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25 November, 2001

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Reader Movie Review

''Harry Potter''

David W. Jansing

I don't know about these fundmentalist Christians. they get their knickers in a twist over the stupidest things, like Harry Potter. You make a movie nearly devoid of gratuitous profane language, violence, vulgarity, toilet humor, and sexuality, and they still complain because the theme of the film is sorcery and witchcraft. This has nothing to do with Wicca, or any other sort of "real" sorcery and/or witchcraft, but the pure fantasy depicted in our popular fiction, which one might find on such television shows as Sabrina The Teenage Witch, or in classic English fairy tales. This sort of literary theme has been around since the invention of literature, and no-one seems to have been harmed by it. Almost no one takes it seriously, and even such a well-made film as this one requires a certain suspension of disbelief.

Let us put Harry Potter to the test, shall we? As of May of this year, some 100,000,000 Harry Potter novels have been sold worldwide in dozens of languages around the world. In fact, J.K. Rowling's novels have so monopolized the New York Times Bestseller List, that a new category needed to be created to exclude books written for school-age children. Does this cause young people to forsake the God their parents so relentlessly promote on their behalf? No, unless perhaps you aren't so serious about what you believe yourself. Has our current generation of schoolchildren become a great herd of wand-wavers and spell-casters? Also, no, yet the American Christian Taliban, for want of anything more worthwhile to get upset about, insists that Harry Potter, an intelligently written series of books that encourages young people to read beyond their reading level, is an adverse influence and should be banished from our shores. I have heard about demonstrations in front of movie theaters akin to those in response to Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ.

"A colorful display of goth art," says one reviewer for, a "Christian" site that rates movies for the "saved." Some members of the American Christian Taliban like to think they have a flair for the dramatic. "Goth," of course, is the dark fashion style of Marilyn Manson fans and the perpetrators of the Columbine High School massacre. If current shopping-mall observations are accurate, I can say that Goth is pretty much out of fashion (thank God). OF course, to associate Harry Potter with Goth is, to say the least, absurd.

"Several points of wisdom, integrity and honor (are) skillfully placed," says another reviewer, "And all to present evil as good." OK, I'll bite, in which part of the Potter movie was evil portrayed as good, and don't give me any of that crap about fantasy wand-waving. I will be eagerly awaiting your answers RIGHT HERE.

The movie is quality family entertainment, something sorely lacking in today's cinema, especially this time of year. Go to any multiplex in the country this time of year, and you will find mostly R rated movies, and PG-13 movies that should have been rated R; there usually isn't much there to warrant a family trip to the cinema. Like the books, the movie was intelligently and tastefully done, entertaining without the sort of deliberate vulgarity that permeates most of what passes for art and culture nowadays, and even though it is a bit on the long side, thoroughly engaging. Unless you are the sort that home-skools their children, thinks George W. Bush is a great President, and begins and ends every conversation with "praise Jesus," you could do far worse than to allow your child(ren) to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
In fact, go with them; you'll enjoy it too.

~~David W. Jansing

Thanks, David.
Scary that when superstition & ignorance combine religious intolerance & bigotry of a fundamental nature are created. Shit, that pretty much defines my 2 years at Pepperdine.


Crappy Birthday Present

Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney On Jay Leno, 11/21/01

Comedian Rodney Dangerfield suffered a mild heart attack on his 80th birthday and remains hospitalized in intensive care, his publicist said Saturday.

Dangerfield, whose long-running gag is that he gets no respect, had the heart attack Thursday, said publicist Warren Cowan.

Dangerfield will undergo an X-ray of the blood vessels on Monday, Cowan said. Doctors then will determine what treatment he requires.

Dangerfield kept his sense of humor. Cowan said that when Dangerfield entered the emergency room with his wife, he asked the heart specialist: ``Who gave me this present?''

Dangerfield's heart attack came one day after ``The Tonight Show'' host Jay Leno dedicated a show to the comedian and taped birthday greetings from actors and fellow comics.

Rodney Dangerfield


In The Chaos Household

Last Night

Penn State won.

The kid had never seen 'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind', so we took advantage of its airing on Turner Classic. He liked it.

Also caught about the last hour of 'It's A Wonderful Life', on NBC.

Jimmy Stewart was from Indiana, PA, and when I was a kid his dad still owned the local hardware store. There was an Oscar of his son's in the window. Anytime we ever went near or through Indiana, we had to take a side trip just to look at it.

Tonight, Sunday, after '60 Minutes', CBS has a 'Becker' rerun, then 'You've Got Mail', the movie.

NBC is driving the 'Weakest Link' into the ground with 2 episodes (WWF & 'classic tv series stars'), bookending a fresh 'Law & Order: CI'.

ABC starts out with 'The Santa Clause', followed by fresh episodes of 'Alias' and 'The Practice'

On Faux, the TV debut of 'Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace'.

Locally, in LA, there is also 'The Hollywood Christmas Parade'.

Did anyone see the late, late night repeat of 'SNL' at around 3 am? Candice Bergen was the host, Cher was the musical act, and the cast still had Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman and Nora Dunn. Anyway, the show opened with Dana Carvey as dubya's daddy, Poppy. Dana/Poppy started off by saying that ''all elections would now be suspended''...there was more, but it was late, and I was too tired.

Anyone have any opinions?

Or reviews?

(See below for addresses)


Saturday Night Tribute

Navajo Code Talkers

Corporal Henry Bahe, Jr. (left) & Private First Class George H. Kirk, Navajos with a Marine Signal Unit, operate a portable radio.

Navajo Code Talkers, whose code based on their native tongue was never cracked by the Japanese during World War II, were honored Saturday in a ceremony that many said was long overdue.

Thousands of people watched as more than 300 Congressional Silver Medals were presented to the surviving Code Talkers.

The Code Talkers were honored for a code that, indecipherable by the Japanese, was credited with saving thousands of lives and turning the tide of decisive battles in the Pacific.

The initial 29 Code Talkers who created the code were honored with Congressional Gold Medals last summer in Washington. Those honored Saturday joined the group later in the war.

"From this day forward we will continue to remember the courage and sacrifice of the Navajo Code Talkers," said Navajo Nation President Kelsey Begay.

The complex Navajo language was little known outside the Southwest, and the Code Talkers added word substitutions. For example, a colonel became "silver eagle," which was translated into Navajo as "ataah-besh-le-gai." A submarine became "besh-lo," Navajo for "iron fish," and a bomber was "jay-sho," or buzzard in Navajo.

The Code Talkers were sworn to secrecy about their roles in the war. It wasn't until 1968 that the government declassified the project.

Navajo Code Talkers Honored

On the Net:

Navajo Nation

Cryptology: Navajo Code Talkers in World War II

Navajo Code Talkers:

The Navajo Code Talkers:



BartCop TV!


Visit the site at BC TV

The 'Vidiot' never seems to rest - and doesn't let little things like laundry or housekeeping get in the way!

Damn near every show on TV must is listed - days & days worth of great reading.

If you have any questions about nearly any tv program, check out BC TV!


A TV Tribute & A Wedding

Liza Minnelli

Next March will be a busy month for Liza Minnelli, who plans a wedding and a television tribute.

Minnelli will wed producer David Gest in New York, Gest's publicist Warren Cowan said. It will be Minnelli's fourth marriage and Gest's first. Gest is also the producer for the television tribute.

``I am the happiest I've ever been,'' Minnelli, 55, said in a statement. ``Everything I've been through was worth it to find David.''

The couple met while Minnelli was appearing on Gest's production of ``Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Special.'' They were introduced by Jackson, who will serve as one of Gest's best men.

The television tribute, which was planned before Minnelli and Gest decided to marry, will feature Michael Jackson and Minnelli in a dance number.

More Liza Minnelli



In The Kitchen With BartCop & Friends


To check out 'Train Station Chicken', and more (like 'Cranberry Autumn Tea'),
In The Kitchen With BartCop


More To It Than Just 'Polygamy Porter'

Utah & The Olympics

In this predominantly Mormon city, brewery owner Greg Schirf came up with a provocative name for his beer Polygamy Porter and ran a radio ad asking: "Why have just one?"

Schirf planned a racy billboard, too, with a scantily clad man surrounded by women, and the slogan: "Take some home for the wives." But that was where he crossed the line.

The ad was dropped by the billboard company, and conservative reaction was swift and brutal.

"We were just getting filleted," Schirf said.

The episode earlier this month illustrates the tension in Utah between the liquor industry and Mormon sensibilities a tension that has increased in the past few years with the approach of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Last month, the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board abandoned a proposed ban on liquor ads with religious themes after a challenge from the American Civil Liberties Union.

For more than a year, Schirf's Wasatch Brewery has been tweaking Mormons with its advertising. His billboards have touted beer as "Utah's Other Local Religion" and urged customers to "Baptize Your Taste Buds." Radio ads poked fun at the Mormon church's proselytizing, with Elders "Rulon" and "Heber" declaring themselves on a "different kind of mission."

Billboard company Reagan Outdoor Advertising pulled the Polygamy Porter ad before it ran. Schirf said he thinks the company caved in to political pressure. Many Utah residents, including Gov. Mike Leavitt, have polygamist ancestors.

Alcohol, The Olympics & Utah


Ohio State Lottery

Leslie Nielsen

Actor Leslie Nielsen has a new shtick - a gig with the Ohio Lottery.

Nielsen, 75, landed a $250,000 deal to do commercials that lottery officials hope will help boost declining lottery profits.

It's the first time Ohio has tapped a celebrity to hawk its gambling games.

Lottery profits, which subsidize state schools, have dipped about $11 million below projections this fiscal year as casinos in nearby states draw away gamblers.

Leslie Nielsen


Liberal Radio !

Erin Hart

Liberal radio online - what a concept! Listen from 9pm to 1 am (pst) at on Saturday & Sunday.

There's even a chatroom!

We generally have a pretty good time...


Held Over From Saturday Because I Liked It

Doc Hollywood Explains Flashbacks

Michael Dare

----- Original Message -----
From: "Michael Dare"
To: < >
Sent: Friday, November 23, 2001 11:47 PM
Subject: Ask Dr. Hollywood

Dear Trple2,

Thank you for braving time and space to contact me. Is that your real name? I knew a Trple2 in high school. Did your dad go to Beverly?

Ah, but I see we have more pressing matters concerning the fine art of screenwriting.

> Dear Dr. Hollywood,

> 1. What's your feeling on the use of the term "whigger": acceptable, or politically incorrect?

I've never heard the word "whigger" before so I must assume it means "someone who does things with Whigs" unless I'm wrong. I'm certainly not offended by the word and find myself more offended at my own ignorance. How could a word such as "whigger" have escaped my eye? In any case, if you're using it in dialogue in this movie that you propose, and I'm supposed to know what it means, and I'm sitting in the audience watching this movie where someone uses the word "whigger," well, I'm going for popcorn. Want something?

Perhaps I'm in the wrong demographic. Maybe 17-24 year olds are using the word "whigger" everywhere but around me. I suggest using it in context so the audience can figure it out for themselves. While they're out on safari, you could have one of your characters say "Would you be a good chap and pass me that whigger," and then someone passes them a bamboo trap and a lightbulb goes on over the audience's head as they realize that a whigger must be a bamboo trap.

Something like that.

Good God.

> 2. I've heard peopel say that flashbacks and dream sequences are the sign of a new writer. Even if they are done well, do you think someone just starting out should stay away from them?

Who is this "peopel" of which you speak? Did he go to Beverly too?

Or did you mean "people?" Na, couldn't be possible. Nobody calling themselves a writer could ever misspell the word "people" without fixing it before sending it to somebody, especially a mentor such as Dr. Hollywood.

Mistake not my sarcasm for jest, young whippersnapper. If I saw the word "people" misspelled as "peopel" on the first page of a script someone wanted me to read, it would go straight into the trash before I ever made it to page two. If you want to be e.e.cummings and fuck around with spelling and grammar just to be creative, I gotta steer you away from screenwriting, man.
Try graffiti.

Screenplays are precise descriptions of a movie. Whoever you're sending it to has five dozen other scripts to read. They're looking for the SLIGHTEST excuse not to read yours.

Flashbacks? Dream sequences? Good if they're brilliant and riveted to the spine of the picture, bad if they're not.

BTW, this letter contained two flashbacks and several dream sequences. Did you spot them?

Go back to your script.

Cut out everything that isn't brilliant.

For an excellent collection of screenwriting tips, check out

At there are dozens of useful screenwriting links.

At there is an amazing list of links for writers, including grants and contests.

And don't miss "Ask Dr. Hollywood" at my site listed below, where I cover this same subject more extensively.

Very useful: Tony Bill's list of 12 things for writers NOT to do before sending a script out -

Also, most importantly, read as many scripts as you can. You can download them from

For an excellent guide to web venues for filmmakers, check out

Ready to submit your work? Go to for a list of links to producers and production companies.

Want a job on a film crew? Go to

And the single most important piece of screenwriting advice you will ever get? From Strunk and White Do not say, "He showed satisfaction as he took possession of his well deserved reward." DO say, "He grinned as he pocketed the coin."

Good luck.

You'll need it.

Keep me posted,

Michael Dare

"As a net is made up of a series of ties, so everything in this world is connected by a series of ties. If anyone thinks that the mesh of a net is an independent, isolated thing, he is mistaken. It is called a net because it is made up of a series of interconnected meshes, and each mesh has its place and responsibility in relation to other meshes." - Buddha -

says E-On-line
Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle
when visiting

Many thanks to Michael Dare!


As They'd Say On 'Twin Peaks'

New Shoes

J Lo & Her New Straw Shoes

Jennifer Lopez, right, laughs as she receives a pair of original Black Forest shoes made out of straw from TV-presenter Cherno Jobatey, on the German television variety show called "Verstehen Sie Spass?" on Saturday, Nov. 24, 2001, in Freiburg, southern Germany. These shoes were worn by farmers in former centuries.
Photo by Winfried Rothermel

I think "Verstehen Sie Spass?" would roughly translate to ''(Do) You Understand Fun''?


Audio Files From BC

Bonus Page Link

Looking for some 'Garbage'?

Here are some MP3 files from BC

Aw, come on....isn't anyone curious?


Learning To Play Piano & Guitar

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige is working to expand her artistry. Though she is already credited as a respected singer and songwriter, the artist from Yonkers, New York is learning how to play instruments.

"Yeah, I have a piano in my house, so I play on it a lot. I already got like my first 'No More Drama'/Young & The Restless keys on there. I got a couple other little things that I'm learning. I'm learning some Al Green stuff on the guitar right now. You know, I'm just setting myself up for tour. If I learn it for tour, cool. If I don't that's cool too."

Mary J. Blige


Missing In Action

Pamela Anderson


A pesky little virus kept thousands of our fighting men and women from having a heaping helping of Pam Anderson along with their Thanksgiving turkey. Anderson was supposed to take part in a holiday USO show hosted by Jay Leno and featuring U2 - taped especially for our armed forces to watch overseas - but she begged out hours before taping Wednesday night, complaining of a chest cold. She left $1 million worth of Harry Winston diamond jewelry without a wearer.

Pamela's Virus


New! Updated!

(20 Nov, 2001)

BartCop Astrology

The official BartCop Astrologer, Geneva, has provided another eye-opening set of charts!

A brief excerpt: " In January 2002, New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani will intimately know an experience and feeling that more and more of us are reluctantly facing: He'll join the ranks of the unemployed. Due to term limits Giuliani has not been able to seek re-election, after 8 years as one of New York's more popular mayors.

The question on most New Yorker's minds and lips is "What is Rudy going to do NOW?" Well, maybe The Stars can give us some clues. "

Very interesting reading!


The ''Sexiest Funnyman''

Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller isn't sure if being named ``sexiest funnyman'' by People magazine is really an honor. It might be more of a backhanded compliment.

``It's quite an honor to be in that subdivision of the not really sexy man but sexy funny man. It's almost sexy,'' Stiller, 36, joked with reporters recently.

The title of ``the sexiest man alive 2001'' was awarded to Pierce Brosnan. The James Bond star is the 15th person to receive the title, which the magazine has previously bestowed on Brad Pitt, George Clooney and the original Bond, Sean Connery.

People's list also includes Benjamin Bratt (sexiest single guy), Yo-Yo Ma (sexiest classical musician) and Maxwell (sexiest soul singer).

The 'Sexy' Ben Stiller


More Auction News

The Barbara Cartland Collection

Dame Barbara Cartland, author of more than 700 romance novels before her death in 2000, will share her love of hot pink chiffon and crystal-studded gowns from beyond the grave.

The novelist's dresses, furs and costume jewelry will go under the hammer in London as part of a December vintage fashion sale, auctioneers Sotheby's said on Friday.

``No one's sold anything quite like this before,'' Kerry Taylor, a Sotheby's fashion specialist, told Reuters. ``She would make Liberace look positively dull.''

A spokeswoman said the collection, featuring about 80 ''unbelievably heavy'' georgette and chiffon diamante-encrusted evening dresses, was expected to fetch about 10,000 pounds ($14,000).

Cartland was one of the world's most prolific novelists, who at age 80, earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for writing an average of 20 books a year. Her 723 books have sold more than a billion copies worldwide in 36 languages.

Barbara Cartland Collection To Auction


Going Classical On College Tour

Billy Joel

Billy Joel likes to think of his latest tour as a series of master classes.

He's been visiting universities to answer questions and play selections from his new classical album, ``Fantasies & Delusions.''

Students ask more technical questions than the typical fan, Joel told AP Radio, and he likes that.

Joel, whose pop hits include ``Uptown Girl'' and ``Only the Good Die Young,'' says he also likes technical questions ``because I don't have the answer in my index-card file. I've really got to think.''

More Billy Joel


BC Entertainment Favorite Link

Moose & Squirrel Information One-Stop

What a great site! Information and reference materials of the first order!

Between 'Moose & Squirrel' and 'Google', who needs 'refdesk'!


Also Known As 'Hagrid The Giant'

Robbie Coltrane

Robbie Coltrane jokes that it isn't his size that won him the role of Hagrid the giant in ``Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'' - it's his good looks.

Coltrane, who's a pretty big guy, was ``Harry Potter'' author J.K. Rowling's first choice for the role.

``She'd always thought that Hagrid was a devastatingly handsome man, probably in the sort of young Brando sort of way,'' the 51-year-old actor-comedian told reporters recently. ``She said, `There's only one guy to play Hagrid' and that was me.''

Robbie Coltrane & Harry Potter




"Boondocks" (25 Nov 01)

Aaron McGruder's ''Boondocks'' - The Best Comic Strip Today


"Boondocks" (22 Nov 01)

Happy Thanksgiving From Aaron McGruder's ''Boondocks''


"Boondocks" (15 Nov 01)

Aaron McGruder's 'Boondocks' - The Best Cartoon Today


"Boondocks" (9 Oct 01)

Boondocks: The Best Comic Strip Today



Over Vitebsk

Marc Chagall's "Study for 'Over Vitebsk'"


Is It Just Me, Or Does Big Boy Look Like Tom Ridge?


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