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from Bruce

Marc Dion: Hijab on the Job (Creators Syndicate)
I ran into God four times last week. I was in a small, street corner convenience store, the kind Spanish people call a "bodega." I bought a can of Coca-Cola, the most American of beverages. The man politely took my money, and I noticed the small plastic crucifix on the wall, right next to the half pints of liquor.

Marilynn Preston: "Guess What's Better for You: Watermelon Seeds or Diet Colas?" (Creators Syndicate)
Experts say kids might have to try a new good-for-them food eight or even 10 times before they develop a taste for it. That's a lot of buttered green beans shoved aside. But if you make it tasty, refuse to go to war and stay focused on the task at hand, suddenly, one day, they swallow ... and maybe even smile. Their little brains open up to something new. It's a good thing.

Susan Estrich: Malaise (Creators Syndicate)
The appearance of the glass, in our civic life, as in all things, is as much a matter of choice and attitude as it is of objective fact. Very few glasses are entirely full or empty. And then there is our response, which is really what matters: Walk away, leave it to the screamers, damn the whole thing, or actually find some small piece of it you can change or shape or just understand, and then own a tiny share of the problem. Things look different when you own even a small piece of them.

Oliver Burkemann: Is shirking just a smarter way of working? (Guardian)
'With work demanding more of us than ever, it's not surprise to witness the rise of extreme fudgelling.'

What I'm really thinking: the understudy (Guardian)
'With principal actors, you're always paranoid that they're paranoid you secretly want them to trip down the stairs, which you don't at all.'

Ben Marks: Would You Put a $300,000 Glass Sculpture on the Hood of Your Car? (Collectors Weekly)
Once upon a time, the wealthy strapped such trophies to the radiator caps of their Bentleys, Bugattis, Citröens, Packards, and Mercedes-the McLarens of their day.

Kasia Galazka: A Scientist Asked His Girlfriend To Marry Him In The Geekiest Way Possible (BuzzFeed)
Lead author Caleb M. Brown wrote this little passage [in a scientific article]: "C.M.B. would specifically like to highlight the ongoing and unwavering support of Lorna O'Brien. Lorna, will you marry me?"

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Trivia Question of the Day

Mr. Zog's Sex Wax is applied to the surface of what item?


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Trivia Question from Yesterday

His first book was adapted as the Broadway musical South Pacific by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. What is this author's name?

      James Michener                                                      Source

James Albert Michener (February 3, 1907 - October 16, 1997) was an American author of more than 40 books, the majority of which were fictional, lengthy family sagas covering the lives of many generations in particular geographic locales and incorporating solid history. Michener was known for the popularity of his works; he had numerous bestsellers and works selected for Book-of-the-Month club. He was also known for his meticulous research behind the books.

Michener's novels include Tales of the South Pacific for which he won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1948, Hawaii, The Drifters, Centennial, The Source, The Fires of Spring, Chesapeake, Caribbean, Caravans, Alaska, Texas and Poland. His non-fiction works include Iberia, about his travels in Spain and Portugal; his memoir titled The World Is My Home, and Sports in America. Return to Paradise combines fictional short stories with Michener's factual descriptions of the Pacific areas where they take place.

His first book was adapted as the popular Broadway musical South Pacific by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, and later as a film by the same name, adding to his financial success. Several other works were adapted for feature films or TV films. Having grown up poor, Michener worked hard and lived modestly. He became a major philanthropist, donating more than 100 million dollars to educational, writing and related cultural institutions, including 37 million to the University of Texas.        Source

Alan J was first, and correct, with:
   James A. Michener

mj wrote:
   Another proud Pennsylvanian
  That would be James Michener.

Randall replied:
   Without looking it up, I'm going to say
  James A. Michener...

Deborah said:
   Was it James Michener?
  I never watched it or read the book; that's the name that popped into my head when I read the question.
  Thankfully, if I'm wrong, the punishment is tolerable.
  Happy weekend, people.

Jim from CA, retired to ID, responded:
   James A. Michener

Adam answered:
   James Michener.

John I from Hawai'i says,
   "James Michener."

Marian, said:
   James A. Michener

Harry replied:
   James Michener

Michelle responded:
   James Michener. Many of his books have been turned into movies; Hawaii, The Bridges at Toko-Ri, Caravans, Centennial, maybe more. I've read most of his books.

DJ Useo answered:
   I know this one. It's James Michener.
  I must've performed in South Pacific the musical 20 times.
  Wow, did I get sick of it.

MAM   , wrote:
   James A. Michener ~ South Pacific (1949) is considered by most critics to be among the greatest musicals of the twentieth century. The original Broadway production won ten Tony Awards, including all four acting awards, and many of its songs went on to have a life of their own outside of the musical.

  South Pacific: Some Enchanted Evening - 1949, Martin & Pinza

Joe S     said:
   James Michener, I didn't have to look that up. I've read several of his books, but not all of them, and enjoyed each one. I think my favorite is Centennial. My hometown is Platteville, Colorado, just Southwest of Greeley in Weld County. I'm very familiar with the area, or I was. I haven't been back there since 1966. It's probably changed a lot.

Lois Of Oregon took the day off.

Dub Dale o' the Springs o' Diamonds, Norfuckincali took the day off.

Charlie took the day off.

Sally is retired, but paying attention.

BttbBob   has returned to semi-retired status.

  June 7 Birthdays - Celebrities Born June 7 | Famous Birthdays



Middle Class Political Economist

Now a Blogger-Columnist at US News and World Reports "Economic Intelligence"



Reader Suggestion

Michelle in AZ

ISIS 'moron's' selfie leads to airstrike on HQ - SFGate

The gods do not like photos of your junk - Notes & Errata by Mark Morford

Canada Just Confronted Its 'Cultural Genocide' Of Native People. Why Can't The U.S. Do The Same?

Landmark Study Finds Previously Unknown Link Between The Brain And Immune System

Canada's Train of Tears. The Story of the Residential Schools. Part One: the Beginning

The Education of Little Tree (1997) - IMDb

The Daily Bucket - Mountain Meadows Disappearing. What To Do?

Cat parasite linked to mental illness -

Hollywood and the downwinders still grapple with nuclear fallout | Film | The Guardian
     My Mom, an RN, told me years ago of caring for one of John Wayne's stuntmen from that film who was terminal with CA.

Mulholland Falls (1996) - IMDb
     Nevada nuke testing plot twist

Thanks, Michelle!



From The Creator of 'Avery Ant'

"The Problem With Young People Today"

(Crabby Old Fart)



from Marc Perkel

Patriot Act

Patriot Act NSA Spying Unconstitutional Section 215 National Security Letters Must End

My name is Marc Perkel and I have decided to announce that I will not comply with the so called "Patriot Act" laws requiring me to disclose information about my customers. If I receive a national security letter I will immediately photograph it, post it online everywhere I can, and then make a video of me burning it. I will then await my arrest. If you want to put me in jail then come get me mother fucker.

Come Get Me Mother Fucker | Putting and end to NSA government Spying




Selected Readings

from that Mad Cat, JD










Visit JD's site - Kitty Litter Music


Ark Of Darkness


In The Chaos Household

Last Night

The tree trimming is done, but, the much feared bad stuff happened - at least the fence is still standing, and most of the vines remain, but all the caterpillars and chrysalises seem to have disappeared.
So, outta the butterfly business for (at least) a couple of months.
Took these pictures last night, hoping they wouldn't be the last, but they are. For now.

Tonight, Sunday:

CBS starts the night with '60 Minutes', followed by the LIVE on the East Coast (FRESH but tape-delayed-&-edited on the left coast) 'The 69th Annual Tony Awards'.

NBC opens the night with 'Dateline', followed by a FRESH 'AD The Bible Continues', then a FRESH 'American Odyssey'.

ABC fills the night with LIVE '2015 NBA Finals', followed by a FRESH 'Jimmy Kimmel', then the left coast is padded with local crap, and maybe an old 'Castle'.

The CW offers a FRESH 'Monopoly Millionaires' Club', followed by an old 'Friends', then another old 'Friends', followed by 2½ hours of what passes for local news and other fluffery.

Faux has a RERUN 'Bob's Burgers', followed by another RERUN 'Bob's Burgers', then a RERUN 'The Simpsons', followed by a RERUN 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', then a RERUN 'Family Guy', followed by a FRESH 'Golan The Insatiable'.

MY has an old 'How I Met Your Mother', followed by another old 'How I Met Your Mother', then an old 'Big Bang Theory', followed by another old 'Big Bang Theory', then still another old 'Big Bang Theory', followed by yet another old 'Big Bang Theory'.

A&E has the movie 'The Italian Job', followed by the movie 'The Proposal', then the movie 'Two Weeks Notice'.

AMC offers the movie 'Erin Brokovich', folloed by a FRESH 'Halt & Catch Fire'.

BBC  -   
 [6:00AM]    Planet Earth: The Making of Planet Earth
 [8:00AM]    Planet Earth-Ep 4 - Caves
 [9:00AM]    Planet Earth-Ep 5 - Deserts
 [10:00AM]    Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares US - Season 1 - Ep 3 - Sebastian's
 [11:00AM]    Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares US - Season 5 - Ep 5 - Burger Kitchen, Part 1
 [12:00PM]    Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares US - Season 5 - Ep 6 - Burger Kitchen, Part 2
 [1:00PM]    The Real Sherlock Holmes
 [2:00PM]    Sherlock - Season 1 - Ep 1 - A Study in Pink
 [4:00PM]    Sherlock - Season 1 - Ep 2 - The Blind Banker
 [6:00PM]    Sherlock - Season 1 - Ep 3 - The Great Game
 [8:00PM]    Troy
 [11:30PM]    Troy
 [3:00AM]    Top Gear - Season 3 - Episode 5
 [4:00AM]    Top Gear - Season 3 - Episode 6
 [5:00AM]    Top Gear - Season 3 - Episode 7    (ALL TIMES EST)

Bravo has 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kandi's Ski Trip', followed by a FRESH 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kandi's Ski Trip', then a FRESH 'Married To Medicine', followed by a FRESH 'Blood, Sweat & Heels'.

Comedy Central has all old 'South Park' all night.

FX has the movie 'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged me', followed by the movie 'Identity Thief', then the movie 'Identity Thief', again.

History has 3 hours of old 'American Pickers', and 'Texass Rising'.

IFC  -   
 [3:00PM]    THE JACKAL
 [11:15PM]    THE DEPARTED

Sundance  -   
 [6:00AM]    When Will I Be Loved
 [7:45AM]    The Edge
 [10:15AM]    The Natural
 [1:15PM]    Born on the Fourth of July
 [4:15PM]    Don't Say a Word
 [6:45PM]    Top Gun
 [9:00PM]    The Silence of the Lambs
 [11:45PM]    The Silence of the Lambs
 [2:30AM]    Eden Lake
 [4:30AM]    The Writers' Room-American Horror Story
 [5:00AM]    The Staircase-Last Chance - Final Appeal    (ALL TIMES EST)

SyFy has the movie 'City Of Ember', followed by the movie 'The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader'.

 [6:00 AM]      The Runaway Bride (1930)
 [7:15 AM]      For the Defense (1930)
 [8:30 AM]      The Bitter Tea of General Yen (1932)
 [10:00 AM]      The Reivers (1969)
 [12:00 PM]      A Little Romance (1979)
 [2:00 PM]      Born Yesterday (1950)
 [4:00 PM]      Gentleman's Agreement (1947)
 [6:15 PM]      My Favorite Wife (1940)
 [8:00 PM]      Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977)
 [10:30 PM]      The Thing From Another World (1951)
 [12:15 AM]      Scaramouche (1923)     SILENT 
 [2:30 AM]      Rashomon (1951)
 [4:00 AM]      Sanjuro (1962)     (ALL TIMES EST)

Monday   -  06/08/15

 [6:00 AM]      Dive Bomber (1941)
 [8:15 AM]      The Smiling Ghost (1941)
 [9:30 AM]      Steel Against The Sky (1941)
 [10:45 AM]      Gentleman Jim (1942)
 [12:45 PM]      The Constant Nymph (1943)
 [2:45 PM]      Night and Day (1946)
 [5:00 PM]      Conflict (1945)
 [6:30 PM]      The Horn Blows at Midnight (1945)
 [8:00 PM]      Man Hunt (1941)
 [10:00 PM]      Hangmen Also Die (1943)
 [12:30 AM]      Saboteur (1942)
 [2:30 AM]      I See A Dark Stranger (1945)
 [4:30 AM]      Secret Mission (1942)     (ALL TIMES EST)

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Actor Michael Keaton enjoys a baseball game between Pittsburgh Pirates and Atlanta's Braves Friday, June 5, 2015, in Atlanta.
Photo by John Bazemore


The Sideshow - by Avedon Carol


Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark | Amusing Planet


Howard Stern Reveal

Jason Alexander

Turns out it wasn't just bad wedding invitations that killed Susan Ross. In fact, it was the actress' complete lack of comedic chemistry with the Seinfeld cast that led to the death of George Costanza's fiancé.

Jason Alexander revealed the details surrounding Susan's untimely demise during a visit to the Howard Stern Show on Wednesday. When Stern steered the topic toward rumors that Alexander couldn't stand actress Heidi Swedberg, the actor was quick to clarify: "She's a terrific girl...I couldn't figure out how to play off of her."

Alexander explained that though he often had trouble finding the right comedic tone with Swedberg, his cast mates were hard pressed to believe him. It wasn't until Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus performed extensive material with Swedberg in Season 7 that they took Alexander's concerns seriously.

"Julia actually said, 'I know, don't you want to just kill her?,'" Alexander said, which he says gave show runner Larry David the perfect plot line for his then-undecided season finale. Cut to the end of Season 7 and poor Susan dies after licking poison envelope glue.

Jason Alexander

Seinfeld: Jason Alexander Apologizes to Susan Actress :


Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (2-R) is surrounded by fans during the opening of his installation art exhibit entitled 'Ai Weiwei' at the Galleria Continua gallery in Beijing, China, 06 June 2015. His artwork, installed in two adjoining galleries, depicts the Wang Family Ancestral Hall during the time of the Ming Dynasty, which was dedicated to Wang Hua who was a prince in the 6th century AD.
Photo by Rolex Dela Peña


How People Grill Around the World - Personal Creations Blog


Long Lost Gibson Guitar To Auction

John Lennon

A rare, once-lost 1962 guitar belonging to former Beatles member John Lennon will go up for auction this year and could break a record, Julien's Auctions said on Thursday.

The jumbo J-160E Gibson Acoustic guitar, purchased by Lennon in Liverpool, is expected to fetch between $600,000 and $800,000 when it goes on sale on Nov. 6 at an auction of rock'n'roll memorabilia in Beverly Hills.

His Gibson guitar went missing in 1963 during the Beatles' Finsbury Park Christmas Show, and turned up 50 years later, after it was purchased by a man named John McCaw in a U.S. second-hand goods shop.

Its authenticity was verified by Andy Babiuk, who has written about musical equipment used by the Beatles, by matching the guitar's serial number, wood grain and scratches to photographs and videos of Lennon playing the instrument.

John Lennon


Newhead News


Human Trafficking

U.S. Flight Attendants

Flight attendants in the United States are calling for the government to step up action against human trafficking by funding mandatory training to help them spot victims in the air.

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA), the world's largest flight attendant union, said its 50,000 members from 18 airlines can act as a massive network of trained eyes in the skies, potentially saving millions of lives.

The call came two years after U.S. authorities launched an anti-trafficking campaign called Blue Lightning to encourage airlines to train personnel on how to identify potential traffickers and report suspicious activity to police.

The U.S. government has estimated that between 14,500 and 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States each year for forced labor and the sex industry, in addition to thousands more transported around the country to work in slavery.

U.S. Flight Attendants


Actress Kim Cattrall throws ceremonial first ball before the baseball game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Houston Astros in Toronto Friday June 5, 2015.
Photo by Aaron Vincent Elkaim


Relentless Residents: 10 More Households That Refuse to Move | Urbanist


Scientists Stage Rare Anti-Government Demo


Russian scientists staged a rare anti-government demonstration Saturday as fears mount that they will be next in the line of fire after Kremlin crackdowns on the media, rights activists and the opposition.

Several thousand protesters including scientists and intellectuals took to the streets of Moscow to express fears for the future of scientific research, which is becoming mired in red tape and mismanagement.

Protesters held up placards reading "Authorities are strangling science", "Nobel laureates are foreign agents" and "Putin cannot solve problems, he is the problem".

Astrophysicist Boris Shtern told the rally: "Alas, science is slowly dying. The massive advance of ignorance is being supported by the media and authorities."

Critics accuse the Russian government of boosting defence spending at the expense of science, education and health care as tensions with the West run high.



Wake-up Call


FBI Agent Arrested


Drug charges against 14 people have been dropped and cases against dozens more defendants in California are in jeopardy following the arrest of an FBI agent who prosecutors say stole more than $100,000 of seized drug money, buying cars, plastic surgery for his wife and a trip to Las Vegas with his girlfriend.

Active cases against at least 61 defendants are currently under the microscope because of Scott Bowman, the former FBI special agent charged with obstruction of justice, money laundering, falsifying records and witness tampering, among others. Bowman, who was fired from the FBI in March, pleaded not guilty in federal court on Thursday.

One case that Bowman investigated - charging 14 people with a slew of drug and gun counts - was dismissed in December at the request of the U.S. Attorney's Office. A defense attorney in the case said many of the defendants had been about to enter guilty pleas when the government asked that it be dropped without explanation.

Not only are current cases threatened, but any case Bowman has worked in 10 years as an agent in Southern California could result in overturned convictions, Kaloyanides and other defense attorneys said.



French and Armenian singer, songwriter and actor, Charles Aznavour poses in Cannes, southeastern France, Saturday, June 6, 2015.
Photo by Lionel Cironneau


This is the Coolest Marble Run Machine You Will See Today «TwistedSifter


Double Standard


Federal land managers say they won't immediately enforce drought-related grazing restrictions in northern Nevada so as to avoid confrontation with ranchers openly defying the order.

Conservationists say it's another example of the government caving in to scofflaw ranchers like Cliven Bundy, who continues to graze his cattle illegally in southern Nevada after the Bureau of Land Management backed down from an armed standoff last year.

Ranchers Dan and Eddyann Filippini have been notified they are violating the closure ordered in 2013 in an area covering more than 150 square miles near Battle Mountain about 200 miles northeast of Reno, Bureau of Land Management spokesman Rudy Evenson said Thursday.

The Filippinis announced earlier this week on their Facebook page, "Stand with Battle Mountain," that they intended to turn cattle out on the 100,000-acre North Buffalo allotment with a checkerboard ownership pattern, where most of the land belongs to the ranchers but public land is sprinkled throughout. There are no fences to keep the animals off U.S. land where grazing currently is prohibited.

Elko County Commissioners Demar Dahl and Rex Steninger, and former state Assemblyman John Carpenter, offered their support in releasing the first bunch of cattle on Tuesday.



British actress Liz Hurley arrives to the Derby Day at the Epsom Down Racecourse, in Epsom, outside London, Britain, 06 June 2015.
Photo by Facundo Arrizabalaga


The Last House on Holland Island


Who Had The Keys?


Two of reality TV's Duggar sisters who were fondled by their older brother when they were kids say they weren't even aware it had happened until he confessed and their parents told them about it.

Jill and Jessa Duggar, part of the Arkansas family featured in TLC's "19 Kids and Counting," were among four sisters Josh Duggar touched inappropriately a dozen years ago, when he was a teenager. They talked about it with Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly in an interview that aired Friday.

Jessa Duggar said her brother was "a young boy in puberty" who was "a little too curious about girls."

After the fondling, the sisters said, their parents restricted the children from playing games like hide and seek and placed locks on bedrooms where the girls and boys slept separately. Jill Duggar said she was 12 when the abuse occurred, and Jessa Duggar said she was 9 or 10. Both women are now married.



Protestors wearing the masks of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, U.S. President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, from left, demand more fight against poverty during an Oxfam protest in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, southern Germany, Saturday, June 6, 2015 where the G-7 summit will take place in nearby Schloss Elmau hotel on June 7/8.
Photo by Markus Schreiber


7 of the Unique Traditional Tattoo Styles Around the World | | When On Earth - For People Who Love Travel


Pink Panty Collusion

Joe Arpaio

Newly released emails reveal conversations between the main players who wrote Arizona's landmark law cracking down on immigration, including discussions about doing the bidding of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and language that critics say played on immigration stereotypes.

The emails emerged in a court case in which civil rights groups are seeking to have the remaining parts of the law thrown out on the grounds that it is discriminatory.

They alleged the law known as SB1070 was motivated by a desire to discriminate against Latinos and Mexicans.

Lawyers challenging the law say it was aimed at protecting the contentious immigration crackdowns carried out by Arpaio. They cite emails involving the architect of the bill, Kris Kobach, then an adviser to the sheriff, and the bill's legislative sponsor, then-Sen. Russell Pearce.

An email unearthed in the challenge shows Kobach told Pearce in November 2009 that he was working to help defend Arpaio's office against the American Civil Liberties Union and the U.S. Justice Department. "To that end, there is one more sentence that needs to be added to the bill," Kobach wrote.

Joe Arpaio


An enthusiast dressed as a character from the fantasy novel "The Hobbit" by J. R. R. Tolkien rests during the battle of five armies near the town of Doksy, Czech Republic, Saturday, June 6, 2015. Several hundred people arrived in the forest to re-enact the famous battle from Tolkien's novel that was published for the first time in 1937.
Photo by Petr David Josek


How to Keep Your Phone's Battery Healthy


Backs Another Sainthood

Pope Frankie

Pope Francis raised eyebrows on Friday by supporting the candidacy for sainthood of a French priest whose dossier was put on hold in 2005 because of his alleged anti-Semitic views.

Leon Dehon (1843-1925), founder of the Priests of the Sacred Heart order, had been declared venerable in 1997 by pope John Paul II but his beatification -- the next step on the path to sainthood -- ran into difficulties.

It had been initially scheduled for April 2005 but was delayed by John Paul II's death. Attempts to revive his case stalled under Francis's predecessor Benedict XVI, who set up a commission to investigate the allegations of anti-Semitism.

But Francis told a Priests of the Sacred Heart delegation on Friday that he wanted the beatification process to "end well" and insisted Dehon's attitude be placed in a historic context, according to religious news agency I.Media.

Pope Frankie


Porn Furnishings: Sleazy Home Décor from the Decade of Decadence - Flashbak



Baby Cuban crocodiles (Crocodylus rhombifer) which just arrived from Havana Natioanl Zoo lie in an enclosure at Zapata Swamp National Park, June 4, 2015. Ten baby crocodiles have been delivered to a Cuban hatchery in hopes of strengthening the species and extending the bloodlines of a pair of Cuban crocodiles that former President Fidel Castro had given to a Soviet cosmonaut as a gift in the 1970s.
Photo by Alexandre Meneghini



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