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17 January, 2007

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M Is For Mashup


by DJ Useo


The easy availability of new mixing software has enabled mixers worldwide to easily & efficiently craft their own pieces from already recorded material into new works that feature combined elements of the source tracks. Grafting compatible beats, vocals & riffs into one new cut is most commonly referred to as 'Mashing'. Also known as 'bootlegs, remixes, & qradips", Listeners online tune into the unlicensed music in ever-increasing numbers due to the quality & creativity exemplified by a world-wide array of PC & club DJ's.

Mashup-makers are allowed no claim legally to their work, given only the privilege of posting. All creative rights are retained by the original artist. It provides a wonderful forum to display the skill of mixing.It's not entirely unheard of for labels to clear the copywrites & release the boot officially ; a famous example being Blondie & the Doors sanctioning Go Home Productions'track "Rapture Riders",which combined "Riders on the Storm" & 'Rapture".

Fans of the genre are thrilled to sample the constant flow of new tracks.Clubs feel the benefit as some feature the mixers in person,a large inducment to attend.The chance to see a live boot-legger's performance is one not regularly passed by music fans. Some tours even feature the DJ's as opening acts.Nine Inch Nails & Queens of the Stone Age were supported by a live set from L.A.'s popular Party Ben, an excellent bootlegger with many well-known tracks.

Once you've located the web site of one Mashupper, it's generally easy to access more from the links many provide on their pages. With names like Lobsterdust, Eve Massacre, & Brat, the DJ's consistently crank out new works combining existing recordings to the delight of thousands of online devotees. Take some Justin Timberlake (always a popular artist), add some James Brown, or maybe Chemical Brothers & you've got a brand new bag!

In some cases, the label artists serve cease & desist orders on the the 'bastard' tracks,meaning they must be withdrawn from posting. In most cases the mashed versions are welcomed & in some cases even encouraged. The Beastie Boys have made vocal-only acapellas available to stimulate the use of their work in new mashups. This results in many,many mashups with the same song as a basis,such as 'Intergalactic", one of the more popular 'pellas. I've counted over 50 tracks made with Justin T's "Sexyback" & many of them are truly superb.

Here's a link to a page where I've placed some boots by mashers who've long since moved on.No worries, tho', new DJ's take their place constantly.

Cut loose with some comments if you like them.

DJ Useo





(remembering Dennis "Mr. Malapropism" Miller when he was on Monday Night Football using words he could barely pronounce and he's back with his acerbic right wing wit on Westwood Radio)

zEN mAN archives




Recommended Reading

from Bruce

Guy T. Saperstein: Medicare for All: The Only Sound Solution to Our Healthcare Crisis (
Our $2 trillion healthcare industry is not only unhealthy, it is unsustainable. Why universal Medicare is the way to get universal healthcare without collapsing the system.

Beth Quinn: Mistakes were made, but there is no Mistaker (
My, my. Such a great big mess, such a small little space in which to write about it.
I speak of George Bush's new Iraq plan, of course, and his speech last Wednesday night. My mouth was so long agape as he proclaimed one bizarre thing after the next that I fear I began drooling on myself.

Gloria Steinem: Why Being a Feminist Does Not Mean Backing All Women (Women's Media Center)
It's OK not to care if Condi Rice goes down with a sinking ship or if Katherine Harris, the woman who handed Florida's electoral votes to Bush in 2000, enters history as an unprincipled crook.

SUZI STEFFEN: Barefoot and Hula Hooping (
'Offbeat' brides (and grooms) tell their tales.

JES BURNS: Tales of Commitment: Same-sex couples tell their stories (
On New Year's Eve of 2004, [Amber and Carol Dennis] and two friends were entrenched in a game of Trivial Pursuit. At the stroke of midnight, Carol dropped to one knee and proposed - well, tried to propose. Before she could finish, Amber began yelling, "You're doing it now? It's happening now?!?" It was. It did. And Amber said yes.

Robert Urban: Bob and Jack Celebrate 52 Years in Love (
Stu Maddux's simple but utterly charming documentary, Bob and Jack's 52-Year Adventure, chronicles the half-century-plus romance between gay life partners Jack Reavley and Bob Claunch. Bob and Jack are endearing, humorous and engaging, and the longevity of their partnership generates a feeling of warm reassurance about the possibility of lifelong love. Anybody in a relationship, gay or straight, will see something of themselves in these two lovely and still in-love men.

Marc Savlov: Once Upon a Time in Spain (
Guillermo del Toro discusses fairy tales, fascists, and everybody's new favorite movie.

Widow of Warcraft (
Dear Mistress Maeve, My live-in boyfriend just discovered the online game World of Warcraft, and he plays it all the time. He stays up half the night playing this game, and consequently, we haven't had sex in two weeks (very unusual for us). We've had a couple arguments about it, and I'm not sure what to do. Thoughts?


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Purple Gene Reviews

Horatio Caine

Purple Gene's review of David Caruso's Character, Horatio Caine, on "CSI: Miami" (CBS, Monday night):

For anyone who's stayed up on Monday nights to watch CSI Miami on CBS at 10 PM, you've been exposed to near cult like performances by the creepy David Caruso starring as Detective Horatio Caine….It's been quite a journey for Caruso….

He started his movie career as Henry in "Getting Wasted" (1980)…was a gang leader in "Hill Street Blues" (1983)….was Kit Kat in "Hudson Hawk" (1991)…then he got the part of Detective John Kelly on "NYPD Blue" (1994) and he got some positive reviews which swelled his head up and so he quit to make Hollywood movies his career and pissed everybody off…..So he starred in "Kiss of Death" (1995) and "Jade" (1995) and was an asbestos cleaner in "Session 9" (2001)….what messy career…goin' down slow……

But somebody at CBS decided after the success of the original CSI in Las Vegas that they needed to branch out…to New York and Miami…well they got David Caruso out of the trash can and named him Detective Horatio Caine …a complicated man with a troubled past, a cool deliberate demeanor and the greatest one liners (while putting on his dark glasses) since Sergeant Joe Friday's "I'm a Cop...just the facts ma'am" in "Dragnet" (1967)….

If you seen one intro to the show then you can't wait for the next one….with an over color saturated city scene and the strains of the Who singing "Won't Get Fooled Again"…"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"….Horatio Caine delivers the greatest insipid single line show stoppers since Cagney, Bogie and Edward G. You tube has compiled a piece called "Endless Caruso"

I call it "Horatio Blows His Horn"

Sit back and enjoy the best of CSI Miami intros...nobody in the Television business can match Caruso's quirky dark glasses one line delivery!

Purple Gene gives David Caruso's Horatio Caine character one liners a 10 out of 10 on the really weird side glancing neck turning talking out of the side of his mouth in strange whispered tones while leaning over…scale….check it out and chortle.


Selected Readings

from that Mad Cat, JD











Ark Of Darkness


In The Chaos Household

Last Night

Another sunny day, and a cold, clear night.

Last Friday we brought the kid's 'Terrarium O'Death' (his collection of carnivorous plants) inside because of the low temperatures.

We've never had to do that before.

Should be able to put the terrarium back on its bench by the weekend, according to one of the frustrated comedians who works as a local TV weather-reader.

Tonight, Wednesday:

CBS starts the night with a FRESH 'Armed & Famous', followed by a FRESH 'Criminal Minds', then a FRESH 'CSI: The 3rd One'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Dave are Tina Fey, Terri and Bindi Irwin.
Scheduled on a FRESH Craig are Juliette Lewis, Common, and Aaron Lewis.

NBC opens the night with a FRESH 'Friday Night Lights', followed by a FRESH 'Deal Or No Deal', then a FRESH 'Medium'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Leno are Meredith Vieira, Ryan Reynolds, and Robin Thicke.
Scheduled on a FRESH Conan O'Brien are Robin Wright Penn, Colin Hanks, and the Holmes Brothers.
Scheduled on a FRESH Carson Daly are Richard "Mack" Machowicz and Joshua Radin.

ABC begins the night with a FRESH 'Jim', followed by another FRESH 'Jim', then a FRESH 'Knights Of Prosperity', followed by a FRESH 'In Case Of Emergency', then 'Primetime'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Jimmy Kimmel are Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Shaun White, and Naked Trucker & T-Bones.

The CW offers a FRESH 'Beauty & The Geek', followed by a FRESH 'One Tree Hill'.

Faux has a FRESH 2-hour 'American Idol'.

MY has a FRESH 'Wicked Wicked Games', followed by a FRESH 'Watch Over Me'.

A&E has 'CSI: The 2nd One', another 'CSI: The 2nd One', 'The Sopranos', and another 'The Sopranos'.

AMC offers the movie 'Back To The Future Part III', followed by the movie 'Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines', then the movie 'Rambo: First Blood Part II'.

BBC  -   
 [1:00 pm]    As Time Goes By - Episode 3;
 [1:40 pm]    Are You Being Served - Goobye, Mr. Grainger;
 [2:20 pm]    Keeping Up Appearances - Episode 3;
 [3:00 pm]    The Benny Hill Show - Episode 24;
 [4:00 pm]    The Saint - The Reluctant Revolution;
 [5:00 pm]    The Avengers - Wish You Were Here;
 [6:00 pm]    BBC World News;
 [6:30 pm]    Cash in the Attic - Episode 11;
 [7:00 pm]    Cash in the Attic - Episode 7;
 [8:00 pm]    Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Episode 9;
 [8:30 pm]    Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Episode 6;
 [9:00 pm]    Turn Back Your Body Clock - Episode 2;
 [9:30 pm]    How Clean Is Your House? - Episode 3;
 [10:00 pm]    The Wow Factor - Episode 1;
 [11:00 pm]    Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Episode 9;
 [11:30 pm]    Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Episode 15;
 [12:00 am]    The Benny Hill Show - Episode 25;
 [1:00 am]    Turn Back Your Body Clock - Episode 2;
 [1:30 am]    How Clean Is Your House? - Episode 3;
 [2:00 am]    The Wow Factor - Episode 1;
 [3:00 am]    Faking It - Managment Consultant to Dog Handler;
 [4:00 am]    Faking It - News Stand Owner to Showbiz Reporter;
 [5:00 am]    Faking It - Chess Player to Soccer Manager;
 [6:00 am]    BBC World News.    (ALL TIMES EST)

Bravo has 'Top Chef', another 'Top Chef', still another 'Top Chef', and a FRESH 'Top Chef'.

Comedy Central has 'Scrubs', another 'Scrubs', last night's 'Jon Stewart', last night's 'Colbert Report', 'Mind Of Mencia', 'South Park', another 'South Park', and 'Naked Trucker'.
Scheduled on a FRESH Jon Stewart is Jerry Rice.
Scheduled on a FRESH Colbert Report is Richard Clarke.

FX has the movie '13 Going On 30', followed by the movie 'The Hot Chick', then the movie 'The Hot Chick', again.

History has all 'Modern Marvels' all night.

IFC  -   
 [06:50 AM]    This is Not a Film;
 [08:20 AM]    Amelie;
 [10:25 AM]    The Flower of Evil;
 [12:10 PM]    This is Not a Film;
 [01:45 PM]    Amelie;
 [03:50 PM]    Le Divorce;
 [05:50 PM]    This is Not a Film;
 [07:25 PM]    Monster in a Box;
 [09:00 PM]    Office Space;
 [10:35 PM]    The Tao of Steve;
 [12:10 AM]    Hopeless Pictures #3;
 [12:30 AM]    Office Space;
 [02:05 AM]    The Tao of Steve;
 [03:40 AM]    Hopeless Pictures #3;
 [04:00 AM]    Monster in a Box;
 [05:35 AM]    Media Lab Shorts Uploaded.    (ALL TIMES EST)

SciFi has 'Stephen King's The Langoliers'.

Sundance  -   
 [07:00 AM]    The War Room;
 [08:35 AM]    Face (2002);
 [10:05 AM]    The Guggenheim and the Baroness;
 [11:00 AM]    Boom!;
 [12:50 PM]    The Moscow Skyscraper;
 [02:15 PM]    Face (2002);
 [03:45 PM]    Condo Painting;
 [05:15 PM]    The Public Eye (1972);
 [07:00 PM]    The War Room;
 [08:40 PM]    Food;
 [09:00 PM]    One Punk Under God: Episode 6;
 [09:30 PM]    IN SHORT: Pride 2;
 [10:00 PM]    Calvaire;
 [11:30 PM]    IN SHORT: Festival 5;
 [12:00 AM]    One Punk Under God: Episode 6;
 [12:30 AM]    Godly Boyish;
 [01:00 AM]    Iconoclasts Season 2: Episode 6: Dave Chappelle + Maya Angelou;
 [02:00 AM]    City of Men - Season 3: Episode 5: Father and Son;
 [02:45 AM]    Havoc;
 [04:15 AM]    Stryker.    (ALL TIMES EST)

 [6:00 AM]      London Belongs to Me (1948);
 [8:00 AM]      Miranda (1948);
 [9:30 AM]      All Over The Town (1949);
 [11:00 AM]      A Canterbury Tale (1944);
 [12:45 PM]      English Without Tears (1944);
 [2:30 PM]      Poet's Pub (1949);
 [4:00 PM]      Happy Go Lovely (1951);
 [6:00 PM]      Three Little Words (1950);
 [8:00 PM]      Casablanca (1942)     [View Trailer];
 [10:00 PM]      Foreign Correspondent (1940)     [View Trailer];
 [12:15 AM]      The Third Man (1949)     [View Trailer];
 [2:00 AM]      The Train (1964)     [View Trailer];
 [4:15 AM]      Brief Encounter (1945)     [View Trailer].    (ALL TIMES EST)

Thursday  -  01/18/07

TCM features Cary Grant, who would have celebrated his 103rd birthday today.
 [6:00 AM]      Suzy (1936);
 [8:00 AM]      Sylvia Scarlett (1936);
 [10:00 AM]      The Toast Of New York (1937);
 [12:00 PM]      Mr. Lucky (1943);
 [2:00 PM]      Crisis (1950);
 [4:00 PM]      Dream Wife (1953);
 [6:00 PM]      To Catch a Thief (1955)     [View Trailer];

 [8:00 PM]      In Caliente (1935);
 [9:30 PM]      Broadway Gondolier (1935);
 [11:15 PM]      Stars Over Broadway (1935);
 [1:00 AM]      Colleen (1936);
 [2:45 AM]      Cain And Mabel (1936);
 [4:30 AM]      Naughty But Nice (1939).    (ALL TIMES EST)

Any opinions?

Or reviews?

(See below for addresses)


This photo provided by Steve Silver Productions Inc. of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, center, greeting members from the production, Beach Blanket Babylon, backstage after she saw the show in San Francisco, Saturday, Jan. 14, 2007. At left is Ellen Toscano, who plays Nancy Pelosi, and Val Diamond, right, with her San Francisco skyline hat.
Photo by David Allen

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Attending State of the Union

Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox, whose advocacy ads created a stir in last fall's elections, will attend resident Bush's State of the Union address next week as a guest of Rhode Island Rep. Jim Langevin.

"Congressman Langevin is a tireless champion for the advancement of medical research, and I am honored to join him next week at the State of the Union," the actor said in a statement.

Langevin, who has been confined to a wheelchair since an accidental shooting that occurred when he was a teenager, addressed his colleagues in the House of Representatives last week in support of a bill that would bolster embryonic stem cell research.

Michael J. Fox


'Babel' director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (C) and producers John Kilik (L) and Steve Golin pose with the award for best motion picture - drama at the 64th annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, January 15, 2007.
Photo by Mike Blake

Complete List of Golden Globes Winners - 2007


Beats '24' In Ratings

Golden Globes

The Golden Globes telecast got the best of Jack Bauer on Monday night. In the ratings, that is.

The Globes, on NBC, grabbed 20 million viewers, while Fox's "24" pulled in 15.7 million. It was the second year in a row the awards show came out on top.

It was the second straight year the Golden Globes has drawn a bigger audience than the year before, Nielsen Media Research said in its preliminary ratings on Tuesday.

Golden Globes


Bob Hope Chrysler Classic

George Lopez

Bob Hope was always a tough act to follow. George Lopez is holding his own, so far. Firing off jokes that likely would have had even Hope guffawing, the actor named his ideal golfing partners.

The five-day event has Lopez's name attached for the first time - the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic hosted by George Lopez.

Hope's widow, Dolores, has said she admires Lopez as one of the country's brightest young comedians. Lopez, an opening act for Hope at one show some 15 years ago, said, "Well, if you're 45 and they consider you a young comedian, that's fantastic."

George Lopez



In The Kitchen With BartCop & Friends


Star On Hollywood Walk O'Fame

Donald Trump

Outspoken property tycoon and reality television host Donald Trump says his 10-month old baby son is an abrasive chip off the old block.

Trump, who has captivated America's tabloid media recently by engaging in a long-running war of words with television host Rosie O'Donnell, said Tuesday his son Barron has shown signs of following in dad's footsteps.

"He's strong, he's smart, he's tough, he's vicious, he's violent -- all of the ingredients you need to be an entrepreneur," said Trump the host of reality television show "The Apprentice."

Trump was speaking at a ceremony at which he was awarded a star on Hollywood's fabled "Walk of Fame."

Donald Trump


In this photo released by the Teatro alla Scala, Argentinean-born conductor Daniel Barenboim performs at the Teatro alla Scala during a concert to remember Arturo Toscanini, 50 years after the death of the celebrated Italian conductor, in Milan, Italy, Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2006.

50th Anniversary

The Cavern Club

The stuffy cave-like club where the Beatles staged some of their earliest performances celebrated its 50th birthday Tuesday.

The Cavern Club - a former fruit warehouse cellar and air raid shelter - opened as a jazz venue in 1957 with the Merseysippi Jazz Band, but it was the advent of rock `n' roll that popularized the club where music producer Brian Epstein eventually discovered the Fab Four.

The Beatles first played a lunchtime session in 1961, but Lennon and Paul McCartney both appeared at the club with the Quarrymen Skiffle Group years before. Ringo Starr is also thought to have made his debut at the club with the Eddie Clayton Skiffle group - another band playing the improvised form of jazz popularized in Britain in the 1950s - while George Harrison appeared at the group's 1961 debut.

The Cavern Club


Vidiot Speak
(formerly 'The Vidiot')


Pleads Guilty

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault Tuesday for hitting her maid with a cell phone over a pair of missing jeans.

"I threw a cell phone in the apartment. The cell phone hit Ana," Campbell told Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Robert Mandelbaum. "This was an accident because I did not intend to hit her."

If convicted at trial, Campbell, who originally had been charged with second-degree felony assault, could have been sentenced to two to seven years in prison.

In exchange for her guilty plea, Campbell must pay Scolavino's medical expenses of $363, do five days of community service and attend a two-day anger management program.

Naomi Campbell


Musician Herbie Hancock performs during a jazz concert in New Delhi January 16, 2007.
Photo by Vijay Mathur

More Court Time

Michael Baigent & Richard Leigh

Two historians who lost a plagiarism case against "The Da Vinci Code" author Dan Brown launched an appeal on Tuesday to have the verdict overturned.

Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, who wrote "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail," which they say Brown copied, were at London's High Court to hear the opening of the appeal.

Their lawyer, Jonathan Rayner James, will argue that the original judge was wrong to dismiss the idea of a "central theme" in the historians' research which he says was used extensively in six chapters of "The Da Vinci Code."

The appeal is likely to focus on legal argument, and lack the original case's colorful and often heated debate about the Merovingian monarchy, the knights Templar and Jesus' bloodline.

Michael Baigent & Richard Leigh


Jury Selection Set For March

Phil Spector

A judge ordered jury selection to begin on March 19 in the murder trial of rock producer Phil Spector, who is accused of killing a B-movie actress at his Los Angeles-area home.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler on Tuesday said some 300 potential jurors summoned for Spector's trial would be asked first to fill out a questionnaire about their ability to serve on a case that could last as long as three months.

Fidler might also question the prospective panelists about their knowledge of the case, which has been covered worldwide since Lana Clarkson was found shot to death in the foyer of Spector's mock castle on February 3, 2003.

Phil Spector


Radio Show Off Air

Morning Rave

A Sacramento radio show is off the air indefinitely after a participant in a water-drinking contest died last week, station officials said.

Employees showed up Tuesday at the studios of 107.9 The End, but listeners will not hear the voices of the Morning Rave deejays Trish, Maney and Lukas.

Jennifer Strange, 28, died Friday after she took part in a station competition in an effort to win a Nintendo Wii video game system.

Strange, a mother of three, did not win. But later that afternoon, she was found dead at her Rancho Cordova home. A preliminary report said she showed signs of water intoxication.

Morning Rave

Radio station fires 10 in wake of contestant's death

Contestant's death leads to suspension of 'Morning Rave'


Memorabilia Auctioned


Handwritten lyrics by the late Beatle George Harrison to his song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" have sold for 300,000 dollars at a rock and roll memorabilia auction.

Beatles memorabilia fetched the highest prices at the auction on Monday: John Lennon's 1966 military band tunic, which he was photographed wearing hundreds of times, went for 350,000 dollars.

A signed Lennon watercolor of a bird painted when the musician was 11 sold for 52,500 dollars; a rare album cover signed by the Fab Four in 1963 sold for 25,000 dollars; and a set of four 1964 grey and black Beatles suits sold for 30,000 dollars.

Even a humble shopping list written by Lennon requesting light bulbs, cabbage, yogurt, and hamburger for his cats sold for 1,400 dollars.



This photo released Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2007, by the University of Chicago shows three clay sling bullets found last fall in a recycling pit at the ancient city of Hamoukar in Syria. Researchers working at the joint excavations last fall by the University of Chicago and the Syrian Department of Antiquities, announced Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2007, that they had found the clay bullets lined up and ready to be shot from slings in a desperate attempt to stop fierce invaders who soon would reduce much of the city to rubble.

Catholic Politics


A Catholic diocese in Nigeria has instructed parishioners to show they have registered to vote in April elections or forsake the right to take communion, newspaper This Day reported on Tuesday.

The diocese of Nsukka in the southeastern state of Enugu circulated a bulletin in Catholic churches on Sunday telling the faithful that they had to make their vote count in this year's elections despite Nigeria's long history of poll rigging.

"Whoever has not collected the voter's card after February 7 has automatically alienated himself or herself from the community, the Church, the nation and will not be allowed to receive the holy communion," the bulletin said according to This Day.



What Global Warming?


Climate change over the past two decades has caused Sweden's tree line to move north at a faster rate than at any time in the past 7,000 years, Swedish researchers have said.

"The tree line has moved by up to 200 metres (656 feet) in some places. Trees have not grown at such high levels for around 7,000 years," Leif Kullman, a professor at Umeaa University's department of ecology and environmental science, told AFP Tuesday.

While some of the change could be explained by natural phenomena such as the reduction in global volcanic activity -- allowing more sunlight to warm the Earth -- the trend was clearly provoked for the most part by man-made factors.



New Record


'Mozart has a new record - and this one isn't pressed into vinyl. Organizers of last year's series of festivals, exhibitions, concerts and conferences to celebrate the 250th anniversary of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's birth said Tuesday the jubilee drew 1.2 million tourists to Austria - a record for a single festival.

Vienna Mayor Michael Haeupl called the birthday bash a resounding success. "We didn't make Mozart a kitsch, we didn't bore people, and we made Mozart familiar to people who otherwise wouldn't have remembered to do so themselves," he said.

Austria's Mozart celebrations began with a flourish in January 2006 with a much-hyped TV documentary about a new DNA analysis of a skull some say belonged to Mozart. Last month, a recently discovered allegro attributed to a young Mozart was performed on a harpsichord in Salzburg.



Let The Kids Pay

War Costs

To pay for World War II, Americans bought savings bonds and put extra notches in their belts. President Harry Truman raised taxes and cut nonmilitary spending to pay for the Korean conflict. During Vietnam, the US raised taxes but still watched deficits soar.

But to pay for the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US has used its credit card, counting on the Chinese and other foreign buyers of its debt to pay the bills.

The US is spending about $10 billion a month on Iraq and Afghanistan. By the end of this year, the total funds appropriated will be nearly $600 billion - approaching the amount spent on the Vietnam or Korean wars, when adjusted for inflation.

Unlike in previous major wars, the United States has cut taxes at the same time it has increased military spending. "It's fair to say all of the money spent on the war has been borrowed," says Richard Kogan, a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a think tank in Washington. "But eventually everything has to be paid for."

War Costs


Ice covers an orange on a tree near Modesto, Calif., Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2007. Three nights of freezing temperatures have cost California up to three-quarters of its billion-dollar citrus crop, according to an industry estimate given Monday as forecasters warned the cold weather could batter groves through midweek.
Photo by Rich Pedroncelli

lunar phases

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