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from Bruce

New York City Subway Stairs (Vimeo)
Dean Peterson noticed that the tenth step up on the staircase at his subway stop in Brooklyn was a fraction of an inch taller than the other stairs. That's just enough to make everyone whack it with their foot, because by the time you reach it, your feet know how tall it should be. According to the comments at vimeo, the stairs have been cordoned off with caution tape just today. Maybe this video had something to do with it." -- Neatorama

Tiffany Hsu: Gay Pride rainbow Oreo sparks 20,000 Facebook comments, debate (LA Times)
It's not the stack of six crème patties that's whipped up a frenzy at Oreo's official Facebook page: It's that together, they form a rainbow in celebration of gay pride. … In response came an outpouring of Oreo love. One user, Matthew Merix, wrote: "Homophobes = tacky. Kraft Foods = progressive. Cookies = AWESOME."

Drunk Baby Is Totally Going To Regret This Tomorrow (Huffington Post)
A dapper young fellow who was photographed behind a pint of beer is the subject of the latest viral Internet meme: "Drunk Baby." (Important editor's note: Of course, feeding a child alcohol is no laughing matter. This baby only appears to be drunk.)

Marc Dion: EBT Fraud and Temptation (Creators Syndicate)
There are some kinds of money I don't want. My mother's the same way. I couldn't give her $50 I made by helping some junky hustle the welfare system. I couldn't do it even if I didn't tell her where I got the money. I believe in my mother. I believe in her way of living, in her principles.

Jill Insley: Loan shark victim given hero award for helping to jail his tormenter (Guardian)
'Mike' ended up paying over £90,000 over 17 years after buying car for £250 and tried to kill himself over stress and threats.

Sam Biddle: "Facebook Just Changed Your Email Without Asking-Here's How to Fix It (Updated)" (Gizmodo)
Hey, here's something really stupid and annoying: Facebook abruptly switched everyone's default email address to the account you've never used. Here's how to switch back Facebook's obnoxious overreach right now. So people can actually, you know, contact you.

Froma Harrop: Here's to the Yankee Doodle Liberal (Creators Syndicate)
In 1940, a Los Angeles jury released testimony linking James Cagney to the Communist Party, or at least to "communist members, sympathizers or heavy contributors." He had supported something called the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League, apparently not knowing that it was a Soviet front.

Connie Schultz: Hop On or Get Out of the Way for Nuns on the Bus (Creators Syndicate)
The next time I hear someone groan about the current political climate as an excuse for his or her own indifference, I'm going to respond with three words: Sister Simone Campbell. Campbell is a Catholic nun, an attorney and executive director of NETWORK, a national lobbying group of sisters who fight for economic and social justice. She and a handful of other sisters are in the thick of a 14-day, nine-city "Nuns on the Bus" tour across America. They are protesting the Republicans' Ryan budget because it would further hurt those Americans who already are suffering.

Suzanne Moore: Young people are rubbish … (Guardian)
That's how they are treated. Education, housing, reasonable employment. Every day, I see things I took for granted being stripped away from them.

Hadley Freeman: "Nora Ephron: how I'll miss her" (Guardian)
Smart, honest, funny and hard-working, screenwriter Nora Ephron was the woman every woman wished was her best friend.

Electricity is back on. Life is back to normal.

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Trivia Question from Yesterday

On the classic TV series The Honeymooners, what is the name of Alice's sister?

   Agnes                                                      Source

Another foil for Ralph is Alice's mother, who is even sharper-tongued than her daughter. She despises Ralph as a bad provider. Alice's father is occasionally mentioned but never seen. Alice's sister, Agnes, appeared in one episode (Ralph jeopardizes his newlywed sister-in-law's marriage after giving some bad advice to the groom, but all works out in the end). Ralph and Alice lived with her mother for six years after getting married before they got their own apartment.        Source

Charlie was first, and correct, with:

Alan J wrote:

Jim from CA, retired to ID responded:
   Alice's sister's was Agnes

Sally said:
   On the classic TV series The Honeymooners, the name of Alice's sister is Agnes (I think).
  I remember the episode where Ralph's friend Stanley, was about to marry Alice's sister. Pretty funny stuff...

  Spacemen, "On the Moon," get it??
  (That cracks me up!)
  PS: Perusing my, "Sweden, Norway, and Denmark" brochures today... It's so freaking hot, and humid outside - and is creeping inside about this time of day. No relief in sight either...
  I'll have some ice in my whine please...

Adam answered:
   Agnes, who appeared in one episode.

BttbBob replied:
   Agnes... I loved 'The Honeymooners'... Big time... As Archie and Edith sang, "Those were the days!"... Too bad about Alice, though...

Dale of Diamond Springs said:
   Alice Kramden's sister Agnes appears only in Episode 22 of The Honeymooners "Here Comes the Bride". Ralph nearly ruins the imminent marriage between a fellow Raccoon Lodge member and Alice's sister, Agnes after he provides some advice to the groom. This episode contains a veiled reference to Willie Mays, who was, by then reaching the peak of his baseball career. Ralph says that, out of habit, Alice's sister caught the bouquet herself. Alice says it was because her foot slipped to which Ralph responds, "If my foot could slip like that, I'd be playing Center Field for the New York Giants."

  Still funny after all these years

Marian's on vacation.

MAM   wrote:
   Agnes Gibson Saxon ~ Played by Treva Frazee. She was in only one episode, 'Here Comes the Bride' (25 Feb. 1956). Ralph ruins his sister-in-law's wedding night when he convinces her mild-mannered groom to assume his rightful place as lord of the manor.

  Treva Frazee

And, Joe S     answered:
   Alice's sister, Agnes, appeared in one episode (Ralph jeopardizes his newlywed sister-in-law's marriage after giving some bad advice to the groom, but all works out in the end.)
  I'm whipped. We celebrated Father's day today as I was ill on the real Father's day. It was son Mason's first so he received his traditional bottle of Aqua Velva, (should last him the rest of his life) and I got 8 duck eggs.



Middle Class Political Economist


Reader Suggestion

Michelle in AZ

Sexy Covers Lure "Twilight" Teens to Capital-L Literature - ABC News

New Amazon highway 'would put Peru's last lost tribes at risk' | World news | The Observer

Synthetic 'Bath Salts' An Evolving Problem For DEA : NPR

New. Clear. Vision. | Continuing the Conversation

Mississippi Abortion Law Temporarily Blocked By Federal Judge

off the grid for a few..

I'm off to San Francisco Tues-Fri. for my first vacay in 13 yrs.

Yippee Kiyay!!

Dtr is paying almost full freight for the two of us for my upcoming 60th and we wld've tried for more time had one of the gttrs not made softball All-stars, headed to State finals; schedule tweak.

I expect to be offline for much of time there, but will take many pix/videos. #1 priority is to ck out the new Academy of Sciences in GG Park; I used to hang many hours as a kid growing up there 1960-73. I haven't been back for 38 years; SO stoked!! Also hope to hike the Marin headlands, cop a bay cruise, shop Fisherman's Wharf, and drive around the old haunts.

Adrian will have the best of care from long-time caregivers here at the house, so worries on that score are fairly muted.

Bestest holiday wishes for the gang at BC/E!!


Thanks, Michelle!
And have a fabulous trip!


Thanks, Doug!


From The Creator of 'Avery Ant'

"The Problem With Young People Today"

(Crabby Old Fart)



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Ark Of Darkness


In The Chaos Household

Last Night

Woo hoo - June Gloom is carrying over into July!

Tonight, Monday:

CBS opens the night with a RERUN 'How I Met Your Mother', followed by a RERUN '2 Broke Girls', then a RERUN '2½ Men', followed by a RERUN 'Mike & Molly', then a RERUN 'Hawaii Five-0'.
On a RERUN Dave (from 5/10/12) are Kid Scientists, Elizabeth Banks, and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.
On a RERUN Craig (from 5/3/12) are Julie Andrews and Michael Emerson.

NBC begins the night with a FRESH '2012 US Olympic Trials', followed by a FRESH 'America's Got Talent'.
On a RERUN Leno (from 6/21/12) are Katy Perry, Michael Wigge, and Needtobreathe.
On a RERUN Jimmy Fallon (from 6/25/12) are Charlie Sheen, Beth Ostrosky Stern, Anthony Davis, and Alabama Shakes.
On a RERUN Carson 'The Scab' Daly (from 5/10/12) are Katharine McPhee and Wallpaper.

ABC starts the night with a FRESH 'Bachelorette', followed by a FRESH 'The Glass House'.
On a RERUN Jimmy Kimmel (from 6/14/12) are Jada Pinkett Smith, Matt Kemp, and the Temper Trap.

The CW offers a RERUN 'Breaking Pointe', followed by a RERUN '90120'.

Faux has a FRESH 'Hell's Kitchen', followed by a FRESH 'MasterChef'.

MY recycles an old 'L&O: SVU', followed by another old 'L&O: SVU'.

A&E has 'Duck Dynasty', another 'Duck Dynasty', still another Duck Dynasty', yet another 'Duck Dynast', followed by a FRESH 'Gene Simmons', 'Barter Kings', and another 'Barter Kings'.

AMC offers the movie 'Sahara', followed by the movie 'Independence Day'.

BBC  -   
 [8:00AM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 16-Episode 2
 [9:00AM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 16-Episode 3
 [10:00AM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 16-Episode 4
 [11:00AM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 16-Episode 5
 [12:00PM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 16-Episode 6
 [1:00PM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 15-Episode 1
 [2:00PM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 18-Episode 1
 [3:00PM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 18-Episode 2
 [4:00PM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 18-Episode 3
 [5:00PM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 18-Episode 4
 [6:00PM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 18-Episode 5
 [7:00PM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 18-Episode 6
 [8:00PM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 18-Episode 7
 [9:00PM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 2-Episode 4 NEW
 [10:00PM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 17 - Episode 1
 [11:00PM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 17 - Episode 2
 [12:00AM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 2-Episode 4
 [1:00AM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 17 (60)-Episode 3
 [2:00AM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 17 (60)-Episode 4
 [3:00AM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 17 (60)-Episode 5
 [4:00AM]   TOP GEAR - SEASON 17 (60)-Episode 6

Bravo has Real Housewives Of NYC', 'Real Housewives Of NJ', followed by a FRESH 'Real Housewives Of NYC', then a FRESH 'Miss Advised'.

Comedy Central has an old 'Colbert Report', an old 'Jon Stewart', 'Futurama', 'South Park', 'It's Always Sunny In Philly', another 'It's Always Sunny In Philly', still another 'It's Always Sunny In Philly', and yet another 'It's Always Sunny In Philly'.
On a RERUN Jon Stewart (from 6/20/12) is Steve Carell.
On a RERUN Colbert Report (from 6/21/12) is Lawrence Krauss.

FX has '2½ Men', another '2½ Men', followed by the movie 'Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer', then the movie 'Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer', again.

History has 'American Pickers', 'Pawn Stars', another 'Pawn Stars', followed by a FRESH 'American Pickers', then a FRESH 'Pawn Stars', followed by another FRESH 'Pawn Stars'.

IFC  -   
 [6:00AM]    Comedy Bang! Bang!-Michael Cera Wears a Blue Denim Shirt & Red Pants
 [6:30AM]    Beautiful Girls
 [9:00AM]    Comedy Bang! Bang!-Michael Cera Wears a Blue Denim Shirt & Red Pants
 [9:30AM]    Bunk
 [10:00AM]    Brown Sugar
 [12:15PM]    The Three Stooges-Flat Foot Stooges
 [12:35PM]    Beautiful Girls
 [3:05PM]    Tadpole
 [4:45PM]    The Three Stooges-Cactus Makes Perfect
 [5:10PM]    The Three Stooges-Calling All Curs
 [5:35PM]    The Three Stooges-Cash and Carry
 [6:00PM]    Malcolm in the Middle-Thanksgiving
 [6:30PM]    Malcolm in the Middle-Malcolm Films Reese
 [7:00PM]    Malcolm in the Middle-Malcolm's Job
 [7:30PM]    Malcolm in the Middle-Christmas Trees
 [8:00PM]    Open Water
 [9:45PM]    Ginger Snaps
 [12:00AM]    Comedy Bang! Bang!-Michael Cera Wears a Blue Denim Shirt & Red Pants
 [12:30AM]    Bunk
 [1:00AM]    Open Water
 [2:45AM]    Ginger Snaps
 [5:00AM]    Comedy Bang! Bang!-Michael Cera Wears a Blue Denim Shirt & Red Pants
 [5:30AM]    Bunk    (ALL TIMES EDT)

Sundance  -   
 [6:00A]    Return To Rajapur
 [7:35A]    Somebody Told Me about Carla Bruni
 [9:00A]    Fermat's Room
 [10:35A]    Return To Rajapur
 [12:10P]    Somebody Told Me about Carla Bruni
 [1:35P]    Picture Me
 [3:00P]    PUSH GIRLS - Hope It's Not Too Late (Episode 4, Season 1)
 [4:00P]    MAN SHOPS GLOBE - Australia (Episode 3, Seaso
 [4:30P]    Return To Rajapur
 [6:05P]    French Roast
 [6:15P]    Somebody Told Me about Carla Bruni
 [7:40P]    Little Children
 [11:00P]    Toe to Toe
 [12:50A]    Pen Pusher
 [2:00A]    Love Lust & Sex Symbols
 [3:00A]    Little Children
 [5:20A]    Smile Pinki    (ALL TIMES EDT)

SyFy has the movie 'Repo Men', 'Eureka', followed by a FRESH 'Eureka', then a FRESH 'Lost Girl'.

On a RERUN Conan (from 2/16/12) are Steve Martin, Rebecca Romijn, and Cake.

 [6:00 AM]      Trader Horn (1931)
 [8:15 AM]      Safari (1956)
 [10:00 AM]      Drums Of Africa (1963)
 [11:45 AM]      Rhino! (1964)
 [1:30 PM]      Jungle Jim (1948)
 [3:00 PM]      Tarzan and the Lost Safari (1957)
 [4:30 PM]      Bomba the Jungle Boy (1949)
 [6:00 PM]      Killers of Kilimanjaro (1959)
 [8:00 PM]      Mogambo (1953)
 [10:00 PM]      Elephant Walk (1954)
 [12:00 AM]      Stanley and Livingstone (1939)
 [2:00 AM]      Scott Of The Antarctic (1948)
 [4:00 AM]      King Solomon's Mines (1950)     (ALL TIMES EDT)

Tuesday   -  07/03/12

TCM pays tribute to the recently deceased Ann Rutherford during the daylight hours, then spends the night with Leslie Howard.
 [6:00 AM]      Of Human Hearts (1938)
 [7:45 AM]      Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938)
 [9:30 AM]      Four Girls In White (1939)
 [10:45 AM]      Pride And Prejudice (1940)
 [12:45 PM]      Washington Melodrama (1941)
 [2:15 PM]      This Time For Keeps (1942)
 [3:30 PM]      Whistling In Dixie (1942)
 [4:45 PM]      Two O'Clock Courage (1945)
 [6:00 PM]      Adventures of Don Juan (1948)

 [8:00 PM]      Gone With the Wind (1939)
 [12:00 AM]      Stand-In (1937)
 [1:45 AM]      The First of the Few (1942)     [AKA: 'Spitfire']
 [4:00 AM]      The Gentle Sex (1943)

 [5:45 AM]      The Lamp Still Burns (1943)     (ALL TIMES EDT)

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Actress Tina Fey enters St. Patrick's Old Cathedral for the wedding of Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas in New York on Saturday, June 30, 2012.
Photo by Louis Lanzano


Vidiot Speak


{free printable: 4th of July pinwheel}


Did NBC Learn Nothing From Conan?

Ann Curry

Ann Curry's messy exit suggests that despite NBC's new regime the new crew has learned nothing from the old crew and the ghost of Conan O'Brien.

Once again, a prominent piece of talent - this time Curry - was left hanging out to dry, embarrassing the network, angering dedicated viewers and rewarding a loyal employee with an undignified escort to the curb.

In the case of Conan O'Brien in 2010, the bungled management of his failed turn as "Tonight Show" host turned the 16-year, true-blue veteran of the network into an embittered enemy with an army of Twitter followers. It spelled the end of network chief Jeff Zucker. It tarnished NBC's brand and cost them a pile of money.

The departure from the "Today" show of Curry, a 15-year veteran of NBC, may not be as bad a debacle, but it's hardly been elegant.

Ann Curry


From left, Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, George Shapiro, Russell Brand and David Lynch arrive at David Lynch Foundation: A Night of Comedy honoring George Shapiro at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Saturday June 30, 2012 in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Photo by John Shearer


Are we in the future yet?


New Network

Erin Andrews

Former ESPN reporter and host Erin Andrews has signed a multi-year pact with Fox Sports, the network announced Sunday.

Andrews will host the Fox's new primetime college football pregame show and make contributions to the network's NFL and MLB coverage, the network said.

The announcement of Andrews' multi-year agreement was made Sunday by Eric Shanks, executive producer, co-president and COO at the Fox Sports Media Group.

Andrews, one of the most-followed sports television personalities on Twitter with over 1.3 million followers, returns to Fox Sports after spending eight years at ESPN. Most recently, she hosted the first hour of ESPN's College GameDay on ESPNU and was a features reporter for the full three-hour program, a role she held since the 2010 season. Andrews also served as a sideline reporter for college football and basketball games.

Erin Andrews


Wake-up Call


Gets Second Season


A&E has renewed "Longmire" for a second season less than a month after its series premiere.

The western-themed series, which stars Robert Taylor as Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire and Katee Sackhoff as his deputy Vic Moretti, premiered Sunday, June 3 at 10 p.m. with a particularly strong 4.1 million total viewers, making it the year's top new scripted cable drama. The second episode grew 22 percent in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic, with 1.2 million viewers in that demo.

Based on Craig Johnson's mystery novels, "Longmire" also stars Lou Diamond Philips. Warner Horizon Television produced the series, with Hunt Baldwin John Covey, Greer Shephard and Michael M. Robin executive-producing.



Kerry Washington poses at the 2012 BET Awards in Los Angeles July 1, 2012.
Photo by Jason Redmond


Cosmic Headlights and the Origin of Gamma Ray Bursts


Not Driven To Drive

Generation Y

To Shoshana Gurian-Sherman, driving seemed like a huge hassle. She eventually got her license at 18, two years later than she could have, after her parents threatened not to pay for college if she did not learn to drive, a skill they considered to be important.

In her reluctance to drive or own a car, Gurian-Sherman is typical of a certain segment of Generation Y, the coveted marketing demographic encompassing the 80 million U.S. residents between the ages of 16 and 34.

Bigger than the post-World War Two baby-boom generation but without the middle-class expansion that drove the earlier group's consumer habits, Generation Y includes an increasing number of people for whom driving is less an American rite of passage than an unnecessary chore.

From 2001 to 2009, the average annual number of vehicle-miles traveled by people ages 16-34 dropped 23 percent, from 10,300 to 7,900, the survey found. Gen Y-ers, also known as Millennials, tend to ride bicycles, take public transit and rely on virtual media.

More than a quarter of Millennials - 26 percent - lacked a driver's license in 2010, up 5 percentage points from 2000, the Federal Highway Administration reported.

Generation Y


The Sideshow - by Avedon Carol


More Sites Destroyed


Militants from the al Qaeda-linked Ansar Dine group destroyed mausoleums of Sufi saints with guns and pick-axes in the famed Mali city of Timbuktu for a second day, said witnesses on Sunday, ignoring international calls to halt the attacks.

The salafist Ansar Dine backs strict sharia, Islamic law, and considers the centuries-old shrines of the local Sufi version of Islam in Timbuktu to be idolatrous.

The group has threatened to destroy all of the 16 main Sufi mausoleum sites in Timbuktu despite international outcry. UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova has called for an immediate halt to the attacks.

Residents said the destruction was halted around midday when some of the militants went to a mosque in the centre of the city, but it was unclear if they would continue.



Former Star Trek actor, John de Lancie, who is the voice of the character Discord in My Little Pony cartoons, talks with a group at "BronyCon" Saturday, June, 30, 2012, in Secaucus, N.J. Scores of men in brightly colored costumes were among the 4,000 My Little Pony fans at this weekend's "BronyCon" gathering in New Jersey for fans of a My Little Pony cartoon.
Photo by Mel Evans


How Computers Have Actually Fueled Our Dependency on Office Paper


Singer Arrested In Prague

Lamb of God

Police say the frontman of U.S. death metal band Lamb of God has been arrested in the Czech capital in connection with the death of a fan in 2010.

Police spokeswoman Jana Rosslerova says singer Randy Blythe was arrested Wednesday, accused of causing bodily harm resulting in death.

Rosslerova says Blythe has been in police custody since and a court is set to rule on Saturday on whether to continue his detention.

Rosslerova said Friday police believed Blythe "injured a person who consequently died" in 2010. She didn't give details. Local media say the incident took place during the band's first gig in Prague in 2010.

Lamb of God


U.S. musician Bob Dylan performs during on day 2 of The Hop Festival in Paddock Wood, Kent on June 30th 2012.
Photo by Ki Price


Photo of the Moment: The City Between the Lakes, Interlaken


Drops AMC Networks


AMC Networks, which carries "Breaking Bad," "The Walking Dead," "Mad Men" and other popular television shows, was removed from Dish Network early Sunday after its contract with the satellite TV company expired without a new agreement.

Dish, the second-largest satellite TV provider behind DirectTV, said it dropped New York-based AMC because it was charging fees that were too high for the low-rated channel.

As AMC - formerly known as American Movie Classics - has evolved from a backwater cable channel for old movies to a provider of premium TV shows, cable and satellite operators have braced themselves for higher subscriber fees.

AMC executives have said they want to triple the fees charged to carriers to 75 cents per subscriber over the next four to five years. It now charges 26 cents per subscriber per month, more than the History Channel and ABC Family, according to research by SNL Kagan.

Dish said it will replace AMC Networks' channels, which include AMC, IFC, Sundance Channel and WE tv, with HDNet Movies, Style and HDNet.



Chaka Khan poses at the 2012 BET Awards in Los Angeles July 1, 2012.
Photo by Jason Redmond


8 Incredible Libraries in Asia - Mental Floss


Even Graveyards


Loved ones aren't the only thing buried in the 122-year-old Lowellville Cemetery in eastern Ohio. Deep underground, locked in ancient shale formations, are lucrative quantities of natural gas.

Whether to drill for that gas is causing soul-searching as cemeteries - including veterans' final resting places in Colorado and Mississippi - join parks, playgrounds, churches and residential backyards among the ranks of places targeted in the nation's shale drilling boom.

Opponents say cemeteries are hallowed ground that shouldn't be sullied by drilling activity they worry will be noisy, smelly and unsightly. Defenders say the drilling is so deep that it doesn't disturb the cemetery and can generate revenue to enhance the roads and grounds.

Township trustees received a proposal this year to lease cemetery mineral rights for $140,000, plus 16 percent of any royalties, for any oil and gas. Similar offers soon followed at two other area cemeteries.

The Catholic Cemeteries Association in Pittsburgh saw benefits to leasing mineral rights under 11 of its cemeteries comprising more than 1,200 acres. The five-year lease, signed in 2008, came to light through news reports in 2010.



Elton John and his partner, David Furnish (L), pose for a picture as they meet Svyatoslav Sheremet (C), head of the Gay Forum of Ukraine, before the concert in Kiev, June 30, 2012. Elton John used an AIDS charity concert in Kiev on Saturday to make an emotional appeal to Ukraine to stop what he called persecution of gays. The 65-year-old singer broke off during a two-hour performance, part of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament co-hosted by Ukraine, to speak about reports of physical attacks on members of the former Soviet republic's gay community.


10 Famous Musicians Who Started Their Careers as Teachers « Best Education Degrees


Oldest Impact Crater Discovered


The world's oldest meteorite crater -a giant impact zone more than 62 miles wide - has been found in Greenland, scientists say.

Scientists think it was formed 3 billion years ago by a meteorite 19 miles (30 kilometer) wide - which, if it hit Earth today, would wipe out all higher life. The crater is so wide that it would reach the edge of space 62 miles (100 km) above Earth if stood on end.

The crater was "discovered" at an office in Copenhagen by scientistAdam Garde as he pored over maps showing nickel and platinum abundance in the target region of West Greenland. Garde, a senior research scientist with the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, saw a both simple and extreme explanation for several strange geological features in this region: an impact from ameteorite that may have contained valuable metals .

A research team following up on Garde's research collected samples in 2011 that support his hypothesis, and the results are published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters.



A dancer from the northern Indian state of Punjab plays a chimta, a traditional instrument, during the Red Bull X-Fighters freestyle motocross event at India Gate in New Delhi June 30, 2012. The day-long event organised by an Indian beverage company comprises various daredevil shows.
Photo by Ahmad Masood


Wuppertal Schwebebahn: Germany's Hanging Train | Amusing Planet


Still Made in America

Iconic Brands

"Made in America" is making a comeback. Every time you turn around, someone is talking about the need to bring manufacturing back to the United States and, with it, manufacturing jobs. Designers are increasingly finding ways to produce goods in the U.S. again, and American consumers are starting again to look for a "Made in America" label.

Some brands, however, never left America's shores. Here are 12 iconic American brands that are still made in the good old U.S.A.



Louisville Slugger

For the rest - Iconic Brands


A member of the Pyromantic performance group gestures to someone at the Paradise Gardens Festival on the shores of the Royal Docks, Newham, east London, July 1, 2012. The festival is a weekend of music, art, dance, theatre and other cultural events.
Photo by Paul Hackett


Topographic Tomes: More Carved Books by Guy Laramee | WebUrbanist


Weekend Box Office


It's both a bear and bull market for Hollywood. The bear is "Ted," Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane's comedy for Universal Pictures about a talking teddy bear, which opened as the No. 1 movie with $54.1 million, according to studio estimates Sunday.

And the bulls are baring it in the Warner Bros. release "Magic Mike," Channing Tatum and Steven Soderbergh's male-stripper tale that debuted a strong No. 2 with $39.2 million.

The two new movies were backed by a deep bench, with Pixar Animation's Disney fairy tale "Brave" holding up well at No. 3 with $34 million in its second weekend. "Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection," the latest from the dependable breadwinner for Lionsgate Films, opened solidly at No. 4 with $26.4 million.

The only one that didn't work among new wide releases was the sibling drama "People Like Us," which tanked at No. 10 with $4.3 million. A DreamWorks release distributed by Disney, the movie features Chris Pine (Captain Kirk of "Star Trek") as a man who gets himself into an awkward relationship with the half-sister (Elizabeth Banks) he never knew he had.

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Where available, latest international numbers are also included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.

    1. "Ted," $54.1 million.
    2. "Magic Mike," $39.2 million.
    3. "Brave," $34 million ($6.7 million international).
    4. "Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection," $26.4 million.
    5. "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted," $11.8 million ($16.2 million international).
    6. "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," $6 million ($5 million international).
    7. "Prometheus," $4.93 million ($6.2 million international).
    8. "Moonrise Kingdom," $4.9 million ($375,000 international).
    9. "Snow White & the Huntsman," $4.4 million ($14.5 million international).
   10. "People Like Us," $4.3 million.



13 Intriguing Natural Wonders of the Middle East | WebEcoist



Jule, a baby Rothschild giraffe, munches on a branch in her enclosure at Tierpark zoo on June 29, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. Jule was born at the zoo on June 10.


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