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Recommended Reading

from Bruce

Chris Campion: "Trump's tormentor: Vic Berger, the viral video-maker taking satire into the fake-news age" (The Guardian)
In our topsy-turvy fake-news world, it could almost pass for reality, but this hyperreal scene is the work of Vic Berger, an affable stay-at-home dad of two from the rustbelt town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, who has fast become the internet's satirist-in-chief.

Lindy West: The Stephen Colbert gay joke row is a repulsively cynical ploy by far-right homophobes (The Guardian)
Last week I was a guest on a regional TV talk show where politicians and other public figures in my town discuss civic issues over wine. During the audience Q&A, a man leapt quickly to the mic. His question was succinct and seemingly rehearsed: "What have you done and what do you plan to do to hold to account for his gay joke regarding the relationship between Mr Trump and Mr Putin?"

Garrison Keillor: Trump and the fraternal order of exclusivity (Washington Post)
This guy is in love with the executive order. It fills his insatiable need to be on the front page every day.

Mark Morford: "It's OK to admit it: France just gave the world hope" (SF Gate)
And lo, the world did exhale. Just a little.

Mark Morford: All the ways Republicans want you dead (SF Gate)
Money first. Your life, oh, about 117th.

Prescription Nutrition: Green Revolution (YouTube)
Eat whole plants.

Finns compete in annual hobby horse championship (YouTube)
Hobby horse enthusiasts from all over Finland gathered in Vantaa [] for annual championships.

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Michael Egan

Editorial and Political Cartoons


Throwback Thursday Trivia Question of the Day

What is the name of this devilish comic book character?


Send your answer to Marty

Trivia Question from Yesterday

This Academy-award winning actor, singer, songwriter, record producer and comedian was born Eric Marlon Bishop. What name does he use professionally?

       Jamie Foxx                                                      Source

Eric Marlon Bishop (born December 13, 1967), known professionally by his stage name Jamie Foxx, is an American actor, singer, songwriter, record producer and comedian. He won an Academy Award for Best Actor, BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, for his portrayal of Ray Charles in the 2004 biographical film Ray. The same year, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the crime film Collateral.        Source

Mark. was first and correct with:
   Eric Marlon Bishop is better known as Jamie Foxx, who doesn't look like an Eric to me.

Randall wrote:
   Jamie Foxx

Alan J said:
   Jamie Foxx.

Jim from CA, retired to ID, replied:
   Jamie Foxx

Adam answered:
   Jamie Foxx

Deborah responded:
   I looked this up, since I didn't know off the top of my head: Jamie Foxx.
  SIL and BIL arriving today for a week's visit, so I'll likely be away from my laptop every chance I get. Carry on.

David of Moon Valley said:
   why that's Jamie Foxx!

Billy in Cypress wrote:
   Eric Marlon Bishop is now known as Jamie Foxx. Whereas, CpPDJT-ID, Paul Ryan and the the rest of the republican gang of crooks, racists and bigots are known as "moab", i.e. "murderers of any body" not a white, male, christian millionaire or billionaire.

Kevin K. in Washington, DC replied:
   That would be Jamie Foxx. He took the name in tribute to Redd Foxx.
  PS: I was MIA all last week because I was off the grid rafting through the Grand Canyon, where no wifi or cell coverage could reach me. I highly recommend it.

zorch answered:
   Jamie Foxx

Daniel in The City took the day off.

Gene took the day off.

mj took the day off.

John I from Hawai`i took the day off.

Dale of Diamond Springs, Norcali took the day off.

Joe S     took the day off.

Dave in Tucson took the day off.

Stephen F took the day off.

DJ Useo took the day off.

MAM     took the day off.

Marian took the day off.

BttbBob   has returned to semi-retired status.

  May 11 Birthdays - Celebrities Born May 11 | Famous Birthdays

Sally has retired.




Middle Class Political Economist

Consumer Reports: Obamacare reduced bankruptcy rate

Now a Blogger-Columnist at US News and World Reports "Economic Intelligence"



Reader Suggestion

Michelle in AZ

James Comey fired: calls for special prosecutor after Trump sacks FBI director - live updates | US news | The Guardian

Swap 'Clinton' for 'Trump' to see just how bad the Flynn scandal is | Richard Wolffe | Opinion | The Guardian

Late-night hosts on anti-Trump tone: 'Gee, I wonder why we're so angry' | Culture | The Guardian

WTH! POLITICO: Trump was advised, in firing Comey, by Roger Stone, suspect in FBI investigation

Malcolm Nance connects even more dots

Joe Scarborough has a meltdown over Comey firing

Chaffetz left so he can be the new FBI director

Could the James Comey crisis spur Trump's impeachment? - AOL News

Why Was James Comey Fired? Trump's Suspicious Timing, Convenient Reasoning : NPR

Sessions Interviewing Candidates For Interim FBI Director : NPR

Donald Trump Is Attempting a Coup - We Must Have a Special Prosecutor

BREAKING: Days before being fired, Comey asked Rosenstein for MORE money to investigate Russia/Trump

Trump ain't seen nothing yet. Cue new revelations.

Trump enraged by Russia investigation, screams at TV clips, and asks aides why it won't go away

Timing is everything in the Comey firing-when Trump acted makes all the difference

Trump Just Suffered a Big Defeat on the Environment | Mother Jones

Trump's Firing of Comey Is All About the Russia Inquiry - The New York Times

Video-on-demand TV circa 1953? Just deposit coins in the slot - LA Times

Trump Impeachment Watch: 'Punch the F.B.I.' edition - Notes & Errata by Mark Morford

Dakota Access pipeline has first leak before pipeline is fully operational | US news | The Guardian

Alien: Covenant - why Ridley Scott's facehuggers and chestbursters will never die | Film | The Guardian

Thanks, Michelle!



Reader Comment

Current Events

Cynthia in Alabama shared. Linda says--what a hopeless task.

Oval Office Fumigated After Complaints Of Overwhelming Smell Of Bullshit - Waterford Whispers News

God forbid you ask a question OR laugh!

Journalist Arrested After Yelling Questions at Health Secretary | NBC4 Washington

First, I'd like to flow chart her ass. Next, the Hag says that she's around Lumpy and not under investigation, but she IS under investigation! Not about Russia (one of the FEW around Lumpy not being investigated for Russian ties) but about her PR firm and insurance peddling.

Kellyanne Conway: 'It's Inappropriate' To Question Timing Of Donald Trump Firing James Comey | HuffPost

The Comey debacle is sure to inspire tons of cartoons. The scandals are piling up too fast for the cartoonists to keep up with!

Linda   >^..^<
     We are all only temporarily able bodied.

Thanks, Linda (& Cynthia)!



Bonus Links

Jeannie the Teed-Off Temp

Graduating seniors boo Betsy DeVos at commencement in Florida - POLITICO

DeVos met with protests at historically black college's graduation | TheHill

Senate Intel committee invites Comey to testify next week | TheHill

Humane Society: USDA records on puppy mills missing from website | TheHill

Donald Trump Follows in Nixon's Footsteps - The Atlantic

Behind Comey's firing: An enraged Trump, fuming about Russia - POLITICO

Comey Got 'Uncomfortably Close' To Exposing Trump, Senior Official Says - the daily

Tiffany & Co. Has A Powerful Message For Donald Trump | HuffPost

Jeff Sessions Recused Himself From Russia Inquiry But Was Working On Firing James Comey Anyway | HuffPost

National (US) Poll - May 10, 2017 - U.S. Voters Send Trump Approva | Quinnipiac University Connecticut

Is America a Failing State? | Foreign Policy

Comey learned he was fired from TV, thought it was prank: reports | TheHill

The Firing of James Comey: This Is Not a Drill - The Atlantic

Henry Kissinger visits White House, surprises media with Oval Office photo-op -

West Virginia journalist arrested for asking Health Secretary Tom Price a question -

Why did Trump fire Comey? It's a frantic effort to sidetrack us - and it won't work -

Why is the New York Times running a column to praise Trump? -

Spicer expected at the White House tonight as Sarah Huckabee Sanders 'auditions' for his job: report -

Kellyanne Conway creates alternative reality to defend Trump's firing of Comey -

Americans are witnessing a slow-motion coup -

Dem senator: Sessions must resign over Comey firing | TheHill

Women wear 'Handmaid's Tale' costumes during protest against Texas anti-abortion bills | TheHill

"We can insult; he can injure": Jon Stewart on why comedians can never be as powerful as Trump - Vox

It's not just Comey: the scary past 24 hours in Trump-Russia, explained - Vox

GOP House Leader: Congress Serves At "The Pleasure" Of The President | The Intellectualist

Dakota Access Pipeline Has Already Leaked 84 Gallons Of Oil | HuffPost



Team Coco


Trump Calls Putin To Discuss James Comey

President Trump tells his good friend Pooty that he's hired a new FBI director who's a very good boy.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Science Shouldn't Have To Be Defended

Neil doesn't understand why people have to march to defend the laws of gravity.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson On The Decline Of Math And Science In The U.S.

The United States used to have the biggest telescope in the world, but now you'd have to go to China to communicate with extraterrestrials.



from Marc Perkel

Patriot Act

Patriot Act NSA Spying Unconstitutional Section 215 National Security Letters Must End

My name is Marc Perkel and I have decided to announce that I will not comply with the so called "Patriot Act" laws requiring me to disclose information about my customers. If I receive a national security letter I will immediately photograph it, post it online everywhere I can, and then make a video of me burning it. I will then await my arrest. If you want to put me in jail then come get me mother fucker.

Come Get Me Mother Fucker | Putting and end to NSA government Spying





Selected Readings

from that Mad Cat, JD








Visit JD's site - Kitty Litter Music


In The Chaos Household

Last Night

The return of 'May Gray' - marine layer til late afternoon, then a bit of sun.

Tonight, Thursday:

CBS opens the night with a FRESH 'Big Bang Theory', followed by a RERUN 'Big Bang Theory', then a FRESH 'Mom', followed by a FRESH 'Life In Pieces', then a FRESH 'The Amazing Race'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Stephen Colbert are Mayim Bialik, Andy Karl, and Ramy Youssef.
Scheduled on a FRESH James Corden, OBE, are Goldie Hawn, Kevin Bacon, and Dreamcar.

NBC begins the night with a RERUN 'L&O: SVU', followed by a FRESH 'Chicago Med', then a FRESH 'The Blacklist'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Jimmy Fallon are Michelle Pfeiffer, Kyle MacLachlan, and Mark Normand.
Scheduled on a FRESH Seth Meyers are Aziz Ansari, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Lany, and Thaddeus Dixon.
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ABC starts the night with a FRESH 'Grey's Anatomy', followed by a FRESH 'Scandal', then a FRESH 'The Catch'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Jimmy Kimmel are Ewan McGregor, Katie Lowes, and At the Drive-In.

The CW offers a FRESH 'Supernatural', followed by a FRESH 'Riverdale'.

Faux has a FRESH 'MasterChef Junior', followed by a RERUN 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', then another FRESH 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'.

MY recycles an old 'Bones', followed by another old 'Bones'.

A&E has 'The First 48', another 'The First 48', followed by a FRESH '60 Days In'.

AMC offers the movie 'Lethal Weapon 2', followed by the movie 'Sherlock Holmes'.

BBC  -   
 [9:00AM]    DOCTOR WHO - SEASON 8 - EPISODE 2-Into the Dalek
 [10:00AM]    DOCTOR WHO - SEASON 8 - EPISODE 3-Robot of Sherwood
 [11:00AM]    DOCTOR WHO - SEASON 8 - EPISODE 4-Listen
 [12:00PM]    PLANET EARTH II - SEASON 2 - EPISODE 1-Islands
 [1:00PM]    PLANET EARTH II - SEASON 2 - EPISODE 2-Mountains
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Bravo has 'Then & Now With Andy Cohen', 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta', another 'Real Housewives Of NYC', 'Real Housewives Of Potomac', followed by a FRESH 'Unprotected', then a FRESH 'Watch What Happens Live'.

Comedy Central has 2 hours of old 'South Park' and 2 hours of old 'Tosh.0'.
Scheduled on a FRESH The Daily Show is D.L. Hughley.
Scheduled on a FRESH @Midnight are Ron Funches, Randy Sklar, and Yassir Lester.

FX has the movie 'Transformers: Age Of Extinction', followed by the movie 'The Maze Runner', then the movie 'The Maze Runner', again.

History has 'Swamp People', followed by a FRESH Swamp People: Blood & Guts', then a FRESH 'Swamp People', and another 'Swamp People'.

IFC  -   
 [6:00AM]    COMEDY BANG! BANG! -Robert Kirkman
 [10:45AM]    ALIEN 3
 [5:45PM]    DOOM
 [8:00PM]    INCEPTION
 [11:15PM]    DOOM
 [1:30AM]    ALIEN 3
 [4:00AM]    PRIMAL     (ALL TIMES EDT)

Sundance  -   
 [6:05AM]    The Andy Griffith Show -Andy and the Woman Speeder
 [6:40AM]    The Andy Griffith Show -Mayberry Goes Bankrupt
 [7:15AM]    The Andy Griffith Show -Barney on the Rebound
 [7:50AM]    The Andy Griffith Show -Opie's Hobo Friend
 [8:25AM]    The Andy Griffith Show -Crime-Free Mayberry
 [9:00AM]    The Andy Griffith Show -The Perfect Female
 [9:35AM]    Gone Baby Gone
 [12:05PM]    Basic Instinct
 [3:00PM]    Law & Order -Out of Control
 [4:00PM]    Law & Order -Renunciation
 [5:00PM]    Law & Order -Heaven
 [6:00PM]    Law & Order -Star Struck
 [6:59PM]    Law & Order -Severance
 [7:58PM]    Law & Order -Admissions
 [8:57PM]    Law & Order -Gunshow
 [9:56PM]    Law & Order -Killerz
 [10:55PM]    Law & Order -DNR
 [11:54PM]    Law & Order -Merger
 [12:53AM]    Law & Order -Justice
 [1:52AM]    Rectify -Hoorah
 [2:54AM]    Rectify -Thrill Ride
 [3:56AM]    Rectify -Sown With Salt
 [4:58AM]    Rectify -Girl Jesus    (ALL TIMES EDT)

SyFy has the movie 'The Da Vinci Code', followed by the movie 'Armageddon'.

Scheduled on a FRESH Conan are Charlie Hunnam, Kristen Schaal, and Narek Margaryan & Sergey Sargsyan.

 [6:00 AM]      Demi-Paradise (1943)
 [8:00 AM]      The Yellow Canary (1943)
 [9:45 AM]      Blithe Spirit (1945)
 [11:30 AM]      Miranda (1948)
 [1:00 PM]      Mad About Men (1954)
 [2:45 PM]      Trouble in Store (1955)
 [4:30 PM]      Murder Ahoy (1964)
 [6:15 PM]      The Wacky World of Mother Goose (1967)
 [8:00 PM]      Rodan (1958)
 [9:30 PM]      The Black Scorpion (1957)
 [11:15 PM]      The Deadly Mantis (1957)
 [1:00 AM]      The Monster that Challenged the World (1957)
 [2:45 AM]      Empire Of The Ants (1977)
 [4:30 AM]      The Giant Claw (1957)     (ALL TIMES EDT)

Friday   -  05/12/17

 [6:00 AM]      Calling Dr. Gillespie (1942)
 [7:30 AM]      The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari (1920)     SILENT 
 [9:00 AM]      Dr. Socrates (1935)
 [10:15 AM]      Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932)
 [12:00 PM]      Doctor Zhivago (1965)
 [3:30 PM]      The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (1938)
 [5:15 PM]      Dr. Kildare Goes Home (1940)
 [6:45 PM]      The Return Of Doctor X (1939)
 [8:00 PM]      The Graduate (1967)
 [10:00 PM]      In the Heat of the Night (1967)
 [12:00 AM]      Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967)
 [2:00 AM]      The Dirty Dozen (1967)
 [4:45 AM]      The Producers (1967)     (ALL TIMES EDT)

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Demonstrators gather outside the White House a day after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, May 10, 2017, in Washington.
Photo by Evan Vucci


The Sideshow - by Avedon Carol


Paul Ryan Emailed About Jokes

Seth Meyers

"I don't think we should pass bills that haven't read that we don't know what they cost. If you rush this thing through before anyone knows what it is, that's not good democracy." -Paul Ryan, on Obamacare. Nowadays, the speaker of the house is singing a very different tune when it comes to the GOP led health care reform bill.

In the latest segment of "A Closer Look," Seth Meyers unpacks Republicans and their defense of the controversial bill, dubbed "Trumpcare," that narrowly passed in the House of Representatives. While it seems some Republicans did not read the bill, at least Ryan's office watched Late Night enough to send Meyers an email in response to the show's bit about the health care bill.

"We genuinely appreciate the engagement and would love to have Ryan on the show," Meyers said, before breaking down points made in the email.

Your move, Ryan.

Seth Meyers


The Pink Floyd inflatable pig floats next to Broadcasting House to promote their new exhibition at the V&A museum, in London, Britain May 10, 2017.
Photo by Neil Hall


Betting Odds On Impeachment Jump


Donald Trump's (R-Corrupt) sudden dismissal of FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday has seen the betting odds of a Trump impeachment skyrocket, bookmaking sites told AFP on Wednesday.

Opposition Democrat lawmakers have ramped up calls for an independent investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow since Trump's surprise firing of the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday.

The shocking news drew immediate comparisons to former President Richard Nixon's dismissal of the independent Watergate investigator Archibald Cox in 1973. Nixon resigned the following year after a congressional panel voted for impeachment.

By Wednesday, the odds for a Trump impeachment during his first term had risen from 2/1 to 4/6, representing a 60 percent chance, according to Lewis Davey, a spokesman for the Irish betting site Paddy Power.

"We can attribute this to the news of Comey's sacking," said Davey, adding that the current four-to-six odds were "the shortest we've been for Trump to be impeached in his first term."



Newhead News


Bot Is Flooding With Anti-Net Neutrality Comments


A recent flood of identical comments voicing opposition to the net neutrality rules passed under the Barack Obama administration posted on the Federal Communications Commission's website appear to be the work of a bot, ZDNet reported.

The bot has thus far left about 58,000 comments - about 10 percent of the total 550,000 responses - all of which contain identical wording and appear to use the names and location of people without their permission.

"The unprecedented regulatory power the Obama Administration imposed on the internet is smothering innovation, damaging the American economy and obstructing job creation," the comment reads. "I urge the Federal Communications Commission to end the bureaucratic regulatory overreach of the internet known as Title II and restore the bipartisan light-touch regulatory consensus that enabled the internet to flourish for more than 20 years."

The comment has appeared with thousands of different names, postal addresses and zip codes attached to it - many of which appear to be real people.

It is unclear from where the bot is sourcing the information, but it is cycling through names in alphabetical order as it leaves the comments. One poster on Reddit suggested it was using information from Zillow.



A model presents a creation of students at State University of Medan during a fashion show as part of their final project in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia, May 10, 2017.
Photo by Binsar Bakkara


Ending After Season 7


ABC and Shonda Rhimes have decided to bring "Scandal" to a close after its upcoming seventh season, according to a report from TVLine.

TVLine reported Wednesday that the plan to draw the curtain on Olivia Pope's adventures in Washington will be announced Tuesday at ABC's upfront presentation in New York.

Rhimes has given indications in recent months that she had an end date in mind for the show, which has ranked as one of ABC's most-watched and buzziest dramas for the bulk of its run. The show was among the first to capitalize on Twitter and second-screen social media activity as a means of boosting awareness and viewership of linear telecasts.

"Scandal" turned Kerry Washington into a major star, and its success helped cement Rhimes' status as an uber-showrunner. "Scandal" was the pillar of ABC's "TGIT" strategy of loading up Thursday night with Rhimes-produced sudsers. Of late, however, a resurgent "Grey's Anatomy" has eclipsed the viewership of "Scandal."



Digby's Hullabaloo


Lawyers Up


Donald Trump (R-Grifter) has hired a legal team to help defend him against allegations over his links with Russia, the White House has announced.

The US leader has asked the unnamed Washington law firm to send a letter to a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee making clear he has no connections to the Kremlin, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said.

The admission came after Senator Lindsey Graham (R-Narnia), who ran against Mr Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, said he wanted to investigate whether the US leader had any commercial dealings with Moscow.

"The President, obviously, was aware of Senator Graham's suggestion after he made it today and he's fine with that", Mr Spicer told reporters. "He has no business in Russia. He has no connections to Russia. So he welcomes that.

"In fact, he has already charged a leading law firm in Washington DC to send a certified letter to Senator Graham to point out that he has no connections to Russia."



A art installation on display during Techtextil 2017 International Trade Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, May 10, 2017. According to the trade fair, Techtextil is a leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens showing the full range of potential uses of textile technologies.
Photo by Armando Babani


Frustrated Over US Stance

UN Climate Talks

UN climate negotiators in Bonn were left frustrated Tuesday as the White House postponed a meeting to determine whether the US will stay in the 196-nation Paris Agreement to curb planet-harming fossil fuel.

As uncertainty mounted over the hard-fought pact's future under Donald Trump (R-Crooked), China's leader Xi Jinping came to its defence.

China and France "should protect the achievements of global governance, including the Paris Agreement," the foreign ministry in Beijing quoted Xi as telling his newly-elected counterpart Emmanuel Macron in a phone call.

Trump's predecessor Barack Obama, who alongside Xi was instrumental in the agreement's birth in 2015, also entered the fray on Tuesday.

Trump, who has described climate change as a "hoax" perpetrated by China, has yet to announce whether he intends keeping a campaign promise to withdraw Washington from the Paris Agreement.

UN Climate Talks


Safety Concerns For One In Three

US Drugs

Almost one in three newly approved drugs in the United States turns out to have a safety issue after it is allowed on the market, US researchers said Tuesday.

While these issues are rarely serious enough to get the drug pulled from the marketplace, researchers said new drugs should be monitored for years after they are released to the public.

Cutting-edge therapies known as biologics, psychiatric drugs, and medicines that were fast-tracked by the US Food and Drug Administration were most likely to require additional safety warnings after approval, said the report in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

For the study, Yale University researchers analyzed 222 new drugs approved between 2001 and 2010, and followed up on them through 2017.

A total of 32 percent of new drugs (71 in all) were flagged for a safety issue after approval, the study said.

US Drugs


Opposition supporters uses a giant sling shot to throw a "Poopootovs", a bottle filled with feces, which is a play on Molotov, during a rally against President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, Venezuela, May 10, 2017.
Photo by Carlos Garcia Rawlins


Patriarchy Panel


Barely two days into crafting a new bill to roll back Obamacare, U.S. Senate Republicans were already on the defensive on Tuesday over the absence of any women in their core working group.

After a meeting of the Senate healthcare group, lawmakers were bombarded with questions as to why no women were named to the 13-man panel. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Weasel) tried to explain.

"The working group that counts is all 52 of us," McConnell told reporters, referring to all 52 Republican senators in the 100-member chamber. "Nobody is being excluded based upon gender ... Everybody's at the table. Everybody."

Democrats pounced. Republican men are negotiating "a secret healthcare plan, which I really hope is not happening in the men's locker room," said Senator Patty Murray, a member of the Democratic leadership from Washington state.

If the criticism was any sign of what lies ahead as senators try to improve on a rollback bill passed on Thursday by House of Representatives Republicans, it could be a long road ahead.



The 'Ghostbusters' Dinosaur From Montana


Paleontologists from Canada's Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) discovered the remains of a new species of dinosaur in the Judith River Formation of northern Montana, an ankylosaur that resembles the fictional monster Zuul from the 1984 movie, "Ghostbusters."

Researchers who discovered it have chosen to name it after the monster, calling it Zuul crurivastator. The second part of its name means "destroyer of shins" and is a nod to the dinosaur's sledgehammer-like tail. The powerful tail clubs and bony armour were features common to ankylosaurids, a group of ankylosaurs that were bulky quadrupeds with short limbs and mainly herbivorous.

The new-found ankylosaur skeleton had four horns on the skull, one behind and one under each eye. It had large nostrils and elaborate ornamentation across the snout," which helped identify the species as different from previously known members of the group, all of which had bony spikes, called osteoderms.

Zuul lived about 75 million years ago in the Cretaceous Period. Its powerful tail "could inflict serious damage on opponents, such as predatory theropods or maybe even other ankylosaurs competing for mates or territory," according to a ROM statement explaining the tails. It called them "an amazing biological weapon and one of the weirdest and most recognisable features of ankylosaurs. The back half of the tail was stiff, and the tip of the tail was covered with large bony plates - together, these formed a sledgehammer or axe-like weapon. Zuul has a long tail with sharp, pointed spikes along the sides and a large tail club."

An adult Zuul was about 6 meters (20 feet) long and weighed over 2.5 tonnes.




In Memory

Michael Parks

Michael Parks, the veteran Hollywood character actor who appeared in Kill Bill, Django Unchained, and Red State, has died. He was 77.

During his busy Hollywood career, Parks appeared in movies by auteur directors like Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, and Kevin Smith, who paid tribute to the veteran actor on Wednesday via Instagram.

Parks was born in April, 1940 in Corona, Calif., and grew up as the son of a baseball player. His first screen roles included playing a nephew named Tom in 1961 in the ABC sitcom The Real McCoys and the role of Park in a 1962 Gunsmoke episode.

He also appeared in legal dramas like Perry Mason and Sam Benedict, and had the lead role in Then Came Bronson. He later appeared in ABC's The Colbys, and David Lynch's Twin Peaks, in which he played the Canadian drug runner Jean Renault.

Parks' movie credits included Ben Affleck's Argo, the horror/crime hybrid From Dusk Till Dawn, and dual roles in the Kill Bill franchise of Texan Ranger Earl McGraw in the first film and Esteban Vihaio in the sequel. And he played a villain in Smith's horror films Red State and Tusk.

Parks is survived by his wife, Oriana Parks, whom he married in 1997, and a son, the actor James Parks.

Michael Parks



The female Amur tiger twin cubs (Panthera tigris altaica), also known as the Siberian tiger, look out of a basket during weighing at the zoo in Leipzig, Germany, May 10, 2017. The two Amur tiger babies were born on Feb. 24, 2017.
Photo by Jens Meyer



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War Is A Racket - Major General Smedley Butler

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Bill Clinton - Chris Wallace/Faux News - 09/23/06 - Transcript

Stephen Colbert - White House Correspondents' Association Dinner Transcript

The complete transcript - Barack Obama - 2016 White House correspondents' dinner speech

The complete transcript - Larry Wilmore - 2016 White House correspondents' dinner speech

100 Most Banned Books

Photos from D.C. - Nancy Maynard

Melania Trump's nude British GQ photo shoot | British GQ

Melania Trump like you've never seen her before | New York Post

Melania Trump's girl-on-girl photos from racy shoot revealed | New York Post

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