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Recommended Reading

from Bruce

Henry Rollins: I Love Useless Information That No One Gives a Damn About (LA Weekly)
With great anticipation, I turned the sleeve over - and there was the RTC logo. Score! Earlier this year, I had found the Polish pressing in Warsaw and even managed to locate a test pressing of the U.K. version. But for years the NZ pressing had escaped me, until Real Groovy, which had denied me for damn near two decades, finally saw fit to relent and give me a break.

Hadley Freeman: Don't blame the fashion world for the cult of skinny - even Roald Dahl plays his part (The Guardian)
By the time a woman is looking at fashion photography, she'll have gone through years of indoctrination that the less of her there is, the better.

Bim Adewunmi: Why I love… Frank Ocean (The Guardian)
Welcome back, Frank: so great to have you in our ears again.

Bim Adewunmi: Why I love… America Ferrera (The Guardian)
The Ugly Betty star is a ray of sunshine.

Elise Czajkowski: Louis CK review - a standup master's return to form (The Guardian)
After a period in which it seemed he was in decline, Louis CK has rallied with a show that reminds you that his best material was always his most personal.

Sian Cain: Alan Moore confirms he is retiring from creating comic books (The Guardian)
The author of Watchmen, V for Vendetta and The Killing Joke plans to focus on film and literary work.

David Barnett: Alan Moore uses nine-year-old's fan letter on new book's cover (The Guardian)
Young fan's endorsement of 'the greatest author in human history' welcomed by the comics legend, who uses it to adorn new novel Jerusalem.

Amanda Madden: "We Make Cosplay Pornography: 5 Weird Realities" (Cracked)
Ever since the nerds took over the world back in 2008, it's become increasingly profitable to cater to them, leading many a special young lady to think, "Well, I was going to dress up as Ramona Flowers and masturbate anyway, so why not take pictures and charge people for them?" We spoke to one such lady, Sally Sparrow, who models for an adult cosplay website. She told us …

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Trivia Question of the Day

Since 1965, what is the official state beverage of Ohio?


Send your answer to Marty

Trivia Question from Yesterday

What would you do with a Qanun (also spelled kanun, ganoun or kanoon)?

       Play Music                                                      Source

The kanun, ganoun or kanoon is a string instrument played either solo, or more often as part of an ensemble, in much of the Middle East, Maghreb, West Africa, Central Asia, and southeastern regions of Europe. The name derives from the Arabic word qanun, meaning "rule, law, norm, principle", which is itself a phonetic borrowing of an ancient Greek word (rule) or Latin equivalent canon (not to be confused with the European polyphonic musical style and composition technique known by the same name). Traditional and Classical musics executed on the qanun are based on Maqamat or Makamlar.        Source

Randall was first and correct with:
   a Turkish musical instrument

Alan J wrote:
   Play music with it.

Jim from CA, retired to ID, replied:
   It is a musical instrument so you would play it.

Deborah said:
   It's a triangle-shaped string instrument played solo or with other instruments. Apparently it's Middle Eastern.
  It's cool today, and we'll be riding our bike to work as course marshals for a local charity bike event. We'll get lunch, T-shirts, and that good feeling you get by helping others.

Adam answered:
   I think you unintentionally left this question open ended, but I prefer it's intended use, and play music on it.

Marian responded:
   a stringed musical instrument

MAM     wrote:
   Qanun ~ Large zither played in and around the Middle East.

mj took the day off.

Joe S     took the day off.

DJ Useo took the day off.

Dale of Diamond Springs, Norcali took the day off.

Lois Of Oregon took the day off.

BttbBob   has returned to semi-retired status.

  September 12 Birthdays - Celebrities Born September 12 | Famous Birthdays

Sally has retired.




Middle Class Political Economist

Now a Blogger-Columnist at US News and World Reports "Economic Intelligence"



Reader Suggestion

Michelle in AZ

Federal crackdown on drug some say treats opioid addiction faces backlash | US news | The Guardian

Why is the US banning kratom, the virtually harmless herb? | Marc Lewis | Opinion | The Guardian

Unbelievable, even for Trump. On 9/11: "My building was 2nd-tallest in Manhattan, now it's tallest."

Maker Of Dangerous Opioid Is Spending Big To Stop Legal Pot In Arizona | Huffington Post

Defining Trump's deviancy down

Protests call into question need to play national anthems at sporting events | Richard Williams | Sport | The Guardian

Ban on domestic ivory trade passes at international summit | Environment | The Guardian

US afflicted with 'third world' police says author Marlon James | Books | The Guardian

NHS chiefs warn that hospitals in England are on the brink of collapse | Society | The Guardian

The right's war on college: "Starving the Beast" exposes the fight to destroy America's great public universities

Donald Trump's Essential Cowardice - The Atlantic

Get the flock out of here: Starlings are the worst. Birds. Ever. -
     I would add Ravens to the mix

Thanks, Michelle!



Reader Suggestion

iraq 51st state

The 3rd Option: Iraq, the 51st state of The United States of The World | Huffington Post

would solve a lot of problems.

some guy

Thanks, Guy!



from Marc Perkel

Patriot Act

Patriot Act NSA Spying Unconstitutional Section 215 National Security Letters Must End

My name is Marc Perkel and I have decided to announce that I will not comply with the so called "Patriot Act" laws requiring me to disclose information about my customers. If I receive a national security letter I will immediately photograph it, post it online everywhere I can, and then make a video of me burning it. I will then await my arrest. If you want to put me in jail then come get me mother fucker.

Come Get Me Mother Fucker | Putting and end to NSA government Spying





Selected Readings

from that Mad Cat, JD








Visit JD's site - Kitty Litter Music


In The Chaos Household

Last Night

Today would have been the greatly missed BartCop's 63rd birthday.

Tonight, Monday:

CBS opens the night with a RERUN 'Big Bang Theory', followed by the FRESH infomercial 'CBS Fall Preview', then a RERUN 'Big Bang Theory', followed by a RERUN 'Mom', then a RERUN 'Scorpion'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Stephen Colbert are "Dr." Phil McGraw, Alan Cumming, and Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam.
Scheduled on a FRESH James Corden, OBE, are Meg Ryan, Adam Scott, and Brian Fallon.

NBC begins the night with a FRESH 'American Ninja Warrior', followed by a FRESH 'Running Wild With Bear Grylls'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Jimmy Fallon are Renee Zellweger, Shaquille O'Neal, and Eric Church.
Scheduled on a FRESH Seth Meyers are Victoria Beckham, Jussie Smollett, Colson Whitehead, and Matt Garstka.
Scheduled on a FRESH Carson 'The Scab' Daly are William Shatner, Henry Winkler, Wolf Parade, and Bruce Kalman.

ABC fills the night with LIVE 'Monday Night Football', then pads the left coast with local crap.
Scheduled on a FRESH Jimmy Kimmel are Kaley Cuoco, Phil Rosenthal, and OneRepublic.

The CW offers a RERUN 'Supergirl', followed by another RERUN 'Supergirl'.

Faux fills the night with a FRESH 'So You Think You Can Dance'.

MY has 'TMZ (Not So) Live', followed by 'Hollywood Today (Not So) Live'.

A&E has all old 'The First 48' all night.

AMC offers the movie 'Erin Brockovich', followed by the movie 'Charlie's Angels', then the movie 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle'.

BBC  -   
 [6:00AM]    NATURE'S WEIRDEST - SEASON 1 - Episode 7 (03-002)
 [7:00AM]    NATURE'S WEIRDEST - SEASON 4 - Episode 1
 [8:00AM]    NATURE'S WEIRDEST - SEASON 1 - Episode 8 (03-003)
 [9:00AM]    DOCTOR WHO - SEASON 5 - EPISODE 2-The Beast Below
 [10:00AM]    DOCTOR WHO - SEASON 5 - EPISODE 3-Victory of the Daleks
 [2:00PM]    STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - SEASON 2 - EPISODE 9-The Measure of a Man
 [8:00PM]    STAR TREK: NEMESIS (2002)
 [10:30PM]    STAR TREK: NEMESIS (2002)
 [1:00AM]    STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - SEASON 2 - EPISODE 9-The Measure of a Man

Bravo has 'Real Housewives Of OC', followed by a FRESH 'OC Social', then a FRESH 'Real Housewives Of OC', 'Botched By Nature', followed by a FRESH 'Watch What Happens Live'.

Comedy Central has 'Futurama', another 'Futurama', and 3 hours of old 'South Park'.
Scheduled on a FRESH The Daily Show is Tip "T.I." Harris.
Scheduled on a FRESH @Midnight are Jim Jefferies, Kate Walsh, and Michelle Buteau.

FX has the movie 'R.I.P.D.', followed by the movie '21 Jump Street', then the movie 'Ride Along'.

History has all old 'American Pickers' all night.

IFC  -   
 [6:00AM]    DOCUMENTARY NOW!-DRONEZ: The Hunt for El Chingon
 [6:30AM]    THE THREE STOOGES-Gents Without Cents
 [9:45AM]    MISERY
 [3:00PM]    BODY OF LIES
 [6:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Uncomfortable Ball Stuff
 [6:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Donna's Story
 [7:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-The Forgotten Son
 [7:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Red and Stacey
 [8:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-The Third Wheel
 [8:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-An Eric Forman Christmas
 [9:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Jackie Says Cheese
 [9:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Eric's Hot Cousin
 [10:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Tornado Prom
 [10:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Donna Dates a Kelso
 [11:00PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Uncomfortable Ball Stuff
 [11:30PM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Donna's Story
 [12:00AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-The Forgotten Son
 [12:30AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Red and Stacey
 [1:00AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-The Third Wheel
 [1:30AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-An Eric Forman Christmas
 [2:00AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Jackie Says Cheese
 [2:30AM]    THAT '70S SHOW-Eric's Hot Cousin

Sundance  -   
 [6:00AM]    Kickboxer 2: The Road Back
 [8:00AM]    The Warriors
 [10:00AM]    The Last of the Mohicans
 [12:30PM]    Conan the Barbarian
 [3:30PM]    Conan the Destroyer
 [6:00PM]    Commando
 [8:00PM]    Die Hard
 [11:00PM]    Die Hard With a Vengeance
 [2:00AM]    The Warriors
 [4:00AM]    Kickboxer 2: The Road Back    (ALL TIMES EDT)

SyFy has the movie 'Push', followed by the movie 'Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief', then the movie 'Lake Placid'.

Check out a FRESH Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
Scheduled on a FRESH Conan are Timothy Olyphant, Nicole Byer, and NEEDTOBREATHE.

TCM spends the night paying tribute to John Williams
 [6:30 AM]      MGM Parade Show #28 (1955)
 [7:00 AM]      Something Of Value (1957)
 [9:00 AM]      Giant (1956)
 [12:30 PM]      Send Me No Flowers (1964)
 [2:15 PM]      Boys' Night Out (1962)
 [4:15 PM]      The Mating Game (1959)
 [6:00 PM]      Island of Love (1963)
 [8:00 PM]      AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to John Williams (2016)
 [9:15 PM]      Jaws (1975)
 [11:30 PM]      AFI's Master Class - The Art of Collaboration: Spielberg-Williams (2011)
 [12:30 AM]      The Sugarland Express (1974)
 [2:30 AM]      AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to John Williams (2016)
 [3:45 AM]      The Cowboys (1971)

Tuesday   -  09/13/16

TCM spends most of the daylight hours with the 'Fretful Frog', Claudette Colbert, who was born on this day in 1903.
 [6:00 AM]      Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969)
 [8:45 AM]      It's a Wonderful World (1939)
 [10:15 AM]      The Smiling Lieutenant (1931)
 [12:00 PM]      Imitation of Life (1934)
 [2:00 PM]      It Happened One Night (1934)
 [3:45 PM]      The Secret Heart (1946)
 [5:30 PM]      Parrish (1961)

 [8:00 PM]      Dollar Dizzy (1930)
 [8:30 PM]      The Pip from Pittsburg (1931)
 [9:00 PM]      Sons of the Desert (1933)
 [10:15 PM]      The Music Box (1932)
 [11:00 PM]      A Night at the Opera (1935)
 [12:45 AM]      Hips, Hips, Hooray (1934)
 [2:00 AM]      Elmer The Great (1933)
 [3:30 AM]      Movie Crazy (1932)
 [5:15 AM]      Sweet Music (1935)     (ALL TIMES EDT)

TNT has a FRESH 'Major Crimes'.

Antenna TV - Johnny Carson (from Nov. 5, 1985) - Peter Strauss, Teddy Bergeron, and Bret Saberhagen.

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This undated photo provided by Michael Wolforth shows Dakota flute maker and player Bryan Akipa in Rapid City, S.D. Akipa, a member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate tribe, is one of the recipients of the 2016 National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellowship.
Photo by Michael Wolforth


The Sideshow - by Avedon Carol


The Telescope That Was Too Big To Use | Amusing Planet


Urges Pardon

Oliver Stone

Patriot, dissident or traitor? A new film by anti-establishment director Oliver Stone starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden asks audiences to weigh in.

Stone -- who has unveiled his espionage thriller biopic about the largest data leak in US history at the Toronto film festival -- called Saturday on US President Barack Obama to pardon Snowden before the end of his term.

Snowden himself has said he is prepared to face prosecution in the United States, but only if the trial is public and fair.

Defending one of the world's most wanted men, Joseph Gordon-Levitt said Snowden has shown two kinds of patriotism: enlisting in the army in 2004 at the height of the Iraq war to fight for his country, and seeking to hold his government accountable via the leak.

Snowden's residency permit in Russia runs out next year.

Oliver Stone


Fifth-grade students of the General Yermolov Cadet School wear gas masks during their first military tactical exercise on the ground, which includes radiation resistance classes, forest survival studies and other activities, in Stavropol, Russia, September 10, 2016. Picture taken Sept. 11, 2016.
Photo by Eduard Korniyenko


The Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection


Pipeline Paused

North Dakota

Native Americans protesting construction of a North Dakota oil pipeline near land they consider sacred on Saturday quietly celebrated the U.S. government's decision to pause construction on federally owned land, and vowed to press for a full halt to the project.

On Friday, the Obama administration temporarily halted construction on federal land of the planned pipeline that has angered the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, and asked the company behind the project to suspend nearby work.

The move came shortly after a federal judge in Washington rejected a request from Native Americans for a court order to block the project.

The government's action reflected the success of growing protests over the proposed $3.7 billion pipeline crossing four states which have sparked a renewal of Native American activism.

On Saturday, many activists in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, touted the latest victory, but said its temporary nature meant they would not end their protests, echoing Friday statements by Standing Rock Sioux leaders.

North Dakota


Newhead News


Retire From Medical Research


A group of nine female chimpanzees just took a 16-hour road trip of a lifetime.

Jennifer, Charisse, Buttercup, Latricia, Samira, Gertrude, Emma, Genesis and Gracie have spent their lives as scientific research subjects at the New Iberia Research Center in Louisiana. Now they're retired, due to the phasing-out of invasive medical research on chimpanzees across the U.S.

On Thursday morning they arrived at the new Project Chimps sanctuary in Morganton, Georgia, to move into their new home.

The arrival of these nine chimps marks the beginning of an unprecedented partnership between the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Project Chimps that will eventually relocate more than 200 retired chimpanzees. This is the first time a non-federal program has arranged to release its entire population of research chimps.

The 236-acre sanctuary is located in northern Georgia along a temperate rainforest, with rolling hills and a lush, green landscape. In addition to office buildings, a full veterinary clinic and a swanky kitchen designed by celebrity chef Rachael Ray, there are currently four "villas" that can house 10-15 chimps each, and one larger "group building" that can house two groups of 10-15 chimps.



Muslim pilgrims leave after they finished their prayers at Namira Mosque in Arafat during the annual haj pilgrimage, outside the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia Sept. 11, 2016.
Photo by Ahmed Jadallah


The Dreadful Beauty Of Abandoned Places


Thousands Rally To Demand Bullfighting Ban


Thousands of Spaniards took to the streets of Madrid on Saturday to demand an end to the centuries-old but controversial tradition of bullfighting.

The protest came after the anti-bullfighting lobby successfully managed to obtain a ban on a famous festival which ended with a bull being speared to death.

The regional government of Castilla y Leon in June banned the killing of bulls at town festivals, in a move that targeted the northern region's controversial Toro de la Vega festival where horsemen chase a bull and spear it in front of onlookers.

The Madrid protesters held up banners saying: "Bullfighting, the school of cruelty" and "Bullfighting, a national shame".

A spokesman for the Party Against the Ill-Treatment of Animals (PACMA) said it was "time to end bullfighting and all other bloody spectacles".



Digby's Hullabaloo


Deleted 9/11 Tweet


Last year, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's Twitter account deleted a message that marked the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.

The tweet, which had been revisited by numerous tweeters as the billionaire was in the thrust of his presidential primary campaign, featured Trump extending "best wishes to all" on the anniversary. He added that those best wishes even applied to "the haters and losers."

Around 8:30 a.m. last September 11, the tweet was removed. However, a subsequent tweet in which Trump retweeted his own tweet, remains up on his account.

Asked why the tweet was removed last year, Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks told Business Insider, "It is from several years ago."



A general view of a portion of the historical monument, Maladevi temple at village Gyaraspur in Vidisha, some 90 km from Bhopal, India, Sept.11, 2016. Maladevi temple is an ancient Jain temple dating back to 9th-10th century AD.
Photo by Sanjeev Gupta


Bastei: Amazing Bridged Bastion of Saxony ~ Kuriositas


Jack Up Costs 'Strategically'


Imagine getting the bill for an ordinary dinner and noticing, in tiny print, that the restaurant charged you $40 for coffee. Surely you'd be upset.

It turns out that hospitals inflate specific prices all the time in ways that aren't transparent to the patient, according to a new study that appeared today (Sept. 7) in the journal Health Affairs.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore found that many hospitals charged more than 20 times the cost of some services, particularly for certain services like CT scans and anesthesiology. The researchers said that the pattern of charging suggests that hospitals strategically look for surreptitious ways to boost revenue.

"Hospitals apparently mark up higher in the departments with more complex services, because it is more difficult for patients to compare prices in these departments," Ge Bai, who led the study and is an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, said in a statement.

The markups occurred in all types of hospitals, both private and nonprofit, the researchers said. Yet hospitals with the highest markups, on average, tended to be for-profit hospitals with strong power within their markets, because of either their system affiliations or their dominance of regional markets. In other words, those hospitals that can mark up prices, do mark up prices, according to the researchers.



Codex Silenda: Solve Puzzles to Turn Pages in this Crafty Wooden Book | Urbanist


Urge End To Domestic Markets


In a bid to stop the killing of elephants for their tusks, world governments voted at a major conservation conference to urge the closure of all domestic ivory markets.

After fierce debate -- including opposition from governments like Namibia and Japan -- the motion was adopted on the final day of the International Union for Conservation of Nature World Conservation Congress, a 10-day meeting that drew 9,000 people to Honolulu, Hawaii this month.

"Today's vote by IUCN members is the first time that a major international body has called on every country in the world to close its legal markets for elephant ivory," said Andrew Wetzler, deputy chief program officer at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Although the motion is non-binding, it "urges the governments of countries with domestic ivory markets to take all necessary legislative and regulatory efforts to close them," according to the IUCN.

Experts say that domestic ivory markets help fuel poaching by allowing traffickers a cover for their illegal imports and exports.



In this Friday, Sept. 2, 2016 photo ripe hop flowers hang from hop plants at the Hamblen Farm in Gorham, Maine. Hops are used in brewing beer to give the beverage it's bitter flavor.
Photo by Robert F. Bukat


The Future of Animatronics, From Disney to the U.S. Military | Atlas Obscura


Slowly Learns To Recycle

Easter Island

Every Friday, a cargo plane loaded with three tonnes of waste cardboard takes off from wind-swept Easter Island, bound for the Chilean mainland thousands of miles away across the Pacific.

On the first Thursday of each month, it takes two tonnes of waste plastic for recycling; on the last, an equal load of aluminum.

With tourists drawn by the island's famous ancient statues churning out seven tonnes of waste a day, its residents are learning the hard way to recycle.

Officials want them to stop throwing their trash indiscriminately into the garbage dump on an island of just 165 square kilometers (64 square miles).

Virtually everything consumed on the island is imported for its 6,500 residents and many times more tourists.

Easter Island


400 Years of Equator Hazings: Surviving the Stinky Wrath of King Neptune's Court | Collectors Weekly


Weekend Box Office


Adult audiences turned out in droves to take the plunge with "Sully," director Clint Eastwood's dramatization of the Miracle on the Hudson. The film took flight with $35.5 million, according to studio estimates Sunday, surpassing expectations by around $10 million.

The Warner Bros. film cost a reported $60 million to produce. It's the first-ever to be shot entirely with IMAX cameras. The 375 IMAX screens accounted for about $4 million of the total this weekend.

"Suicide Squad" took fourth place with $5.7 million, while the animated pic "The Wild Life" rounded out the top five with a dim $3.4 million.

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to comScore. Where available, the latest international numbers for Friday through Sunday are also included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.

    1. "Sully," $35.5 million ($9.5 million international).
    2. "When the Bough Breaks," $15 million.
    3. "Don't Breathe," $8.2 million ($9 million international).
    4. "Suicide Squad," $5.7 million ($10.1 million international).
    5. "The Wild Life," $3.4 million.
    6. "Kubo and the Two Strings," $3.2 million ($2.3 million international).
    7. "Pete's Dragon," $2.9 million ($2.2 million international).
    8. "Bad Moms," $2.8 million ($3.7 million international).
    9. "Hell or High Water," $2.6 million ($1.3 million international).
   10. "Sausage Party," $2.3 million ($4.2 million international).



A Brief Compendium of Vintage Opium Underworlds



In Memory

Alexis Arquette

Alexis Arquette, the transgender character actress and sibling of actors David, Rosanna, Richmond and Patricia Arquette, died early Sunday morning in Los Angeles. She was 47 and surrounded by family who serenaded her with David Bowie's "Starman," her siblings said in a statement Sunday.

Alexis was born Robert Arquette in Los Angeles in 1969, and she was a performer from a young age, appearing in a music video for The Tubes' "She's a Beauty" at age 12 and the occasional other project.

A versatile performer, Arquette's big break came in the 1989 adaptation of "Last Exit to Brooklyn" where she played the trans sex worker Georgette. She was just visiting New York with her sister Patricia Arquette who was up for a role in the film, but pregnant at the time.

She also had bit roles in films like "Pulp Fiction," ''Bride of Chucky" and as a Boy George impersonator first in the Adam Sandler comedy "The Wedding Singer" and again in "Blended."

Her long list of credits are comprised of mostly low-budget and independent fare. Arquette also performed in nightclubs and cabarets sometimes under the name Eva Destruction.

Arquette also appeared on season 6 of the VH1 reality series "The Surreal Life," and she was credited for bringing increased awareness and visibility to the transgender community.

She chronicled her transition and the process of her sex reassignment surgery in the 2007 documentary "Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother."

In their statement, the Arquettes said that their sister's career "was cut short, not by her passing, but by her decision to live her truth and her life as a transgender woman."

The Arquette family has requested privacy at this time, and that donations be made to organizations that support the LGBTQ community in honor of Alexis Arquette in lieu of flowers or gifts.

Alexis Arquette



A Dachshund dog wearing a royal costume walks with its owner during the 22nd March of Dachshunds on the streets of Krakow, Poland, Sept.11, 2016.
Photo by Jacek Bednarczyk



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