republican. Treiman dropped out a week later after being threatened both online and on his property. Four hours after Treiman went on local radio to discuss his challenge, he received emails, directed at his wife and three children, expressing "heinous attempts to scare me off," he later said. That same day, as Treiman returned home after picking up his 2-year-old and 11-month-old children from a sitter, an unidentified man in a truck yelled "liberal scumbag" and threw a full soda container that hit Treiman in the back while he was protecting his infant.

Last week, Kim Weaver, a Democratic candidate for Congress in Iowa, dropped her challenge to high-profile Republican Representative Steve King, one of the nation's most vociferously anti-immigrant politicians. "Beginning during my 2016 campaign, I have received very alarming acts of intimidation, including death threats," she said in a Facebook post. "While some may say enduring threats are just a part of running for office, my personal safety has increasingly become a concern."

Her former opponent tweeted that he believed Weaver got out of the race because she was a poor candidate and Democrats didn't want her. "I wanted #KimWeaver IN the race-not out," King tweeted. "Democrats drove her out of the race-not R's. Death threats likely didn't happen but a fabrication."

Political Violence


A performer dressed in a historical uniform takes part in a re-enactment festival which coincides with an anti-corruption protest organised by opposition leader Alexei Navalny, on Tverskaya Street in central Moscow, Russia, June 12, 2017.
Photo by Maxim Shemetov


Politician Introduces

Covfefe Act

One Democratic congressman wants to ensure all of Donald Trump's (R-Crooked) tweets are preserved for posterity - misspellings, typos and all.

Representative Mike Quigley has introduced the Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement Act - also known as the COVFEFE Act - to require the preservation of Mr Trump's tweets by the National Archive and Records Administration (NARA).

The acronym is a tongue-in-cheek reference to one of Mr Trump's more notorious tweets, in which he condemned "negative press covfefe," and did not acknowledge the error for more than six hours.

"In order to maintain public trust in government, elected officials must answer for what they do and say; this includes 140-character tweets," the representative said in a statement.

He added, "If the President is going to take to social media to make sudden public policy proclamations, we must ensure that these statements are documented and preserved for future reference."

Covfefe Act


Rebuffs Bipartisanship


Donald Trump (R-Corrupt) is banking on his loyal base of supporters to help him through the tangle of the Russia turmoil.

Trump had his core backers in mind as he responded to former FBI Director James Comey's blockbuster Senate testimony and the steady creep of multiple congressional investigations and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

Trump's Republican allies might have found Comey credible, but the president called the man he fired as FBI director a liar and a "leaker." Trump said he was the victim of the "fake news" media. And he tried to charge ahead by resorting to what worked for him as a candidate - pushing policies dear to his base and using strong rhetoric to convey that message.

By contrast, Republican George W. Bush, the most recent president to win election while losing the popular vote, took steps during his first months in office to woo the opposition party. He worked closely with Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, a leading Democrat, to pass the "No Child Left Behind" education law.

And Trump? He held a pair of meetings Tuesday at the White House to go over his legislative agenda. Only Republicans were invited.



Police detain protesters during a demonstration in downtown Moscow, Russia, Monday, June 12, 2017.
Photo by Pavel Golovkin


Sea Life Endangered

Money Talks

The Trump administration on Monday threw out a new rule intended to limit the numbers of endangered whales and sea turtles getting caught in fishing nets off the West Coast, saying existing protections were already working.

Economically, the new rule would have had "a much more substantial impact on the fleet than we originally realized," said Michael Milstein, a spokesman with the federal fisheries service, which killed the rule.

The rule would have applied to fewer than 20 fishing vessels that use mile-long fishing nets to catch swordfish off California and Oregon. The change would have shut down the drift gillnet fishing for swordfish for up to two seasons if too many of nine groups of whales, sea turtles or dolphins were getting caught in the nets.

The Pacific Fishery Management Council, which includes representatives of the fishing industry as well as state and tribal governments and federal regulators, had proposed the rule in 2015.

Rejecting it, the National Marine Fisheries Service decided that safety measures already taken by the fishing industry, such as putting pinging warning devices on the nets that could be heard by some of the creatures, were working to drastically cut the numbers of whales and turtles becoming tangled in the nets, Milstein said.

Money Talks


'Epidemic' Affects One In 10 Worldwide


More than one in 10 people worldwide are now obese and 2.2 billion are believed to be overweight, fueling a global health crisis that claims millions of lives every year, according to a major new international study released on Monday.

Obesity numbers have more than doubled in 73 countries and surged elsewhere around the world since the launch in 1980 of the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Conducted in 195 countries over a 35-year period, the research presented at a conference in Stockholm on Monday is billed as the most comprehensive carried out to date on the subject of obesity.

At the conclusion of the study in 2015, 107.7 million children and 603.7 million adults worldwide were deemed to be obese, triggering what its authors described as "a growing and disturbing global public health crisis."

Even though the obesity rate in children remained lower than among adults, it had grown at a faster rate during the study period -- a finding experts described as especially "worrisome."






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