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30 September, 2004

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Jazz From Hills

Trimmed Bush and Hedges

Carlyle Group and Chief Pawn Bunnypants

I'm sure a lot of you guys out there in politico-blogland and most Bartcoppers have heard of this organization, but for those of you that haven't, this will serve as a public service announcement, courtesy of me, Vinnie the Mole.

Let's introduce these guys first, then we'll follow by indisputable facts of war-profiteering, and hopefully make aware how many hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake for the re-construction of Iraq, and how no-bid contracts are good things if you are connected, just like the mafia, but the mafia has much more honor than these fuckwads.

 1. George Herbert Walker Bush : Former United States President; Former United States Vice President; Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency; current Senior Advisor to the Carlyle Group (he retired from Carlyle - 10/03, when the press started to make too many waves since his own fuckin' son is now the non-elected ruler of the Amerikan regime).

 2. Frank Carlucci: Former Secretary of the Defense; Former Director of the CIA; current Carlyle Chairman Emeritus (whatever that title is; it's probably a cover to say when they get busted "Hey, I was just the Chairman Emeritus! Gimme a break! I had no idea we were charging 40,000 dollars for a toilet!").

 3. James A. Baker: Former United States Secretary of State; Former United States Secretary of the Treasury; current Carlyle Senior Advisor. This cat is gonna have to do some fast tap-dancing when the roof falls in on these motherfuckers.

 4. Richard Darman : Former U.S. Office of Mangement and Budget; Former Assistant to President Reagan (cabinet position); Former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury; Former Assistant Director of U.S. Commerce, current Senior Advisor for Carlyle Group.

 5. Fidel V. Ramos : Just a shady character, along with being former Filipino Hula Dancer and Money Launderer for Noriega, just kidding, no want the slander/libel there, little Fidel, but who in the fuck are you and what are you doing with these motherfuckers who have had power oozing through their pores for fucking decades??? Oh, I was just told he used to be President of the Philippines, so you KNOW he's a sleazy fuckwad now. He was, get this, "Carlyle Asian Advisory Chairman" . By the way, this group of sleazebags must have gotten so bad for Fidel, he jumped ship and resigned this year, like three months ago. I wonder what he knows. I bet he winds up murdered. If he does, and I get shot afterwards, someone show this to the Village Voice, the only mag out there with an ounce of decency.

 6. John Major : Prime Minister of England for seven years, eerily coinciding with Clinton's administration, which I find odd. He's another "Foreign Senior Advisor" or some bullshit title that fed his ego. Well, those are the major players in this god-awful story of men with no conscience and no interests other than self. These are evil men, as you will find if you look deep enough.

The Carlyle Group is the epitome of the military-industrial complex in full force, ladies and gents. It's in your face, fuck you, you're too stupid as to what we're doing you'll be a pauper by the time we get through. Their type of "global business" is surreal. Look at the collective resume of these thugs, better yet, if you have access to the internet, look at the propaganda on their website. The sneakiest SOB's on the planet joining forces and saying we're going to conduct business in a professional and ethical manner, sure, let me bend over and just grit my teeth and clench my fists as you ram it up my poop-chute.

To melt it down in layman's terms, this company makes bids on the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the invaded country of, oh, say Iraq. Then, with no-bid contracts, which simply means it was determined by the powers that be that no other firms have the expertise to perform these operations, so, no competition for these fuckers to get filthy rich, rather easily. Halliburton is the same type of deal, but all you do is look at all the familial interconnections between Carlyle and Halliburton and it doesn't take long to see that there are conflicts of interest so thick that people should be going to jail, so this connection has been lowered on the radar as much as possible.

There's a shitload of books out there covering this conglomerate in much more depth and seriousness than I would ever attempt, but bottom line is these cats have 20 billion dollars grouped together in a Limited Partership, that means the smell of people like me are not welcome, and I guess their power trip is world domination. Before I close, let me read you (and make a comment or two) a snippet from their website, and tell me if you don't think their ventures are prime for huge amounts of money from the pitiful catastrophe of Bunnypant's war in Iraq (unless things get so bad and we bail out).

Here's the website: Picture two guys in suits with Republican hair standing near a Republican handrail perusing a Republican paper looking ever so pensive, then the Republican bullshit below kicks in:

"While open to opportunities wherever they can be found (like Iraq, maybe? ed.), Carlyle focuses on sectors in which it has demonstrated expertise (bullshit...ed.): aerospace and defense, automotive (they fix imports, too? ed.), and transportation(huh???..ed.), consumer, energy and power, healthcare (the president of the Phillipines had an excellent health program, (it was beg for food or starve to death while he lived in palaces, ed.),industrial, real estate (or how to make a fortune on blown- to- bits real estate, ed.), technology (that's a broad term for "corruption at all levels", ed.), business services, telecommunications and media (they're so cool they can get all the televisions and radios humming with static even as fly-bys are dropping smart bombs by Bunnypants,ed.).

So it's a shameful company that its pathology of "money at any cost" defies the imagination. May God, Allah, Jehovah, Satan, and any other deity or evil force I'm leaving out jump on their ass and show them that success goes beyond your checkbook, because your checkbook in effect is paying for every bit of their seemingly "global opportunities".

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BBC America Tonight

'The Young Ones'

The lads are encountering the time every college loves. Summer. Finals are finished and now for some fun or comptemplate the deeper mysteries of do Ants go to discos? So it's back to being bored.

Neil tells the guys it's his birthday and they are all welcome to his party. Now Mike tells Rick that his (Ricks) parents are dead. Then they get evicted. Now they'll spend the summer on the street. Neil dashes Rick's hopes of becoming a prostitute by leveling with him. They then find out they've flunked out.

Well it's time to hold up a bank, unfortunately there's a real robbery in progress. Vyv crashes the getaway car and kills SPG. Rick steals a bus and the lads set out on a life of crime. Well, they would have if they didn't run over the cliff.

This was the end show of the series. But the lads will be back next week in eternal reruns.

~ Mr. Hawk
At stake is our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor

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Weekly Link

Humor Gazette

Thursday's presidential debate will help determine who'll lead America for the next four years -- Flip-Flop or Just Plain Flop.

The rules are simple: No eye-gouging, head-butting or Abu Ghraib-ing.

A presidential debate preview from the Humor Gazette

Humor Gazette


from Mark

Another Bumpersticker


Reader Suggestion

Bumper Sticker

American Deaths in Iraq: Over 1,000 Reasons to Vote for John Kerry

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Reader Review

'Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House'

Purple Genes' review of "'Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House'"  (1948):

I'm a General Contractor by day and a film buff by night. It is truly rare when those two pursuits come together. Well they sure did tonight! I watched (for the 25th time) the funniest movie ever made about home building - "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House".

Filmed in California in 1948 - deftly directed by H.C. Potter and starring Cary Grant as a New York Ad Man, Myrna Loy as his wonderfully typical wife, Melvin Douglas as Myrnas' ex-boyfriend (and close family friend) and Jason Robards as Mr Retch the Contractor.

From the demolition of the fixer-upper house in Connecticut - to the consultations with the architect (and the bills) to the beginning of construction and framing and additions and change orders and more bills to the hilarious scene where Mrs. Blandings explains in elaborate detail to the painter the oh so very explicit shades for each room to the family moving in and Mr. Blandings being so upset and angry about the ever rising costs and change orders that he can't come up with a new slogan for his Ad Company that he is about to quit until he steals the slogan from his black maid - "If it ain't Wham - It ain't Ham"!!!!!

Wow (this movie gets a 100 on Rotten Tomatoes) Purple Gene gives this movie 38,000 heartfelt Hahas (The house cost was $38,000.00)

If you're going through a remodel or addition to your home - have a glass of Chardonay - take two aspirin - and find this movie to help you get through the madness!

Purple Gene

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Links from Bruce

Bush: Flip or Flop?

Bush's Rhetoric Versus Bush's Reality

Bush is the Flipper

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Selected Readings

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BAGnewsNotes Blog


In The Chaos Household

Last Night

Still quite pleasantly cool.

Can't decide whether the worst show of the new TV season is 'Joey' or 'Listen Up', with Jason Alexander.

'Father Of The Pride' has made me laugh out loud every episode.

Been getting through 'Lost' by talking back to the TV like a midnight showing of 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'.  "Here comes the sushi chef."  "Paging Dr. Moreau."  "That dog'll be back."  And wondering why 'thong-girl' chose that particular garment for a long, long flight, and did she pack a crow-bar.

Tonight, Thursday:

CBS opens the night on the East Coast with a FRESH 'Survivor: Vanuatu', followed by the LIVE 'Joint Appearance - er, 'Debate'.
On the left coat, the night opens early with the LIVE 'Joint Appearance - er, 'Debate', followed by the FRESH 'Survivor: Vanuatu', then a RERUN 'NCIS', followed by an hour of local crap.
Scheduled on a FRESH Dave are John Travolta, 39-year-old college football player Tim Frisby, and Pearl Jam.
Scheduled on a FRESH 'Craiggers' with guest host Ana Gasteyer are Jennifer Coolidge, Rhona Mitra, and Crosby & Nash.

NBC begins the night on the East Coast with a FRESH 'Joey', followed by a FRESH 'Will & Grace', then the LIVE 'Joint Appearance - er, 'Debate'.
On the left coast, the night begins early with the LIVE 'Joint Appearance - er, 'Debate', followed by a FRESH 'Joey', then a FRESH 'Will & Grace', followed by an hour of local crap, then a throw-away 'Dateline'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Leno are David Spade, Al Franken, and Peter Cincotti.
Scheduled on a FRESH Conan are James Spader, Kenny Holtz & Spencer Rice.
Scheduled on a FRESH Carson Daly are Wanda Sykes, Lewis Black, and Senses Fail.

ABC starts the night on the East Coast with a FRESH 'Extreme Makeover', followed by the LIVE 'Joint Appearance - er, 'Debate'.
On the left coast the night starts early with the LIVE 'Joint Appearance - er, 'Debate', followed by the FRESH 'Extreme Makeover', then 2 hours of local crap.
Scheduled on a FRESH Jimmy Kimmel are Marcia Cross, Steve Harvey, and Dr. Franklin Ruehl.

The WB offers a FRESH 'Blue Collar TV', followed by a RERUN 'Blue Collar TV', then a RERUN 'One Tree Hill'.

Faux has the LIVE 'Joint Appearance - er, 'Debate' filling primetime on the East Coast. After the LIVE 'Joint Appearance - er, 'Debate' the left coast gets 2 hours of filler crap.

UPN fills the night with 'WWE Smackdown!'.

A&E has 'American Justice', 'Cold Case Files', and 'First 48'.

AMC offers the movie 'Jaws: The Revenge', followed by the movie 'Escape From New York' (Kurt Russell version), then the movie 'Ther Terminator'.

BBC  -   
 [2pm] 'As Time Goes By' - Episode 5;
 [2:40pm] 'Are You Being Served?' - No Sale;
 [3:20pm] 'Keeping Up Appearances' - Episode 8;
 [4pm] 'The Saint' - The Gadic Collection;
 [5pm] 'The Weakest Link' - Episode 47;
 [6pm] 'BBC World News';
 [6:30pm] 'Cash in the Attic' - Hayes: Barbour;
 [7pm] 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' - Party Political Broadcast;
 [7:40pm] 'The Young Ones' - Episode 6;
 [8:20pm] 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' - Whither Canada?;
 [9pm] 'Trailer Park Boys' - Episode 7;
 [9:30pm] 'Little Britain' - Episode 5;
 [10pm] 'The Office' - Episode 3;
 [10:40pm] 'Brilliant!' - Episode 2;
 [11pm] 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' - Party Political Broadcast;
 [11:40pm] 'The Young Ones' - Episode 6;
 [12:20am] 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' - Whither Canada?;
 [1am] 'The Office' - Episode 3;
 [1:40am] 'Brilliant!' - Episode 2;
 [2am] 'Trailer Park Boys' - Episode 7;
 [2:30am] 'Little Britain' - Episode 5;
 [3am] 'The Office' - Episode 3;
 [3:40am] 'Brilliant!' - Episode 2;
 [4am] 'Trailer Park Boys' - Episode 7;
 [4:30am] 'Little Britain' - Episode 5;
 [5am] 'The Office' - Episode 3;
 [5:40am] 'Brilliant!' - Episode 2;
 [6am] 'BBC World News'.    (ALL TIMES EDT)

Bravo has 'West Wing', 'Queer Eye', and 'Celebrity Poker Showdown'.

Comedy Central has 'MAD TV', 'Crank Yankers', 'Reno 911!', 'South Park', and 'Insomniac'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Jon Stewart are Rudolph 'The Philanderer' Giuliani and Wesley Clark.

History has 'Modern Marvels', 'The St. Valentine's Day Massacre', and 'Hooked: Illegal Drugs & How They Got That Way'.

IFC  -   
 [6AM] 'Cold Comfort Farm' (1995);
 [8AM] 'The Thin Blue Line' (1988);
 [9:45AM] Short: 'Blink Of Paradise' (2000);
 [10AM] 'Year Of The Horse' (1997);
 [12PM] 'Dinner Rush' (2000);
 [1:45PM] 'At The Angelika #88' (2004);
 [2:15PM] 'The Thin Blue Line' (1988);
 [4PM] 'Year Of The Horse' (1997);
 [6PM] 'IFC In Theaters';
 [6:15PM] 'Dinner Rush' (2000);
 [8PM] 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' (1984);
 [9:45PM] 'Wes Craven's New Nightmare' (1994);
 [11:45PM] 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' (1984);
 [1:30AM] 'Wes Craven's New Nightmare' (1994);
 [3:30AM] 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' (1984);
 [5:15AM] 'IFC In Theaters';
 [5:30AM] 'At The Angelika #88' (2004).    (ALL TIMES EDT)

SciFi has the movie 'Highlander: Endgame', followed by the movie 'Escape From L.A.'.

Sundance  -   
 [7AM] 'The Al Franken Show' (09/29/04) (Feature);
 [8AM] 'The Hours' (Feature);
 [10AM] 'John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk' (Documentary);
 [11:35AM] 'Karmen Gei' (World Cinema);
 [1PM] 'Scotland, PA.' (Feature);
 [2:45PM] 'Branson: Musicland USA' (Short);
 [3PM] 'Prom Fight: The Marc Hall Story' (Documentary);
 [4PM] 'Shorts Program 119' (Short);
 [5PM] 'The Last Detail' (Feature);
 [6:45PM] 'Function at the Junction' (Short);
 [7PM] 'The Hours' (Feature);
 [9PM] 'Taxi Driver' (Feature);
 [11PM] 'Anatomy of a Scene: Off the Map' (Original Production);
 [11:30PM] 'The Al Franken Show' (09/30/04) (Feature);
 [12:30AM] 'Dressed to Kill' (Feature);
 [2:30AM] 'The Al Franken Show' (09/30/04) (Feature);
 [3:30AM] 'The Last Picture Show' (Feature);
 [5:40AM] 'Prom Fight: The Marc Hall Story' (Documentary).    (ALL TIMES EDT)

TCM continues with more Myrna Loy til mid-afternoon.
 [6:45am]    'Consolation Marriage' (1931);
 [8:15am]    'The Barbarian' (1933);
 [9:45am]    'Lonelyhearts' (1958);
 [11:30am]    'The Ambassador's Daughter' (1956);
 [1:30pm]    'Midnight Lace' (1960);

 [3:30pm]    'Night Must Fall' (1937);
 [5:30pm]    'They Drive by Night' (1940);
 [7:30pm]    'Festival of Shorts #34' (2000);
 [8pm]    'The Train Robbers' (1973);
 [10pm]    'Legend of the Lost' (1957);
 [12am]    'The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad' (1973);
 [2am]    'Treasure Island' (1934);
 [4am]    'Green Fire' (1955) .    (ALL TIMES EDT)

Friday  -  10/01

TCM pays tribute all day to a matinee idol of the B movies, Dick Foran, the Singing Cowboy.
 [6am]    'Treachery Rides The Range' (1936);
 [7am]    'Song of the Saddle' (1936);
 [8:15am]    'Trailin' West' (1936);
 [9:30am]    'Guns Of The Pecos' (1937);
 [10:45am]    'Empty Holsters' (1937);
 [12pm]    'Land Beyond The Law' (1937);
 [1pm]    'Blazing Sixes' (1937);
 [2pm]    'The Devil's Saddle Legion' (1937);
 [3pm]    'Cherokee Strip' (1937);
 [4pm]    'The California Mail' (1936);
 [5pm]    'Prairie Thunder' (1937);

 [6pm]    'The Lusty Men' (1952);
 [8pm]    'The Mask Of Dimitrios' (1944);
 [10pm]    'Casablanca' (1942);
 [12am]    'The Maltese Falcon' (1941);
 [2am]    'A Woman's Face' (1938);
 [4am]    'All Through The Night' (1942).    (ALL TIMES EDT)

Any opinions?

Or reviews?

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213's Snoop Dogg, left, Warren G and Nate Dogg pose for photographs during arrivals to the BET Comedy Awards at the Pasadena Civic Center in Pasadena, Calif., Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2004.
Photo by Ann Johansson


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Moose & Squirrel - The Blog


Lambast Bush

Green Day

One of the biggest role models from the "I don't care" era has done a complete 180-degree turn.

Using their famous three-chord melodies, the spiky-haired trio Green Day have been lambasting resident George W. Bush.

"It was a little hipper to be apathetic (back then)," says singer-guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong. "Right now, it's more about facing danger. That's what growing up is all about."

But why the sudden interest in politics?

"It's unavoidable. Being in the United States right now, what's been going on the past couple of years ..." Armstrong said with a shrug.

"I've gotten most of my education through music whether it's the Dead Kennedys or Clash records or just something like the Replacements," he said. "Music can make a difference in people's lives. It's not just there for entertainment."

Green Day


'Punks' Iowa Town

William Shatner

Riverside has been "punk'd" by William Shatner, aka "Star Trek" Capt. James T. Kirk, and Spike TV.

Riverside considers itself the "future birthplace" of Capt. Kirk, commander of the starship USS Enterprise in the '60s "Star Trek" series. The town holds an annual TrekFest, which includes a parade with people dressed as "Star Trek" characters and public showings of the "Star Trek" episodes.

Shatner had been shooting scenes in Riverside for what he said was a low-budget, sci-fi movie titled, "Invasion Iowa."

On Tuesday night, he invited residents to view scenes that he'd been directing in and around town for a week.

Shatner thanked some 800 people who turned out for the gathering and then revealed the filming had been for a new reality show on Spike TV about a small town playing host to a Hollywood film shoot. The show is set to debut next year.

To soften the blow, Shatner announced that he and his co-producers were donating $100,000 to the city to be used for community projects. The cast and crew also passed the hat and collected $12,000 for the Riverside Elementary School Book Fund.

William Shatner


Debbie Harry, lead singer for the band Blondie, performs 'Rapture,' during the WomenRock! Lifetime Televsion fifth annual concert Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2004, in Los Angeles. The concert is dedicated to raising awareness of the fight against breast cancer.
Photo by Steve Granitz


Fox Orders Pilot

Barenaked Ladies

Fox Broadcasting Co. has ordered a pilot for a variety show starring the Barenaked Ladies that will feature the playful rock group performing music and comedy skits along with guest actors.

The Canadian band, known for writing upbeat songs with quirky lyrics and engaging their audiences with onstage banter, will have plenty of leeway to ad-lib on the show, tentatively titled, "The Barenaked Ladies Variety Show."

All of the band members - Steven Page, Jim Creeggan, Ed Robertson, Kevin Hearn and Tyler Stewart - will perform.

Barenaked Ladies


Talker Is Halted

'Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn'

The Comedy Central late-night series "Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn" has likely reached the end of its run.

Production on new episodes will be suspended when the series goes on a previously scheduled hiatus at the end of November. "The future of the show will be determined at that time," a spokesman for the channel said.

"Quinn" has been holding onto only about half of the audience tuning in to its 11 p.m. lead-in, "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart." "Daily," which is red-hot as of late, coming off a pair of Emmy wins and record ratings during the political conventions, has averaged 1.1 million total viewers this year through Sept. 9, while "Quinn" has averaged 537,000 by the same measure.

'Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn'



In The Kitchen With BartCop & Friends


To Receive Honorary Degree

Marilyn Horne

Opera star Marilyn Horne will return to her hometown to receive an honorary degree from the University of Pittsburgh-Bradford.

The 70-year-old diva was born and raised in Bradford and on Friday will become the first person to receive an honorary degree from the satellite campus.

Horne served as honorary chairwoman of a $3.4 million fund-raising drive for Blaisdell Hall, the school's new fine arts and communication arts building.

Marilyn Horne


Nadia Mc Caffrey speaks to the press during a press conference in Washington, D.C., September 29, 2004. Nadia lost her son Patrick Mc Caffrey in an ambush in June 22, 2004. Standing behind her from left to right are, Al Zappala, who lost his son Army Sergeant Sherwood Baker, the first Pennsylvania National Guardsman killed in action (Iraq) since WWII, Raphael Zappala, younger brother of Sherwood Baker, Deane Little, Carly Sheehan, Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son Army Specialist Casey Sheehan in an ambush April 4, 2004 and Dede Miler, Aunt to Casey Sheehan.
Photo by Mannie Garcia


'Bill Clinton Should Resolve World's Wars'

Libya Says...

Libya offered some colourful ideas for reforming the United Nations, including moving the General Assembly to Geneva and letting Bill Clinton resolve the world's conflicts and wars.

Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi, never shy about putting forward visionary proposals, also wants his nation to have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, Libyan Foreign Minister Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalghem said.

Kadhafi also wants the establishment of a "committee of wise men" to settle the world's conflicts and called on the United Nations to pass a resolution in support of his idea, Shalghem said.

The committee would be comprised of three former presidents -- Clinton of the United States, Mikhail Gorbachev of the now-defunct Soviet Union and Nelson Mandela from South Africa.

Libya Says...


Suffers Stroke in Texas

Richard Avedon

Famed portrait photographer Richard Avedon has suffered a brain hemorrhage while on assignment for the New Yorker magazine in Texas and has been hospitalized, a spokeswoman for the magazine said on Wednesday.

Spokeswoman Perri Dorset said Avedon, 81, suffered the stroke on Saturday while shooting an essay on democracy that was set to run shortly before the November U.S. presidential election.

His condition was guarded and Dorset said, "We're waiting for more information."

Richard Avedon


(formerly 'The Vidiot')


Pleads No Contest

Robert Conrad

"Wild Wild West" star Robert Conrad could go to jail now that he's pleaded no contest to drunken driving charges stemming from an alleged traffic crash in March 2003.

He struck a deal with authorities to plead no contest if they dropped two other charges.

Police said Conrad crashed into another car after drifting into the wrong lane near his rural Calaveras County home in the Sierra foothills. The accident hurt Conrad, his passenger and the other driver.

Robert Conrad


Protesters picket outside a Boston bar during a campaign visit by resident Bush's daughters Jenna and Barbara for young Republicans, Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2004.
Photo by Charles Krupa


New Met Opera Host for Radio Series

Margaret Juntwait

The Metropolitan Opera has named Margaret Juntwait as the new announcer for the opera's Saturday afternoon radio broadcast series.

Juntwait succeeds Peter Allen, who retired in May after 29 years of broadcasting the program. She is only the third regular announcer for the broadcast series, which dates back to 1931, and the first woman to take the position. Her appointment was announced Tuesday by the opera's general manager, Joseph Volpe.

Juntwait is a classical music radio host at WNYC New York Public Radio. She has previously worked for the Met, including as a standby announcer for Allen for the past several years.

Margaret Juntwait

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2 Dudes


Will Be Shot in Brooklyn

'The Producers'

Mel Brooks will shoot the film version of his hit Broadway musical "The Producers" at a new movie studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Brooks, a Brooklyn native, said new financial incentives and his love of New York helped persuade him to shoot at the recently opened Steiner Studios.

"The Producers: The Movie Musical" will star Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. The $45 million production will begin shooting in late February, Brooks said Tuesday at a press conference at Steiner Studios.

'The Producers'


Leaving Restaurant

Rocco DiSpirito

Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito, who rose to national prominence in the reality TV series "The Restaurant" only to see the venture dissolve in legal acrimony with his partners, is leaving his other restaurant.

As of next week, DiSpirito, 37, will step down as executive chef at Union Pacific, the Gramercy Park restaurant where he first gained notoriety after it opened in 1997, DiSpirito and his partners said Tuesday. The restaurant will close at the end of the year.

Rocco DiSpirito


Singer-actor Randy Travis smiles as he touches his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame during dedication ceremonies in Los Angeles' Hollywood district Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2004. Travis has been a prominent voice in country music for nearly 20 years and has won numerous Grammy and other awards, and has appeared in several feature and television movies and series.
Photo by Reed Saxon


Donating College Speaking Fee

Donald Trump

Donald Trump's $200,000 speaking fee raised eyebrows when it was revealed by the University at Buffalo, which had never before shelled out as much for a guest.

But the billionaire said that's not why he intends to give it away to charity. He said he does it all the time.

"I give it all away," Trump told The Buffalo News. "Every time I make a speech, I give it away. That's one of the reasons I make speeches. I like giving away money to worthy charities. I get a lot of money, and it is not hard for me to speak, and it works out well."

Donald Trump



In Memory

Scott 'The Professor' Muni

Disc jockey Scott Muni, the gravelly-voiced radio host whose encyclopedic knowledge of rock 'n' roll made him "The Professor" to three generations of New York listeners, has died at 74.

Muni, who spent nearly 50 years on air in the nation's No. 1 radio market, died Tuesday. He had suffered a stroke earlier this year, but the cause of his death was not immediately known, said Josefa Paganuzzi, spokeswoman for Clear Channel New York.

Muni's last gig was an hour-long afternoon show on New York classic rock station Q104.3, where he landed in 1998. He also hosted many nationally syndicated programs during his career, including "Scott Muni's World of Rock" and the Beatles-oriented "Ticket to Ride."

Known to his listeners as "The Professor" or "Scottso," Muni was renowned for his interviews with artists such as Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Pete Townshend and Springsteen.

In one of his more memorable encounters, Muni was speaking with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page when the musician suddenly collapsed to the floor in mid-sentence, wiped out by days of partying. The unflappable Muni simply put on a record, woke Page up, and conducted the rest of the interview with the guitarist lying on the studio floor.

Muni was born in Wichita, Kan., and raised in New Orleans. His broadcasting career started in the Marines. He could be heard on Radio Guam reading "Dear John" letters sent to his fellow servicemen.

Back in the United States, he replaced Alan Freed in Akron, Ohio, before arriving in New York City in the late '50s as one of WMCA-AM's "Good Guys," serving up Top 40 fare. He switched to rival WABC-AM in 1960, and was there during the height of Beatlemania.

But it was when he switched over to the new world of FM that Muni found his perfect place on the radio dial. He arrived at WNEW in 1967, helping create one of the nation's first and longest-lasting alternative stations.

In addition to his radio work, Muni asked, "How do you spell relief?" in a Rolaids commercial. He also did promotional announcements for ABC's "Monday Night Football."

Scott 'The Professor' Muni


A duck swims in one of the ponds in central St. Petersburg, September 29, 2004.
Photo by Alexander Demianchuk

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Welcome !

You have reached the Home page of BartCop Entertainment.
Make yourself home, take your shoes off...
Go ahead, scratch it if it itches.

The idea is to have fun.

Do you have something to say?
Anything that increased your blood pressure, or, even better, amused or entertained?

Do you have a great album no one's heard?
How about a favorite TV show, movie, book, play, cartoon, or legal amusement?
A popular artist that just plain pisses you off?
A box set the whole world should own?
Vile, filthy rumors about Republican musicians?
Just plain vile, filthy rumors?
This is your place.

(In other words, submissions are welcome.)

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