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Recommended Reading

from Bruce

HOLLYWOOD CENTURY, 1932: In which lessons are learned, and film is a vehicle for social change, and all that
we are now face to face with one of the more cunning and compelling message movies that has ever come down the pike, I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang by Warner Bros., a studio that made cloaking shabby shockers in a cloak of respectability by claiming they had a social lesson into an art form.

Paul Krugman: How America was Lost (NY Times Column)
Once upon a time, the death of a Supreme Court justice wouldn't have brought America to the edge of constitutional crisis. But that was a different country, with a very different Republican Party. In today's America, with today's G.O.P., the passing of Antonin Scalia has opened the doors to chaos.

Jacob Brogan: Amazon Hides a Zombie-Outbreak Reference in New Terms of Service. Hilarious.(Slate)
"However, this restriction will not apply in the event of the occurrence (certified by the United States Centers for Disease Control or successor body) of a widespread viral infection transmitted via bites or contact with bodily fluids that causes human corpses to reanimate and seek to consume living human flesh, blood, brain or nerve tissue and is likely to result in the fall of organized civilization."

Laura Miller: The Scent of History (Slate)
Ruth Goodman's immersive, engrossing How to Be a Tudor.

Philip Ball: There's no space for today's young Einsteins (The Guardian)
The gravitational waves theorist saw physics as no one else did, but if he was around today his time would be spent chasing grants or tenures.

Simon Jenkins: Gravitational waves may help us answer the biggest question of all (The Guardian)
Humanity's biggest question has always been: 'How did it all start?' Proving Albert Einstein's hypothesis means we are edging ever closer to the answer.

Brigid Delaney: If you don't ever see poverty, you can convince yourself it doesn't exist (The Guardian)
Not only is it possible for wealth and poverty to coexist, it's crucial to a sense of diversity, and it leads to better outcomes for all.

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Trivia Question of the Day

This American singer has earned 11 Grammy Awards, and was the first female in music history to score three consecutive platinum albums and ultimately racked up a total of eight consecutive platinum albums. What is her name?


Send your answer to Marty

Trivia Question from Yesterday

Born Eric Hilliard Nelson, he placed 53 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 between 1957 and 1973. By what name is he better known?

       Rick "Ricky" Nelson                                                      Source

Eric Hilliard Nelson (May 8, 1940 - December 31, 1985) - known as Ricky Nelson, later also as Rick Nelson - was an American actor, musician and singer-songwriter. He starred alongside his family in the television series, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (1952-66), as well as co-starring alongside John Wayne and Dean Martin in Howard Hawks's westernfeature film, Rio Bravo (1959). He placed 53 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 between 1957 and 1973 including "Poor Little Fool" which holds the distinction of being the first #1 song on Billboard magazine's then-newly created Hot 100 chart. He recorded 19 additional Top 10 hits and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on January 21, 1987. In 1996, he was ranked #49 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time.        Source

Randall was first and correct with:
   I had to look it up to be sure, but yup, it's
  Ricky Nelson

Alan J wrote:
   Ricky Nelson.

mj said:
   Saw him in a small venue concert
  Not long before his death. He seemed comfortable and relaxed and his music reflected a man who had grown beyond the confines of a white-washed, milquetoast, least common denominator, do the same thing over and over level. Rick Nelson.

Jim from CA, retired to ID, responded:
   Ricky Nelson

Adam answered:
   Ricky Nelson

Deborah replied:
   That would be heartthrob Ricky Nelson. He was dreamy.
  Happy President's Day on a day that no president celebrated a birthday. More record-setting temps expected today. What happened to winter?

Marian wrote:
   Ricky Nelson

John I from Hawai'i says,
   "Rick Nelson."

Dale of Diamond Springs, Norcali responded:
   Ricky "Rick" Nelson was a constant radio voice of my younger days. He was always on the air. Even had some of his 45's. Then he disappeared when the British Invasion started. Saw him and the Stone Ponies at a club in Bezerkeley in the mid 70's doing a Country Rock thing. He didn't seem to enjoy what he was doing. He was also quite loaded. But so was I. He was still really pretty! Depressed!

George M said:
   I've listened to enough of the old-time rock & roll to know you're talking about Ricky Nelson!

DJ Useo replied:
   Ricky Nelson. So sad he left us so early.

Lois Of Oregon answered:
   Poor Rickety Nelson. He should have stuck with the flying trapeze and not vintage airplanes.

MAM   wrote:
   Ricky Nelson ~ Known for The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1952) and Rio Bravo (1959). He died when his plane crashed on December 31, 1985 in De Kalb, Texas.

  Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou, 1961 (Stereo-Mix)

Joe S     said:
   Yeah, I know this one. It's Ricky Nelson. I grew up watching Ozzie and Harriet and looking back I'm wondering why. The show was so.... so.... so bland. Ozzie and Harriet were bland, David and Ricky were bland. Seldom did anyone express any emotion, nothing like my own family. I don't know why I watched it, but I did. Maybe it was because it was so different from my own life it held a strange fascination, like watching an ant farm.
  It was like the first Reality show. We watched a actual family live their actual mundane life, right there on TV, in front of God and everybody. We watched Ricky play Rock and Roll on the show and we thought, "Isn't that cute, Ricky is pretending to be a Rock Star." Next thing we know, he's selling records, still showing no emotion.

  Let's face it, Ozzie and Harriet paved the way for the Simmons', and the Osborne's, and all that other crap on "Reality TV."

Sally has retired, but still pays attention.

BttbBob   has returned to semi-retired status.

  February 16 Birthdays - Celebrities Born February 16 | Famous Birthdays



Middle Class Political Economist

Now a Blogger-Columnist at US News and World Reports "Economic Intelligence"



Reader Suggestion

Michelle in AZ

Elizabeth Warren Demolishes Arguments Against Filling Scalia's Supreme Court Seat

Nine battleground states can flip Senate & Supreme Court

BBC - Culture - 'Billionaires, bombers and belly dancers'

'Saul' And The Limits Of Hustle : Monkey See : NPR

Ted Cruz doesn't think the black president gets a full four year term

Global Water Shortage Risk Is Worse Than Scientists Thought

These remarkable floating farms could help feed hungry people around the world.

Republican tactics set stage for historic high court showdown | MSNBC

The Presidential Candidate That Scares Horror Master Stephen King

Thanks, Michelle!



David E Suggests


22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier (Infographic)


Thanks, Dave!



from Marc Perkel

Patriot Act

Patriot Act NSA Spying Unconstitutional Section 215 National Security Letters Must End

My name is Marc Perkel and I have decided to announce that I will not comply with the so called "Patriot Act" laws requiring me to disclose information about my customers. If I receive a national security letter I will immediately photograph it, post it online everywhere I can, and then make a video of me burning it. I will then await my arrest. If you want to put me in jail then come get me mother fucker.

Come Get Me Mother Fucker | Putting and end to NSA government Spying





Selected Readings

from that Mad Cat, JD










Visit JD's site - Kitty Litter Music


In The Chaos Household

Last Night

Better than 20° warmer than seasonal.

Tonight, Tuesday:

CBS starts the night with a FRESH 'NCIS', followed by a FRESH 'NCIS: The 3rd One', then a FRESH 'Limitless'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Stephen Colbert are Eva Longoria, Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer, and Lucinda Williams.
Scheduled on a FRESH James Corden, OBE, are Selma Blair, Juno Temple, and Ben Feldman.

NBC opens the night with a FRESH 'Hollywood Game Night', followed by a FRESH 'Chicago Med', then a FRESH 'Chicago Fire'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Jimmy Fallon are Zach Galifianakis, Ronda Rousey, and Pitbull.
Scheduled on a FRESH Seth Meyers are Anthony Anderson, Famke Janssen, and Eleanor Friedberger.
Scheduled on a FRESH Carson 'The Scab' Daly are Jalen Rose, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Those Who Can't.

ABC begins the night with a FRESH 'Off The Boat', followed by a FRESH 'The Muppets', then a FRESH 'Marvel's Agent Carter'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Jimmy Kimmel are Gwen Stefani and Secretary of State John Kerry.

The CW offers a FRESH 'The Flash', followed by a FRESH 'iZombie'.

Faux has a FRESH 'New Girl', followed by a FRESH 'Grandfathered', then a FRESH 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', then a FRESH 'The Grinder'.

MY has 'TMZ (Not So) Live', followed by 'Hollywood Today (Not So) Live'.

A&E has 'Married At First Sight', another 'Married At First Sight', followed by a FRESH 'Married At First Sight', then a FRESH 'Fit To Fat To Fit'.

AMC offers the movie 'US Marshals', followed by the movie 'The Bourne Identity', then the movie 'The Italian Job'.

BBC  -   
 [6:00AM]    THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW - SEASON 18 - EPISODE 19-Episode 19
 [7:00AM]    THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW - SEASON 18 - Episode 10
 [10:00AM]    DOCTOR WHO - SEASON 4 - EPISODE 6-The Doctor's Daughter
 [11:00AM]    DOCTOR WHO - SEASON 4 - EPISODE 7-The Unicorn and The Wasp
 [8:00PM]    RAMSAY'S KITCHEN NIGHTMARES US - SEASON 6 - EPISODE 9-Nino's Italian Restaurant
 [9:00PM]    RAMSAY'S KITCHEN NIGHTMARES US - SEASON 7 - EPISODE 1-Return to Amy's Baking Company
 [10:00PM]    RAMSAY'S KITCHEN NIGHTMARES US - SEASON 6 - EPISODE 2-La Galleria 33, Part 2
 [5:00AM]    RAMSAY'S KITCHEN NIGHTMARES US - SEASON 6 - EPISODE 9-Nino's Italian Restaurant    (ALL TIMES EST)

Bravo has 'Real Housewives Of BH', another 'Real Housewives Of BH', followed by a FRESH 'Real Housewives Of BH', then a FRESH 'Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce'.

Comedy Central has 3 hours of old 'Tosh.0', followed by a FRESH 'Tosh.0', then a FRESH 'Not Safe with Nikki Glaser'.
On a RERUN The Daily Show (from 2/3/16) is Hannibal Buress.
On a RERUN The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore (from 2/8/16) is KeKe Palmer.
On a RERUN @Midnight (from 2/2/16) are Dominic Monaghan, Liza Treyger, and Mamrie Hart.

FX has the movie 'Star Trek Into Darkness', followed by a FRESH 'The People V. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story'.

History has 2 hours of old 'Counting Cars', followed by a FRESH 'Counting Cars', then another FRESH 'Counting Cars', followed by a FRESH 'Forged In Fire'.

IFC  -   
 [6:00AM]    COMEDY BANG! BANG!-Lil John
 [6:15AM]    PORTLANDIA-Weirdo Beach
 [6:00PM]    PORTLANDIA-Weirdo Beach
 [6:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Sally Simpson
 [7:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Won't Get Fooled Again
 [7:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-15:15
 [8:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Sparks
 [8:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Going Mobile
 [9:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Don't Lie to Me
 [9:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-'Til the Next Goodbye
 [10:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Somebody to Love
 [10:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Killer Queen
 [11:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Spread Your Wings
 [11:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Sally Simpson
 [12:00AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Won't Get Fooled Again
 [12:30AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-15:15
 [1:00AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Sparks
 [1:30AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Going Mobile
 [2:00AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Don't Lie to Me
 [2:30AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-'Til the Next Goodbye
 [3:00AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Somebody to Love

Sundance  -   
 [6:00AM]    Domino
 [9:00AM]    Once Upon a Time in Mexico
 [11:00AM]    From Dusk Till Dawn
 [1:00PM]    Warrior
 [4:00PM]    Cobra
 [6:00PM]    Cliffhanger
 [8:00PM]    Rocky III
 [10:30PM]    Rocky IV
 [12:30AM]    Rocky V
 [3:00AM]    Rudy
 [5:30AM]    Cliffhanger    (ALL TIMES EST)

SyFy has the movie 'Cloud Atlas', then 'Colony'.

On a RERUN Conan (from 11/18/15) are John Cleese, Michaela Watkins, and Trey Anastasio.

 [6:30 AM]      San Antonio (1945)
 [8:30 AM]      Black Legion (1936)
 [10:00 AM]      Bachelor Mother (1939)
 [11:30 AM]      Guns of Navarone (1961)
 [2:30 PM]      Z (1969)
 [4:45 PM]      Grand Prix (1966)
 [8:00 PM]      On the Waterfront (1954)
 [10:00 PM]      Anna And The King Of Siam (1946)
 [12:15 AM]      The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)
 [2:15 AM]      What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)
 [5:00 AM]      The Gazebo (1960)     (ALL TIMES EST)

Wednesday   -  02/17/16

 [7:00 AM]      The Sheepman (1958)
 [8:30 AM]      Million Dollar Mermaid (1952)
 [10:30 AM]      The Blue Dahlia (1946)
 [12:30 PM]      I Married A Witch (1942)
 [2:00 PM]      Frenchman's Creek (1944)
 [4:00 PM]      A Damsel In Distress (1937)
 [6:00 PM]      The Sunshine Boys (1975)
 [8:00 PM]      The Odd Couple (1968)
 [10:00 PM]      The Way We Were (1973)
 [12:15 AM]      A Star Is Born (1976)
 [2:45 AM]      Blackboard Jungle (1955)
 [4:30 AM]      Trial (1955)     (ALL TIMES EST)

TNT has a FRESH 'Rizzoli & Isles', followed by another FRESH 'Rizzoli & Isles'.

Antenna TV - Johnny Carson (from 02/21/86) - Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld, and Shirley Muldowney.

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Lady Gaga arrives at the 58th annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on Monday, Feb. 15, 2016, in Los Angeles.
Photo by Jordan Strauss


The Sideshow - by Avedon Carol


2016 Winners

Grammy Awards

The 58th Grammy Awards took place Monday night, and Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar were among the biggest winners of the night.

Swift became the first woman to win album of the year twice and made a dig at Kanye West in her acceptance speech after he released a song saying he "made that b---- famous" in reference to Swift. She won three awards total. Lamar, who lead with the most nominations of the night with 11, won four.

Record Of The Year
    "Uptown Funk" - Mark Ronson Featuring Bruno Mars - WINNER

Song Of The Year
    "Thinking Out Loud" - Ed Sheeran - WINNER

Best Musical Theater Album
    "Hamilton" - WINNER

Best Rock Performance
    "Don't Wanna Fight" - Alabama Shakes - WINNER

For the rest - Grammy Awards


Bonnie Raitt arrives at the 58th annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on Monday, Feb. 15, 2016, in Los Angeles.
Photo by Jordan Strauss


Will Hatch Next Month

Bald Eagle Eggs

The U.S. National Arboretum and American Eagle Foundation (AEF) have teamed up to install "the most patriotic eagle nest cam" ever - a webcam live streaming from the "Mr. President" and "The First Lady" eagles' nest at the National Arboretum. These bald eagles are nesting in the arboretum in Washington D.C., where "The First Lady" laid the couple's first egg of the year on February 10, then a second egg on Valentine's Day. If all goes as planned, the eggs will hatch next month, and the public will be able to see it happen live.

The mated bald eagles selected their nest's location in a Tulip Poplar tree back in 2014, being the first pair of bald eagles to choose that location since 1947, according to the AEF. For that extra patriotic slant, the eagles were named "Mr. President" and "The First Lady."

The American Eagle Foundation teamed with National Arboretum to install a pair of high-definition webcams at the nest, one pointing directly in it and another at a slight distance. Both provide 24/7 video feeds of the nest, which can be viewed on the website. The AEF expects the eagle eggs to hatch after incubating for about 35 days, which will place the event in mid-March. This pair of birds had successfully raised an "eaglet" last spring/summer.

The video feed is a special one, in that it is in high-definition and the work to set up and operate these cameras was/is hefty. During the eagles' absence in August 2015, a team ran half a mile of fiber optic cable and ran it from the cameras to a control box some 200ft. away from the nest's tree. The system itself is being powered by a big solar array created by Alfred State College School of Applied Technologies students.

Bald Eagle Eggs


Newhead News


'Intense' Friendship

John Paul II

Pope John Paul II had a close relationship with a married woman which lasted over 30 years according to letters which feature in a documentary being shown by the BBC on Monday.

The documentary does not claim he broke his vow of celibacy with Polish-born philosopher and writer Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, although the tone of some of his letters to her points to intense feelings between them, the broadcaster says.

The two spent camping and skiing holidays together and went on country walks.

In one letter from September 1976, he calls her a "gift from God".

But the Vatican said there was "nothing out of the ordinary in the fact that pope John Paul II had close friendships with different people, whether men or women."

John Paul II


Tony Bennett, left, and Bill Charlap arrive at the 58th annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on Monday, Feb. 15, 2016, in Los Angeles.
Photo by Jordan Strauss


$18M To Refurbish

Lincoln Memorial

Philanthropist David Rubenstein, who has already donated tens of millions of dollars to refurbish the Washington Monument and other icons, is giving $18 million to fix up the Lincoln Memorial.

The National Park Service announced the gift Monday. The money will be used to fix the memorial's roof, clean the marble and improve accessibility by adding a second elevator. The park service also plans to create 15,000 square feet of visitor space tucked beneath the memorial for exhibits.

The Lincoln Memorial draws more 7 million visitors annually and is the most visited attraction on the National Mall.

Rubenstein, a billionaire who founded The Carlyle Group investment firm in Washington, has already given $7.5 million to repair the Washington Monument after a 2011 earthquake, $5.4 million for the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, and $12.35 million for Arlington House, the home of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.

Lincoln Memorial


Wake-up Call


'No Autopsy Necessary'

'Natural Causes'

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died of natural causes and no autopsy was necessary, a judge has told The Associated Press. Chris Lujan, a manager for Sunset Funeral Homes in Texas, said the 79-year-old jurist's body was taken from the El Paso facility late Sunday afternoon and was to be flown to Virginia, although he had no details.

Scalia's family didn't think a private autopsy was necessary and requested that his remains be returned to Washington as soon as possible, Lujan said. Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara told The Associated Press on Sunday she consulted with Scalia's personal physician and sheriff's investigators, who said there were no signs of foul play, before concluding that he had died of natural causes.

He was found dead in his room at a West Texas resort ranch Saturday morning. Scalia's weekend death was as much of a shock to those at the ranch as it was to the rest of the nation. Scalia's colleagues praised his brilliance and grieved his death. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she and Scalia "were best buddies" for more than 30 years.

'Natural Causes'


Verdine White, left, Philip Bailey, center, and Ralph Johnson of Earth, Wind and Fire perform at the 2016 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday, Feb. 14, 2016, in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Photo by Chris Pizzello


Hackers Holding California Hospital's Network Hostage

Hollywood Presbyterian

The computers at a Los Angeles hospital have been down for more than a week after ransomware ended up on its internal network. Patients at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center have been transferred to other hospitals because of the outage, and connected medical devices and portals are offline, as well. The attackers have reportedly asked for more than $3.6 million to decrypt the system and the hospital's files, CSO reports . Staff are now having to turn to fax machines and landline telephones to get work done, and medical records are being kept on paper.

The hospital didn't immediately respond to a request for comment and hasn't elaborated on how far the attack has spread, what kind of ransomware infected its network, or how it was even infected in the first place. According to CSO, the incident was random, likely meaning a hospital staffer clicked a malicious link or attachment that ultimately spread the malware throughout the network.

The attackers have reportedly asked for more than $3.6 million to decrypt the system

This is one of the most outlandish digital ransom requests in recent memory, but not the first to impact an integral institution. Public schools and police departments around the world have been infected with ransomware over the past few years, which culminated in one FBI official advising victims to just pay up. Now, however, it seems law enforcement is teaming up with international agencies to identify and bring down scam operators. In this most recent incident, the hospital is working with the Los Angeles Police Department and FBI to identify the attackers and release the systems from their grasp.

Hollywood Presbyterian


Herbie Hancock arrives at the 2016 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday, Feb. 14, 2016, in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Photo by John Salangsang


Selling Marcos Jewelry


The Philippine government has approved the public exhibit and auction of the jewelry collection of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos' widow Imelda which international experts have appraised to be now worth at least 1 billion pesos ($21 million), officials said Monday.

The hoard was seized when Marcos and his family fled to Hawaii in 1986 following a popular revolt that ended his two decades in power. They include a 25-carat, barrel-shaped diamond worth at least $5 million and a Cartier diamond tiara that is now many times more valuable than the previous estimate of $30,000 to $50,000.

Andrew de Castro of the Presidential Commission on Good Government, an agency tasked to recover the Marcoses' ill-gotten wealth, said they hope to hold the exhibit and auction before the end of President Benigno Aquino III's term in June, when the terms for the current members of the commission also end.

The government's Privatization Council headed by the Department of Finance last week approved the sale of the jewelry. A portion of the collection seized at the presidential palace when the Marcoses fled, however, is still being contested in court. Other pieces of jewelry were seized in Hawaii and at Manila's airport.



Jackson Browne and The Eagles bow after performing a tribute to Glenn Frey during the 58th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California February 15, 2016.
Photo by Mario Anzuoni


Penguin Population


Scientists say an estimated 150,000 Adelie penguins have been wiped out on Antarctica's Cape Denison in the five years since a giant iceberg blocked their main access to food.

A study recently published in the journal Antarctic Science says the B09B iceberg crashed with the Mertz Glacier Tongue and got stuck in Commonwealth Bay, an area that was rarely covered by sea-ice, making it ideal for Adelie penguin colonies.

The B09B, with an area of about 1,120 square miles (2,900 square kilometers), blocked access to the penguins' natural feeding areas beginning in December 2010. The huge piece of ice forced the birds to walk more than 37 miles (60 kilometers) in search of food, gradually reducing the population to just a few thousand.

Researchers say it is hard to know how long it will take the Adelie penguins to recolonize the Commonwealth Bay area. The worst case scenario is that without their natural breeding cycle and lacking new members, the colony could die out in about 20 years.



Barry Manilow, Carly Simon and host Clive Davis arrive for the pre-Grammy gala in Beverly Hills on February 14, 2016
Photo by Mark Ralston


Switzerland To Handle Consular Affairs In Iran

Saudi Arabia

Switzerland will handle Saudi Arabia's consular affairs in Iran and will facilitate Iranian pilgrims coming to the kingdom, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said on Sunday, following a diplomatic dispute between Riyadh and Tehran.

"Switzerland offered to ... handle the (consular) interests of Saudi Arabia in Iran, and we in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia appreciated that and accepted," Adel al-Jubeir told a joint news conference with his Swiss counterpart.

He also said, however, there was no need for mediation in its rift with Iran.

Saudi Arabia



In Memory

Denise Matthews ("Vanity")

Denise Matthews - far better known by her stage name, Vanity - has died at age 57 from kidney failure, the result of years of crack cocaine abuse, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The singer and actress died Monday in a hospital in Fremont, Calif., the Bay Area city she called home.

A sex vixen fashioned in the image of her rock-star mentor and one-time lover, Prince, Matthews had several provocative hits in the early 1980s as lead singer of the group Vanity 6.

The biggest by far was 1982's "Nasty Girl." An infectious synth-funk single with overtly sexual lyrics, the song stalled on mainstream radio but managed to reach No. 1 on the Billboard dance charts. It has since gone on to become a dance-floor classic.

Matthews disbanded Vanity 6 after the group's debut release and signed with Motown Records in 1984, under which she released two solo records, Wild Animal and Skin on Skin. She also embarked on an acting career, starring in the Berry Gordy-produced musical martial-arts film, The Last Dragon, in 1985.

The following year, she was cast opposite John Stamos in Never Too Young to Die, a disastrous send-up of James Bond movies that featured KISS' Gene Simmons as a cross-dressing villain.

Matthews' reputation as a hard partier in those early years of fame was both widely known and well-founded. As she cycled through rocker boyfriends (Billy Idol, Adam Ant and Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx, among them), she developed a dangerous addiction to crack cocaine.

In 1994, that addiction led to near-fatal renal failure. She later said that Jesus Christ appeared to her at that time and offered her a second chance at life if she abandoned her Vanity persona.

Matthews spent the years since sober and a born again Christian. After a kidney transplant in 1997, she became a Christian evangelist. She told her story in a self-published 2010 autobiography, Blame It on Vanity.

Matthews' health woes took a turn for the worse late last year, however, and she set up a crowdfunding effort to pay for her medical treatment after being diagnosed with sclerosis encapsulating peritonitis, a severely painful kidney condition. She raised $6,599 of the $50,000 she had sought.

Denise Matthews ("Vanity")



An Iberian lynx, a feline in danger of extinction, runs after being released as part of the European project Life Iberlince to recover this species in Donana National Park, southern Spain, on Feb. 15, 2016.
Photo by Marcelo del Pozo



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You have reached the Home page of BartCop Entertainment.

Do you have something to say?
Anything that increased your blood pressure, or, even better, amused or entertained?

Do you have a great album no one's heard?
How about a favorite TV show, movie, book, play, cartoon, or legal amusement?
A popular artist that just plain pisses you off?
A box set the whole world should own?
Vile, filthy rumors about Republican hypocrites?

Just plain vile, filthy rumors?

In other words, submissions are welcome.

Send mail to Marty
( SuprmChaos at yahoo dot com )

Or this Marty
( SuprmChaos at aol dot com )

Or this Marty
( SuprmChaos at hotmail dot com )

Or this Marty
( marty at suprmchaos dot com )

Thank you


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