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Recommended Reading

from Bruce

Paul Krugman: Bad Narratives (NY Times Blog)
Every time we have a presidential election, I (and many others) find ourselves marveling at the way much of the news media settles on a narrative, and holds to that narrative no matter how much evidence accumulates that it's wrong.

A.N. Wilson: The secrets of Dante's marriage (Spectator)
Dante's wife Gemma was not the shrew of legend, and may even have been the recipient of one of his most moving Canzone, according to Marco Santagata's indispensible biography of the poet.

Daniel Engber: Don't Run a Marathon (Slate)
You have better things to do.

Film Review: Apocalypse is the worst X-Men movie yet (BBC)
Although the last instalments of the mutant saga were widely praised, X-Men: Apocalypse has lost the plot, writes Nicholas Barber.

Alice in Wonderland's Hidden Messages (BBC)
Is Lewis Carroll's tale really about sex, drugs, and colonialism? Some say yes. Others argue it's about eating disorders or the Wars of the Roses. Hephzibah Anderson takes a look.

Katherine Brodsky: Dick Van Dyke and Carl Reiner on pushing 100, charming the FBI and falling in love again (The Guardian)
The Hollywood legends may be in their 90s, but they're all fired up. Carl trolls Trump, Dick still dances on rooftops - and they both want a gay president.

Michael Atkinson: Pépé le moko (Criterion)
But Pépé le Moko's primary fuel is Gabin himself, the epitome of movie star vibrancy. (Balin's cavern-voiced fashion queen is relatively tame, but Line Noro, as Pépé's discarded Algerian girl-toy Inès, is a magnificently wild-eyed tigress.) Gabin was almost Garbo-like in his ability to anchor our attention without moving a muscle; in this, as critic David Thomson says, he is "a knowing listener more than a speaker, anticipatory rather than active."

Roger Ebert: Touchez Pas au Grisbi (A Great Movie)
Growing older is a balancing act between skills that have never been better, and abilities that sometimes betray. At 50, Max the Liar has never possessed more wisdom about his profession of burglary. But he no longer cares to make the effort, and his dream is to salt away 96 kilos in gold bars that have been stolen at Orly Airport. Then he will retire. Max is a solid, well-groomed, impeccably dressed, flawlessly polite man whose code is so deeply embedded that he never refers to it, even indirectly. During the course of three days, he uses all of his wisdom and experience to make his dream come true, and it is almost enough.

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Throwback Thursday Trivia Question of the Day

What are the names of these cartoon characters from Hanna-Barbera Productions?


Send your answer to Marty

Trivia Question from Yesterday

She has sold more than 68 million records throughout her career and was dubbed the First Lady of the British Invasion. What is her name?

       Petula Clark                                                      Source

Petula Sally Olwen Clark, CBE (born 15 November 1932) is an English singer, actress andcomposer whose career has spanned seven decades.

Clark's professional career began as an entertainer on BBC Radio during World War II. During the 1950s she started recording in French and having international success in both French and English, with such songs as "The Little Shoemaker", "Baby Lover", "With All My Heart" and "Prends Mon Cœur". During the 1960s she became known globally for her popular upbeat hits, including "Downtown", "I Know a Place", "My Love", "A Sign of the Times", "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love", "Colour My World", "This Is My Song" and "Don't Sleep in the Subway". The timing and popularity of these songs caused Clark to be dubbed the First Lady of the British Invasion. She has sold more than 68 million records throughout her career.        Source

Alan J was first and correct with:
   Petula Clark.

Sandra in Maine said:
   petula clark, of course!

Jim from CA, retired to ID, wrote:
   Petula Clark

Adam answered:
   Lulu? Petula Clark?
  ...Dusty Springfield??? The Googles won't say...!

Deborah responded:
   Is it Petula Clark? It surely isn't Adele (although she's pretty famous herself).
  Triple digits again today. Summer came fast.

John I from Hawai`i says,
   "Petula Clark."

Marian replied:
   Petula Clark

George M. wrote:
   Marty, the correct answer is Petula Clark!

Dale of Diamond Springs, Norhotcali said:
   Petula Clark…wonder if Mick or Keith took her downtown…another 93F. day today…das endes!

Kevin K. in Washington, DC replied:
   Gotta be Petula Clark.

Lois Of Oregon answered:
   As you know, it is my life's work to amass a visual library of Celebrities "flipping the bird". Petula Clark was so sweet and wholesome, she simply couldn't flip the bird! She TRIED, but her inner child would not allow it. Thankfully, today we have outer childs that will take up the gauntlet and flip birds FOR HER!!! And for US!!!

DJ Useo responded:
   Well, at first I was thinking Lulu, or Dusty Springfield, but luckily, my beloved wife told me the correct answer was Petula Clark. Thanks, Patricia!

MAM   wrote:
   Petula Clark ~ In 1965, made her debut appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show performing "Downtown". A popular guest, made 13 appearances on the Sullivan show.

  Petula Clark Downtown. original version

Randall took the day off.

mj took the day off.

Joe S     took the day off.

BttbBob   has returned to semi-retired status.

  June 2 Birthdays - Celebrities Born June 2 | Famous Birthdays

Sally has retired.



Middle Class Political Economist

Now a Blogger-Columnist at US News and World Reports "Economic Intelligence"



Reader Suggestion

Michelle in AZ

North America far off from ocean preservation targets, report finds | Environment | The Guardian

Coral bleaching spreads to Maldives, devastating spectacular reefs | Environment | The Guardian

So you're lost in the wilderness - these tips could save your life | Travel | The Guardian

Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday

Teacher Gives Racist Math Quiz About 'Pimps,' 'Ho's' And Drug Deals

Egyptian teenager dies after illegal genital mutilation -

40 Dead Tiger Cubs Found In Freezer At Thai Buddhist Temple : The Two-Way : NPR

Can Planting More Milkweed Save Monarch Butterflies? It's Complicated : The Salt : NPR

Why History Matters: The 1967 Six-Day War

Thanks, Michelle!



David E Suggests

The Future of Lighting

The Future of Lighting is LED (Infographic) - Britelite Direct


Thanks, Dave!



Gare Says...

Firming It Up With the Stars


Hello friends and folks, This is a column about eating better and getting it going for summer. Not as boring as it sounds....LOL. I think it's got some good stuff that's not so enlarging!

Click it. Read it. Share it. If you dare......

Thank you,

Gare G

Thanks, Gare!



from Marc Perkel

Patriot Act

Patriot Act NSA Spying Unconstitutional Section 215 National Security Letters Must End

My name is Marc Perkel and I have decided to announce that I will not comply with the so called "Patriot Act" laws requiring me to disclose information about my customers. If I receive a national security letter I will immediately photograph it, post it online everywhere I can, and then make a video of me burning it. I will then await my arrest. If you want to put me in jail then come get me mother fucker.

Come Get Me Mother Fucker | Putting and end to NSA government Spying





Selected Readings

from that Mad Cat, JD









Visit JD's site - Kitty Litter Music


In The Chaos Household

Last Night

Marine layer is thinning out.

Tonight, Thursday:

CBS opens the night with a RERUN 'Big Bang Theory', followed by a RERUN 'Life In Pieces', then a RERUN 'Mom', followed by a RERUN 'The Gawd-Awful Odd Couple', then a RERUN 'Code Black'.
On a RERUN Stephen Colbert (from 4/21/16) are Tom Hanks, Leslie Odom Jr., the Strumbellas, and Roy Haynes.
On a RERUN James Corden, OBE, (from 4/26/16) are Ice Cube, Tony Hale, and Maisie Williams.

NBC begins the night with a FRESH 'Strong', followed by a FRESH 'Game Of Silence', then another FRESH 'Game Of Silence'.
On a RERUN Jimmy Fallon (from 5/4/16) are Jeremy Renner, Fran Lebowitz, and Grimes.
On a RERUN Seth Meyers (from 4/28/16) are Iggy Azalea, Larry Wilmore, and Will Calhoun.
On a RERUN Carson 'The Scab' Daly (from 5/9/16) are Stephen Amell, Empress Of, and Selema Masekela.

ABC fills the night with LIVE '2016 NBA Finals', then pads the left coast with local crap.
Scheduled on a FRESH Jimmy Kimmel are Will Arnett and Snoop Dogg.

The CW offers a RERUN 'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow', followed by a RERUN 'Beauty & The Beast'.

Faux has a FRESH 'Bones', followed by a FRESH 'American Grit'.

MY has 'TMZ (Not So) Live', followed by 'Hollywood Today (Not So) Live'.

A&E has a RERUN 'Roots' (part 3), followed by a FRESH 'Roots' (part 4).

AMC offers the movie 'Black Hawk Down', followed by the movie 'The Matrix'.

BBC  -   
 [6:00AM]    TOP GEAR - SEASON 16 - Episode 5
 [7:00AM]    TOP GEAR - SEASON 16 - Episode 6
 [8:00AM]    TOP GEAR - SEASON 16 - Episode 1
 [4:00PM]    STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - SEASON 3 - EPISODE 14-A Matter of Perspective
 [5:00PM]    STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - SEASON 3 - EPISODE 15-Yesterday's Enterprise
 [7:00PM]    STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - SEASON 3 - EPISODE 17-Sins of the Father
 [10:00PM]    ORPHAN BLACK - SEASON 4 - EPISODE 8-The Redesign of Natural Objects
 [11:00PM]    AFTER THE BLACK - SEASON 4 - Episode 8
 [11:30PM]    THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW - SEASON 19 - Episode 10
 [3:00AM]    ORPHAN BLACK - SEASON 4 - EPISODE 8-The Redesign of Natural Objects

Bravo has 'Million Dollar Listing NY', another 'Million Dollar Listing NY', followed by a FRESH 'Million Dollar Listing NY', then a FRESH 'Odd Mom Out'.

Comedy Central has 'Key & Peele', another 'Key & Peele', still another 'Key & Peele', an old 'Tosh.0', another old 'Tosh.0', still another old 'Tosh.0', followed by a FRESH 'Inside Amy Schumer', and another 'Inside Amy Schumer'.
On a RERUN The Daily Show (from 5/24/16) is Katie Couric.
On a RERUN The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore (from 5/12/16) is Audra McDonald.
On a RERUN @Midnight (from 5/10/16) are Hari Kondabolu, James Adomian, and Marc Maron.

FX has the movie 'World War Z', followed by the movie 'Ride Along', then a FRESH 'Archer', and another 'Archer'.

History has a RERUN 'Roots' (part 3), followed by a FRESH 'Roots' (part 4).

IFC  -   
 [6:00AM]    THE MONKEES-Royal Flush
 [6:35AM]    THE MONKEES-Monkee See, Monkee Die
 [7:10AM]    THE MONKEES-Monkee vs. Machine
 [10:15AM]    THE MARINE
 [12:15PM]    PARKER
 [5:30PM]    END OF WATCH
 [11:00PM]    END OF WATCH
 [4:30AM]    MARON-The 13th Step
 [5:00AM]    MARON-Marc in Florida
 [5:30AM]    MARON-Sobriety Bush    (ALL TIMES EDT)

Sundance  -   
 [6:00AM]    Close Up With The Hollywood Reporter-Drama Showrunners
 [7:00AM]    Nebraska
 [9:26AM]    Cleverman-Episode 1
 [10:31AM]    Cloverfield
 [12:31PM]    The Bone Collector
 [3:00PM]    Law & Order-Formerly Famous
 [4:00PM]    Law & Order-The Fire This Time
 [5:00PM]    Law & Order-3 Dawg Night
 [6:00PM]    Law & Order-Prejudice
 [7:00PM]    Law & Order-The Collar
 [8:00PM]    Law & Order-Undercovered
 [9:00PM]    Law & Order-DR 1-102
 [10:00PM]    Law & Order-Missing
 [11:00PM]    Law & Order-Access Nation
 [12:00AM]    Law & Order-Girl Most Likely
 [1:00AM]    Law & Order-Equal Rights
 [2:00AM]    Say Anything
 [4:15AM]    Thirteen    (ALL TIMES EDT)

SyFy has the movie 'The Mummy Returns', followed by the movie 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', then the movie 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret Of The Ooze'.

On a RERUN Conan (from 3/2/16) are Sacha Baron Cohen, Jimmy Pardo, and Parquet Courts.

 [7:45 AM]      The Lower Depths (1957)    [AKA: 'Donzoko']
 [10:15 AM]      High Tide at Noon (1957)
 [12:00 PM]      Hell Drivers (1958)
 [1:45 PM]      Brass Target (1978)
 [3:45 PM]      The Quare Fellow (1962)
 [5:15 PM]      Ice Station Zebra (1968)
 [8:00 PM]      Show Boat (1936)
 [10:00 PM]      Rose Marie (1936)
 [12:00 AM]      Good News (1947)
 [1:45 AM]      Irene (1940)
 [3:45 AM]      Cabin in the Sky (1943)
 [5:30 AM]      Little Nellie Kelly (1940)     (ALL TIMES EDT)

Friday   -  06/03/16

TCM spends most of the night with films written and/or directed by Billy Wilder
 [7:15 AM]      On the Town (1949)
 [9:00 AM]      Naughty Marietta (1935)
 [11:00 AM]      On Your Toes (1939)
 [12:45 PM]      Girl Crazy (1943)
 [2:30 PM]      Some Like It Hot (1959)
 [4:45 PM]      Spartacus (1960)
 [8:00 PM]      The Major and the Minor (1942)
 [10:00 PM]      Five Graves to Cairo (1943)
 [12:00 AM]      Double Indemnity (1944)
 [2:00 AM]      The Lost Weekend (1945)

 [4:00 AM]      Days of Wine and Roses (1962)    (ALL TIMES EDT)

Antenna TV - Johnny Carson (from May 21, 1987) - Eddie Murphy, Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Leeves, and Teresa Gazel.

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L-R: Musicians Tim Commerford, Chuck D, Brad Wilk, B-Real and Tom Morello of Prophets of Rage perform at Whisky a Go Go on May 31, 2016 in West Hollywood, California.


The Sideshow - by Avedon Carol


Use By Adults


Other than being at an increased risk of gum disease, people who smoked marijuana for up to 20 years during adulthood were generally as healthy as people who didn't light up, according to a new study.

The same researchers had previously found that marijuana users were at higher risk of cognitive decline and descent into lower social and economic strata, but the new study suggests the same isn't true for physical health.

"The only measures that seemed to indicate any really serious health problem was periodontal disease," said senior author Terrie Moffitt, of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

For the new study, the researchers studied 1,037 people born in New Zealand in 1972 and 1973. Participants were tracked from age 3 to age 38.

The researchers did not find a link between marijuana use in adulthood and poor physical health for a number of conditions, including lung function, systemic inflammation, metabolic health, blood pressure and body mass index (BMI), which is a measure of weight in relation to height.



Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg discusses the food traditions of the Supreme Court at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington, Wednesday, June 1, 2016.
Photo by Cliff Owen


New Praying Mantis Honors

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

For the first time, scientists have used the genitals of female praying mantises to formally distinguish one species from another. And using this novel technique, they've identified a previously unknown creature: Ilomantis ginsburgae. The lovely new mantis is named in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, for her efforts toward achieving gender equality and her love of the jabot - otherwise known as that ruffly neck thingy.

The researchers behind the new species say that its neck plate resembles Ginsburg's favorite neckwear, but bear in mind that scientists have compared the golden butt hairs of a fly to Beyoncé's rear end and the mouth of a fossilized ancient swamp pig to Mick Jagger's luscious lips. Point being: If you want to honor your favorite celebrity by naming a new species after them (which, by the way, is totally allowed, scientifically speaking) you can probably come up with some physical "similarity" between the two to strengthen your case and keep your co-authors from arguing with you. Ergo, jabot.

Ilomantis ginsburgae isn't particularly noteworthy, in the realm of praying mantises. The species was identified using a specimen collected in 1967 in Madagascar. Like other leaf-dwelling praying mantises, the species is green, with a flattened body, conical eyes and broad wings that look like veiny leaves.

But its identification was a little more special - because the researchers relied on its genitals.

"As a feminist biologist, I often questioned why female specimens weren't used to diagnose most species," Sydney Brannoch, a Case Western Reserve University PhD candidate, said in a statement. Along with Gavin Svenson, who oversees her research at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Brannoch recently published research on this technique in Insect Systematics & Evolution. They studied 30 female specimens from different museum collections, noting distinguishing genital characteristics and using them to distinguish species, then compared the results of their technique to more traditional methods.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Newhead News


Extends AC/DC Career

Axl Rose

Hard rock greats AC/DC on Wednesday extended their new incarnation with singer Axl Rose, announcing 10 shows in the United States.

The Guns N' Roses frontman joined the Australian rockers on an ongoing European tour that started last month after Brian Johnson, the band's singer since 1980, was told by doctors he risked permanent hearing damage if he kept performing.

The US shows will now end on September 20 in Philadelphia, which the veteran band said would be the last date of its marathon "Rock or Bust" tour that began at the Coachella festival in California in April 2015.

Rose, 54, who has largely been embraced by AC/DC fans, has left open whether he has become a permanent member of AC/DC or if he is just filling in.

Rose, acclaimed for his unique voice that can glide through a soaring range, will have little break in coming months as he will tour with Guns N' Roses in between the European and US stints with AC/DC.

Axl Rose


Beyonce performs during the Formation World Tour at Heinz Field on Tuesday, May 31, 2016, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Photo by Daniela Vesco


Dagger Blade Made From Meteorite

King Tut

A famous dagger found in the wrapping of Egyptian King Tutankhamun's mummy was made with iron from a meteorite, a study confirms.

An analysis of the dagger's blade led by Daniela Comelli, a professor of materials science at the Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy, showed that it contains 10 per cent nickel and 0.6 per cent cobalt, the researchers report in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science.

The analysis was conducted using a technique called X-ray fluorescence, which identifies different elements from the characteristic colours of X-ray light they give off when hit with higher-energy X-rays. Then they compared the composition of the dagger's blade with that of 11 metallic meteorites and found it to be very similar.

The dagger was found by archeologist Howard Carter in 1925, three years after he discovered King Tut's tomb. The dagger was in the wrapping surrounding the right thigh of the boy king's mummy. It had a decorated gold handle with a pommel of rock crystal, and the iron blade was protected with a gold sheath decorated with a pattern of lilies on one side, feathers on the other, and a jackal's head, the researchers reported.

The dagger dates back to the 14th century BC and is one of very few iron artifacts ever found from the ancient Egyptian culture, which isn't thought to have developed iron smelting until the 8th century BC - later than neighbouring countries, Comelli told CBC News in an email.

King Tut


Digby's Hullabaloo



T-rump University

Hundreds of pages of Trump University internal documents were released on Tuesday in connection with an ongoing fraud lawsuit against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee's now defunct series of courses on real estate and investing.

The unsealed documents include sales and marketing "playbooks" from 2007 through 2010. Politico, however, published the 2010 playbook in March.

One of the playbooks informed sales people that the last song played before an instructional video in a seminar "should be the Apprentice Theme Song: For the Love of Money by the O'Jays."

The seminar referenced was a free 90-minute presentation open to the public called "Fast Track to Foreclosure."

Sales people were advised to watch the body language of the audience members during the presentation to identify which viewers were "most likely to buy," encourage them to join, and then collect payment.

T-rump University


Singer Ozzy Osbourne performs during the concert of the English rock band Black Sabbath in Papp Laszlo Budapest Sports Arena in Budapest, Hungary, Wednesday, June 1, 2016. The Hungarian capital is another stop of the European farewell tour of the legendary band.
Photo by Balazs Mohai


Publishes National Security Letters


The FBI has been issuing national security letters for decades. The controversial subpoenas, which allow the feds to obtain customer records and transaction data from internet service providers and other companies without a court order, come with a perpetual gag order that prevents recipients from disclosing that they've received an NSL.

Only a small handful of recipients have ever publicly disclosed that they got one from the government, and only after lengthy court battles challenging the subpoenas. But today, Yahoo became the first company to go public about NSLs it has received without needing to duke it out with the feds in court.

That's because last year lawmakers passed the USA Freedom Act, which required the US attorney general to establish guidelines for the FBI to periodically assess when an NSL gag order is no longer necessary, and to lift it when that's the case.

Under those guidelines, the FBI must review gag orders either once an investigation involving an NSL closes or three years after the investigation was opened when the case is still ongoing. At each of these junctures, the FBI must lift the gag order if doing so will not harm the investigation.

Yahoo received letters in 2013 and 2015 and published redacted versions of them today. Two of the NSLs were sent to Yahoo from a special agent in the bureau's Dallas office; the third NSL came from an agent in the bureau's Charlotte, North Carolina office.



Actress Salma Hayek poses for photographers upon arrival at the premiere of the film 'Tale Of Tales' in London, Wednesday, June 1, 2016.
Photo by Jonathan Short


Dancer Freed


A ballet dancer who masterminded an acid attack on the Bolshoi's artistic director has been released on parole after demonstrating "exemplary behaviour" in prison, a court said on Wednesday.

Pavel Dmitrichenko was sentenced to six years in prison in 2013 for orchestrating the attack on artistic director Sergei Filin which left him scarred and partially blind.

But a court in the central Ryazan region approved the dancer's early release, saying he had demonstrated "exemplary behaviour" in prison and had "fully compensated the victim for the damages incurred".

Speaking late on Tuesday, lawyer Sergei Kadyrov told TASS state news agency that his client was already "back home in Moscow".

It was not immediately clear when Dmitrichenko, who had been serving his sentence at a prison camp in Ryazan, was released.



Artists perform during the opening show directed by German director Volker Hesse, on the opening day of the Gotthard rail tunnel, at the fairground at the southern portal in Pollegio, Switzerland, Wednesday, June 1, 2016. The construction of the 57 kilometer long tunnel began in 1999, the breakthrough was in 2010. After the official opening on June 1, the commercial operation will begin in December 2016.
Photo by Gabriele Putzu


Arabic Weather Term Scares Texans


When the U.S. National Weather Service of Lubbock, Texas, posted a photo on Facebook saying "A Haboob is rapidly approaching the Lubbock airport and may affect the city as well," people seemed more concerned with the term "haboob" than the incoming dust

Sharla: In over 50 yrs of my life that had been a sand storm. We live in Texas which is in the US not the middle east

John: Haboob!?! I'm a Texan. Not a foreigner from Iraq or Afghanistan. They might have haboobs but around here in the Panhandle of TEXAS, we have Dust Storms. So would you mind stating it that way. I'll find another weather service

Brenda: In Texas, nimrod, this is called a sandstorm. We've had them for years! If you would like to move to the Middle East you can call this a haboob. While you reside here, call it a sandstorm. We Texans will appreciate you.

A haboob is different than a sandstorm because it's caused by strong thunderstorm winds and can lift dust as high as 5,000, according to AccuWeather .



A Palestinian prepares to fly a kite during a festival organised by El Bireh municipality in the West Bank town of El Bireh June 1, 2016.
Photo by /Mohamad Torokman


Prime-Time Nielsens


Prime-time viewership numbers compiled by Nielsen for May 23-29. Listings include the week's ranking and viewership.

    1. "Dancing With the Stars" (Monday), ABC, 12.34 million.
    2. NBA Playoffs: Golden State at Oklahoma City, Game Six, TNT, 10.81 million.
    3. "The Voice" (Tuesday, 9 p.m.), NBC, 10.59 million.
    4. "Dancing With the Stars" (Tuesday), ABC, 10.49 million.
    5. "The Voice" (Monday), NBC, 10.26 million.
    6. NBA Playoffs: Oklahoma City at Golden State, Game Five, TNT, 10 million.
    7. NBA Playoffs: Golden State at Oklahoma City, Game Four, TNT, 8.63 million.
    8. "The Voice" (Tuesday, 8 p.m.), NBC, 7.61 million.
    9. "The Big Bang Theory," CBS, 7.29 million.
   10. "Law & Order: SVU," NBC, 7.19 million.
   11. "Chicago PD," NBC, 6.88 million.
   12. "Game of Thrones," HBO, 6.71 million.
   13. "The Price is Right - Amazing Race," CBS, 6.67 million.
   14. "The Bachelorette," ABC, 6.63 million.
   15. "60 Minutes," CBS, 6.6 million.
   16. "The Price is Right - Big Brother," CBS, 6.41 million.
   17. Auto Racing: NASCAR Sprint Cup Post-Game, Fox, 6.25 million.
   18. "The Price is Right - Survivor," CBS, 6.22 million.
   19. NBA Playoffs: Cleveland at Toronto, Game Four, ESPN, 6.14 million.
   20. "Blindspot," NBC, 5.85 million.




The San Diego Zoo welcomes a rare red ruffed baby lemur" title="The San Diego Zoo welcomes a rare red ruffed baby lemurm.



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Just plain vile, filthy rumors?

In other words, submissions are welcome.

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