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Recommended Reading

from Bruce

Robert Evans: "5 Ways We Got The Trump Campaign Wrong: An Insider Explains" (Cracked)
#3. Social Media Has Changed The Way We Judge Candidates

Mark Morford: "BREAKING: Donald Trump NOT the antichrist, biblical scholars confirm" (SF Gate)
And thus it was written: There can be only one. You know… at a time. One antichrist, that is.

Mark Morford: "Notice: Clear Channel's new billboards are watching you" (SF Gate)
Just how prophetic was The Minority Report, Philip K. Dick's classic 1956 sci-fi tale upon which the not-at-all-awful 2002 Tom Cruise movie of the same name was based? Let us (briefly) examine: …

Mark Morford: The horrible no good very bad February weather everyone loved (SF Gate)
Man, those long walks I took with my girl down at Ocean Beach a couple weeks ago? Right smack in the middle of San Francisco's normally dreary, rainy, bitterly refrigerated February? At sunset? Barefoot and laughing, gasping at the color of the sky and the balmy softness of the air and the grandly ridiculous, all-encompassing beauty? Astonishing. And of course, very, very disturbing.

Deborah Orr: It's great to go grey, and don't let the scientists tell you otherwise (The Guardian)
We may soon have a pill to stop our hair losing its colour. But a full head of melanin-stripped hair can look fantastic and it would be a shame to see grey go.

Stuart Jeffries and Paula Cocozza: "Goodbye to curtains and clutter: how we learned to buy less stuff" (The Guardian)
From books and DVDs to furniture and food, Britons are buying fewer material goods. But will freeing ourselves from consumerism make us happier?

Stuart Jeffries: "Neve Campbell: 'Everything about US politics makes me proud to be Canadian'" (The Guardian)
The Hollywood Scream queen is back - as a hard-boiled fixer in TV series House of Cards. Neve Campbell talks about being lonely in LA, how political back-stabbing beats running around with a kitchen knife - and why she's backing Hillary over Bernie.

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Throwback Thursday Trivia Question of the Day

What is the name of this cartoon character?


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Trivia Question from Yesterday

The world's third-most expensive spice is cardamom. What country is the largest producer of cardamom?

       Guatemala                                                      Source

Cardamom is a spice made from the seeds of several plants in the genera Elettaria and Amomum in the family Zingiberaceae. Both genera are native to India, the largest producer until the late 20th century; Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Nepal, and Pakistan.

The German coffee planter Oscar Majus Kloeffer introduced Indian cardamom to cultivation in Guatemala before World War I; by 2000 that country had become the biggest producer and exporter of cardamom in the world, followed by India.

It is the world's third-most expensive spice.        Source

Alan J was first and correct with:

Lois No Entiendo Ni Papa wrote:
   Guatemala is the major exporter of Cardamom, which apparently is a spice used in the preparation of many delicious consumables, including Swedish Glogg, whatever the fuck THAT is, and IS NOT a precaution taken to ensure your mother is old enough to watch THIS.

Jim from CA, retired to ID, said:

Adam answered:

Marian responded:

Deborah replied:
   Guatemala is the largest producer of cardamom. A pod of cardamom seeds and a half-stick of cinnamon per 4-6 cups of coffee is heavenly.
  Guess I should've looked up yesterday's TQ. Chalk it up to my know-it-all-ness, I guess.
  The threat of rain, 6" over a couple of days, so they say, looms for the weekend. We shall see.

Dale of Diamond Springs, Norcali said:
   Hey Sicko…I guess it's your turn to suffer…just kidding…the viral (yellow vs. green phlegm) shit that I had in Jan-Feb took a long time to get through…You can conquer this, Marty! Remember it's a virus.
  Guatemala grows the most Cardamom. I remember my Norsky Grandma used to use it in her Christmas bread "Ulekaka"

   Get well sooner

DJ Useo answered:
   Sinsemilla. ( I haven't seen the question yet, so this is only a guess. lol )
  Does anyone have any of these Freakies? I'm looking for them.

MAM   wrote:

Randall replied:
   Looks like Guatemala is no. 1 while India is #2 this damn thing working?

Joe S     took the day off.

mj took the day off.

Sally has retired, but still pays attention.

BttbBob   has returned to semi-retired status.

  March 3 Birthdays - Celebrities Born March 3 | Famous Birthdays



Middle Class Political Economist

Now a Blogger-Columnist at US News and World Reports "Economic Intelligence"



Reader Suggestion

Michelle in AZ

Shelter Dogs Serve As 'Ball Boys' At Brazil Open For Adoption Awareness

Dkos WXCenter: Let's Talk About Earthquake Prediction and other stuff

The Republican to English translation guide.

Mosul dam engineers warn it could fail at any time, killing 1m people | World news | The Guardian

Is Donald Trump another Barry Goldwater? (opinion) -

King's 'Dark Tower' lands McConaughey, Elba -

Throw out the 'granny' stereotype -

Russian Faces Up to Year in Prison for Denying Existence of God - NBC News

KING: Not long before someone gets killed at Trump rally - NY Daily News

Middle East Summers Could Become Unlivable By End Of Century

Google searches for moving to Canada jump after Trump wins - NY Daily News

Complete guide to fleeing President Donald Trump's America - NY Daily News

Let's Stop Requiring Advanced Math, A New Book Argues : NPR Ed : NPR

Sen. Al Franken gives hilarious retort to Republican SCOTUS obstruction

Donald Trump as GOP nominee could be a 'yuge' liability for John McCain

Thanks, Michelle!



from Marc Perkel

Patriot Act

Patriot Act NSA Spying Unconstitutional Section 215 National Security Letters Must End

My name is Marc Perkel and I have decided to announce that I will not comply with the so called "Patriot Act" laws requiring me to disclose information about my customers. If I receive a national security letter I will immediately photograph it, post it online everywhere I can, and then make a video of me burning it. I will then await my arrest. If you want to put me in jail then come get me mother fucker.

Come Get Me Mother Fucker | Putting and end to NSA government Spying





Selected Readings

from that Mad Cat, JD


Visit JD's site - Kitty Litter Music


In The Chaos Household

Last Night

Called in sick. Ack.

Tonight, Thursday:

CBS opens the night with a FRESH 'Big Bang Theory', followed by a FRESH 'Life In Pieces', then a FRESH 'Mom', followed by a FRESH '2 Broke Girls', then a FRESH 'Elementary'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Stephen Colbert are Christopher Meloni, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Edward Byers, and Ray Lamontagne.
Scheduled on a FRESH James Corden, OBE, are Gerard Butler, Will Forte, and M. Ward.

NBC begins the night with a FRESH 'You, Me & the Apocalypse', followed by a RERUN 'Blindspot', then a FRESH 'Shades Of Blue'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Jimmy Fallon are Pharrell Williams, Priyanka Chopra, and Loretta Lynn.
Scheduled on a FRESH Seth Meyers are Tina Fey, John Stamos, Jay Pharoah, and Patrick Carney.
Scheduled on a FRESH Carson 'The Scab' Daly are Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Day Wave, and Mike Luciano & Phil Matarese.

ABC starts the night with a FRESH 'Grey's Anatomy', followed by a FRESH 'The Family', then a FRESH 'How To Get Away With Murder'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Jimmy Kimmel are Jason Bateman, Aja Naomi King, and Cee-Lo Green.

The CW offers a FRESH 'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow', followed by a FRESH 'The 100'.

Faux fills the night with a FRESH 'American Idol'.

MY has 'TMZ (Not So) Live', followed by 'Hollywood Today (Not So) Live'.

A&E has 'Beyond Scared Straight: Extreme Teens', 'Juvenile Lifers', 'Kids Behind Bars: Maximum Security', and 'Kids Behind Bars: Lost For Life'.

AMC offers the movie 'Rocky IV', followed by the movie 'The Green Mile'.

BBC  -   
 [12:00AM]    STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - SEASON 4 - EPISODE 26=Redemption (Part 1)
 [1:00AM]    STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - SEASON 5 - EPISODE 1-Redemption (Part 2)
 [8:00AM]    RAMSAY'S KITCHEN NIGHTMARES US - SEASON 6 - EPISODE 13-Prohibition Grille
 [10:00AM]    DOCTOR WHO - SEASON 5 - EPISODE 10-Vincent and The Doctor
 [11:00AM]    DOCTOR WHO - SEASON 5 - EPISODE 11-The Lodger
 [2:00PM]    TOP GEAR - SEASON 13 - EPISODE 6-Episode 6
 [3:00PM]    TOP GEAR - SEASON 13 - Episode 7
 [4:00PM]    TOP GEAR - SEASON 14 - Episode 1
 [5:00PM]    TOP GEAR - SEASON 14 - Episode 2
 [6:00PM]    TOP GEAR - SEASON 14 - EPISODE 3-Episode 3
 [10:00PM]    PREY - SEASON 1 - Episode 2
 [2:00AM]    TOP GEAR - SEASON 13 - Episode 7
 [3:00AM]    TOP GEAR - SEASON 14 - Episode 1
 [4:00AM]    TOP GEAR - SEASON 14 - Episode 2
 [5:00AM]    TOP GEAR - SEASON 14 - Episode 3    (ALL TIMES EST)

Bravo has 'Top Chef', another 'Top Chef', followed by a FRESH 'Top Chef', then a FRESH 'Recipe For Deception'.

Comedy Central has 'South Park', another 'South Park', 2 hours of old 'Tosh.0', followed by a FRESH 'Workaholics', then a FRESH 'Idiotsitter'.
Scheduled on a FRESH The Daily Show is Mayor Bill de Blasio.
Scheduled on a FRESH The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore is Michael Kenneth Williams.
Scheduled on a FRESH @Midnight are Chris D'Elia, Megan Neuringer, and Barry Rothbart.

FX has the movie 'Hancock', followed by the movie 'Identity Thief', then a FRESH "Baskets', and another 'Baskets'.

History has 'Pawn Stars', another 'Pawn Stars', 'Join Or Die With Craig Ferguson', another 'Join Or Die With Craig Ferguson;', 'Vikings', followed by a FRESH 'Vikings', then a FRESH 'Join Or Die With Craig Ferguson'.

IFC  -   
 [6:00AM]    PORTLANDIA-Weirdo Beach
 [6:30AM]    PORTLANDIA-Breaking Up
 [7:30AM]    DARK CITY
 [8:00PM]    BABYLON A.D.
 [10:00PM]    PORTLANDIA-Family Emergency
 [10:30PM]    PORTLANDIA-Alexandra
 [11:00PM]    BABYLON A.D.
 [1:00AM]    PORTLANDIA-Family Emergency

Sundance  -   
 [6:00AM]    Confidence
 [8:00AM]    The Samaritan
 [10:00AM]    Warrior
 [1:00PM]    Jurassic Park III
 [3:00PM]    Law & Order-Barter
 [4:00PM]    Law & Order-Matrimony
 [5:00PM]    Law & Order-Working Mom
 [6:00PM]    Law & Order-D-Girl
 [7:00PM]    Law & Order-Turnaround
 [8:00PM]    Law & Order-Showtime
 [9:00PM]    Law & Order-Mad Dog
 [10:00PM]    Law & Order-Double Down
 [11:00PM]    Law & Order-We Like Mike
 [12:00AM]    Law & Order-Passion
 [1:00AM]    Law & Order-Past Imperfect
 [2:00AM]    Warrior
 [4:59AM]    Hap and Leonard-Episode 1    (ALL TIMES EST)

SyFy has the movie 'Men In Black', followed by the movie 'Men In Black II'.

Scheduled on a FRESH Conan are Conor McGregor, Dave Attell, and BJ The Chicago Kid.

 [6:30 AM]      MGM Parade Show #19 (1955)
 [7:00 AM]      Platinum Blonde (1931)
 [8:30 AM]      Public Enemy (1931)
 [10:00 AM]      The Secret Six (1931)
 [11:30 AM]      The Beast Of The City (1932)
 [1:00 PM]      Red-Headed Woman (1932)
 [2:30 PM]      Three Wise Girls (1932)
 [3:45 PM]      Hold Your Man (1933)
 [5:15 PM]      The Girl From Missouri (1934)
 [6:30 PM]      Personal Property (1937)
 [8:00 PM]      The Story of Temple Drake (1933)
 [9:30 PM]      Black Narcissus (1947)
 [11:30 PM]      Design For Living (1933)
 [1:15 AM]      The Outlaw (1943)
 [3:30 AM]      Baby Face (1933)
 [5:00 AM]      Wild Boys of the Road (1933)     (ALL TIMES EST)

Friday   -  03/04/16

TCM spends the night with Merle Oberon
 [6:15 AM]      They Made Me A Criminal (1939)
 [8:00 AM]      Destination Tokyo (1943)
 [10:30 AM]      Between Two Women (1944)
 [12:30 PM]      Nobody Lives Forever (1946)
 [2:15 PM]      Air Force (1943)
 [4:30 PM]      Dangerously They Live (1942)
 [6:00 PM]      The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)
 [8:00 PM]      These Three (1936)
 [9:45 PM]      Beloved Enemy (1936)
 [11:30 PM]      Folies Bergère de Paris (1935)
 [1:00 AM]      The Dark Angel (1935)
 [3:00 AM]      The Private Life of Don Juan (1934)
 [4:30 AM]      The Private Life Of Henry VIII (1933)

USA has a FRESH 'Colony'.

Antenna TV - Johnny Carson (from 04/04/81) - Christie Brinkley, David Brenner, and The Mighty Carson Art Players.

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Angela Bassett and Robert Forster seen at Grammercy Pictures Present the Los Angeles Premiere of 'London Has Fallen' at ArcLight Hollywood on Tuesday, March 1, 2016, in Hollywood, CA.
Photo by Eric Charbonneau


The Sideshow - by Avedon Carol


New Signs For Tunnel Installed

Robin Williams

A tunnel with rainbow arches that connects the Golden Gate Bridge to greater Marin County has officially become the Robin Williams tunnel.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the new Robin Williams Tunnel signs were installed Monday night. The tunnel was unofficially known as the Waldo Tunnel.

State lawmakers approved a resolution last year to change the tunnel's name to honor the late actor and comedian, who grew up and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The two signs - one for each side of the tunnel - cost $3,000. Private donations paid for the cost.

Robin Williams


U.S. actor and race driver Patrick Dempsey (L) cuts a wheel of cheese produced by Jean-Claude Biver(R), head of LVMH's watch business during a promotional event at the 86th International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland, March 2, 2016.
Photo by Denis Balibouse


Archives To Be Housed In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Bob Dylan

The archives of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan have been acquired by the George Kaiser Family Foundation and the University of Tulsa, with plans for curated exhibitions from the trove to be displayed in a Tulsa arts district.

Kaiser Foundation director Ken Levit and university President Steadman Upham announced the acquisition Wednesday. Details of the acquisition were not released.

More than 6,000 items are part of the archives, including recordings from 1959, Dylan's handwritten lyrics to songs like "Tangled Up In Blue," his first contract with a music publisher and a wallet that includes the address and phone number of country music singer Johnny Cash.

Dylan said in a statement that he's glad the archives will be included with the works of Oklahoma native and folk singer Woody Guthrie and alongside artifacts of Native Americans.

Bob Dylan


Newhead News


Governor Vetoes

South Dakota

South Dakota's governor vetoed a bill that would have made the state the first in the U.S. to approve a law requiring transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their sex at birth.

Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard, who initially reacted positively to the proposal but said he needed to research the issue, rejected the bill Tuesday after groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and the Human Rights Campaign insisted it was discriminatory.

In his veto message, Daugaard said the bill "does not address any pressing issue" and that such decisions were best left to local school officials. He also noted that signing the bill could create costly liability issues for schools and the state. The ACLU had promised to encourage legal action if the bill became law.

"I am so happy right now. You have no idea," said 18-year-old Thomas Lewis, a transgender high school student in Sioux Falls. Lewis said he has support at his school, but that the veto shows such support goes beyond his friends.

The bill's sponsor, Republican Rep. Fred Deutsch, said he would ask lawmakers not to override the veto, saying more focus on the issue would detract from the Legislature's other accomplishments this year. The Republican-controlled Legislature approved the bill last month, with supporters saying it would protect student privacy.

South Dakota


Actress Sissy Spacek (2nd-L), her daughters Madison Fisk (L) and Schuyler Fisk (2ndR) and husband Jack Fisk (R) pose at the LA premiere of the film "Knight of Cups" in Los Angeles, March 1, 2016.
Photo by Danny Moloshok


Has Left The Building


The operators of an Elvis exhibit in Las Vegas have left the building.

The attraction that opened at a casino-hotel with great fanfare last year has abruptly closed amid a leasing dispute that involves hundreds of the King's artifacts.

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino said it's holding the valuables from the Elvis attraction after the operator, Exhibit A Circle LLC, defaulted on its 10-year lease with the off-Strip property.

Exhibit A Circle said in a statement that it was Westgate that violated the contract, but a company representative declined to elaborate, citing the ongoing legal dispute.

Meanwhile, Elvis Presley Enterprises said it will seek court intervention to get back the hundreds of Elvis memorabilia and artifacts it loaned to the attraction from the Presley family.



Wake-up Call


School Reverses Course On H8

Indio, California

A California school district has reversed course and will now ask students wearing anti-gay stickers on their identification badges to remove them pending further investigation.

The Desert Sun newspaper reports that the Desert Sands Unified School District sent a letter Monday to staff saying it will ask a dozen students wearing the symbols to remove them while at school.

Administrators had previously said they couldn't ask students at Shadow Hills High School to stop donning the image of a small rainbow inside a circle with a line through it, citing free speech rights.

It was not immediately clear what prompted the change at the school near Palm Springs, California.

The students began using the stickers last month and classmates and teachers complained, saying gay and lesbian students felt targeted.

Indio, California


Protesters demonstrate in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in the morning as the court takes up a major abortion case focusing on whether a Texas law that imposes strict regulations on abortion doctors and clinic buildings interferes with the constitutional right of a woman to end her pregnancy, in Washington March 2, 2016.
Photo by Kevin Lamarque


Won't Block Trump Nomination

Koch Brothers

The Koch brothers (R-Evil Incarnate), the most powerful conservative mega donors in the United States, will not use their $400 million political arsenal to block Republican front-runner Donald Trump's path to the presidential nomination, a spokesman told Reuters on Wednesday.

"We have no plans to get involved in the primary," said James Davis, spokesman for Freedom Partners, the Koch brothers' political umbrella group. He would not elaborate on what the billionaire industrialists' strategy would be for the Nov. 8 general election to succeed Democratic President Barack Obama.

Donors and media reports have speculated since a Koch brothers summit in January that they would launch a "Trump Intervention," which would involve deploying the Kochs' vast political network to target the billionaire businessman and former reality TV star in hopes of removing him from the Republican race.

Many Republican party elites and business backers are eager to see Trump, a political outsider who has tapped into America's rising anti-establishment sentiment, fail in his bid for the nomination.

But with Trump racking up a series of sizeable wins in the early nominating contests, there is a growing sense of inevitability he will win the party's mantle.

Koch Brothers


Unfinished marble sculptures from French sculptor Auguste Rodin is unveiled, during a press preview for the inaugural programming of The Met Breuer museum, Tuesday, March 1, 2016, in New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art throws open the doors March 18, 2016 to its new modern and contemporary art outpost, The Met Breuer. The new space is a short walk from the Met's Fifth Avenue headquarters. It's housed at the Marcel Breuer-designed building that was the longtime home of the Whitney Museum of American Art before it moved downtown last year.
Photo by Bebeto Matthews


'Evidence Emerging'


Evidence is emerging that Australian Cardinal George Pell covered up the sexual abuse of children by priests on his watch, survivors told AFP on Tuesday, on the sidelines of a hearing into the top Vatican official's culpability.

"We're starting to see solid evidence that he did cover it up, even though he'll still deny it," said Anthony Foster, father to two girls who were abused, one of whom went on to commit suicide while the other ended up in full-time care.

Vatican finance chief Pell has been giving evidence from a hotel in Rome via video-link to Australia's Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney, under the watchful gaze of abuse victims.

So far he has admitted the Church "mucked up" in dealing with paedophile priests but said claims against the country's most notorious clerical child abuser were not "of much interest" to him.

Woods said it was clear that Pell, the former Archbishop of Melbourne who once shared a home with one of Australia's most notorious paedophile priests, was using power and money to dodge his Ballarat responsibilities.



A Soyuz capsule carrying International Space Station (ISS) crew members U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly, Russian cosmonauts Sergei Volkov and Mikhail Korniyenko descends beneath a parachute near the town of Dzhezkazgan (Zhezkazgan), Kazakhstan, March 2, 2016.
Photo by Kirill Kudryavtsev


Donates Trees To Gaza

Red Cross

The Red Cross on Wednesday began distributing thousands of almond trees to growers in the Gaza Strip whose fields along the border with Israel were ravaged in succesive wars.

Mamadou Sow, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the coastal Palestinian territory, said the organisation would give "4,000 almond trees of different varieties to farmers along the border (whose lands were) particularly exposed in the wars."

Grower Marwan Abu Mharreb, one of the beneficiaries, described life in the border zone, hit by three conflicts with Israel since 2008 and run by Islamist militant movement Hamas.

"Every day we put our lives in danger by going to our land," says the 45-year-old who grows aubergines (eggplants), courgettes (cucumbers) and other vegetables in greenhouses, in addition to the plot where he is now planting the almond trees.

As he spoke, shots rang out in the distance sending a flock of frightened storks into the sky.

Red Cross


A woman walks past an illustration of a representation of gravitational waves at an exhibition at the Wissenschaftsministerium (Science Museum) in Potsdam, Germany on March 2, 2016. The 'Fenster ins Universum' (Window to Universe) exhibition runs until 29 April.
Photo by Ralf Hirschberger


Come In Clusters

Fast Radio Bursts

Mysterious and powerful radio waves from deep space are coming in clusters, scientists revealed on Wednesday, having only discovered their existence a decade ago.

The repeated pulses emanate from well beyond the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy, according to a study published in the journal Nature.

It was previously thought that these so-called fast radio bursts (FRBs) -- which can emit as much energy in a millisecond as the Sun emits in 10,000 years -- were one-off phenomena.

Less than 20 have been detected since 2007, though more than 10,000 are suspected to occur every day.

Their origins remain unknown. Up to now, astronomers speculated that they were produced by cataclysmic events such as stars exploding into a supernovas, or neutron stars collapsing into black holes.

Fast Radio Bursts



A baby of giant anteater is presented at its enclosure at the zoo in Prague, Czech Republic, Wednesday, March 2, 2016. The baby was born on Jan. 20, 2016. For Prague Zoo it is the first baby anteater born in its breeding history.
Photo by Petr David Josek



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