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12 March, 2002

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Re: Pentagons & Planes

'Ask Nancy'

Courtesy of Nancy Maynard

'' Yes I did arrive at the site hours after the fact. I was not there when the event took place - I was three miles away from the site, I heard when the rescue squads went out but did not witness the event. I went down to the site when I finally got home from work approximately 3:30 - 4:00 and well you can see from the photos I sent that you published what I was able to see. I have only some eye-witness accounts of those who lived in my community that will attest to what happened while they were there. Here is what I found out at the time, granted it is heresay.

First, lets just visit the geography. I live in an 8 story apartment building which is about a block off of Columbia Pike, which is a main throughfare through this area and down to the Pentagon, about 3/4 of a mile away. Columbia Pike ends at the south-west front of the Pentagon - where the event happened. It looked to me that the pilot could have just flown along Columbia Pike down to the Pentagon using the Pike as their guide and smashed into the building on that side. That is speculation on my part, however, Columbia Pike is a relatively straight road which runs from Fairfax County into Arlington. If I was flying a plane from Dulles, I'd use that as a guide once I got south of Falls Church.

A friend of mine got a call from her husband who worked from home in western Arlington County along the Falls Church line (Arlington is a very small county - this was maybe 4-5 miles from the Pentagon). He had heard a loud plane flying unsually low.

A few days after the fact I took my cats to the vets for a routine visit, which is up on Columbia Pike about 1 1/2 miles from the Pentagon and 1/4 mile west of me. What they told me was that the plane flew over Columbia Pike and that it made more of a noise flying over than even when the crash took place moments later. Another witness in the vicinity across the street, my friend's hairdresser said he saw the wings of the plane going over - these were merchants along Columbia Pike.

I also talked to fellow tenants in my building: what they said is that the plane flew barely five feet above my apartment building. As I said, I'm a block off Columbia Pike, so if the plane flew in this close, it was extremely large even if their perception wasn't quite accurate. My most timid cat was very afraid for several days to come out of the closet - and we have been in the constant flight path of Pentagon helicopters and hear planes from National Airport constantly well before 9/11.

A friend of a friend (who works for the CIA - but low level, no bastard) witnessed the plane flying over the Sheraton Hotel. She said he said he saw the pilot labor to fly over this hotel. He looked in the guy's eyes. My friend was not even familiar with the hotel when she described this event to me. I don't know about the looking in the eyes part, but if you were going to fly a plane into the Pentagon breaching that 12-14 story building on top of a hill 1/2 a mile from the Pentagon would take great effort.

This is what I know. I won't even venture an opinion about what I think. I just wish I knew what my cat Lily experienced - her opinions I would totally trust. ''

~~ Nancy

Thanks, Nancy.

Last summer, Nancy was one of the very first readers to not only offer to review music, but also followed through with some kick-ass picks and wonderfully thought-out suggestions.

Last September she was also kind enough to send a couple of photos she took, and let us all take a look.

Figured if anyone could get the story straight on what happened in her own neighborhood, it'd be Nancy.

I'll bet if Lily could be translated we'd all have a much clearer picture, to imagine the least.

Thanks, again, Nancy


Entertaining & Useful Site!

Great Animations, Too

Got a note from Jeff Crook, letting me know he's updated his site Uncommon Sense, again!

Today's animation is of a paranoid Trent Lott raving in a fairly Monty Pythonesque manner...LOL

Lots of things worth reading, and fun stuff to keep you entertained, too.

Uncommon Sense...Check it out!


Reader Opinion

Putting The Far Right...

Putting The Far Right In Its Proper Place

If this theory is right, then there is statistical proof that a very small very rich group of far right get it all for themselves and screw everyone else people is currently running/ruining our country.

The Ultra Conservative Right Is Statistically Insignificant

They are statistically insignificant , but politically powerful. Today despite the small percentage of the total population that they make up, their current influence on mainstream America makes it appear that they are in reality a large majority. This is due in large part to the ascendancy of the second Bush monarchy, their access to and expenditure of a large sums of money and the proliferation of highly funded conservative think tanks.


That they use these institutions to promote their philosophy is their basic right as Americans. That they use these institution , however, to promote the idea that they are a majority (moral majority, etc) and to shove their agenda down every one's throat who is left of Rush Limbaugh is as un-American as borscht soup.. To understand what percent of the overall population this group of ultra conservatives is, you need to go back to your high school math days and the bell shaped curve/normal distribution.

The theory of normal distribution of physical, biological and social measurements states that in any normal population we can predict what the distribution of the measurements will look like.

The distribution that we will see is the bell shaped curve. In that distribution, 34% of all measurements will fall within one standard deviation to the left and 34% within one standard deviation to the right of the mean. In other words, 68% of the measurements will be within on standard deviation to the right and left of the mean. In that same distribution, 13.5% of the measurements will fall within the second standard deviation to the left an 13.5% will fall within the second standard deviation to the right of the mean. This also means that 27% of all measurements will be in either the second standard deviations to the right and left of the mean. At this point we have also accounted for 95% of all measurements falling within the first two standard deviations. In the third standard deviation we have only 4.7% of the measurements or 2.35% in the left and 2.35% in the right third standard deviation.

If we were to take any political issue and poll a sufficient number of Americans we would see this same distribution. Take the issue of gun control. On the far left, we would have people who believe all guns should be destroyed. On the right would be the people who believe every person should be required to own a gun. Between these two extremes will be a gradient of different opinions on gun control ranging from the left of no guns, to very limited ownership, to broader ownership with restrictions, to any voluntary ownership to eventually mandatory gun ownership. This could be done using a Likert 5 point scale or a ten point scale. Other issues such as taxes, abortion, social programs etc could also be set up in a similar manner. The survey would also have self rating score for each participant to rate themselves from 1,far left liberal to 10, far right conservative. An important step would be ensuring that you get a representative sample of the US population.

What you will find, if the theory holds true, is 68% of the American population will fall 1 standard deviation to the right and to the left of the mean. These are the moderates who make up the majority of our society. They hold views on the different issues that are not consistently identifiable with either the liberal or the conservative philosophy. The next group of people will fall out in the second standard deviations to the right and left of the mean. These are the moderate conservatives and liberals. They make up a total of 27% of the population or 13.5% conservative and 13.5% liberal. Their values or philosophy of life will in general reflect their conservative or liberal beliefs. The final groups are the ultra liberals and ultra conservatives who are in the third standard deviation. These two groups are identifiable by a belief system that holds to the most extreme liberal or conservative ideas and show very little to no ability to accept any possibility that the other extreme could possibly be right. This group in total only makes up 4.7% of the population or if just looking at the ultra conservatives, they are only 2.35% of the population.

Applying the normal distribution to the political issues in the United States in this manner clearly shows what a small percent of the total they are. With a total population of about 300 million only 7.05 million hold this far right point of view . Yet they are trying to model an America that is cloned on their value system by shoving their agenda down the throats of the other 293 million Americans. We need to tell them through the vote and any other means possible that they are welcome to believe what they want , but they are not welcome to try and make the rest of us live and believe as they do. Past examples of groups who thought like this and successfully forced their opinions on the whole of society are clearly seen in the examples of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and the countries where communists (conservatives) once ruled.

Ray B

Thanks, Ray!


Reader Suggestion


Behold! The 10 Test-Asticles

"Zey may hate us now butt vone day zey vill learn to fondle of us!"



From 'TBH Politoons'

Great Site!

Thanks, again, Tim!


Music-Business Talk Radio!

''Samm Brown's For The Record''

''Samm Brown's For The Record'' on KPFK (one of 5 Pacifica stations) interviews a wide variety of movers & shakers in the music industry, including publishers, managers, producers, attorneys, songwriters, recording artists and more, at 10pm (pst) on Tuesdays. Phone calls are taken, too!

Yes, it's online. For more information, see ''Samm Brown's For The Record''. It uses a RealPlayer.

The co-host of ''Samm Brown's For The Record'' is an old pal, John Braheny, author of the classic 'The Craft and Business of Songwriting', now updated and in its 2nd edition. ('The Craft and Business of Songwriting' was written on a Mac, but indexed by hand.)

Liked John's book ('The Craft and Business of Songwriting') so much that I donated copies to my hometown high school and the local libraries, too.


In The Chaos Household

Last Night

Wasn't into watching insects on 'Fear Factor', so the CBS sitcoms were on in the background. Over the weekend we were adopted by (another) stray cat. This one has an orange-ringed tail and ears, but is mostly white, and also has bright, bright blue crossed-eyes. Stumped on giving him (?) a name.

Did watch the John Belushi special on NBC, but was so disappointed that they only showed fragments of a lot of stuff, as opposed to allowing us to see the whole piece. Freaking kibbles & bits. Boo. Hiss.

Glad to see Dave back. Any takers on he outlasts Les Moonves at CBS?

Tonight, Tuesday, CBS starts the evening with a fresh 'JAG', then a fresh 'The Guardian', but 'Judging Amy' is a rerun.

NBC starts the evening with a rerun 'Frasier', but then goes fresh for the rest of the night, 'Watching Ellie', another 'Frasier', and 'Scrubs'. 'Dateline' follows.

ABC is all fresh tonight with 'Dharma & Greg', 'Spin City', 'NYPD Blue' and 'Philly'.

The WB has a rerun 'Gilmore Girls' and then a fresh 'Smallville'.

Faux has a rerun 'That 70's Show', then the season finale of 'Undeclared' (Ben Stiller makes a guest appearance), and '24', where it's 2:00pm - 3:00pm (or 1400 - 1500).

UPN has a fresh night with 'Buffy', 'As If', and 'The Random Years'.

Anyone have any opinions?

Or reviews?

(See below for addresses)


Big Dog Watch Continues

Clinton Photo Exhibit

Dick Kelley, former President Bill Clinton's stepfather, views photographs Monday, March 11, 2002, at the Hot Springs, Ark., Convention Center made by White House photographers. The exhibit, scheduled to run six months, is made up of 71 photographs that hung on the walls of the White House during Clinton's presidency. Photo by Danny Johnston

An exhibit of 71 photographs that once hung on the walls of the White House during Bill Clinton's eight years in office opened to the public Monday.

The exhibit is expected to draw 250,000 people before it closes in September, said Steve Arrison, spokesman for the Hot Springs Advertising and Promotion Commission.

David Alsobrook, director of the Clinton Presidential Materials Project, said the 71 pictures were selected from several hundred out of a collection of more than 2 million photographs from the Clinton presidency.

The exhibit includes pictures of Clinton jogging and playing with his late dog Buddy, Hillary Clinton at the Winter Olympics, Clinton and former South African President Nelson Mandela, the former president at work in the Oval Office and his visits with active duty American troops.

"I'm just thrilled that this whole thing is coming together for the president," said Dick Kelley, Clinton's stepfather, who attended the opening.

Clinton Photo Exhibit


Staying Put At CBS

David Letterman

Late-night television host David Letterman announced during the taping of his show on Monday that he has renewed his contract with CBS for up to five years rather than move to the rival ABC network.

"Dave has announced that he's staying with CBS. He announced it on the show tonight," said Rob Burnett, the top executive with "Late Show with David Letterman" producer Worldwide Pants Inc.

Returning to work on Monday after a week on vacation, Letterman joked about the flurry of attention sparked by his negotiations with CBS and ABC, joking to the audience: "This is how strange my life has been the last week and a half -- earlier today, I got a call from NBC offering me the 'Tonight Show."'

The renewal allows Letterman to remain at the network for up to five years but permits him to opt out of his contract sooner if he cares to, Burnett said.

As part of the deal, CBS chief executive Leslie Moonves promised that the network's parent company, Viacom Inc., would more aggressively promote Letterman's show "across all of the Viacom properties," which include the Infinity Broadcasting radio network and the MTV and VH1 cable networks, Burnett said.

Sources familiar with the negotiations said Letterman had remained concerned throughout the talks about the prospect of being seen as responsible for bumping "Nightline" off the air to make room for his show.

David Letterman


Admits Doing Her Homework?

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos pulls a Sharon Stone in her new movie, "Femme Fatale," locking lips with both Antonio Banderas and Gucci beauty Rie Rasmussen. And Romijn-Stamos slyly reveals that her "pretty graphic scene" in Brian De Palma's erotic thriller wasn't her first Sapphic adventure.

"You know, in my early 20s I wondered if I was interested in women and so I kind of, well did my homework," says the married model.

The blond beauty says she recommended her friend Rasmussen to De Palma and watched as Rie auditioned in babe-packed nightspots.

"I mean, I saw her at nightclubs, and the way she hit on girls, well, [hubby] John [Stamos] and I watched with our jaws on the floor, 'cause if she was a man, she'd be in jail!" she marvels in the April issue of Elle.

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos


Another AIDS Casualty Revealed

Isaac Asimov

Janet Jeppson Asimov has published a biography of her late husband Isaac Asimov ("It's been a good life", ISBN 1573929689), which is reveiwed in the March 2nd issue of New Scientist (print edition only).

It turns out that Isaac Asimov died of AIDS -- contracted during bypass surgery in 1983. (The information was withheld from the public on his doctor's advice at the time, but is now presumably not considered likely to damage his reputation).

How many other cases like this are going to come out of the closet, proving that it's not just the gay community that's affected?

Isaac Asimov


From BartCop

Special Bonus From BartCop


21st Annual Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon

Pre-Oscar Festivity

The 21st annual Academy Awards nominees luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel drew 150 contenders who left their tables to stand on ramps and smiled for the photo.

Sidney Poitier, nominated for an honorary Oscar, was greeted with an unprecedented standing ovation.

The Academy tradition of the luncheon has two apparent purposes: to honor the nominees; and to create more publicity for the March 24 awards telecast. Nominees gave brief interviews to reporters before the luncheon.

The luncheon attracted a record attendance of the acting and directing awards. All five of the directing nominees were present as well as 15 of the nominated actors.

21st Annual Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon


First Female President Of The Directors Guild Of America

Martha Coolidge

Filmmaker Martha Coolidge has been elected president of the Directors Guild of America, the first female to win the post in the union's 66-year history.

She replaces Jack Shea, who announced his resignation Saturday. The move by Shea, who was in his third two-year term, was not a surprise following last month's ratification of a new three-year contract by the 12,400 DGA members.

DGA presidents traditionally serve two terms, but Shea stayed for a third term in order to provide continuity of leadership for the contract talks.

Coolidge's directing credits include "Valley Girl," "Real Genius," Rambling Rose," "Out to Sea," "Lost in Yonkers" and "Angie." She has been nominated for the DGA Award for TV movies for "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge" and "If These Walls Could Talk 2."

She has served as DGA 1st VP since 1995 and has been co-chair of the guild's Creative Rights Committee since 1992. She joined the DGA in 1983.

Coolidge will be replaced as 1st VP by Steven Soderbergh ("Ocean's Eleven"); Taylor Hackford ("Proof of Life"), who was serving as an alternate board member, will take Soderbergh's position on the board.

Martha Coolidge


Grammar Queen

Britney Spears

After a rash of media speculation in recent days that the reigning couple of teen pop had split up, Britney Spears issued a denial on Monday from Germany.

"No, that's not true. Me and Justin did not split up," Spears, 20, told MTV Europe.

According to various newspaper reports, Spears was seen drowning her sorrows at Los Angeles hot spots early last week, with unidentified sources claiming the relationship fell victim to their busy schedules. Her publicist, Lisa Kasteler, did not return a message seeking comment.

Spears, and curly-haired Timberlake, have known each other since the early 1990s, when they were both in the cast of "The Mickey Mouse Club." They rekindled their friendship a few years later, and became an "item" in September 2000 after they turned up together at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York.

Britney Spears, Grammar Queen


Still The Master Of Temper Tantrums

John McEnroe

John McEnroe hasn't lost the fiery temperament that made him such a fan favorite. But the tennis legend was in a particularly foul mood last week when his ABC game show, "The Chair," was canceled. McEnroe quickly lost his first match at the Nuveen Champions tournament in Naples, Fla., after being trounced in two sets by Aaron Krickstein. A frustrated McEnroe - who lost 6-3, 7-5 - started to frazzle early when he realized things weren't going his way. The hugely successful broadcaster "threw his racket at least three times and hurled a tennis ball over the stands and into a parking lot," said one annoyed spectator. McEnroe also cursed some Krickstein fans - calling them "[bleeping] [bleep]holes." "On match point, [McEnroe] only acknowledged that his racket touched the ball - rendering the point over in Krickstein's favor - after being questioned by his opponent. Krickstein's ball had originally been called 'out,' " our source reports. McEnroe skipped the post-match press conference.

John McEnroe


Officially Apologized

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe said he has apologized for losing his temper at the director of the British Academy Film Awards show after the actor's speech was cut short in the British broadcast of the ceremony.

Crowe said Sunday he called Malcolm Gerrie recently to apologize about the Feb. 24 incident. News reports said Crowe swore at Gerrie and pushed him against a wall at a dinner after the awards show.

"I was unrepentant for a while there," Crowe said Sunday after he was named best actor for "A Beautiful Mind" at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Crowe said he called to apologize after hearing that Gerrie's son was being hassled in school over the incident.

Russell Crowe


Seat Shortage For Oscars

Kodak Theatre

The really big stars like Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe are sure to have seats at the Oscars. But other hopeful Oscar-goers may find themselves seatless.

The new theater for the Oscars was built without as many seats as the Shrine Auditorium. The new Kodak Theatre will seat 3,100 people, 900 fewer than the Shrine.

The Motion Picture Academy now has to turn down ticket requests for the big event. They say they are "swamped."

Kodak Theatre


Batman & Mister Rogers?

The Heinz Awards

It'll be a beautiful day in Batman's neighborhood tomorrow when Michael Keaton meets up with TV's lovable Fred Rogers. Both served as judges for this year's Heinz Awards, given in memory of the late Sen. John Heinz (R-Pa.) by his wife, Teresa (now married to Sen. John Kerry, the Massachusetts Democrat). Keaton and Rogers (who is the godfather of the Heinzes' son Chris) will be in Washington to announce leaders in the arts and sciences who will split $1.25 million in prize money.

The Heinz Awards


Working Girl

Lauren Bush

Like other high school seniors across the nation, Lauren Bush is anxiously waiting to hear back from the colleges to which she's applied.

"I go away for a weekend. I do a shoot. I come back, which is the best part of my life, like, the normal everydayness," she told W magazine for its April issue.

Bush declined to say which college is her first choice, but said most of the schools she applied to are on the East Coast. She hasn't decided on a major, but said she's interested in art, photography, theater, languages and business.

After three years as a model, the 17-year-old daughter of President Bush's brother, Neil, said she doesn't yearn for the party-girl life that lures some young models.

"I've seen the evils without actually experiencing the evils," she said. "My mother has come with me, so it's not like I've been thrown to the world."

Lauren Bush


The Numbers Behind The Movie


Numbers game for "The Lord of the Rings": 100 mil read it in 40 languages; 12.5 million have hand-linked rings; 3 million feet of film and 90,000 photos shot during production; 46,000 swords, scabbards; 100 inlaid weapons; 900 suits of armor; 15,000 costumes; 200 masks; 350 wigs; 1,600 pair of prosthetic Hobbit feet made; 42 tailors in the wardrobe department; 7,000 years ago is Middle Earth's existence; 250,000 silk leaves put on a Hobbitton tree; 5,000 meters of vegetables planted before filming began; 2,400 person crew; 20,602 extras; 1,460 eggs served at one crew breakfast; 800 lunches served at one time; 550 hours of behind-the-scenes footage shot; 350 sets constructed over 8 acres; 250 horses in one scene; 70 specially trained animals; 274 shooting days; 400 script pages; 180 computer experts; 114 speaking roles; 30 actors trained in dialect; over 100 locations; 7 years of development; 5 shooting units; one mile of bumper-to-bumper vehicles on location; two years of post production.



Time To Say 'Buh-Bye'

Sally Jessy Raphael

Sally Jessy Raphael's daytime talk show, the longest-running of its genre, has been canceled after nearly two decades on the air.

Her show had sunk to ninth in the ratings among talk shows, after being third only to Oprah Winfrey and Jerry Springer three years ago.

Studios USA Domestic Television, which distributes "The Sally Jessy Raphael Show" to some 190 U.S. television stations, said it will pull the plug when the current season ends this spring.

Raphael, a 59-year-old former disc jockey, began the show as a local St. Louis program in 1983, and went national the next year. She was known for her distinctive red glasses.

Sally Jessy Raphael


Lawsuit Filed

Connie Francis

Singer Connie Francis accused Universal Music Corp. in a $40 million lawsuit Monday of allowing her music to be used in porno movies, saying the label took advantage of her mental illness.

The federal lawsuit details Francis' battle to maintain her mental health after she was raped and tortured in a hotel room in 1974.

Universal knew about her illness when it licensed four of her songs to be used in a pornographic video about a gay prostitute, the lawsuit said.

Francis also accused Universal of failing to properly pay royalties on unspecified recordings.

Francis said she learned more than a year ago of the use of four of her songs in a "vile pornographic" movie titled "Postcards From America," whose soundtrack was released in 1995. A second film, "Jawbreakers," released in 1999, included her song "Lollipop Lips," the lawsuit said.

Connie Francis


Adopted Cambodian Child

Angelina & Billy Bob

Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton have adopted a baby boy from Cambodia, her father, Jon Voight, said on Monday at a luncheon honoring Academy Award nominees.

"Angelina adopted a Cambodian baby," Voight told reporters, creating a stir in the room. "I'm a grandfather today."

He said Jolie, 26, received custody of the baby on Sunday in Africa, where she is on location with her latest film project. He said Thornton, 46, was in the United States.

Angelina & Billy Bob


University of Northern Colorado

"The Fighting Whities"

An intramural basketball team at the University of Northern Colorado called "The Fighting Whities" is turning the tables on the Eaton mascot issue.

Led by Solomon Little Owl, director of Native American Student Services at UNC, the team chose a white man as its mascot to raise awareness and understanding of stereotypes that some cultures endure.

"The message is, let's do something that will let people see the other side of what it's like to be a mascot," Little Owl said. "I am really offended by this mascot issue, and I hope the people that support the Eaton mascot will get offended by this."

The players, made up of a mixture of American Indian, Hispanic and caucasian students, wear white jerseys with the picture of a white man in a suit on the front and the slogan "Every thang's gonna be all white!" printed beneath.

"It's not meant to be vicious, it is meant to be humorous," said Ray White, a Mohawk American Indian on the team. "It puts people in our shoes, and then we can say, 'Now you know how it is, and now you can make a judgement.' "

"We all live in the same community and want the same things, so it is good to be standing in each other's shoes for a while," he said.

For more, "The Fighting Whities"


Special Guest, Saturday, 16 March - Greg Palast!

Erin Hart

Liberal radio - what a concept!

Saturday, March 16th at 10pm PST, Greg Palast visits with 710 KIRO-Seattle talk show host Erin Hart, and discusses his new book on globalization, ''The Best Democracy Money Can Buy''.

Live streaming audio available at or

Listener calls at 1-877-710-KIRO

And there's a chatroom, too!

For more details, visit Erin's fan page (courtesy of 14Dem),, or to join her mailing list, drop a note to

Or drop me a note at one of the addy's below....after all, I am Erin's 'LA Producer'.


In Memory

Irene Worth

Irene Worth portraying Lady Macbeth, in London, May 6, 1962

Irene Worth, the elegant, three-time Tony-winning actress in such plays as "Tiny Alice," "Sweet Bird of Youth" and "Lost in Yonkers" and whose many classical roles ranged from the Greeks to Shakespeare to Chekhov and Shaw, has died. She was 85.

Worth died Sunday of a stroke, said her sister, Carol Johnson.

The actress, known for her distinct voice and patrician manner, worked extensively in theater on both sides of the Atlantic, appearing on Broadway, in London's West End and with such companies as the Old Vic, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre of Great Britain and Canada's Stratford Festival.

Worth received her first Tony for best actress in 1965 for playing the wealthiest woman in the world, the mysterious title character in Edward Albee's "Tiny Alice."

Worth received her second best-actress prize in 1976 for her portrayal of an aging but still glamorous movie star in a memorable revival of Tennessee Williams' "Sweet Bird of Youth," appearing in the play opposite a young Christopher Walken.

Her third Tony, this time in the featured-actress category, came in 1991 for "Lost in Yonkers," as the distant, domineering mother in Neil Simon's Pulitzer Prize-winning play. She repeated her role in the 1993 film version.

Irene Worth



Thanks To Fud

Hear The 'Trifecta' Statement

'' And we've got a job to do at home, as well. You know, I was campaigning in Chicago and somebody asked me, is there ever any time where the budget might have to go into deficit? I said only if we were at war or had a national emergency or were in recession. (Laughter.) Little did I realize we'd get the trifecta. (Laughter.) But we're fine. ''

Scroll down 31 paragraphs to read it for yourself.

Hear The 'Trifecta' Quote Here.

Many Thanks, to Fud, a loyal bartcopper : )


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Sing Along With John Ashcroft


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